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Girls by the Luna Brothers is a 2005-2007 comic series spanning 24 monthly issues.

The story begins in a quiet little country town in the United States. However, the quiet aspect is disturbed when one of the townsfolk, Ethan, finds a mysterious girl... and them being together for one night happens to change almost everything as he knows it.

As the series goes on... the townspeople are sealed off by a barrier, meaning everyone trapped inside can't rely on military support. They're in strife with each other, meaning they have to band together for a chance at survival...

Power is dwindling, supplies run short, tempers run deep, and time runs out...

You can find the series page by the publisher here.



  • Anti-Villain: The lead female antagonist. Her clones, on the other hand...
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: The girls reproduce by laying eggs. See the Oh, Crap! entry for clarification.
  • Driven to Suicide: Via falling off a cliff, near the place where the bridge collapsed in Chapter 7.
  • Godiva Hair: Quite a lot of the cover art features this.
  • Groin Attack: Lester gets one of these, via fire axe. As does a bear.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Wes, being the only police officer in town, sometimes pushes the limits of his authority. He gets infrequently called out for this.
  • Oh, Crap!/This Is Gonna Suck: Several moments of these happen along the series, though one standing example late in the series is when a handful of survivors see a few of the girls hatch in fully adult form from the eggs in the basement, no thanks to Lester.
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  • Only Sane Man: The blond man with the glasses becomes this by way of being the sole male character not to have sex with one of the girls. And he survives to the end.
  • Rescue Sex: The first girl to appear in the comic shows up naked and injured in the middle of the street. After Ethan takes her into his home, she... shows her appreciation. The next day, things get complicated.
  • Seduction-Proof Marriage: When one wife realizes that her husband is alone in his house with one of the alien girls, she and some other women storm the house intending on preventing him from impregnating the alien. But the man's wife is relieved to see that he has absolutely no interest in a sexual encounter, and instead he has killed the alien and is dissecting her on the coffee table.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Ethan and Wes get the most of this... well, the former for starting the whole mess in the first place.

This is life. It is beautiful... and it is ugly.


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