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WildStorm is a comics imprint founded by Jim Lee in 1992, currently published by DC Comics.

Originally an imprint of Image Comics featuring characters who appeared in the Image Universe, WildStorm was named for two of its flagship titles: WildCATS and Stormwatch. During this time, it also introduced characters and concepts like Gen¹³ and Midnighter.

After comic book sales started declining in the mid-90s, Jim Lee sold WildStorm to DC Comics in 1998. The Shattered Image Crisis Crossover served as a Cosmic Retcon to separate WildStorm's characters into their own universe.

WildStorm's split from Image led to a golden age for the publisher, as several of their most iconic titles (such as The Authority and Planetary) were launched during this period. Creators like Alan Moore (who had the America's Best Comics imprint created just for him), Warren Ellis, and Gail Simone also emerged as prominent creative figures throughout the era.

WildStorm was officially integrated into the DC multiverse as Earth-50 in 52, but waning market interest and declining sales led to its discontinuation in 2010. Many WildStorm characters and concepts (like Stormwatch, Grifter, and Midnighter) were imported into The DCU as part of the New 52, featuring prominently in their own titles as well as others.

Six years after its discontinuation, however, it was announced that DC Comics would be rebooting the WildStorm imprint in 2017. Inspired by the critical success of Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint, it brings back re-imagined favorites like Grifter, Jenny Sparks, and the Wild CATS Wild Storm in a reset continuity. Warren Ellis, who led Stormwatch's transition into The Authority, is overseeing the line, as well as writing its flagship title The Wild Storm. Unfortunately, this restart seems to have been torpedoed by the controversy over the multiple allegations of Ellis engaging in sexually-predatory and abusive behaviour towards fans and younger creators.

Notable comics published by Wildstorm include:

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    Original WildStorm Universe 

    Rebooted WildStorm Universe 

    Creator-Owned Titles 

    Licensed Comics 

    DC Comics Featuring WildStorm Characters