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America's Best Comics is an imprint of WildStorm Comics covering a number of comic series created and often written by Alan Moore. Moore agreed to create ABC with Wildstorm before their takeover by DC Comics. Despite the fact that he had at this point determined never to work for DC again, for reasons mainly related to the dispute over ownership of Watchmen, he agreed to continue with the ABC project to avoid inconveniencing and disappointing his other collaborators.


The line largely ended after Moore's final departure from DC, but in 2017-8 the shared-universe characters controversially began to be introduced to the mainstream DCU, with Promethea guesting in a Justice League of America issue and Tom Strong appearing in The Terrifics.

Oh, and if you're wondering why a man from Northampton founded an imprint called "America's Best Comics", the name comes from the title of a Standard Comics book published during the The Golden Age of Comic Books; Moore used some of the original book's characters in the series he created for ABC.

Comics published under the America's Best Comics name by Alan Moore were:

America's Best Comics titles not written by Alan Moore, generally spin-offs from the Moore series, were:

  • Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset by Rick Veitch. A mini-series featuring the Tomorrow Stories character Greyshirt, notable for its formal experimentation in storytelling, with normal comic stories, newspaper stories, and even in-universe newspaper comic strips all gradually combining to form the overall arc.
  • Terra Obscura by Peter Hogan. A pair of miniseries set on a parallel Earth introduced in a Tom Strong story arc, featuring superheroes originally created in the Golden Age Standard/Better/Nedor comics.
  • Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct by Paul Di Filippo. A miniseries continuation of Top 10, introducing some new characters and depicting the main cast dealing with a full-scale threat to their reality.
  • Top 10 Season Two by Zander Cannon. An alternate continuation for Top 10, Beyond the Farthest Precinct not having been especially well-received by fans. Notable for being a four-issue miniseries that just stopped with no sign of resolving any of its several plotlines. A single-issue annual didn't resolve any of the plotlines either.
  • Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom by Peter Hogan. A Tom Strong miniseries notable for explicitly retconning out the events of the final issues of Tom Strong and Promethea so that DC could continue to tell generic superhero stories in the universe without dealing with the major changes introduced there. And people wonder why Alan Moore gets upset with them...
  • Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril by Peter Hogan. After a lengthy gap, a further Tom Strong miniseries which takes Tom back to the world of Terra Obscura.


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