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Team 7 was an eight-issue miniseries published by DC Comics as part of the New 52 initiative. Loosely based on the old Team 7 series published by WildStorm, it explores the history of the new universe in which characters from the Wildstorm universe have been integrated into the mainstream DC universe.

  • John Lynch: As the WildStorm incarnation, he's The Leader of the team and the one who ensembled it.
  • Cole Cash: A Con Man added for his marksman abilities and his knowledge of the underworld.
  • Slade Wilson: Recruited as the tactial expert of the team and before he made his Face–Heel Turn by taking the contract from Harvest and taking the name Deathstroke.
  • Amanda Waller: A younger and thinner version of her appears as part of the team as the field leader and analist, one of the few survivors of the team after the last mission.
  • Dinah Drake and Kurt Lance: A married couple who are experts of infiltration and tracking, respectively. Dinah gained powered screams, but Kurt dies at the end of the last mission.
  • Summer Ramos: The pilot of the team, who died in the first numbers.
  • Alexander Fairchild: The weapon master of the team, died in a mission that involved the rogue robot Spartan.
  • Steve Trevor: The second pilot recruited after the death of Ramos.
  • James Bronson: Experienced in the field, Bronson became part of the team, until he developed Flying Brick powers and he became known as Majestic, making a Face–Heel Turn during the last mission.


This series contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Dinah Drake and Summer Ramos. The former would go on to become Black Canary, while the latter is a brilliant pilot who died in one of the first missions.
  • Battle Couple: Dinah Drake and Kurt Lance are married and both serve on Team 7.
  • The Bus Came Back: Cole Cash, John Lynch and Alex Fairchild returned for the New 52 incarnation of the team.
  • The Chick: Amanda Waller, of all people, used to be seen as the team member who would have the hardest time making difficult decisions. That's not so much the case anymore.
  • Dysfunction Junction: As Lynch notes, Team 7's members are all brilliant on their own, but don't work together well. Slade and Cash are too self-interested, Lance and Drake always prioritize each other over their teammates, Bronson tries too hard to be a hero, Waller cares too much about others, etc.
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  • Evil All Along: Lynch. The big difference with the WildStorm incarnation, discovered in the last numbers that he ensembled the group to make their members gain superpowers for his own purposes.
  • Face–Heel Turn: During the series, Bronson/Majestic. After the last mission, Higgins was left for dead but survived with powers, becoming the supervillain Regulus and even taking control of the evil organization Basilisk.
  • In Name Only: This version of Team 7 is a paramilitary group with only Cole Cash, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild and James Bronson (aka Mister Majestic) as the only Wildstorm members (with the exception of the latter, all were part of the original Team 7) and all the other are random DC heroes and some villains working together.
  • Original Generation: Dean Higgins, Summer Ramos and James Bronson (even when the latter became Majestic.)
  • Race Lift: Dean Higgins was originally shown as a black man in Team 7 #0 and in Secret Origins, but later was changed to caucasian in further appearances.
  • Schrödinger's Canon: In this version, the original plan is that all member receive superhuman powers. Grifter received his Psychic Powers as a side-effect of his Daemonite abduction in his solo series and there's the first time where he puts his Cool Mask, but in this series (that happens years before his solo series) he received his powers here and his mask is already on, which contradicted all his past appearances.
  • The Squad: This version of the Team 7 was made to prevent future metahuman threats in the first years of metahuman appearances.
  • Young Future Famous People: The cast includes younger versions of Amanda Waller, Grifter, Deathstroke, Mr. Majestic, Black Canary, and the father of Fairchild. The series explores how they became the heroes (and in some cases, antiheroes or even villains) they are today.