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Hunter Avallone (born November 11, 1996) is an American YouTuber primarily known for talking about political/controversial topics including feminism, race issues, the president, and others.

He has a small cast of other characters/people who appear in his videos:

  • The Liberal Kid (a.k.a Femson): A character who appears in a lot of opening skits. He is a parody of...well, radical liberals.
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  • Honest Bear: A teddy bear who is honest.
  • Carissa Keely: Hunter's fiance. She appears alongside Hunter in a few videos, as well as some opening skits. Their wedding date has yet to be announced.
  • Rose Reagan Avallone: Hunter and Carissa's daughter (born March 2, 2019). She has been mentioned in a few videos, and appeared in two.

Tropes that appear in Hunter's videos

  • Ambiguous Gender: The Liberal Kid. While he's referred to with male pronouns, he seems to prefer to identify as more gender-neutral.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The video "Watching Queer Kid Stuff with my Kid!"
    Hunter: You didn't actually think I'd let Rose watch Queer Kid Stuff did you?
  • Berserk Button: Do not, under any circumstances, attack Carissa or Rose.
  • Brutal Honesty:
    • Honest Bear's entire character is built on this.
    • Hunter himself is very straightforward and has no qualms with speaking his mind.
  • Catchphrase:
    • When hearing something ridiculous, he mockingly says "Oh, spaghetti monster, say it ain't so!"
    • He often reminds people to not get their panties in a wad.
  • Drama Queen (King?): When the Liberal Kid appears, he usually reacts to things he finds problematic in a very dramatic flair. For example, this exchange in a video about cultural appropriation:
    The Liberal Kid's Dad: How do I look, son?
    The Liberal Kid: (gasp!) It's femson!
  • Every Episode Ending: At the end of his videos, he always says "Please give this video a lake, comment below, and subscribe to the channel. Thanks everyone for watching. Peace."
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Take a wild guess what Honest Bear is like.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In his early videos, his hair was spiky and tall. In more recent videos, his hair has been trimmed, and looks more grown up. Justified, as his older videos were made when he was a teenager.
  • Friend to All Children: In several videos, most notably the videos talking about Target's bathroom policy and the infamous web-series Queer Kid Stuff, Hunter expresses that he doesn't want young children to be forced into serious political issues. The former in particular, as he feels that Target's policy on gendered bathrooms puts young girls at risk.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in his video talking about the Jessica Yaniv controversy, where Hunter talks about Yaniv's inappropriate/predatory behavior with disdain. It's one of few videos where Hunter sounds legitimately angry.
  • Insistent Terminology: The Liberal Kid prefers to be called "Femson".
  • Named After Someone Famous: Rose's middle name (Reagan) is after the president Ronald Reagan.
  • Papa Wolf: Hunter has openly scolded people for attacking Rose, both on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Pink Means Feminine: When Rose appears, she's usually dressed in pink clothing. In fact, in her first official appearancenote , Hunter discussed this trope, citing a study of 171 British adults and 37 recent immigrants from China, where it was found that the majority of women from both groups had a preference for pink, or blues with pinkish hues.
  • Running Gag: When he says "Please give this video a like", a picture of a lake appears on the screen when the word "like" is said.
  • Spiky Hair: Especially in his earlier videos.
  • The Stinger: In "Watching Queer Kid Stuff with my Kid!", at the very end, there's a short clip of Hunter bouncing Rose, congratulating her for her perfect timingContext .
  • Straw Feminist: He's made a few videos talking about Straw Feminist talking points, such as the wage gap.
  • Take That!: Multiple videos contain potshots at Buzzfeed.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The Liberal Kid has silver-lavender hair.


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