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Wait, when did Marge get a waist? And cleavage?!note 

"Now, a corset can do a lot for a lady
Especially when a lady's got a lot
And a lady can do a lot for that cor-set
By filling in the bottom and top."
— "A Corset Can Do a Lot For a Lady", The First Travelling Saleslady

The corset, that most evocative of undergarments. Of course it's sexy. Designed to shape a woman's silhouette, it has captured the erotic imagination for centuries due to its ability to shrink the waist, define the hips, and to create heaving bosoms where once there were none. Even after the corset fell out of fashion in the early 20th centurynote , it has remained a feature in period films and fetish magazines. More recently, the wily corset has gone through a renaissance of sorts—now often worn as outerwear—thanks in part to the popularity of movies like Moulin Rouge! and the increased public interest in things like the Goth and steam/dieselpunk genre, not to mention the resurgence of the burlesque scene.

In older fiction, corsets were sometimes used to provide mild fanservice — yes, everything's covered, but a woman's corset is still part of her underwear. Newer works get a similar reaction because corsets today are fetish or specialty wear — a 21st-century woman in a corset has a certain exotic allure without showing too much skin.

Can involve Impossibly-Low Neckline, Sexy Coat Flashing. See also Of Corset Hurts for another common use of the garment in fiction.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Slan, the only female member of the Godhand from Berserk pretty much wears one as her only article of clothing. And it's an underbust. To make it even kinkier, she wears a neck corset too.
  • A unique example, the Slime girl from Deadline Summoner wears one as her default outfit. Why? We don't know.
  • In a very unusual instance, the male Villain Protagonist of Death Note, Light Yagami, wears a corset under his shirt for a portion of the story... in order to hide his favorite murder weapon. Of course, in the anime version, he finds an equally awkward place to keep it.
  • While every woman in Emma: A Victorian Romance wears a corset, one scene in the manga stands out: Emma's employer Dorothea Meredith is being dressed for the day, when her husband Wilhelm enters the room and proceeds to lace his wife's corset, as a prelude for impromptu sexy-time.
  • Ghost Talker's Daydream: Seen in the anime's cover art, which shows Misaki in her S&M attire, which she almost always wears under her street clothes, since she's a dominatrix.
  • Einhart Stratos of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid wears an underbust corset as part of her standard outfit.
  • Maken-ki!: Himegami specializes in Ero Lolia fashion, particularly when it comes to her choice of lingerie. Almost all of it is dark silk trimmed with ribbons and lace, consisting of corsets, see-through teddies, garter belts, and nylons. Though her peers and under classmen usually don't get to see it since it's hidden under her school uniform.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Marin's second cosplay, Black Lobelia, has a corset as the body piece. She even lampshades the trope, describing corsets as being "mysteriously enticing, something between sweet and spicy".
  • In Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Asuna and Setsuna are forced into this, and despite the obviously awkward structure of the outfit itself (never mind the undergarment), they managed to fight at full strength.
    • Far later in the series, Yuuna is shown fighting in this as well as it is included with her pactio.
  • One Piece has Team Mom Robin, wearing one of these, possibly a gift from her previous boss, Mr. O, since running around ruins in that and fishnets is hardly practical.
  • The Big Bad of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, appropriately named Corset, pretty much makes it a mission in life to avert the hell out of this trope as hard as he possibly can. Of Corset Hurts, though... but he wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Ruby in Rosario + Vampire wear one of these as a default outfit, when she's not in a costume for the lulz. She's quite aware of the sexiness factor, and quite often uses this to her advantage as well.
    • Moka's mother Akasha combines a fiery corset and a pair of short shorts under her dress, as revealed during her sacrificial attempt to go Medieval on Alucard's ass.
  • Shimoneta: Official manga scans and concept art show that Oboro Tsukimigusa wears white lingerie under his Prefect uniform; including a corset with garter belts and thonged panties.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: There's the resident Dark Action Girl Adiane the Elegant who combined a corset with her tail whip and eyepatch for maximum sexiness.
  • In the first episode of Texhnolyze a bizarre, bionically augmented woman wears a red one as she has sex with Ichise.
  • Male example: Loran Cehack from ∀ Gundam is ordered to show up at the party arranged by the Moon Race as the Turn A Gundam's pilot, though the Moon Race were told he was a female pilot named Laura. Kihel thought Loran was feminine enough and filled out a dress well, but added a corset just to make it more convincing.
    • The author's commentary for that particular scene enhances the sexy part, with the author musing about the sexual implications and intimacy brought by a male lacing his wife (or his French Maid)'s outfit.
  • Though she changes her outfit regularly, Mai Valentine of Yu-Gi-Oh! always keeps a basque/bustier as an accessory.


    Comic Books 
  • Batman villain White Rabbit wears this, and very little else.
  • Sydney Savage wears a zipped-down corset in Danger Girl: Back In Black. Unfortunately, she finds out the hard way that such attire is not good for riding a motorcycle on the open road.
  • Emma Frost's look when she was the White Queen in the Hellfire Club.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic, the female members of the Crucible all wear dominatrix-style outfits.
  • Lady Mechanika's central character is a Steampunk Cyborg Action Girl who is never seen without her corset.
  • Forms a major part of the attraction of Lady Rawhide's costume.
  • The only possible explanation for the decision to costume the New 52 Nightshade in what amounts to a super tight black corset and painted on pants when Eve had previously always worn some variety of turtleneck in her costumed identity.
  • In Sasmira, Bertille is introduced to tightlacing after time-traveling back to 1908, and her boyfriend Stan is very much into it. In volume two, as Bertille, dressed in her underclothes, asks Stan which dress he prefers, he replies that he prefers Bertille as she is.
  • This is part of Screamqueen's (who is a goth girl vampire) standard outfit in Scare Tactics (DC Comics), and she is definitely the sexiest member of the band.
  • In X-23 when Laura is taken in she is offered to pick from Megan's clothing. She picks out gothic fetish wear and has rolled with this ever since.
  • Depending on the Artist Zatanna is sometimes depicted as wearing one. This is the route Grant Morrison went with in Seven Soldiers.

    Fan Works 
  • All Alone: Sophia thinks that Taylor could really rock a corset. Taylor isn't having any of it. They eventually compromise; it gets bought, but Taylor hasn't agreed to wear it.
    She just waved it at me occasionally in a playfully threatening way. I was considering getting a spray bottle as a way of retaliation.
  • The Night Unfurls: Part of Olga's default outfit that covers her voluptuous body. One example of Adaptational Modesty in this fanfic, compared with her corset with the front and back parts missing as depicted in Kuroinu canon.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Attack of the Clones, Padme Amidala wears a black dress with a mermaid skirt, leather corset, and feather shawl in the fireside scene.
  • Clotilde and Madeleine wear corsets in several scenes in the 2012 version of Bel Ami; Madeleine has sex with Georges in one scene while wearing her pink satin corset, and Georges laces Clotilde into her powder-blue corset after a tryst.
  • Bunni: Lisa wears a black corset in the video of her torturing her husband for his infidelity, and as the killer.
  • One of the first shots in Curse of the Golden Flower is a line of lady servants getting their corsets cinched up. The empress also wears a corset-like garment. There are a lot of heaving bosoms in this movie. A lot.
  • Lina Cavalieri fights a sword duel while stripped down to her camisole and corset (with a pair of tight pants and cavalier-style boots) in one scene in La Donna Piu Bella Del Mondo ("Beautiful But Dangerous"), and is clearly tightly corseted in several other scenes under her Gorgeous Period Dress.
  • The page quote comes from the 1956 film The First Traveling Saleslady, starring Ginger Rogers and Carol Channing. Rose Gillray (Rogers) is a corset saleswoman who conceives of a corset-centered stage show as a way to promote her wares, with the quoted song being part of her pitch to producers. She manages to get the show made, only to run afoul of the Purity League, whose members, finding stays too indecent, force the show to close and bring Rose to the brink of ruin. This leads Rose to make an agreement with her steel supplier, which results in her becoming the title's traveling saleslady, hawking barbed wire in Texas (and eluding ranchers, including a love interest, deeply opposed to same) disguised as what she originally was, a corset saleswoman!
  • In The Great Race Magie DuBois spends a significant portion of the Carpania sequence dressed only in a corset. It gets even better when she is covered head to toe in whipped cream (she got in the middle of the biggest pie fight in movie history), which no one else even notices.
  • Miriam strips down to her corset (and then removes it, slipping under the sheets nude except for black silk drawers) during her first bedroom scene in The Great Train Robbery (1978).
  • An early scene in the The Handmaiden involves Sook-hee helping Hideko out of her dress and corset, and then turning around for her to return the favor. Not much skin is shown, but it's one of the earliest moments of sexual tension between the two, with Sook-hee's inner monologue highlighting the inherent allure of the garments:
    Sook-Hee: Ladies truly are the dolls of maids. All these buttons are for my amusement. If I undo the buttons and pull out the cords, then, the sweet things within, those sweet and soft things… If I were still a pickpocket I’d slip my hand inside.
  • In The Hazing, Delia's Halloween costume is a Playboy Bunny suit with a tight white corset. At one point, she complains that the house is sealed up tighter than "this damn corset".
  • Heartbreakers features Sigourney Weaver on her wedding night taking off her dress to reveal a sexy blue corset, complete with what's essentially a lace bodysuit. Her husband struggles to take it off and actually has to pull a knife out to do so.
  • Maggie Cheung spends much of her screen time in Irma Vep wearing a fetish bodysuit with a built-in corset. At one point, her body double complains that the corset is too tight, but Maggie replies that she feels fine in hers.
  • One scene in the 1962 comedy It Happened in Athens features Eleni Costa stripping down to her underwear, revealing an impressively tight corset. It is in that state of undress that she first meets and tries to seduce a young man, Spiridon Loues, whom she finds taking a shower in her bathroom.
  • Jonah Hex (2010): As if she needed any more help catching male viewers' attention, Lilah wears a couple of shockingly tight corsets.
  • In The Legend of Frenchie King, Maria Sarrazin is conveniently wearing one when her rival forces her into singing in front of the entire village.
  • A Man with a Maid: The Fanservice Extras in Madame Helena's cathouse wear corsets and Victorian underthings and nothing else. Later, when Jack is attempting ravish Alice, she has to tell him how to undo her corset while pretending not to.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't have the Stripperiffic costume Scarlet Witch wears in the comics, but once she joins the Avengers, her suit has a corset (Wanda already spent her debut in a cleavaged shirt, so she clearly has no excessive modesty - though her actress complained that even if she likes corsets, Wanda's makes her the most exposed of the heroines).
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has a sensual wedding night scene between Victor and Elizabeth, where we get several shots of Elizabeth's chest as Victor unlaces her corset in between makeouts.
  • Sophia Loren strips to a black corset and stockings for an examination by (and an unsuccessful attempt by her to seduce) doctor Peter Sellers in The Millionairess.
  • The 1952 version of The Merry Widow, in addition to featuring its protagonist Crystal Radek (Lana Turner) sporting her clearly corseted figure through the movie, also includes two sequences where her corsets are actually showcased, along with nearly indecently short shifts and high heels. In the later of these two sequences, Crystal storms out of her hotel room to give her unwanted suitor Count Danilo a piece of her mind, before she quickly returns, exclaiming "I've nothing on!"
  • Jane Smith wears a corset as part of her dominatrix outfit (which she wears to get to a mark) in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).
  • In Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971), Cesar visits one of his former actresses who is now a exclusive courtesan. She is dressed in a corset and stockings, and stays dressed that way for when her next client visits her.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Elizabeth is made to wear one in an early scene because it was "the latest fashion in London" and she was going to meet a suitor. In the audio commentary Keira Knightley says her cleavage was painted on. Quickly shifts into Of Corsets Painful because, being unaccustomed to corsets, she passes out from the sudden lack of oxygen less than ten minutes later. Coincidentally she's wearing one in the final scene, in which she shares the Big Damn Kiss with Will.
  • Several of the characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show appear in corsets and fishnets for the final act, albeit under mind control.
  • Odette is shown donning a corset (with the help of her maid) in an early scene in Swann In Love.
  • The intense desire of Patti Robinson to be allowed to wear corsets as a mark of her transition to young womanhood is a key plot point in the early-1950's musical Two Weeks With Love. She wants to wear corsets so much, in fact, that she even has fantasies about them, set to the music of the aria from The Chocolate Soldier; she swans around wearing only a snug corset, long white gloves, fishnet tights, high heels and a picture hat, drawing the attention of every man around her like a lodestone!
  • Undercover Heat features beautiful police woman Cindy Hansen wearing a PVC version for a client whilst posing as a prostitute in a high class bordello.
  • Underworld (2003). Selene wears a corset over her black leather (pleather? latex? vinyl?) catsuit. The sequel implies that the corset has an actual function: being bullet-resistant, which comes in handy when the character gets buckshot straight to the chest. The corset comes away with only minor damage, and Selene just gets pissed off.
  • Marias I and II become stage sensations and inadvertently "invent" striptease by undressing down to their corsets and stockings in a key scene in Viva Maria!.
  • Rita Escobar, the love interest of both of the main characters from Wild Wild West, and several other gorgeous women in corsets are one of the film's better points.

  • In the Discworld, veteran Assassin Lady T'Malia, a stately lady of deliberately uncertain age, strives for this look. Observers agree there is no doubt she is still beautiful, but note this is high-maintenance beauty that needs a lot of supporting scaffolding. Her presence is usually announced by alarming creaking reminiscent of a galleon in full sail in a high wind as heavy-duty corseting strives to do its job against structural stresses.
  • Gemma Doyle: The covers of the first and last novels of the trilogy both have the backs of corseted girls.
  • In Gone with the Wind, Scarlett's corset wearing skills are such that she has the smallest waist in the region, which is cited as one of the main reasons for her appeal. Later on (between and after pregnancies) she absolutely refuses to let go of that waist and demands her servants to lace her up as before.
  • Swedish writer Simona Ahrnstedt goes back and forth between this and Of Corset Hurts in her debut novel Överenskommelser. If a woman shapes her body as much as possible, men will, of course, find her more attractive. But we also get several allusions to how uncomfortable it can be to wear a corset, but a lady is expected to do it anyway.
  • The protagonist of John Varley's Steel Beach adopts corsets when she moves into a Victorian-era historical reenactment community (even though period underwear is not required) on the theory that anything worth doing is worth doing right. She freely admits the titillation factor played a significant role in her decision.
  • Tavin, in Witchell: A Symphony has a bit of a thing for corsets, but is aware that they take training, time and a great deal of effort. His older brother makes rude comments about tight-lacing (something polite young men aren't supposed to know about, let alone talk about!) The trope gets played with, however, because the main corset-wearer in the book is Ben, who is a Drag Queen.
  • In Jolene, Anna May Jones longs for a corset (along with hairpins to put up her hair) as a sign that she is a young woman, but her family is too poor to even afford a homemade one. When she goes to live with her Aunt Jinny, her aunt buys her one and she is thrilled, especially with how nice her clothes lie over the corset. Anna does feel a bit guilty about the cost to her aunt, but doesn't regret wanting it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Male example in 1000 Ways to Die. An overweight ballroom dancer ties a corset around his waist to make himself appear thinner. Unfortunately, he ties it so tight that it compresses his chest, causing one of his ribs to break and puncture his heart, killing him.
  • Alias: Considering her Femme Fatale Spy status, it is not too surprising that Sydney Bristow ended up in one on more than one occasion. One incident involved Sydney singing in a nightclub (it wasn't apparently that good), sidling her way over to The Dragon during it, with the objective being to get his biometric data for later use in cracking his security system.
  • Mrs. Peel wore one in the episode "A Touch of Brimstone" of The Avengers (1960s), which was about a resurrected Hellfire Club.
  • In one of the Babylon 5 TV Movies (River of Souls), a shady businessman runs a holo-brothel Down Below. One of his more popular models is Captain Elizabeth Lochley in a corset. It's especially popular with the female customers.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
  • Castle's Detective Kate Beckett dons a couple of corseted costumes in the episode "Once Upon a Time in the West" as she gets into the spirit of the cowboy-themed resort she and Castle are investigating, the first time leaving Castle tongue-tied upon initially seeing his new wife.
  • Charmed:
    • Phoebe would sometimes wear a corset as part of an outfit, as befitting the sexy one of the sisters. Notable is the episode "Brain Drain", where she wears a floral patterned corset on top of an open blouse.
    • Phoebe also wears a sexy red one for the end of the episode "Sight Unseen", where she and Cole have their first kiss.
    • Phoebe is also wearing one underneath her wedding dress in "Marry Go Round". When a spell causes the dress to become the wrong size, it falls off as a demon attacks, and he's Distracted by the Sexy.
    • Prue wears a corset as part of her Halloween costume in "All Halliwell's Eve". While Phoebe and Piper are dressing as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Glinda respectively, Prue's costume just appears to be a Hot Witch.
    • The Siren from the episode "Siren Song" is an evil seductress, and completes the image with a tight black corset.
  • Community: The show takes every opportunity to put Annie in a corset. She's in one in her Little Red Riding Hood costume in the second Halloween episode, she spends the entire Western-themed paintball episode in a corset and little else (she had a skirt, but lost it when the game started), and in the third Halloween episode she's in a corset in her horror story.
  • In Coronation Street, Rosie Webster tries to seduce someone while wearing a basque. This got the "ban this filth" brigade at the Daily Mail hot and bothered, and they promptly printed a picture to accompany said article.
  • Edie Britt wears a lot of corsets in Desperate Housewives. Also, Susan when she resorts to cleaning in lingerie on the internet when Mike runs the family into debt.
  • Doctor Who:
  • Just about all the actresses, both lead and extra, in Dracula (2013) wear corsets under their gowns and dresses or visibly in some scenes. Lady Jayne in particularly frequently has a corset on which shows off her cleavage.
  • Jool from Farscape is introduced wearing a black, leather corset which she keeps for her first few episodes. By the end of the season, she's switched to a version with strategic cut-outs that show off her abs.
  • Inspector George Gently: Wanda Lane dons a merry widow and fishnet stockings when she attempts to seduce Gently in "The Burning Man".
  • Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan, the Mord-Sith and a fair number of female characters all wear corsets which make them look more sexy with their breasts pushed up. It's mocked by Zedd however in his brief magical disguise as a woman in "Mirror" (though he could have been referring to her having large breasts).
    Zedd: How anyone gets around with these... things on is entirely beyond me.
  • Lost Girl: Kenzi regularly wears corsets as outerwear, usually on top of her shirt. This is no small part of her Perky Goth image. In the first four seasons, she is rarely seen not wearing one, except when she's going undercover in a mundane role.
  • Midge's "show corset" plays a significant role in lead-up to her and Lenny sleeping together for the first time on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Her quips about her corset being "much more likely to suffocate's also prettier" ratchet up the tension between them, he propositions her by asking to see the show corset, and he takes a minute to blatantly admire her in just the corset once they finally decide to cross that line.
  • Abby on NCIS has a few; they go rather nicely with her tiny miniskirts and combat boots.
  • Once Upon a Time features a lot of these in the fairy tale world.
    • Princess Aurora's main outfit is a flattering violet dress with a corset on the bodice. Later it's a gag where she assumes Emma's red leather jacket is a strange corset. Aurora notably has two admirers in Prince Philip and Mulan.
    • Belle switches from her gold ballgown to a simpler blue dress that also has a corset, and perhaps coincidentally that's when Rumpelstiltskin starts to fall for her.
    • Although Red Riding Hood is usually covered by her red cloak, her main outfit actually has a corset too, and her backstory episode deals with her growing sexual attraction for her boyfriend Peter.
    • Regina as the Evil Queen favours plenty of corsets as part of her flamboyant Costume Porn. They usually go hand in hand with a Navel-Deep Neckline.
    • Emma when she travels back in time to the Enchanted Forest has to blend in by donning a corset as part of her new outfit. While she complains about "the impression this corset is making on my spleen", Hook notably finds her quite attractive in it.
    • The Blind Witch has a black corset with a Cleavage Window and is actually quite predatory towards children, lending this an air of Fan Disservice.
    • The Black Fairy, fittingly as an evil Femme Fatale, has many an outfight with corsets. In fact, her Start of Darkness episode shows her gaining a corsetted outfit as part of her Evil Costume Switch.
  • Aside from the 'corset-as-outer-wear' that the Queen wears as part of her costume, Queen of Swords (being set in 1817) also features the female cast wearing corsets as the more traditional undergarment. Naturally the writers never pass up an opportunity to show The Vamp Vera lounging around in her corset waiting for her lover.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race frequently has queens who showcase corseted looks (or at least waist cinching) but none so small as Violet Chachki.
  • The Smallville episode "Spell" has the witches in corsets, as mentioned in the commentary, and when Lana's boyfriend asks her why she's dressed like that she says it makes her feel sexy. At the end of the episode Clark says that the witch who had possessed Lana had been aggressively sexy so Lana calls her an evil slut.
  • This seems to extend to The Vampire Diaries, as sexy vampire Katherine wears one even when she's in bed. Sorta justified, as she lives in Civil War America. She seems to have ditched them in the present though.
  • In the V.I.P. episode “Vallery’s Secret”, corsets make up most of lingerie designer’s Cleo Robbins’s output, and after she hires Vallery to inspire and model a new line, Vallery spends most of the episode sporting them and luxuriating in their feel. The ending even teases at her choosing to make them part of her regular wardrobe, until her co-workers dissuade her from doing so by reminding her how much she loves her usual, allegedly less serious, aesthetic.
  • In "Western Show", an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, not only does Theresa say she likes the corset she's wearing, but then Jerry asks why he doesn't have one.
  • Lynda Carter's version of Wonder Woman features her in an ultra patriotic one and is the best remembered aspect of the series.
  • Series/Xena;Warrior Princess: Xena's armoured battle corset is quite a sight to behold.


  • The backglass for Black Rose shows Captain Rose going into battle wearing a cape and a blood-red corset.
  • The dominatrix Rider of Bally's Centaur wears a tight black leather corset.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera, Christine is shown near the bottom of the playfield wearing a corset and robe.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Standard part of Lady Ophelia's ring gear. She also wore them near the end of her time as Mona in WCW in 2000 (in place of the Minidress of Power + Cleavage Window) and late in her time in WWE, but she had already been branded as Hollywood Homely by that time.
  • Daffney wore corsets when hosting SHINE 3 and SHINE 5.
  • Downplayed by April Hunter in SHINE, who frequently wears her corset somewhat loose and on top of something else.
  • Averted a UCW Zero by Fella Twin Chip, who wore a Batman Corset as part of a Halloween event in 2014.
  • Becky Lynch started wearing one when she went to the main roster.


    Video Games 
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum puts Harley Quinn in one as part of her Naughty Nurse Outfit.
  • Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite wears one under her shirt, and then without a shirt after her original outfit is soaked with blood. The game even makes you cinch it up for her at one point after it becomes loose. Worth pointing out that it's rarely if ever played for fanservice (and that goes double for the bit where you have to cinch it up).
  • Castlevania:
  • Among other stripperific costumes, most of the modded heavy armor in the Neverwinter Nights mod A Dance with Rogues turned into external corsets and panties. And nothing else.
  • Trish from Devil May Cry wears one with a giant thunderbolt-shaped slit down the front.
  • The female prostitutes at the Blooming Rose in Dragon Age II wear variously colored corsets and nothing else... as does, perhaps surprisingly, the wide-eyed innocent Merrill if you romance her.
  • Young Lescanzi Witches in Dungeon Siege III tend to favor this look, including playable character Katarina and her sister Leona. Also confirmed by a Where Are They Now segment if you turn control of Gunderic Manor over to Leona.
  • Fable II has it as an option, if worn by a female hero, it raises the attractiveness stats by a considerable amount. when worn by a male hero on the other hand...
  • A zigzagged version of the trope appears in Fallen London, where one can buy a dress that comes with a corset. Due to the nature of the game, you won't get to actually see anyone wearing the corset, but the text does acknowledge that it does "wonders for the figure" (and can also stop a knife).
  • Forte Stollen of Galaxy Angel wears a black corset over her purple dress in her military uniform, accentuating her curvaceous figure.
  • One of these is Casey Lynch's alternate costume in Guitar Hero III Pandora also has one as part of her bridal costume in World Tour, Smash Hits and Van Halen.
  • The Princess Zelda from Hyrule Warriors wears one underneath an armored breastplate.
  • In the mobile phone game Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen many of the outfits from the Pigeon Kingdom feature corsets.
  • Mabinogi has several NPCs and supernatural non-humans in corsets. Most notable are the Succubus, higher level versions of which drop a (non-wearable) corset; and NPC nightclub singer Rua, who wears a rather brief version.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has an unnamed Lady of Black Magic who wears a red, purple and black corset.
  • Natasha from Rusty Hearts wears a midriff-baring one.
  • Gun-toting She-Fu extraordinaire Saika Magoichi from Sengoku Basara wears a backless corset that only seems to stay on through sheer force of will.
  • In Shantae, Shantae's friend Sky wears a cropped corset as part of her outfit from "Shantae and the Pirate's Curse" on. The cups on her corset have a distinctive bird egg pattern that matches the colors of her pet bird, Wrench.
  • Femme Fatale Belleza from Skies of Arcadia wears one over a turtleneck.
  • Squigly in Skullgirls wears a corset that gives her an improbable Hartman Hips figure. It's quite possible the corset is actually crushing her organs, but as an adorable magically-animated zombie, she doesn't need them.
  • Yashiro in The World Ends with You wears one, although curiously she wears it over her shirt.
  • Yggdra and Monica from Yggdra Union are both drawn wearing corsets (and Yggdra starts out with an item called the Silk Corset equipped). Seeing as the game is in a vaguely medieval-renaissance-industrial-revolution-type era, it only makes sense that Yggdra (as a princess) might have to wear one. Seeing as Monica is a peasant, though, she shouldn't be able to afford hers...

  • Bound Adventures: The world is dominatrix themed, so corsets are commonly worn as everyday wear (though not as common as a Spy Catsuit). Princess Irina prefers her corsets trimmed with ermine.
  • Robin in the Coga Nito Hallowe'en special mentions she's wearing one as part of her Vampira outfit.
  • Lucy, the Daiva of Lust, in DevilBear wears a corset as part of her standard wardrobe.
  • Agatha in Girl Genius is known to wear corsets over her clothes. They work very well for her.
  • Kimchi Cuddles: Nora is delighted to learn that her new girlfriend Crystal is wearing a corset under her clothes.
  • Pato from M9 Girls! wears a corset-like super-heroine costume. It fits perfectly her buxom looks.
  • An early arc in Queen of Wands involved Kestrel and Shannon shopping for corsets as a sexy-time thing for Shannon and Felix's anniversary.
  • Amber in Shortpacked! wore this during her sexy phase (while Robin filled in for her as the Meganekko).
  • Adding a corset is the only nod Sparkle from Sidekick Girl makes to an Evil Costume Switch.

    Web Videos 
  • Carmilla the Series: Carmilla Karnstein absolutely rocks one paired with her trademark leather pants, well and truly engaging a Duel of Seduction with Laura.
  • Liana K:
    • The character she created Beelzeboob is a succubus who was kicked out of hell for being too fun, and naturally wears many red corsets.
    • In an episode of her web series Lady Bits, she wears a blue corset to make a point about sexy female video game characters.
    • In her Two Women Talking podcast with Song W Eretson, the two of them praise corsets for how they can help with one's figure, and Song admits to often wearing them to work.
  • The Nostalgia Chick will wear a corset once in a while.
  • The host of Vampire Reviews, The Maven of the Eventide, loves wearing corsets. Her 10 Good Things About Twilight review features a corset so tight you can see her chest going up and down as she breathes, and it prevents her from staking herself to get out of the review.
  • Internet babe Vinyl Meow (also known as Amy Villainous) is almost never seen without a corset. This might be one reason why she looks nowhere near the 200 pounds her modelling profile lists (the other being her enormous breasts).

    Western Animation 
  • The The Simpsons picture above comes from the episode "Helter Shelter" where the family becomes the star of a 1900's House-style reality show. The scene in question shows Marge getting laced into a corset and initially being satisfied at its effects on her figure, before realizing that the stays had made her feet swell up to twice their normal size.
  • Gwen from Total Drama that wears a corset-like black top with blue and green sleeves.
  • Tex Avery's "Garden Gopher" has Butch the bulldog, who has been pestered by a gopher all through the cartoon, disguise himself as a sexy female gopher to lure him out (as you do). The first step of the disguise involves a corset tightly laced to give him an Impossible Hourglass Figure.