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Dark Wave

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Primary Stylistic Influences:
Secondary Stylistic Influences:

Dark Wave is to Synth-Pop what Goth Rock is to Punk Rock; This is Your Premise on Goth. Basically, Dark Wave is Goth's brooding angst, but on synthesizers rather than guitars.

Dark Wave is related to, but is not a subgenre of Industrial. Whilst both genres are electronic and target the Goth market, Dark Wave is generally softer. Naturally there is some overlap; some Dark Wave artists will often put an EBM or Futurepop style song on their album to broaden its dance floor appeal. Industrial artists can also be heavily inspired by Dark Wave; creating some utterly harrowing works of pure Angst / Wangst in the process. More folk-influenced acts typically overlap with neofolk, while mixing the genre with classical typically results in neoclassical; depending on the type of folk used, neofolk and neoclassical very well may overlap.


Generally, however, it is fair to characterize Dark Wave as Gothic New Wave Music or Synth-Pop. Synthesizers will be the predominant instrument, although guitars can be used in moderation.

Examples of Dark Wave acts include:

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