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Cold Cave is the Darkwave and Synth-Pop act of Wesley Eisold, a former Hardcore vocalist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cold Cave is intended as something of a Genre Relaunch due to the absence (or relative small amount of) new Goth Rock bands currently in existence, and much of Cold Cave's signature sound is borrowed from classic Post-Punk like Joy Division and The Cure, as well as some darker classic Synth-Pop such as Depeche Mode. Cold Cave is quickly gaining quite a bit of genre cred, having toured alongside classic Synth-Pop artist Gary Numan and Douglas Mccarthy (the former vocalist of the classic industrial band Nitzer Ebb) as well as infamous Industrial spoken-word artist and Social Darwinist provocateur Boyd Rice. More recently Cold Cave has opened for Nine Inch Nails. Cold Cave's upcoming album, Sunflower, was announced for 2014 but has not yet been released.



  • Sunflower, (Upcoming)
  • Full Cold Moon, 2014
  • Cherish the Light Years, 2011
  • Love Comes Close, 2009

The band and their music provide examples of the following: