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Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (born August 1st, 1963) or Coolio is an American rapper and actor known for his Grammy Award winning "Gangsta's Paradise" and his minor parts in several films such as the director's cut of Daredevil (2003).


  • It Takes a Thief (1994)
  • Gangsta's Paradise (1995)
  • My Soul (1997)
  • (2001)
  • El Cool Magnifico (2002)
  • The Return of the Gangsta (2006)
  • Steal Hear (2008)
  • From the Bottom 2 the Top (2009)
  • Hotel C. (2015)
  • Nobody's Foolio (2019)


This artist's works provides examples of:

  • Author Appeal: He likes sampling from Lakeside.
  • The Cameo: For acting roles, he usually does this.
  • Sampling:
    • "Fantastic Voyage" samples the song of the same name by Lakeside.
    • "Gangsta's Paradise" samples the chorus and instrumentation of Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise".
    • "It's All the Way Live (Now)" samples "It's All the Way Live" by Lakeside.
  • Villainous Lament: "Gangsta's Paradise" is about a hoodlum who obviously knows that his lifestyle is morally wrong and self-destructive but has given up hope on changing for the better.