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Charlotte Emma Aitchison (born August 2, 1992), better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is a British singer-songwriter of electronic indie pop music.

She's perhaps best known for her single "Boom Clap" (from the The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack), as well as some collaborations with Icona Pop ("I Love It") and Iggy Azalea ("Fancy"), the latter of which went to #1 in the United States for a span of weeks in Summer 2014. Prior to her breakthrough, she recorded two albums: 2008's 14, which was never officially released, and 2013's True Romance, her official debut record.

Following the success of "Fancy," her sophomore effort Sucker was released in 2014, featuring a departure from the electronic pop she became known for to Nineties-inspired riot grrrl. Reception of the album was mixed.

Perhaps in response to lukewarm reaction of Sucker, she eventually returned to her roots with the Vroom Vroom EP in 2016. Produced entirely by electronic musician Sophie, Vroom Vroom is notable for its industrial-tinged sound.


While working on her third studio album in 2017, Charli put out a trio of releases that kept in the vein of Vroom Vroom — the single "Boys", accompanied by a viral music video featuring well-known male artists in varying states of cheeky imagery, and two collaboration-heavy note  "mixtapes" titled Number 1 Angel and POP2, heavily featuring production credits from acts associated with the PC Music label.

  • 14 (2008) note 
  • True Romance (2013)
  • Sucker (2014)
  • Vroom Vroom EP (2016)
  • Number 1 Angel (2017)
  • POP2 (2017)

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