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"Here is music suited to TikTok's DIY hijinks, Twitch's video-game violence, and the all-you-can-listen-to, boundary-free possibilities of music streaming."
Spencer Kornhaber on Hyperpop

Hyperpop is a microgenre of Pop where pop music gets taken to the extreme, characterized by highly auto-tuned vocals, bombastic production, catchy and repetitive melodies, and a cutesy, intentionally trash style.

The term "hyperpop" originated from SoundCloud's Nightcore scene, though the name wouldn't get associated with its current traits until the rise of A.G. Cook with his PC Music label and fellow collaborators SOPHIE and Charli XCX (who went hyperpop after finding herself displeased with her previous Pop Punk sound), with many critics noting their certain aspects such as a uniquely post-ironic aesthetic and an exaggeration of pop music tropes. Hyperpop took a boost in popularity in 2019 with the critical success of 100 gecs' debut album 1000 gecs and Spotify's addition of a "Hyperpop" playlist, exposing a variety of artists to a wider audience. Several older artists considered influential to the genre, like Rebecca Black and 3OH!3, have even embraced hyperpop, either by making songs going for the sound, guest features on other artists' tracks, or in Black's case, a remix of "Friday" produced by 100 gecs' Dylan Brady (with Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and 3OH!3 themselves featured). A subgenre of hyperpop hip-hop has also emerged, with artists such as Bladee taking Melodic Rap to goofy extremes.

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100 gecs

100 gecs are one of the biggest names in the hyperpop scene, with music videos like "hand crushed by a mallet" showing the genre's brash, off-kilter sound and strange aesthetics.

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