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Yeah, I wear the mask.note 
All I want is fame and I don't give a fuck
Yeah, all I want is fame and I don't give a fuck
All I want is fame and I don't give a fuck
Yeah, all I want is fame and I don't give a fuck

Formed in June of 2021, Self Insert is an experimental hip hop trio that consists of Sebastian Hedge, Zakary Waxman, and an unknown third member.

The band is known for a unique use of drastic voice changing effects, loud and hyper-realized electronic production, and subversive lyrics that often invoke different mechanical characters inside some kind of bizarre deconstructive scenario.


  • Necrophilia (Single) (2021)
  • Philias (EP) (2021)
Self Insert seems to regularly update their Official Website. The band is also on all streaming platforms, including Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

The band is also on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.


Provides examples of:

  • Genre-Busting: You won't find much music that sounds like this. Their sound seems to encompass Hip-Hop, Electronic Music, Rock, Hyperpop, Trap, and even experimental music (while similar voice changing effects and genre-fluidity have been used by seminal hyperpop artists, Self Insert seems to have defined their own use of the trope).
  • List of Transgressions: On their debut release, the band begins boastfully confessing to a long list of charges for nearly 30 seconds, including "...arson, possession, tax evasion, kidnapping, bribing a government official..."
  • Mid-Vid Skit: In the song "Necrophilia", the unknown third member goes on a rant about how the judge better lock him up because he's done every common crime in the book. Halfway through the song, a skit with a female judge begins where she asks to "get a taste of the Self Insert".
  • Unknown Character:
    • "The Dealer", a silent figure represented only by a black silhouette, is often seen with or mentioned by the group.
    • Their third member is always visible, but their identity remains unknown.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Despite all members appearing to be male, their vocal modifications make them sound completely unlike how they look.