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Alternative Hip Hop

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Primary Stylistic Influences:

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Alternative hip-hop (also known as alternative rap) is a Sub-Genre of hip-hop music that is defined in greatly varying ways. Allmusic defines it as a form of hip- that refuses to conform to any of the traditional genres of rap, such as gangsta, bass, hardcore, and party rap. Instead, alternative hip-hop artists push the boundaries of the medium by blurring genres—drawing from other musical traditions like funk and pop/rock, as well as jazz, soul, alternative rock, punk, reggae, and even folk (though many acts, particularly older ones, do still adhere to a traditional boom bap framework); and focusing on lyrical themes, concepts, and subject matter that mainstream hip-hop tends to ignore. In some circles, the sub-genre is also known as "backpack rap" or "hipster hip-hop", due to its perceived greater appeal to fans of genres like Alternative Rock and Indie.

Closely related to Conscious Hip Hop.

Notable Artists:

Alternative Title(s): Alternative Rap, Underground Hip Hop, Underground Rap, Psychedelic Hip Hop, Psychedelic Rap