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"Honestly, I don't care about the fame
All I want's a little change and to see more positive
Pages unfilled and untold
I'm going to write till my wrist cramps up cold
Let the ink flow straight from my soul."
— "Light Will Shine"

Diafrix is a hip-hop duo consisting of rappers Momo and Azmarino. They have an eclectic sound which borrows from multiple genres. Although their sound tends to be more smooth, gentle and chilled-out compared to a lot of hip-hop, they can also be brusque and aggressive.

Tropes found in their music include:

  • Alternative Hip Hop - Diafrix borrow from all sorts of genres. From pop-influenced tunes like "Running It", to the reggae-influenced "Concrete Jungle" to more Jazz/Funk tunes like "Hold On", they're very creative with their influences.
  • An Immigrant's Tale - "Concrete Jungle" is the best example, but many songs deal with migrant themes. Both rappers migrated to Australia from Africa.
  • Boastful Rap - Azmarino in "Light Will Shine".
    But I survived it all
    No longer do I feel invisible
    My struggle made me invincible
    • Notable in that this is in reference to his success after his early hardship as a refugee, and he states he doesn't even care about wealth.
  • Conscious Hip Hop - Migrant experience is a common theme covered in some of their more serious songs. 'Welcome' is about violence in Africa.
  • Pep-Talk Song - "Easy Come, Easy Go" has elements of this.
  • Political Rap - Tends to avoid this, but some such as "Welcome" have a political edge.
  • Shout-Out - A few songs reference Superman.
  • Protest Song - "Welcome", "Light Will Shine" could be considered a version of this.
  • Title-Only Chorus - "Easy Come, Easy Go".
  • Title Track - "Concrete Jungle" in the eponymous album.
  • Vocal Tag Team - Momo and Azmarino.