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Harsh Noise musician from Australia, known for his work in several small-time bands as well as his own solo work. The former is usually well received, while the latter is polarizing, to say the least. He runs a small record label called Cantankerous Records along with Carey Knight, with who he has done multiple collaborations.

He's gained a small amount of popularity through Snuff Budgies, considered an underground favorite in the world of Harsh Noise in which he showed the ability to use static as a means to create a song, in similar ways Merzbow usually does, and his jazz trio New Miracle Force, in which he showcased his abilities as a drummer.


Then, there's his solo work. This is where things get particularly strange for Mr. Dennis. His stage name as a soloist is "Fuck, The Retarded Girl." Here, he covers all manner of styles and means, from eerie drone and industrial to Harsh Noise laden with Sensory Abuse, running everything from sampled vinyls to powertools. He's rather prolific, too; While not at the same level of Dental Work or RedSK, he can put out as many as 15 recordings or more a year. He can be an utterly trying musician, but his style is known for its unique atmosphere.

As whether or not he can technically be considered a musician is a topic of heated debate, we suggest quite strongly that the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment be followed.

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