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If you're such an LL Cool J fan, can you name even one song in this album?

The most common form of Album Title Drop, a title track is a song on a musical album which shares its name with the album itself. This can be done before or after the fact; as long as the album and one song on it share the same name, it counts.

Most albums that aren't self-titled do this, but it's such a common (and effective) naming convention that it's something of an Undead Horse Trope; because if it ain't brokeā€¦

Note: In order for the example to count, the title of the song has to be an exact match to the album's title. If the titles are only a partial match, it's not an example. The biggest exception is if the song or album title contains a "the", "a", or any other common article which is present in one title but not the other. Another exception is when all words of the two titles are identical, but one contains a punctuation mark that's absent in the other.

Naturally, a Sub-Trope of Title Drop; also compare Self-Titled Album, where this is done using the band's name, and Album Title Drop, where the song contains the album's title in its lyrics - both of which can overlap with Title Track. Could also overlap with pretty much any other naming convention. Contrast Non-Appearing Title (the subversion of this trope note ) and the most obvious exception to this trope, No Title.

PLEASE LIST ALL EXAMPLES ALPHABETICALLY BY MUSICIAN! This will make examples easier to find. Since this will be a long list, please avoid listing aversions and subversions. Also, please list only the shared title. Listing examples such as "(ALBUM TITLE) has the song (SONG TITLE WHICH IS THE SAME AS ALBUM TITLE)" is too redundant.

Musicians that have used this trope include: