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Anna-Catherine Hartley (born December 9, 1987), better known as Uffie, was born in America, raised in Hong Kong, and was previously based in Paris. She is known for her electro/rap/Synth-Pop style and frequent collaborations with Ed Banger labelmates. Uffie is also known to be a muse to many influential French DJs. She tends to make songs about partying, some of which are satirical. Unusually, she has achieved a large amount of acclaim despite having yet to release a full-length album.

Her live performances have drawn comparisons to the Andy Warhol art movement. Uffie has been described as having "a deliberately staid anti-flow delivery that walks a fine line between electro and nu-skool rap." Sometimes, she uses a fake English accent, drawing sharp contrast between the "fancy" and "proper" sounding accent and frank, tough, party-oriented lyrics. Despite only having one album, the extremely anticipated Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, she has achieved a high level of acclaim both in France and abroad.

Uffie is back to making music with her EP Tokyo Love Hotel being her first release in several years.

Was the subject of a 2019 documentary, Fuck Fame, which discusses her rise to stardom and the difficulties it's had on her life.



  • Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans (2010)

Extended Plays

  • Pop the Glock / Ready to Uff (2006)
  • Tokyo Love Hotel (2019)

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