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Claire Elise Boucher (born March 17, 1988), better known by her stage name Grimes, is a Canadian oddball who has been producing electronic music out of her bedroom for years now. She really blew up with the release of her third album, Visions. Her name is a reference to the artist Ken Grimes (and to "Grime" music).

Born and raised in Vancouver, she started writing and recording songs while in college, which made her miss a great number of classes and ended up with her being expelled from her university. Not so bad, as now she could dedicate herself to be a full-time musician, collaborating with various DJ's such as Majical Cloudz, making an EP with musician d'Eon and opening shows to singer Lykke Li.

Grimes musical style is mostly electronic and experimental, though it ranges a lot. She is also an artist and music video director.


Gorilla vs. Bear named 'Visions' the best album of 2012, and Pitchfork named 'Art Angels' the #2 album of 2015.

Also achieved Memetic Mutation for looking like Helga Pataki. Compare for yourself.

Discography so far:


  • Geidi Primes (2010)
  • Halfaxa (2010)
  • Visions (2012)
  • Art Angels (2015)

Extended Plays:

  • Darkbloom (2011, in collaboration with musician d'Eon)

Grimes and her music contains examples of:


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