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Brian: Wow, a song named after a girl. There aren't a million of those already.
Stewie: Name twenty.
Brian: Rosanna, Roxanne, Michelle, Alison, Sarah, Angie, Brandynote , Mandy, Gloria, Cecilia, Maggie May, Jessica, Nancy, Barbara Ann, Billie Jean, Layla, Lola, Polly, Helena, Jenny from the Block.
Stewie: Name six more.
Brian: Sherry, Laura, Wendy, Maria, Peggy Sue, Minnie the Moocher.
Stewie: Name five more.
Brian: Tracy, Jean, Jane, Mary Ann, Eleanor Rigby.
Stewie: (throws down guitar) Go BLEEP yourself.

Songs named after girls, usually the Love Interest of the male singer. This trope is one that just keeps coming back, but for some reason female singers tend to not name songs specifically after guys.

Not to be confused with One-Woman Wail. For songs about men, see One-Man Song.

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Straight Examples:

     Alternative Dance  

     Alternative Hip Hop  

     Alternative Rock  


  • Tales of Us by Goldfrapp is an entire hard-to-categorise album of down-tempo single-person songs and seven of them are One Woman Songs: "Jo", "Annabel", "Drew", "Ulla", "Thea", "Simone" and "Laurel".



  • "Maissie" - Syd Barrett




  • "Molly", "Isabel" and "Annie's Song" - John Denver
  • "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" -Johnny Darrell (Covered Up by Kenny Rogers)
    • Spawned an answer song "Billy, I've Got To Go To Town" by Geraldine Stevens
  • "My Maria" - B.W. Stevenson (Covered Up by Brooks & Dunn)
  • "Sweet Annie" - Zac Brown Band
  • "Adalida" - George Strait
  • Zig-zagged with Alan Jackson's "Dallas". The title refers to both the city and a girl named Dallas, with the narrator singing that "I wish Dallas was in Tennessee".
  • "Louise" - Daniel Romano
  • "Amy's Song" by Brent Anderson, which samples "Amie" as seen below
  • "Annabelle (Arkansas Is Callin' You)" by Hot Apple Pie
  • "Arlene" by Marty Stuart
  • "Kathleen" and "Loretta" - Townes Van Zandt
  • "My Antonia" by Emmylou Harris and Dave Matthews
  • "Valerie Leon" - Daniel Romano

     Country Rock  

  • "Amie" - Pure Prairie League


  • "Charlene" - Missing Heart
  • "Boten Anna", "Camilla", "Elinor" - Basshunter
  • "Angeline" - Groove Coverage

     Dark Cabaret  

  • "Bernadette" - IAMX
  • "Delilah" - The Dresden Dolls
    • Of course we cannot forget the more famous song of the same name by Tom Jones (she stood there laughing / I felt the knife in my hand, and she laughed no more.)


  • "Suzanne" - Leonard Cohen
  • "Barbara Allen" (Also "Barbarous Ellen", for her treatment of the Jimmy Grove.) - traditional British; variants all over the English-speaking world.
  • "To Ramona" - Bob Dylan
  • "For Emma" - Bon Iver
  • "Hazey Jane I" and "Hazey Jane II" - Nick Drake
  • "Molly Malone" - an Irish traditional about a beautiful seafood-peddling girl who died and continued wandering the streets with her barrow as a ghost.
  • "Peggy Gordon" - a Canadian song of unknown origin.
  • "Flora" - Peter, Paul and Mary

     Folk Rock  

  • "Cecilia" - Simon & Garfunkel (She's breaking his heart, shaking his confidence daily; AND he's begging her please to come home)
    • And its updated version, "Oh Cecilia", by The Vamps and Shawn Mendes.
    • If you're feeling generous, "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" ... though with that one if you don't know what the name is you would never guess it (there's no chorus per se and the name "Emily" never appears in the song itself at all, only in the title).
  • "Sally Anne", "Penelope" and "Margarita" - Great Big Sea.
  • "Rosie" - Fairport Convention
  • "Alison Gross" (a witch) - Steeleye Span
  • "Hey Rose", "Genevieve", and "Viola" by Girlyman, though only one was written by a man.
  • Martina-Phranc, by a woman this instance.
  • "Polly" by Walk Off the Earth
  • "Jenny" by The Mountain Goats (an allusion to Pirate Jenny).

     Hard Rock  

  • "Beth" - KISS (He hears her callin', but he can't come home right now)
  • "Carrie" - Europe
  • Thin Lizzy have "Sweet Marie", "Sarah", and "Sarah": Both songs called "Sarah" were completely unrelated musically, but were about different relatives of Phil Lynott with that first name (the first was about his grandmother, the somewhat more well-known second was about his then-new-born daughter). There's also "Rosemarie", which they Covered Up from Bob Seger.

     Indie Pop  

  • "Mary Jo" - Belle and Sebastian
  • "Silvia" and "Julie" - Jens Lekman. (He also has a Dear Friend Lisa.)
  • "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White T's

     Indie Rock  

  • "Sylvia" - The Antlers
  • "Alisa" - Cut Copy
  • "Cath..." - Death Cab for Cutie
  • "Geraldine" - Glasvegas
  • "Celestine" - Kirsty Mac Coll
  • "Girl Called Alex" - Kurt Vile
  • "Silvia" and "Billie Holliday" - Miike Snow
  • "Jezebel" - Two Hours Traffic
  • "Dr. Suzanne Mattox PhD" and "Patricia the Stripper" - The Wombats
  • "Josephine" and "Caroline" by Brandi Carlile


  • "Itoshi No Riley" - DREAMS COME TRUE


     Jazz Rock  



     New Wave  

  • "Darlene" - Erasure (interesting in that it is sung as if to a love interest, but the singer is a gay male)
  • "Josee" - Trans-X
  • "Does Caroline Know?" - Talk Talk


     Pop Punk  

     Pop Rock  


  • "Ashley" - Escape the Fate
  • "Emily" - From First To Last


  • "Alice" and "Marian" - The Sisters of Mercy
    • They also covered "Emma" by Hot Chocolate and "Jolene" by Dolly Parton.
  • " "Medusa," "Louise," "Lorraine," "Evelyn," "Clementina," "Cynara," "Desdemona," and "Michelle" - Clan of Xymox

     Power Pop  

  • "Denise" - Fountains of Wayne
  • "Jenny" - The Click Five
  • Music/Waltham were apparently pretty fond of this trope, as four different songs on their self-titled album were named after women:
    • "Cheryl (Come And Take A Ride)"
    • "Joanne"
    • "Maria Simeone"
    • "Nicole"

     R & B  

  • "Bernadette" - Four Tops (Some men spend their whole lives searching for what we had)
  • "Charlene" - Anthony Hamilton


  • "Michelle" and "Mari-Johanna" - by Mariska, a female artist. Even though the song explicitly refers to Mari-Johanna as a girl it can be easily taken to stand in for something other than an actual girl.
    • "Michelle" is an unusual entry on this list since it has the narrator longing for their crazy romance with Michelle — but they acknowledge that their feelings are irrational, as their life is now good and a living hell with Michelle, an apparent narcissist and explicitly stated psychological and physical abuser.
      kun sä lähdit sen jälkeen en oo osannu luoda mitään
      aiheet pistit taskuun mulle ei jäänyt
      kuin mustelmat siitä illasta marraskuun
      Sairaalalaskuun kääntöpuolelle raapustan kaipaan sua Michelle
  • "Sherane a.k.a. Master Splinter's Daughter" - Kendrick Lamar, based on his real high school girlfriend of the same name.

     Rap Metal  


     Rock and Roll  

     Roots Rock  

  • The Blasters' catalogue is full of these. "Kathleen," "Marie, Marie,"


  • A metric tonne of Finnish Schlager canon, including but not limited to:
    • Foksi songs: "Eeva", "Irja", "Maruzella", "Karina"
    • Humppa songs: "Sheila", "Amalia" (or "Erokirje heilille")
    • Walzes: "Emma", "Saariston Sirkka", "Ramona", "Kyllikki", "Joensuun Elli", "Anniina"
    • Finnish Tangos: "Humiko", "Sabina", "Aila", "Annabella", "Anneli Anneli Anneli", "Monika Monika Monika", "Ritva", "Angelique"
    • Humorous couplets: "Lievestuoreen Liisa", "Babylonin Sanna", "Ieva", "Lenita", "Elsa, kohtalon lapsi", "Esteri, tyttö sadepisarain"
    • Others (not intended to be danced): "Lulu", "Sulamit"
  • Tango songs: "Perfidia"

     Southern Rock  


  • "Santa Lucia" is originally a Neapolitan song that's about the city and boating with repeats of "Saint Lucy" added in pretty much like filler, but the Nordic Saint Lucy celebration songs actually are about the saint.

And countless others.


     Alternative Dance  

  • "Lilian" - Depeche Mode. Ostensibly about a really evil ex who's just broken up with the singer.

     Alternative Rock  

  • "Mary Jane" - Tori Amos. It's not about a girl.
  • Also subverted in "Song for Whoever" by The Beautiful South, A song about a cynical songwriter of these kinds of songs, who due to repeated Muse Abuse, can't remember which of the many One Women is which:
    Oh Shirley,Oh Deborah, Oh Julie, Oh Jane
    I wrote so many songs about you I forget your name
    Oh Cathy, Oh Alison, Oh Phillipa, Oh Sue
    You made me so much money I wrote this song for you
  • Subverted in "Helena"; the song is about grieving for a dead woman (Word of God says the singer's grandma.)
  • Subverted in "Debra" - Beck. The song's lyrics begin to direct the song towards one girl ("oh girl, I only wanna be down with you") until it's revealed that Beck has a secondary interest: Debra, the girl's sister ("and your sister, I think her name is Debra"). The track is done in the vein of R. Kelly-like R&B ballads and seems to be one until the hilarious twist of Beck pining for a little more is made apparent.
  • "Jamie" by Weezer, a tribute to their lawyer. Similarly, "Susanne", about their A & R assistant.
  • "Magdalena" by dEUS from The Ideal Crash.
  • "Whatsername" by Green Day.


  • "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers, which is about the man's wife running off and leaving him to raise their four children alone on a farm.
    • Played with in that Rogers is not singing as the jilted husband, but as the poor barfly Lucille was trying to hook up with who is now having to watch this poor stranger's life fall apart.
  • "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, sung by the cuckolded wife to the woman her man is having an affair with.
  • "Boy Named Sue" - Johnny Cash, as the title says the girl's name in this case doesn't relate to a girl.



  • "Diana" by Comus. It's about rape.

     Folk Rock  

  • "Reva Thereafter" by Girlyman, about the singer's grandmother, and coping with her suicide.


  • "Mary Jane" by Rick James. Like the Tori Amos song, not about a girl.


  • In "Polly" by Nirvana the narrator addresses their rape victim as if she was a pet bird.
  • "Ana's Song" by Silverchair. 'Ana' is actually short for anorexia, not a girl's name.

     Heavy Metal  

     Hip Hop  


     New Wave  


  • More than half of the songs on Slint's Tweez are named after women ("Carol", "Charlotte", "Darlene", "Rhoda", and "Nan Ding"). The thing is that all of these are non-appearing titles that have nothing to do with the song content, and the remaining four songs have male names. They decided to just title the songs as arbitrary shout outs to band members' parents. As for why there's an odd number of names, well, Rhoda was drummer Britt Walford's dog.

     R & B  


  • "Lola" - Silly little number by The Kinks... that's actually about a transvestite. Maybe. All we know for sure is that the singer is "glad I'm a man, and so is Lola."
    • Similarly, "Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis.
  • "Delilah" by Queen. The lines "You get away with murder so innocent" and "you pee all over my Chippendale suit" feel somewhat out of place in a sweet and catchy love song, if you don't realise that it's about a cat.
  • Why Leelee Won't Love Me by Primitive Whore.
  • "Martha My Dear" by The Beatles. It's about Paul's dog.
  • "Noelle" by Daniel Amos, which isn't a love song by any means.
  • "Mia" by Chevelle. No one's quite sure what it's about.
  • "Andzia" by the Polish band Oddział Zamknięty. This is ostensibly a love song about a girl the singer "can no longer live without". In reality, this is a way of Getting Crap Past the Radar - while "Andzia" is a girl's name, it also sounds very much like "gandzia" (pronounced similar to "ganja"), i.e. cannabis. The song, in reality, is about a man's enjoyment/addiction to marijuana.
  • "Sara", "Rhiannon" and "Annabel Lee" by Fleetwood Mac.
  • "Ilona" by Apulanta is about Ilona's suicide and the narrator's grief, not the girl herself.
  • "Thea"note  by Schoolyard Heroes is about a real bitch of a (former) friend.
  • "Rene" by The Small Faces. She's a prostitute in the London Docks of the 1960s.


  • "Pamela" by Jaakko Teppo is about the character in TV series Dallas and the narrator is a (moderately sane) Loony Fan who sings about his reasoning behind his choice of Pamela as his favourite lady. (Lucy is too "tiny" and Sue-Ellen too heavy a drinker for him.)


  • Stephen Colbert had a signature song that was "chart-adjacent" in the eighties, entitled "Charlene", where the narrator is obsessed with the titular woman and the song literally spells out how the narrator stalks her.
    • There was a sequel song recently that Colbert sang with the Black Belles called "Charlene 2 : I'm over you". Hint:he's not really.
  • Martina Navratilova, Wish You Were Mine-As heard on the ''Tony Horne In The Morning'', the song talks about how the legendary tennis champ is Not Like Other Girls, broke the singer's fingers, looks manly, and how he probably wishes she was his girlfriend.
  • Paul And Storm have "K-R-I-S-T-I" about Kristi Lee of the Bob & Tom show, which is a song in the acrostic poem mold. The first I stands partially for "my eye, which you adorned with pepper spray", while T is for "tears I shed from love ... and pepper spray" while the other I is for "my other eye, which you also pepper sprayed."


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