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Thank you for being a friend
Travel down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante
And if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend"

The Power of Friendship is one of the strongest things in the world. Sometimes, however, it's not enough. What's the best way to really capitalize on a friendship? Break out in song about it, of course.

This is essentially a song that explains about how the friendship between two or more characters keeps them together, often in literal as well as figurative harmony, and never lets them fall apart.

This may be a Sidekick Song. Compare Silly Love Song, Ode to Family, and Parental Love Song. May overlap with Song of Many Emotions if it mentions the friends feeling different emotions together.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, we have England's song "My Friend", in which England talks about his friends Brownie, Pixy and the Unicorn (England has been shown in a couple of episodes talking with his imaginary friends).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has "No Matter What", which sings about Yugi and Joey's friendship up to that point in the show, and how they both have people they want to protect, and that even though they have to duel each other, "they'll still be friends to the very end".
  • The Tamagotchi anime has been doing this a lot since 2009.
  • One ending for School-Live! features the English language Grief Song "We Took Each Other's Hand" about Miki missing her best friend Kei. Kei left the mall they were staying at, but we later learn she turned into a zombie.
  • The Reborn! (2004) anime has a song called "Yakusoku no Basho E", known as "Family - Kai" too, which is a Friendship Song for the whole Vongola Family. "In the blue sky, extend your hands and see. Even if we're separated, our hands can be connected the smiling face I want to protect. You who stands out is family" is the most wonderful verse of the song and it deeply connects everyone in the franchise.
  • The original English dub of Sailor Moon featured a few of these, including two that made it onto the first American soundtrack CD. "Call My Name (And I'll Be There)" was sung by Raye (Sailor Mars) in the episode "Raye's Day in the Spotlight," and "Only a Memory Away" was featured in "Sailor Mercury Moving On?", sung from the perspective of Amy as she prepares to leave Japan to study abroad, leaving the other Sailor Scouts behind.
    • The second English CD features a song (not used on the show) called "Who Do You Think You Are?", a duet between Sailors Moon and Mars that plays up their status as Vitriolic Best Buds but emphasizes that they are still friends, no matter how much they argue.
  • Asteroid in Love's ending theme Yōzora is mainly about the importance of friends (or one friend) in the path to the Goal in Life.

    Fan Works 
  • "Not Too Late" from Princess Trixie Sparkle is sung to Trixie from Twilight. It's about how forgiveness is possible and it starts their friendship.
  • In Where the Sky is Held, part of Skyhold Academy Yearbook, Dorian sings Queen's "You Make Me Live" as a birthday treat for his beloved best friend Evangeline. "Oh, you're the best friend that I ever had..."

    Films — Animation 
  • "A Duo" from An American Tail. It's a duet between Fievel (a mouse) and Tiger (a good cat) about how they'd make good friends because they have a lot in common.
  • Barbie movies:
    • Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper in the full-length version of "Written in Your Heart" has Anneliese and Erika sing "You and I will always be / celebrating life together / I know I have found a friend forevermore!". "A Girl Like You" is less on the nose but also counts.
    • Barbie & The Diamond Castle, a film about The Power of Friendship, has Liana and Alexa sing "Connected" about how much they love being best friends (or more, according to a large portion of the fanbase).
  • The Fox and the Hound: "Best Of Friends" is this for the film it's a song about best friends having fun together.
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation: "Looking Out for You" is a duet sung by Sunny and Izzy affirming their newfound friendship and how they promise to keep each other safe on their journey.
  • Oliver & Company: In "Good Company" Jenny sings about how her and Oliver will always be friends.
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie: "Friends to the End", sung by Puggsy and Frankie. It's not just sung to describe the dog and flea's friendship, but it's also sung to encourage Tom and Jerry to become friends themselves in order to survive. The cat and mouse eventually join in for the second half of the song.
  • James and the Giant Peach has the song "Family", about how the denizens of the peach have come so far together because of James, and that they care for him just like family.
  • "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story and its sequels.
  • Disney's The Jungle Book has "That's What Friends Are For", sung to Mowgli by a quartet of vultures (who bear an astounding resemblance to The Beatles) in the style of a barbershop quartet.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: "When Can I See You Again?" is a song about a friend having to go, but wanting to know when they can meet again.
  • "If I Didn't Have You" by Billy Crystal and John Goodman as Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc..
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie has a "Shoulder to Shoulder", a song about Roo and Lumpy's budding friendship.
  • Turning Red: "Nobody Like U" serves this purpose for Mei and her friends as it's used to cheer Mei up by affirming she has supportive friends.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • "Let's Get Together" from The Parent Trap celebrates Susan and Sharon's companionship and their potential for accomplishing great things together.
  • "That's What Friends Are For", performed by Rod Stewart as the closing theme of Night Shift (1982). However, his version is one of the classic examples of Covered Up; see the "Music" folder.
  • "You and Me" from Victor/Victoria show how close Victoria and Toddy have gotten in such a short time.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The Brady Bunch during one of the show's many Talent Show episodes, Marcia and her mother sing "Together" from Gypsy as a pair of hobos who stick together through thick and thin.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend parodies this trope a few times, naturally:
    Some girls are born tall and thin,
    And some are short and fat.
    This girl smells like sausages,
    But there’s nothing wrong with that!
    • "Friendtopia" is a Spice Girls parody all about how a group of girl friends could take over the world - and then it starts going into specific details about those plans for world domination:
    We’re gonna braid each other’s hair then cut each other’s braids
    And turn the braids into a rope to hang all of Congress
    • And then we have "You're My Best Friend (And I Know I'm Not Yours)" which is more bittersweet than parodic, and very genuine in its affectionate feelings, even if the situation is more depressing than normal for a friendship song.
    A little from you is like a lot from someone else
    Six of yours beats anyone's dozen
    That's why I love you like a sister
    And you love me like a second cousin!
  • The Flash (2014): In "Duet," the musical crossover episode with Supergirl (2015), a de-powered Barry and Kara sing "I'm Your Super Friend" (co-written by the star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, above) about how even without their powers, they still have each other's backs. note 
    I'm your super
    - that has a double meaning -
  • Saved by the Bell: In a BehindTheMusic-like episode showing the formation, success, breakup, and reuniting of the gang's band Zack Attack, their big hit is called "Friends Forever".
    We'll be friends forever
    'til the end of time
  • "Guy Love" from the Musical Episode of Scrubs, about JD and Turk's bromance.
    • "Friends Forever" from the same episode counts as this, but with JD and Elliot.
  • "Friends Forever" is actually the opening credits theme for the Tony Randall series Love, Sidney, sung by the cast—providing a horrifying/awesome moment when the kid starts shrieking the lyrics. Toward the end they were replaced by Gladys and Bubba Knight.
  • "Flying Solo" from Julie and the Phantoms starts as a poem Julie wrote about her best friend Flynn and how important their friendship is to her. When the Phantoms find it, they set it to music as part of their effort to convince Julie to join the band.
  • Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: It took Stinger/Sasori Orange note  a long time before he opened up to people he cares about. Getting there still didn't really change anything on how awkward he can be when it comes to expressing his feelings for another long while. Showing affection by singing is something he is confident in, most evident by Cooldown Hug song for Champ/Oushi Black about the strength of their friendship despite its bad start.
  • The pilot to Little Mermaid's Island has Ariel singing a song about her friendship with Sebastian.

  • The reason why Rod Stewart's "That's What Friends Are For" is forgotten today is its cover version by "Dionne and Friends"—Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Gladys Knight. The cover, recorded as a benefit single for AIDS research, was ranked as Billboard magazine's most popular song of 1986.
  • "Happy Together" by The Turtles (might count as a love song though).
  • "I'll Stand by You" by The Pretenders is another song that could be interpreted as either a Friendship Song or a love song.
  • "Stay Free" by The Clash. Yep, even the most iconic punk bands of the 70s had a soft side, and Mick Jones' ode to his childhood best friend is one of the sweetest love songs in Rock and Roll.
  • "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, which is used sometimes in TV show scenes over a montage of two friends doing things together. It has its origins as a love song, since John Deacon wrote it for his wife, but it was sung by Freddie Mercury, who was friends with both of them.
  • "Growing Up" by The Linda Lindas:
    We can take turns taking the reins
    Lean on each other when we need some extra strength
  • "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts, best known as the theme song for Friends.
  • "With a Little Help From My Friends" by The Beatles from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, later covered in an equally famous version by Joe Cocker on With a Little Help from My Friends.
  • "Ben" by Michael Jackson (an ode to his pet rat, who he considered his best friend).
  • The Ninja Sex Party theme song and "Best Friends Forever" sing about Danny and Ninja Brians friendship. The latter song is about how they'll still be friends "through the good times and the homicides" after Ninja Brian kills all of Danny's other friends. Just as long as Ninja Brian doesn't kill Danny.
  • "You've Got a Friend" by Carole King on the Tapestry album. Covered by James Taylor.
  • "Jojo" by Jacques Brel is an acoustic ballad to his best friend Jojo Pasquier who had died from cancer. Brel sings to him that "despite being six feet under the ground he is not dead to him." A year after Brel recorded the song he too would die from the same illness.
  • The White Stripes' "We're Going to Be Friends", from White Blood Cells, about two children becoming friends at the beginning of school.
  • Michael W. Smith's song "Friends" on his debut album, The Michael W. Smith Project, features the following in the chorus:
    And friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them
    And a friend will not say "Never" 'cause the welcome will not end
    Though it's hard to let you go; in the Father's hands we know
    That a lifetime's not too long to live as friends
  • "Good for Me" by another Christian Rock superstar, Amy Grant, could double as a love song or as this, as well as an Opposites Attract song. She chose to emphasize the latter angle for the original music video, which featured Grant having fun with a female BFF. However, Grant felt the video was edited to make it appear that she and her friend were closer than Heterosexual Life-Partners, and scrapped the original video and made a new one with a male costar emphasizing the romantic interpretation of the lyrics.
    • Amy Grant also recorded a more straightforward Friendship Song called "I Will Be Your Friend" on her album Behind the Eyes.
  • "You're a Friend of Mine" by Clarence Clemons And Jackson Browne.
  • "You'll Always Be My Best Friend" by Relient K is a short song about friendship.
  • "Never Far Behind" by Aly & A.J., which also counts as a familial song as they're sisters.
  • "Girlfriend" by Icona Pop is about friendship officially, though people frequently mistake it for a romantic song.
  • "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill, from the Casper soundtrack, is a song about the parting of two very close friends
  • "Heaven" by The Walkmen is about a very long (presumably male) friendship, and is thought to be autobiographical for its band members.
  • "Until The Day I Die" by Story Of The Year is about a rocky friendship where the two are frequently at odds but still care for each other.
  • "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.
  • "Umbrella" by Rihanna is about being there for your friends.
  • "Thank You For Being A Friend" by Andrew Gold, better known by the Cynthia Fee cover that is the theme to The Golden Girls.
  • Songdrops has "The B.F.F. Song" about how even though the singer and the person being sung to don't always see eye to eye, they're best friends.
  • "Friends" by Meghan Trainor is about the singer's friendship.
  • The Powerpuff Girls album Heroes & Villains contains the song "Friends Win" by The Bill Doss. It's a lighthearted song about friendship and making friends with villains. It's never mentioned who it's from the POV, but it's implied to be Bubbles'.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Pokémon 2.B.A. Master: Both "My Best Friends" and "Together Forever" are about Ash's bond with his companions and Pokémon.
    • Totally Pokemon has "Pikachu (I Choose You)" about Ash's friendship with Pikachu.
  • A bittersweet variation occurs in Olivia Rodrigo's "hope ur okay," an ode to old friends she's fallen out of touch with, but still loves and worries about, hoping they've overcome the struggles they had when she knew them.
    I hope you know how proud I am you were created
    With the courage to unlearn all of their hatred
    God, I hope that you're happier today
    'Cause I love you, and I hope that you're okay
  • Simon & Garfunkel: "Bridge Over Troubled Water".
    When you’re weary
    Feeling small
    When tears are in your eyes
    I’ll dry them all
    I’m on your side
    Oh, when times get rough
    And friends just can’t be found
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
  • Peterpan's "Sahabat", Indonesian for "Best Friend", is about the singer's friendship.
  • "Natale's Song" by Sia.
  • Sheila on 7 has "Sahabat Sejati"note , which is about the singer reminding his friend(s) about their bonds and best days together.
  • "Gift of a Friend" by Demi Lovato.

  • Our Miss Brooks: In the episode "Friendship", "Friendship" (from Anything Goes) is played between scenes, ever more manically as Miss Brooks' loses friends. Unusually, the two buddies singing the song don't have a role outside the song. In the song's last appearance, about midway through the episode, this happens:
    The Two Friends: Friendship
    Just a perfect friendship
    When other friendships be forgot
    Surviving Friend: I will still be hot.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Donkey Hodie: The episode "Best Friends Day" has a song called "Friends Care" in it, about what friends do for one another.
  • Fraggle Rock is full of these, since one of the series' chief themes is the friendship between the five principal Fraggles. Some examples include:
    • "The Friendship Song," a duet between Boober and Red in the episode "Marooned." The two sing it to comfort each other when trapped by a cave-in. The lyrics describe how friends can be a source of comfort in times of trouble.
    • Gobo and Wembley, being best friends, had several of these as duets, including "A Friend Is a Friend," "Friends Till the End," and "Wemblin' Fool" (which was sung by the pair's original performers, Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire, at Jim Henson's memorial service).
    • Junior Gorg sings a song in one episode called "What If a Friend." The "friend" in question is a radish by the name of Geraldine.
    • Gobo and Mokey sing a duet in the episode "New Trash Heap in Town" called "Helping Hand," which is about friends helping and supporting one another.
  • The Noddy Shop has several of these, including "My Kind Of Friends," "That's What Friends Do Best," and "Friendship Is."
  • Sesame Street:
    • "Best Friends" is a song about two people being best friends, sung first by Baby Bear and Telly, then by Savion and Gina.
      Best friends, best friends, buddies right 'til the end friends.
    • "Elmo and Abby's Best Friend Song" is a song to the tune of "Elmo's Song."
    • "Because We're Friends" is a song by Zoe, Abby and Rosita about what they do due to being friends.
    • "But I Like You" is by Ernie and Bert and narrates how they may dislike things the other friend likes, but they like each other.
    • "My Best Friend" is a song sung by several sets of best friends and has lyrics such as "We are as close as a sock and a shoe and if there's something to do, I wanna do it with you."
    • "Me and My Jacket" is a song about the brief friendship between Zoe and her jacket when the jacket was brought to life.
    • "What is a Friend?" is by Cookie Monster about the stuff he does for his friends.
    • While "Share" and "The Sharing Song" are more about sharing than actual friendship, both have lyrics about how the person is the singer's friend and the singer likes to share with them.
    • "That's What Friends are For" (no relation to the aforementioned Dionne and Friends hit) is a song by Ernie about how sometimes friends put up with their friend's undesirable behavior.
  • "Two Lost Souls" is not really an example in its original context in Damn Yankees, but is in The Muppet Show when sung by Sweetums and Robin about the friendship between a giant monster and a tiny frog.

  • Anything Goes gives us "Friendship" (originally written for Du Barry Was a Lady).
    ''It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship.
    When other friendships are soon forgot, ours will still be hot."
  • "Friends" from The Apple Tree is a song about confiding in friends.
  • Be More Chill has "Two Player Game", a song almost entirely dedicated to illustrating the incredibly close bond between Michael and Jeremy and how they rely on each other to get through life.
  • Closer Than Ever has "Three Friends," about how three women managed to remain "friends like the friends that your friends ought to be" over the years despite their quarrels and differences. The song, whose lyrics are abundant in threefold rhymes, is performed at a fast vaudeville step by a close-harmony ensemble including one man (not in drag), since the cast only includes two women.
  • Company has Side By Side By Side/What Would We Do Without You?, Bobby's ode to his married friends and their description of him as the perfect friend, but it's ultimately a subversion as the brief Un-Duet moment shows that even though he has friends, Bobby is still, ultimately, alone, and the lyrics of What Would We Do Without You show that his married friends use him as something of a crutch to help them through their own marital difficulties.
  • Frankenstein (2014) has a sad one, in which Victor's dear friend Henri goes to the guillotine in Victor's place, singing to him that he will live on "In Your Dreams". Of course, Victor Frankenstein, being Victor Frankenstein, isn't just going to let him stay dead...
  • Hamilton has the song between Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, and Mulligan "The Story of Tonight". The first time, it's sung in a genuine brotherhood, duty, and loyalty manner from beginning to end. The second time, it's just as sweet but it's playful and fun, and rather more drunken.
  • Kristina from Duvemåla has the song "A Miracle of the Lord", sung between Kristina and Ulrika about the friendship they have found in one another.
  • Les Misérables has "Drink With Me", a song sung by some of the minor students during the first night on the barricade. While most famous for Grantaire's characterizing verse in which he asks the other students if their deaths will mean anything, it mostly consists of the students reminiscing on the songs they sung, the women they flirted (and had sex with), and ends with all the students declaring that their friendship will never die. It's more bittersweet than most other instances of this song, as it feels more like a last-hurrah than anything else (in no small part thanks to Grantaire).
  • The Lord of the Rings musical has a duet called "Now And For Always" between Frodo and Sam (which takes place during the "Samwise the Brave/Stouthearted" scene from the films/books), in which the two hobbits each sing about the role that the other will play in their story, affirming their friendship and loyalty to each other.
  • Mame has "Bosom Buddies", where Mame and Vera insult each other in ways only a best friend would.
    And we'll always be dear companions...
  • Man of La Mancha has "I Really Like Him" in which Sancho explains to Aldonza that the reason why he sticks with Don Quixote through all his insane adventures is simply because he likes him.
  • In Merrily We Roll Along, "Old Friends" ends with a harmonious three-part A Cappella cadence which the script notes is "obviously practiced over the years." The trio's lapse into a Quarreling Song in the middle is forgotten, confirming Frank, Mary and Charley as Vitriolic Best Buds... in 1966. The show runs Back to Front, and the Dark Reprise heard earlier unfortunately reflects how their friendship soured and began to dissolve. Nevertheless, the song makes a perfect Curtain Call.
  • Shucked has "Friends", which is all about Maizy and Lulu patching up their friendship after their fight about Gordy.
  • The Spongebob Musical has “BFF”, a duet between Spongebob and Patrick, all about the fun that they can have together.
    Spongebob: Lets have some fun together!
    Patrick: You’re my Best Friend Forever!
    Both: B! F! F! That stands for us!
  • [title of show] has "Montage Part 2: Secondary Characters", where Susan and Heidi bond.
    And by the end of this song, we'll be best friends.
  • Westeros: An American Musical: "Hand-Holding", which is about the friendship Ned and Robert shared in their youth and their expectations of being a good team as King and Hand.
  • Wicked:
    • Before Stephen Schwartz wrote the song "For Good", he asked his daughter what she would say to her best friend if she were saying goodbye to her forever. Her response became the first verse of the song.
    • This is also one of the themes of "One Short Day", showing how close Elphaba and Galinda have come, which is hammered home when they agree that they're now best friends.
  • From Finding Nemo: The Big Blue... And Beyond! (the stage musical version of Finding Nemo) the song "We Swim Together" is this overlapped with Song of Courage.

    Video Games 
  • Sonic The Hedgehog:
    • Sonic Heroes:
      Sonic Heroes
      Sonic Heroes
      What you can't find you can find in your friends.
      • There's also Team Sonic's theme song "We Can", centered around the teamwork of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles:
      Together, we can, overcome all the odds
      It's never as hard as it seems
      Everyone can do something special
      The secret is sharing our dreams
    • Sonic Forces has the main theme, "Fist Bump", about Sonic's friendship with the Avatar and Classic Sonic's friendship with Tails.
  • Rakuen has Sue's song "Build a Little World with me". The ending song "Jump" might also be this.

    Western Animation 
  • Bump in the Night had a Karaoke Cafe segment where Mr. Bumpy and Squishington sang a song called "Why Do You Like Me?" The song had the two ask each other how they get along in spite of their differences, before they ultimately decide that it doesn't matter why they like each other and that they're happy they have such a close friendship.
  • The made-for-TV "Is it Fall Yet?" from Daria has Mystik Spiral singing this (titled "Freakin Friends"), after Jane and Daria have a fight, in tribute to their making up.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: "Friends Are There To Help You" is a humorous kids song about how no matter what happens friends will be there for you. It was first sung in the episode If It Smells Like An Ed when the kids celebrate "Friendship Day" and ends Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show when the Eds are finally accepted by the kids.
  • Garfield and Friends: The first season's opening theme song is about friendship and having fun.
  • "In Harmony" from an episode of The Little Mermaid (1992) talks about how people with differences can (and should) still be friends, and how differences make life better.
  • The Loud House: In the music-heavy episode Really Loud Music, Lincoln and Clyde sing a song about their friendship while competing against each other in a DanceDanceRevolution-style videogame. They technically aren't singing in real life due to Luna hallucinating.
  • "We Are Bob and Muzzy" from Muzzy in Gondoland.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
  • Phineas and Ferb: Buford and Baljeet's duet "Frienemies" is a hilarious subversion.
    Cause we're frienemies!
    We like disliking one another!
    Yes we're frienemies!
    He's like my least favorite brother!
  • Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville's opening theme and ending theme. Heck, even the former is called the Friendship Song, and is often heard throughout the show, be it the Friendship Ceremony or walking through a field of golden flowers.
  • "Giving Makes You Special" from the Animated Adaptation of Marcus Pfister's The Rainbow Fish.
  • South Park: One episode of the show has the song "You Guys Are My Best Friends". Sung by "Evil" Cartman from a Mirror World. The song is about how they've always been friends through thick and thin. It has some irony to it since the real Cartman would never say that.
  • Splash and Bubbles: In "Partner Pals", the duo learn about symbiosis after they have a fight trying to direct traffic together. After seeing their breakup apparently impacting other partnerships, they make up and conclude the episode with a duet, "Best Friend Ever", about how their friendship improves both of their lives.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In the episode "F.U.N.", Spongebob and Plankton sing a song together about friendship. "F is for friends that do stuff together. U is for U and Me!" etc. It is also a Spelling Song.
    • The episode "Pest Of The West" also gives us "Idiot Friends".
    • "That's What Friends Do" from the episode "Wormy".
  • "The Jam Song" from Steven Universe is Steven and Connie singing about biscuits and jam, with the song doubling as a metaphor for their relationship.

    Ingredients in harmony
    We mix together perfectly
    C'mon and share this jam with me

    Steven: Hey, you, show me that solvable problem
    We can get through this
    I'll do the hardest part with you

  • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Many of the songs from all incarnations of the series are these. Perhaps the earliest example is the song she and Orange Blossom sing in the second 1980s TV special:
    As a friend, I can see / You're not you, I'm not me / From now on, we're a we / We're a we, and we're friends!
    • Good examples from the 2003 incarnation include "Back Together" and "The Gift of Friendship."
  • A lot of the songs from Thomas & Friends are this:
    • The CD exclusive "That's What Friends are For" is about friends sticking together no matter what.
    • "All You Need" from Season 15, which is about when one needs friends around to make their day.
    • "We're Friends" from the movie Big World! Big Adventures!. This song, however, is only one-sided as Thomas is impatient at wanting to catch up with Ace, due to his "free and easy" nature influencing him to ignore Nia and resent her. Then when they actually become friends in the end, the song plays again with a more celebratory mood.
  • The Special Agent Oso Crossover episode with Handy Manny, "The Man With the Golden Bear," had the song "Friends Help Friends," about the helpful things friends do for each other.
  • The Raccoons had the song "Friends" by Dottie West and Leo Sayer for The Raccoons and the Lost Star.
    Friends are for, those long lonely nights / They call you on gray rainy days / Friends are more than you bargained for / They wash your worries away.
  • Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends has the song "Bug Buddies" from "Fly Away Friends."
    Squirt: Some have wings / Some have strings / We can do all kinds of things
    Dragon Racin' bees
    Shimmer: Or tickling fleas
    Squirt, Dragon and Shimmer: It's way more fun / When it's done in threes / Bug buddies, bug buddies, We're best bug buddies!
  • The Care Bears naturally did songs like this. A good example is the "Best Friends" song from the episode "Sad About You" in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. At first, the human girl Joy is upset and bothered by it because her own best friend moved away. Then the Care Bears help her to feel better, particularly Grumpy Bear by accepting her sadness, and she joins in singing the song at the end of the episode.
  • Nick Jr.'s Sunny Day has "Friendship Song" - "That's how you know you've got a friend! / Someone who loves and makes time to spend with you! / That's how you know you've got a friend..."
  • Dragon Tales did two of these for its "Dragon Tunes" interstitial segments. Both were created for the show's third season and second music album, More Dragon Tunes. The first is "Friends," which is a fairly standard friendship song, advocating the joys of friendship and making a friend. "Your sister or your brother, and so you'll discover, anybody can be your friend!" The second is called "When You Make a New Friend" and is in celebration of Enrique, the new human co-lead added for the third season. "When you make a new friend / It's like starting over again / To the rainbow's end, oh what a joy friends can be!"

    Real Life 
  • The song "Best Friends Should Stick Together", longtime staple of Elementary school choir classes.
    Best friends should stick together/That's how it ought to be./So let's pretend I'm part of you and you're part of me.
  • Another chestnut from scouting days: "Make new friends, but keep the old / One is silver, and the other's gold..."


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