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"You are nearly there. Very close. We are... so proud of you."

Our young hero has accomplished! Perhaps they have triumphed, perhaps they have decided to undertake a Heroic Sacrifice, perhaps they have proven worthy to respond to the Call.

How can this be fittingly celebrated? Why, have them be told how proud people are of them!

Normally this is said only by people who have reason to be proud: their parents, a Parental Substitute, their mentor, the Team Dad, A Father to His Men, etc. This is usually done for a young hero, whose skills might have been in doubt, and had unquestionably been formed by the person saying it. It may happen very early in the story, as proof that they are ready for the call, but is more common at the end to validate their Character Development.

May also be a form of encouragement after a character has progressed a certain amount but is feeling discouraged.


There is the form "I'm so proud of you." Or "We are so proud of you," if one can speak for more than one (such as a mother or father for both parents).

Then there is the form "Your father would have been so proud of you." Normally addressed to fatherless heroes, though any Disappeared Dad may qualify them. May be spoken by the mother, or by any other mentor. They may not want, even in this moment, to have a Not So Stoic moment, and so distance themselves from the praise. They may be aware that the child craves his father's approval, and would value this. They may also not want to claim too much credit, since saying "I am so proud of you," implies that they have a reason to be proud.

While "father" is the most common, "Your mother (or other figure) would be so proud of you," is also possible, in similar situations. "You should be proud of yourself" is another alternative, which ascribes even more of the credit to the person themselves.


This is, in fact, what the "Well Done, Son!" Guy craves, but the hero has not usually been striving with their eye on it, and the speaker is willing to tell them, freely.

This trope can also be Played for Laughs when the child does something despicable or even outright criminal, and the parent approves of their deviant behavior. The Doting Parent does this all the time, and gushingly so, which means the one they are so proud of is likely terribly embarrassed. Alternatively, the trope Don't Tell Mama exists because a crook wants to hear this and doesn't want their parents to be disappointed in them for taking up a life of crime.

Contrast It Has Been an Honor, where the character is usually addressing someone he has not formed, though he may have led him. Also contrast Disappointed in You.

See Your Approval Fills Me with Shame for when they don't want this praise.

Also see Like a Son to Me.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the anime version of Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, Lucille, a wealthy heiress who dreams of making medicine and curing all disease gets this from her father after the vaccine she submits to Central is chosen as the best of the submissions.
  • Bleach: During the second Vandenreich invasion, Byakuya comes to Rukia's aid after her opponent releases his true form. He directly acknowledges how far she's come and how strong she now is. She's so overwhelmed by Byakuya's acknowledgement, that her confidence is instantly restored, allowing her to thrash her opponent.
  • By the end of Code Geass Lelouch says this to Nunnally, though while she's under Geass as he's pulling a Thanatos Gambit that requires him to be the most hated person in the world, acknowledging how far she's come and how she isn't helpless needing her big brother all the time to protect her. It's more poignant considering he briefly breaks his Evil Overlord character and takes the time to say this to her despite the fighting going on outside; and his Knight Templar Big Brother status makes it very meaningful as he now can fully trust her to be okay without him.
  • Subverted in Death Note, as Soichiro Yagami finally confirms on his deathbed that his son Light isn't the mass-murderer Kira. He is.
    • Played straight when Ryuk says this to Light at his graduation ceremony...
  • In Dragon Ball Z, right before Vegeta sacrifices himself in a (failed) attempt to kill Majin Buu, Vegeta embraces his son, Trunks, and says "I want you to know that... you have made me proud."
    • And later, Goku says this to Gohan after the latter's full potential is unlocked.
      • He says it earlier in the series, right after everybody is sure that Cell is finally gone; "Gohan, I'm so proud of you!"
  • Inverted in Fruits Basket. When Yuki rejects his mother's attempts at a parent-teacher conference to lay out his life for him, he says that he wants to become something he can be proud of.
  • In the final episode of The Galaxy Railways, The Hero Manabu gets to hear this from his father in a sort of vision thing.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Truth praising Edward when he finally realizes the lesson no other alchemist has before: Their friends and family are more valuable than alchemy.
    Truth: [grinning with delight] You've done it! That's the right answer! Good job! You beat me! Go ahead! Take him home! The back door's right over there! Goodbye, Edward Elric!
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In "Solid State Society" Aramaki goes to visit a mentor in hospital. It's not a dignified sight — his mentor is dying alone and in pain, rambling incoherently, with only his SexBots to tend him. When Aramaki goes to leave however, the mentor appears to mistake Aramaki for his son and says, "I'm glad an old fool like me sired a genius like you."
  • In Gintama, Okita's older sister and foster mother Mitsuba says how proud of him she is in her last moments. What results are the only tears Okita sheds during the entire series.
  • In Girls und Panzer, Hana's mother, after a period of estrangement from her daughter over her doing tankery, comes to a flower exhibit that Hana put on, concedes that doing tankery enabled her to bring a new sense of personality to her flowers, and admits that while her methods are different, they are good on their own merits. At the end of the tournament, Maho tells Miho that her way of fighting is different from the Nishizumi style and that she's glad she has found her own way of tankery. Even Miho's mother is shown at one point sighing, before smiling and applauding for Miho's victory.
  • In High School D×D, after Sairaorg's mom finally wakes up from a long coma, she sees her son and tells her she's proud of him. It causes him to shed a Single Tear.
  • Kikyo from Hunter × Hunter is a rather twisted example of this trope. Being part of a Big, Screwed-Up Family of Professional Killers, she regularly praises her son Killua for doing ruthless things like assaulting her or taking her hostage.
  • An interesting double subversion happens in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Kenichi's masters first chastise Kenichi for risking his life on a mission and put him on a house arrest. But later Kenichi's Cool Big Sis mentor Shigure secretly sets him an eavesdropping device through which he hears that his masters are actually celebrating his courage.
  • Little Busters!:
    • In the visual novel, Kyousuke thinks that he's proud of Riki at several points, but the anime introduces a scene where he explicitly says this to him, after the accident when Riki and Rin are in the process of saving everybody:
      I never imagined you'd be able to do all that. You've grown far stronger than even I'd hoped. I'm glad. I'm proud of you, Riki. You have finally… surpassed me.
    • It's also present in the drama CD, made before the anime, in which the climax involves Kyousuke and Riki standing on the beach in the water, Riki crying because he's so happy to see Kyousuke back, and Kyousuke telling him he's proud of all he's done and how he's taken care of the Little Busters in his absence.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • In Medaka Box, Medaka briefly dies, and her consciousness briefly awakens in a room where Anshin'in had meant to meet her at one time. There she finds the lost spirit of her mother, Hato Tsurubami. Tsurubami tells her that she doesn't need to fight any more. Medaka, however, refuses to accept that, even after her mother asserts to her about the way the world is. Although she doesn't deny her logic, Medaka states that she'd rather question the way the world is rather than just accept the way it is, especially because of how much she loves people. After she leaves, Tsurubami reflects on her own inability to continue fighting, and that there's only one thing that hasn't ever changed about her: how happy she was to have given birth to Medaka.
  • Toward the end of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Dr. Kasshu, Domon's father, is released from his cryonic state and acts as his son's adviser when it comes time to deal with the Dark Gundam once and for all. But before Domon heads off, he adds this: "You've grown up. You've really grown up, Domon."
  • Played for Laughs in Monkey High! — when Macharu's dad sees that his son, who very strongly resembles a monkey, manages to get a beautiful girlfriend, he lets loose a large stream of Manly Tears and says this trope to Macharu.
  • Naruto:
    • There's a moment somewhat like this when Naruto's father, the Fourth Hokage, is shown telling Naruto that he believes in him, that Konoha can be rebuilt, and he's counting on him.
    • Iruka Umino invokes this trope numerous times throughout the series, constantly praising and encouraging Naruto when everyone else ignored or mistreated him. During Naruto's battle with Pain, Iruka can be seen smiling with immense pride at everything Naruto has accomplished.
    • It's even better when Naruto returns from a deadly battle with Pain and the ENTIRE VILLAGE — the vast majority of whom have hated him his entire life for something he didn't do — cheers his return. He also earns a hug from his crush, who previously considered him an annoying friend. That particular moment is lessened because Naruto did not hug her back, which, in retrospect, foreshadowed what was to come nineteen chapters later.
    • It is revealed that before his death, Fugaku said that he was proud of Itachi, no matter what. This same sentiment is carried over when Itachi declares, no matter what Sasuke does, he will always love his younger brother.
    • Kakashi told his father he was proud of him, which also counts as Forgiveness.
    • This is Kakashi's reaction when, during Team 7's final mission/battle together in the manga, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke successfully pull off Kakashi's plan to defeat Kaguya, using absolutely flawless teamwork.
      That was picture-perfect. Right now, the way you all are together...I love you.
  • Hakase has this reaction in Chapter 75 of Negima! Magister Negi Magi when Chachamaru attacks her due to a breach in privacy.
    Hakase: No way, she attacked me, her creator!? Changing her priorities programmed into her, all by herself? Fu... fufufu, You've grown, Chachamaru...
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • After Shinji's first battle, Misato tells him that he did a noble thing and he should be proud, but he doesn't take it to heart due to the pain it caused him.
    • Later in the series, after another battle, his father Gendo tells him by speakerphone that he did a good job. He actually really takes it to heart and feels good about it, given that his father is usually a cold-hearted jerkass towards him.
    • In the last episode Shinji decides that he wants to be himself and to "stay here," the theatre scene disappears, and all the other characters congratulate him including Gendou and Yui.
  • One Piece has a non-parent variation: following the Whole Cake Island arc, several of Luffy's friends from around the world are shown reacting with elation and praise towards Luffy's latest achievements and new bounty, with Vivi, Koby, Rebecca, Shanks, and Sabo among them.
  • Both of Luluco's parents do this on separate occasions in Space Patrol Luluco. Keiji bursts into tears over the fact that she's managed to grow up fairly normally despite their family situation in the first episode, and Lalaco says that she's grown into a fine woman upon seeing her resolve to confess to Nova in episode 12. The moment with Lalaco is even more powerful since her eternally smug grin is replaced with a gentle smile of motherly affection.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: "You became a taller man than I was." Such are the words of Kamina's ghost to Simon.
  • The Trigun manga has a version of this for Wolfwood. But instead of a parent figure saying it, the children of the orphanage throw confetti out of their escape ship to tell him "welcome home." They've realized that the brutal, cynical, hardass man who just killed himself to save them is not only one of them but is actually their beloved "big brother" who left them just a few years prior. He's maybe in his late teens and only looks (and fights) like a full-grown man because of artificial enhancements.
  • Toward the end of Wandaba Style, Teen Genius Susumu's father tells his wife that she should say this to their son, since he surpassed them both. We don't find out whether she does or not, though.

    Comic Books 
  • In All Fall Down, this is played for laughs when IQ visits IQ Squared in prison.
  • Astro City:
  • Batman:
    • In Batgirl (2000), Alfred gives Cassandra Cain this speech on Batman's behalf.
      Alfred: You have achieved more in your few short years as Batgirl than many costumed heroes manage in a lifetime. You have saved countless lives, brought justice to the wicked and helped this city regain hope during the most difficult time in its history. I know for a fact that Master Bruce is immeasurably proud of you...and grateful for all that you've done.
    • Batwoman: When Kate Kane comes home to her father and explains that she's been separated from the army, he naturally wants to know why.
      "Article 125, that's homosexual conduct."
      "Yes, sir."
      "Why couldn't you tell him what he needed to hear?"
      "I'd have been lying."
      "Then you kept your honor and your integrity. I'm proud of you. Your mother would have been, too."
    • Identity Crisis: Jack Drake tells Tim he's proud of him as Tim heads out as Robin for the night. Shortly later that same night Jack's final words are:
      I love you Tim, just like your mother loved you. What you do for all those people, it's worth it Tim. Never question it. It's worth it.
    • In Red Hood and the Outlaws Jason is insanely surprised when Superman tells him that Batman vouches for him and the Outlaws. This touched briefly in #17, and in #18 the reader finally gets to see Bruce, both in Jason's memories and in the present, admit how proud he is of him.
  • During Dark Reign, Phobos used his powers to briefly cause Norman Osborn to have a breakdown by telling him that even though he thinks he's in control of his Green Goblin persona, he's not & he will fail. His father Ares (Who it should be noted was aligned with Osborn at the time) is stood off to the side watching, with a proud look on his face that all but says "That's my boy".
  • Flashpoint: Thanks to some time-travel shenanigans, The Flash delivers a message to Bruce from an alt-universe Thomas Wayne, which brings tears to the man's face.
  • The Mighty Thor: Odin is generally a terminal case of Cannot Spit It Out, but he did get to this point towards the God(dess) of Stories incarnation of Loki in issue #16 of Loki: Agent of Asgard, going so far as saying that Loki is a worthier son than Thor (they were on kind of bad terms those days)... and then Loki rejected him. The end must be nigh or something. Oh. Wait.
    • This is a running theme in Thor's relationship with Odin in modern times, especially since JMS' run in the mid 2000s, to the point where in Aaron's run, present Thor was resigned to a bad relationship with his father, and old King Thor bluntly told young Thor (the Thor of about 1000 AD) that he'd never get what he wanted most — not Mjolnir, but Odin telling him that he was proud of him. Then at the very end of that run, at the end of War of the Realms, Odin grabs all three Thors (who'd time-travelled to abuse a loophole to get at Malekith) in a massive hug and tells them he's proud of them. Their utterly baffled expressions are both hilarious and depressing.
  • Preacher:
    • A stunningly dark subversion in Garth Ennis's series. Jesse Custer breaks the back of the man who shot his father in front of his eyes, then later killed his mother (or so he thought) and generally acted like a world-class sociopath... all the while teaching Jesse to ride, shoot, fight and fix engines. What are Jody's last words to him? "Prouda' you, boy..." Custer reacts by snarling out "DIE!" and strangling whatever life is left in him.
    • Also, near the end, when Jesse is getting ready for his final fight, the Cowboy, who has appeared several times to him over the course of the comic to inspire him, appears and tells him this.
      Jesse: Hey. I want to thank you.
      Cowboy: Thank me fer what...?
      Jesse: For bein' a goddamn hero.
      Cowboy: Hell, pilgrim, I'm just a... broke-down, wore-out ol' cowboy. But this broke-down, wore-out cowboy wanted ya to know, He's prouda ya.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) short story, "Sonic Comic Origins: Sally - The Exiled Leader", we learn that, in the rebooted universe, Princess Sally begged her father, King Acorn, to allow her to stay with the Freedom Fighters after he was rescued from the Special Zone. He allows her to, openly admitted that he would be worried for her safety, but he would be so proud of what she has done for him and their kingdom.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Just before The Clone Saga, Aunt May tells Peter she knows that he's Spider-Man, and that his uncle would be proud of them. Both of them are. Aww...
    • In Amazing Spider-Man 600 there's a short story about Uncle Ben and Peter's relationship. Ben keeps telling Peter "your father would be so proud of you" but what Peter wants Ben to say is "I'm proud of you". And he eventually does.
  • Superman:
    • In Superman: Secret Origin, Jimmy laments to Superman of his "Well Done, Son!" Guy status with his family, and how they didn't expect much of him when he left for Metropolis. This causes Superman to remember when he left Smallville and the exchange he had with his parents.
      Clark Kent: I'll make you proud.
      Jonathan Kent: You already do.
    • In The Unknown Supergirl, Linda Danvers reveals her foster parents that she is Superman's cousin. Her mother says she is proud of her.
      Edna Danvers: Then the daughter we love is a... Supergirl! I'm so proud!
    • In Supergirl (Rebirth), Supergirl has a flashback in which her father Zor-El said he was proud of her compassion and hopefulness during a school excursion:
      Zor-El: The Kamnium in the lake petrified these animals ages ago. They're not going anywhere.
      Kara: Exactly. They're stuck here. But If I holo-photo them all, then a little piece of them can escape with me. It's pretty strange, I know. Everyone else thought so.
      Zor-El: That's because no one else would ever see it that way, Kara. I would never say that's strange. That's Hope. That's what the crest we wear stands for. That's why I'm proud you're my daughter.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • DC Comics Bombshells: Hippolyta's bodyguards, Episteme and Techne, initially fight Diana when she comes to steal the royal armour and bracelets, but they reveal that they approve of her actions and will lead the Amazons to her side when she calls for them.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): After Diana leads a coalition of super-women from across multiple earths in preventing the Adjudicator from destroying all the linked earths across the multiverse in Judgment In Infinity, Donna gives her big sister a big hug while telling her how proud she is of her.
  • X-Men:
    • In Giant Sized X-Men #1, when Peter Rasputin left his family farm to join the X-Men, he told his parents, "I will make you proud of me." His father assured him, "We are proud of you."
    • Rachel Summers has been on the receiving end of several of these:
      • In the third issue of The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, after discovering Rachel is still mind-linked to Nathan, struggling to protect her brother despite being in a coma herself, Cyclops stays beside her bed and states he's proud of being her father:
        Scott: Sorry... I never treated you much like a daughter when I had the chance. I just wanted you to know... How very proud I am to have been your father.
      • When they meet again after Grant Morrison's run, Cyclops reiterates she makes Jean and him proud.
        Scott: I'm glad you kept Jean's name. You make us both very proud.
    • Emma Frost says this to Kitty while the latter is trapped in the Breakworld's bullet.
      Kitty: Disappointed, Ms. Frost?
      Emma: Astonished, Ms. Pryde.
  • In an issue of Young Avengers Presents, Bucky Barnes tells Patriot that Jeff Mace, the original Golden Age Patriot, would be proud to see his legacy living on.

    Comic Strips 
  • In Prickly City, when they admit to having just left him in prison, Kevin weeps Tears of Joy because they had learned so well from him.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: During Germany's, Italy's, and Japan's wedding, Grandpa Rome came down from heaven because he was proud of his precious grandson getting married.
  • Advice and Trust: Subverted. Shinji sought his father’s approval and praise for a long while, and when Gendo congratulated him for his part in defeating Sahaquiel, he felt happy… but after hearing how his father had treated Rei, he decides he was a fool for desiring his approval and being happy of having it earned that time.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, a surprising example comes from Shiho, who, in canon, was very unlikely to say anything of the sort. Shiho says this to Maho after Shiho reveals that she has known for some time that Maho was willing to be her heiress for her younger sister Miho's sake, hoping to free Miho from having to live up to the family's standards.
  • Child of the Storm has Thor (formerly James Potter — the first attempt at the whole 'humility' experiment had mixed results) express this to Harry on several occasions.
    • In the sequel, Doctor Strange expresses this twice to his former student Wanda Maximoff, also formerly his ward. In the former case, he states that his choosing her to succeed him is not what makes her the best person to take his place; on the contrary, he chose her because she was the best person to succeed him. Since the two have had an often difficult relationship, owing to Strange's deeply manipulative nature and skills as a master Truth Twister (he never lies, but is rarely honest), it's actually rather sweet.
  • Children of Remnant: Ozpin tells Jaune that he's proud of the man that he's become despite Salem's influence.
  • Deliver Us from Evil Series Holmes feels this way about Watson in the fic Mortality, since he's done a lot for him. It's sweet.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Asuka says she is proud of Ryuko when her daughter stands up to her:
    Asuka: You little brat. Not even your father talks to me that way.
    Ryuko: Tch. He calls you out on your bullshit all the time. Misato does, too. I'm not an idiot, mom; I see what's going on around me. How the hell would I have the nerve to speak up otherwise?
    Asuka: (laughing and hugging her) You stupid little brat! I'm glad to see you take after your father in ways other than musical talent!
    Ryuko: Cut it out, mom! Jeez, you're embarrassing me!
    Asuka: I'm proud of you, little girl. I truly am.
  • HERZ: In chapter 10 Gendo manages to show he is proud of his son:
    Gendou looked like he was going to say more. Instead he smiled, a genuine smile that spoke of love and how proud he was of the fine young man his son had grown up to be.
  • Higher Learning: In the last chapter, Yui and later Gendo tell Shinji that they are proud of him.
  • Firefly feels this way about Rainbow Dash being Supermare in Justice League of Equestria.
  • Loved and Lost: When Twilight reconciles with Princess Celestia, the latter is overjoyed that her student has shaken off the negative influence of Celestia's evil nephew Jewelius and come back to her senses.
    Celestia: I'm so happy to see that you haven't strayed from your true path.
    Twilight: For awhile, I think I did.
    Celestia: But now you've found it and I've never been more proud of you than I am now.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • After Shinji makes amends with Asuka, Misato tells that she's proud of him:
      He felt her move, heard the rustle of skin and cloth as she rose from the chair. Then he felt her hand on his knee. "You were there for her, and that's hard enough," she said, so quietly it was barely a whisper. Yet the depth of her caring was obvious and welcome.
      When he failed to react to her touch, she added, "It's been a bad day for everyone. Don't feel like you have to worry about homework tonight. You've earned a little break. I'm proud of you."
      Shinji could not tell her how much those words meant to him, nor refuse to accept the weight they placed on his shoulders.
    • Unexpectedly, Shinji gets praise from his father after telling he doesn't want to forget his mother, not matter how much it hurts:
      "I … I don't believe that," Shinji brought up his head. "I won't forget about mother. I miss her, and it hurts, but I won't forget."
      Gendo's hard, dark eyes met him, his features carved out of stone, completely devoid of any emotion, good or bad.
      Shinji stood his ground, even though he knew he sounded like a little boy who missed his mother. For better or worse, that was exactly what he was. Gendo could admonish him for it, but it was the truth, and he would rather live missing his mother than forget her because it hurt too much. His father had forgotten; to Shinji that was yet another sin.
      To his surprise, Gendo nodded. "Then you are a stronger man than I."
  • Scar Tissue: After returning from the Red Sea Gendo asks what his son has been up. After hearing an account of it:
    Gendo:"That boy, he is uncorrectable."
    Ritsuko:"Is that pride I hear in your voice, Advisor?"
    Gendo:"The boy successfully shattered SEELE's plan for the next step of evolution and gave a big "Fuck You" to Keel Lorenz himself, completely burned my scenario along with any hope of reuniting with his mother, and bit me in half. Literally. Then, he proceeded to refuse the godhood I devoted my life to and the endless ecstasy of Instrumentality so he could return to the deserted wasteland we once called home, only to be beaten half to death by the deranged banshee he fell for… saving mankind in the process. What's there not to be proud of?"
  • The One I Love Is...: After the Final Battle, Fuyutsuki tells Shinji that his mother would be proud of him for what he had done.
    "Your mother would be proud of you."
  • Played for Laughs in Old Soldiers Never Die when Vernon hears Harry's plans.
    Vernon: "So you're going to get the freaks to pay you to kill more freaks? I think I might be proud of you... Harry."
  • After her part in fending off an attack on Konoha in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto, Naruto tells Sakura he's proud of the kunoichi she's become. Especially poignant because Naruto used to consider her nothing but a waste of space that'd be killed off eventually. Also Tear Jerker because he still fully intends to kill Sakura's mother for what she's done to him.
  • In Guardian, Yuna is nervous when Lulu doesn't react much to her first full Sending dance on the water (though without anyone to send). Lulu assures her that yes, she is very proud of Yuna. And she is. But she's also very sad because she knows it means Yuna will die on a pilgrimage.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • When Gendo realizes how manipulative is Shinji, he actually weeps and says he's truly his son.
    • When Asuka feels her mother's presence beside her, Kyoko tells that she's proud of her:
      Shh… I’m here with you… I’ve always been here with you. I’m proud of you Asuka. I don’t care what you’ve become; you’re still my daughter, my baby to me.
  • Several instances in Children of an Elder God:
    • Before dying, Asuka's father told that he was proud of her because she had potential to pilot and Evangelion and save humanity.
      "He told me to be brave, that he was proud I would be an EVA pilot, and he wanted me to do my best to save humanity."
    • In Chapter 7, Shinji tells that Gendo caught him when he was leafing through a dangerous-looking book and his father spanked him... but intriguingly, Gendo looked mad and proud at the same time.
  • The Second Try:
    • During her Mind Rape, Asuka sees a vision of Aki, and they have a mother-daughter moment. Right after saying goodbye to her, someone touches her shoulder, and Asuka turns around and sees her mother Kyoko smiling down to her, and nodding approvingly.
    • When Yui is saying her final goodbye to Shinji, the narration states that she's proud of her son.
    • Gendo's final thought toward Shinji having achieved happiness, upon which the story ends.
      But Gendo couldn't follow the discussion much longer. The low chatter faded out and the veil before his eyes seemed to grow again, leaving the picture of this family lingering in his mind as the last one before sleep slowly consumed him again.
      A family...
      Unnoticeable to him, he smiled at that thought. That was what he had always wanted. He had almost forgotten it over the path he had taken in these past ten years, but... they had been like that once too. Only with Yui gone, there had been a critical part missing that he couldn't see replaced by anyone else but her. Without her, they couldn't have possibly been happy.
      Now Shinji had all he had ever wanted for himself. A life with people who loved him without question. People he could be happy with.
      Gendo felt envy toward his son for that. But most of all, he –- for once -– was as proud of him as a father could possibly be.
  • Once More with Feeling:
    • Subverted. Shinji was overjoyed when his father praised him after stopping Sahaquiel... but after a while he decided that he had clung to his father's praise in a pathetic way.
      Once in his life, he would have leapt at the offer from his Grandfather, in the same pathetic way he had clung to his Father's praise after he had stopped the 10th Angel, letting those three worlds play over and over in his head.
      -("Good work, Shinji...")—
    • Played straight when Misato praised Asuka after the latter fought Sandalphon.
      So don't give a damn about those armchair Generals second guessing you either Asuka. You're a hell of a pilot — today was the toughest battle we've ever been in and you handled yourself incredibly well. Regardless of our motives going into this, you rose to the challenge today. I'm proud of you — and Rei of course.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In episode 51, Future Trunks finally stands up to Vegeta after enduring several episodes' worth of abuse from his (alternate timeline) father and blasts Vegeta over the horizon. As a result, Vegeta feels pride in someone else for the first time... but it's quickly overshadowed by "UNYIELDING RAGE!"
    • Also in another spot for that, Goku also has a lot of pride in Gohan for going Super Saiyan. An idiot or not, Goku clearly felt a lot of pride in his son at that moment.
  • In Joys of the Parenthood - The Țepeș Edition, Dracula has this moment with Adrian when the 3-year-old dhampyr bares his fangs and hisses at Olrox.
  • young scrappy and hungry (rise up, rise up) has a reversal of the usual positions, when Bruce Wayne's public disapproval of a presidential candidate's disgusting behaviour grants him the mother of all hugs from his son Damian. Sometimes, you just don't need a cape to feel like a superhero.
  • In My Master Ed, when Hohenheim is feeling discouraged by what he perceives as a lack of progress in his alchemy training, Edward tells him that he’s been learning faster that he expected and that he was proud of what he’d accomplished. It also marks a change in how Edward trains Hohenheim, using positive encouragement from then on.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, Superman expresses this to his younger cousin before her final duel with her rival Jasmine.
    Superman: Prayers and luck accompany you back home. Show Jasmine what it's like to go up against the brand- new Kara! We both know that you've got what it takes... and you should know I'm very proud of you.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: Right before the final battle against Darkseid, Doom Patrol member Steve Dayton makes sure that his son Changeling knows both he and his wife are proud of him:
    Changeling was at Steve’s side immediately. "Don’t worry, Dad. We’ll take care of you, no matter what happens. I’ll make sure of that, and so will the Titans."
    Steve lay an arm across Gar’s shoulders. "I know you will, son. What I feel for what you and Raven did for me goes beyond gratitude. And even though she’s not here to confirm it, I think we both know Rita would be proud of you."
  • In A Prize for Three Empires, Carol Danvers' father finally admits aloud he feels proud of his daughter when he finds out she has fought alongside Captain America himself.
  • He doesn't say it out loud (and it's implied that he doesn't really need to), but Varric has a moment of this kind of thinking in the Dragon Age: Inquisition AU Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium. After the defeat of the Big Bad, he watches the Inquisitor — Bethany Hawke — receiving the thanks of her advisory council and thinks that he's never been prouder of anyone in his life. Dorian interrupts by teasing him about the "ridiculously dewy-eyed expression" he's wearing.
  • The Worst Prisoner: Iroh tries to use this with Zuko after realizing how little praise he has been getting. Zuko is weirded out by this and asks him to stop doing it so much.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Used a few times in the sequel Diplomat at Large.
    • In chapter 2, it's age-inverted — Spike is proud of Twilight for standing up to her principles and handling the griffon debt crisis her own way, and declaring that she'd do it the same way all over again if she had to.
    • In chapter 7, this is Pharynx's reaction to Thorax finally standing up to him.
  • Son of the Sannin:
    • When Haku demonstrates the ability to match Sasuke's swordfighting skill during their match in the Chunin Exam, his foster mother Yugao can't help but give a smile despite needing to remain impartial as the referee.
    • The ghosts of Naruto's biological parents both express pride over his accomplishments when they finally get to meet him, though it also spills into Amazingly Embarrassing Parents due to Kushina putting specific focus on the fact that he has a cute girlfriend.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Blaze tells his son he is proud of him just before they bid farewell to each other in "The Cameo." Their short visit has its share of disagreements, but the older dog clearly holds Bolt in high regard.
    Blaze: One more thing before I take off, son — just know I love you, and that I’m really, really proud of you.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Variant in that he hasn't actually told her face-to-face, but in the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, the omake for Chapter 25 reveals that Shining Armor and Cadance, who watch over Shining Armor's descendents from the afterlife, are very proud of his youngest descendent Page Turner.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Senshi No Michi: Before saying goodbye to his disciples, Gouken takes Asuka aside to say he is proud of how much she has matured since he took her in.
    Gouken: "You've come a long way, Asuka."
    Asuka: "Hm? Yeah, I guess I have… I was a nightmare when I first came here…"
    Gouken: "You certainly were… I spent endless days wondering what horrors awaited Shinji in his next training session, how you would blow up next. But…" (smiling) "I worry no longer. You've grown into a stronger, more balanced person."
    Asuka: "I guess so… But I couldn't have done it if you hadn't put up with me."
    Gouken: "True. It wasn't easy — but it was worth it. And to see you, and Shinji, grow into strong, honourable warriors under me –- I couldn't be more proud."
  • The Warrior's Daughter: When Bulma's family is saying goodbye to Bulla before she goes back to the future, Bulma says she is proud of her incredible daughter. And Vegeta, of all people, says she is a real Saiyan warrior. Bulla feels so warmed up she hugs her father.

    Films — Animation 
  • At the end of Adventures in Zambezia, Kai's father, Tendai, tells him that he is proud of him and that his mother would be proud of him too.
  • At the end of Despicable Me, Gru's mother tells him that she's so proud of him, that he's become a great parent, "just like me." He rolls his eyes, because flashbacks have shown that she was actually a pretty lousy parent, and then she adds, "Maybe even better," which makes him smile.
  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • Disney was going to have a song called "Proud of Your Boy" in Aladdin, but it got scrapped along with the character of Aladdin's mother. After all, Disney has a reputation to keep. Eventually, Aladdin would get to sing the song in the Broadway adaptation of the movie.
    • Disney gets another chance with So Proud of You in Mulan. The movie ends with Mulan coming home from the army. She presents her father with the sword of the Mongolian general and a medal from the emperor. He tosses these trinkets aside, embraces his daughter and tells her how proud he is of her.
      Fa Zhou: The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.
      • And before that, Captain Li Shang is visibly proud to see his Ragtag Bunch of Misfits growing into properly trained soldiers.
    • In The Origin of Stitch, a bonus short subject found on the Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch DVD, when Stitch enters Jumba's lab, he encounters a video on Jumba's computer showing how each part of his body consists of parts Jumba gathered from other alien monsters, and Stitch's potential for destructive capabilities. Jumba then tells Stitch how he hoped to create a genetic experiment that would surpass all the others as his masterpiece of evil, and to Jumba's initial disappointment, all of that changed when Stitch found his one true place and a family, and Jumba tells Stitch, "You are my greatest success, and I am very proud of you."
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, after Stoick realizes his son, Hiccup, whom he earlier rejected, is incredibly wise and brave and about to fight a giant dragon in an apparent Heroic Sacrifice, he tells him how proud he is to be his father.
    • This also includes an aversion of the earlier repeated line.
    You just have to be a little less... (gestures at Hiccup) this.
    Hiccup: You just gestured to all of me.
    • Later:
    Stoick: We just needed a little more (gestures at Hiccup) this.
    Hiccup: You just gestured to all of me.
  • Said word-for-word in The Incredibles by Helen to Dash on the beach after they arrive at Nomanisan Island, thanks to Dash using his Super Speed to get them there after their plane crashes into the ocean.
  • In Incredibles 2, Helen is proud of her kids for going onto the Deavors' superyacht and saving her, their dad and Frozone.
  • Played with at the end of Kung Fu Panda. The villain, Tai Lung, after Calling the Old Man Out, beats his teacher (and father figure) Shifu into helplessness and demands to know whether Shifu is proud of him now. Shifu earnestly replies, "I've always been proud of you." It does shake the villain for a moment... but a moment later, he decides I've Come Too Far.
  • In Maya the Bee Movie, Maya's mother says it to her after they are finally reunited, right before Maya and her friends head off to save the day.
  • In Megamind, his former arch-enemy Metro Man says this to the titular (ex-)supervillain — even though the latter can't hear it.
  • In Robots, Herb Copperbottom continuously expresses adoration and overwhelming support for his son Rodney and encourages him to pursue his ambition of meeting Bigweld and becoming an inventor. However, the crowning moment of his pride comes at the end of the film when Rodney becomes not only Bigweld's assistant but his eventual successor, and Rodney thanks him for staying by his side from the very beginning.
    Rodney: Dad, I know you kind of felt bad when I was growing up that you couldn't give me a lot of stuff. But you gave me the most important thing — you believed in me.
    Herb: From the second you were born.
  • In Sing, Marcus tells Johnny how proud he is of him after seeing him perform on TV, while also apologizing to Johnny for selfishly disowning him.
    Marcus: I'm so proud of you.
  • In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Peter B. tells Miles he's proud of him when he finally gains control over his powers and joins the rest of the Spiders at the climactic final fight.
    Peter B.: I love you! I'm so proud of you!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Adventures of Sinbad: Probably counts as an inversion, Rumina being the series's Vain Sorceress and arguably main recurring villain that Sinbad has to deal with.
    Sinbad: Rumina would be proud.
  • From Batman Begins:
    Rachel Dawes: Your father would be very proud of you. And so am I.
    • This is a callback after an earlier What the Hell, Hero? moment when she says he would be ashamed of him.
  • Occurs at the end of Big Fat Liar at the conclusion of Jason's big plan.
    Mr. Shepard: You did all this just to tell me you weren't lying?
    Jason: I wanted to gain your trust back, Dad.
    Mr. Shepard: You've earned it.
  • A reversal with Lulu saying this to her crazy father, Romulus, in The Caveman's Valentine.
  • Dead Poets Society: After Mr. Keating gets fired over allegedly causing Neil's death, the formerly timid Todd stands up on his desk to salute Keating, leading his fellow society members, and even some other students not part of the society, to also stand up in defiance of Dean Nolan's demands that they stay seated. This moves Mr. Keating, who says "Thank you, boys. Thank you." before leaving.
  • A particularly lovely moment in The Goonies comes when Data's dad, an inventor like his son, tries to take a picture with a spring-loaded camera though it fails. Data tells his father that it's all right, since he cannot hug a photo. His dad responds with "You are my greatest invention."
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Peter gets this but not from his actual father.
    Yondu: I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right... I'm damn lucky you's my boy.
  • Horse Feathers — subverted in typical Marx Brothers fashion, as Frank Wagstaff (Zeppo) congratulates his father (Groucho) on becoming college president:
    Frank: Dad, let me congratulate you. I'm proud to be your son.
    Professor Wagstaff: My boy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm ashamed to be your father. You're a disgrace to our family name of Wagstaff, if such a thing is possible.
  • In Iron Man 2, it comes in a slightly different form. It's more accurately confidence that the hero will eventually make him proud, but it's really the same thing. Tony Stark recalls that his father was "cold and calculating," and that he "never told me he loved me, [and] never told me he liked me"). Thus, when Nick Fury tells him that his dad always believed he would carry on his legacy and take the arc reactor to the next level, Tony scoffs at the notion. Later, while going through his old man's stuff, he stumbles upon a recording his father left that was meant only for him. In it, he reveals that all of his life's work had always been for Tony. He also states that he is confident his son would change the future where he could not, and leaves him with this final message,
    Howard Stark: What is, and always will be, my greatest creation... is you.
    • Tony has a moment of this toward Peter at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, after Peter catches the guy selling and distributing alien weapons. He has his arm around his shoulder and everything, and even offers Peter a new suit and a place in the Avengers.
  • At the end of A Knight's Tale, the goofy sidekick says: "Sir William Thatcher. Your father heard that."
  • Our Miss Brooks: Lawrence Nolan, praising his son Gary's reporting work, in the cinematic series finale.
  • In Oz the Great and Powerful, after the climatic battle, the Master Tinker assures Glinda that her father would have been so proud of her.
  • Inverted and unspoken with Real Steel. As Max Kenton watches his father Charlie shadow box with Atom to absolutely beat-down Zeus, Charlie has the most ecstatic look on his face as he boxes again. The look on Max's face screams that he is proud to be Charlie's son.
  • In The Sixth Sense, Lynn Sear is not happy her son is crazy and claims to see dead people. He then says about her mother: "She said you came to the place where they buried her. Asked her a question. She said the answer is... Every day. What did you ask?" Lynn replies, "Do... Do I make her proud?".
  • Papa Smurf shows this to Clumsy near the end of The Smurfs.
  • In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Sarek tells Spock that "I am most impressed with your performance in this crisis." Given that it's Sarek, that's extremely high praise.
  • When James T. Kirk in Star Trek (2009) is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise, he takes over from Captain Chris Pike, who convinced him to join Starfleet in the first place. After the formal dialogue, Pike shakes Kirk's hand and says simply,
    Pike: Congratulations, Captain. Your father would be proud.
    • According to Spock Prime, Kirk's father proudly saw his son become captain of the Enterprise in the prime timeline as well.
  • Star Wars:
    Shmi: [to Anakin] I'm so very proud of you.
    • Episode III — Revenge of the Sith:
      Obi-Wan: You are strong and wise, Anakin, and I am very proud of you. I have trained you since you were a small boy. I have taught you everything I know. And you have become a far greater Jedi than I could ever hope to be.
    • Episode VI — Return of the Jedi: Not verbally expressed — but Darth Vader tells Luke "You were right about me" and dies with the smile of a proud father on his lips. Afterwards, his Force Ghost (with him having been redeemed and once again Anakin Skywalker) joins the Force Ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda smiling at Luke.
  • In Thor, this conversation at the end of the movie between Thor and Odin.
    Thor: One day, I shall make you proud.
    Odin: You've already made me proud.
  • Wonder Woman (2017) has a non-verbal version of this trope when Diana passes her final test as a warrior, by beating her aunt and trainer Antiope with just a shockwave of her bracelets. Despite being blown away across the field, Antiope smirks in approval of having made her niece such a great warrior.
  • Sebastian Shaw towards Erik in the climax of X-Men: First Class, whom he congratulates for finally becoming a superpowerful mutant. It's pretty goddamn creepy, considering Shaw is an ex-Nazi Mad Scientist who destroyed most of Erik's life to motivate him to become what Shaw always dreamed Erik would be.

  • In Abigail and the Balance Beam, a book that accompanies a Hallmark toy of the same character (a plush rabbit that responds when she "hears" certain phrases from the books in the series), Abigail's mother tells her this after Abigail's gymnastics performance.
  • In Animorphs, Marco's mother has said this to Marco about his heroic activities in fighting the Yeerk presence on Earth. It means a lot coming from her: She forms a lot of his motivation for fighting, for she has been abducted away from Earth and seldom has an opportunity to say anything to anyone.
  • Between Heaven And Earth: DJ states that, after he, Sarah, and Doris reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, they run into Mr. Odogo, who states that he's too proud of his daughter (Sarah) to be mad at her for disobeying his order not to ascend the mountain. Doesn't stop him from punishing them for disobeying by making them march down the mountain with no rest, though.
  • Beware of Chicken: At a village festival, Jin's father-in-law hears about Jin's recent work on the farm, smiles at him, and tells him, "I'm glad you came north, my son." Jin already knew Hong Xian liked him, but he's still very moved to hear this.
  • In James Swallow's Blood Angels novel Deus Sanguinius, a woman is mortally wounded striving to be one of Arkio's chosen soldiers. Sachiel assures her that her children are proud of her, mercy-kills her with a weapon meant for Space Marines, and closes her eyes when she dies.
  • In John C. Wright's Chronicles of Chaos novel The Orphans of Chaos, after Quentin stands off the Lamia, Boggins tells him how proud he is and what a pity it is that Quentin will not remember.
  • Invoked in Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain novel The Traitor's Hand. Cain engaged in a conflict with Chaos forces that were chasing a praetor; the praetor filled him on the danger and was injured. Later, he met a PDF general, his father, and praised his son's courage to him, manifestly inspiring paternal pride. He heard afterwards that the general had objected to his son's going into the praetors, and the incident brought about a reconciliation.
  • In Jeramey Kraatz's The Cloak Society,
    • Alex remembers his mother telling him when he was initiated in the Cloak Society.
    • When Lone Star realizes that Amp is not captive, as he is, but came to rescue him, he's obviously proud of him, despite the recklessness involved.
    • When they find that Amp's parents are in the Gloom, though drained to husks of themselves, Lone Star can tell him that they are proud of him.
    • At the end, Volt looks proud of Alex, though he says nothing.
  • In The Dark Elf Trilogy, Zaknafein prepares himself to kill Drizzt since he believes that Drizzt, after he reportedly murdered an elven child during a surface raid, has become just another murderous drow. Drizzt prepares himself to kill Zaknafein since the tales he's heard of Zaknafein's eagerness to kill other drow have convinced him that his former mentor is a crazed murderer (Zaknafein actually does it due to his sheer rage and hatred of the evil he sees everyday in drow society). During their fateful duel, Drizzt reveals that he had faked the elven child's death to save her from the other raiders. Zaknafein immediately stops fighting and tearfully embraces Drizzt, overjoyed that Drizzt did not let the cruelty of Menzoberranzan destroy his inherent good nature. This is the moment Zaknafein finally reveals to Drizzt that they are father and son.
  • DFZ: Opal is a completely useless mage even though her parents genetically engineered her to be the greatest mage alive. While her father always said he loved her anyway, he also made it clear that this was despite her being an abject failure, which she didn't appreciate. When she figures out the problem with her magic (her absurd power was too much for any traditional spellwork to handle, and teachers aren't used to having to teach children how to turn down their power) and she finally starts using magic for real, her father looks like he's just seen the dawn for the first time.
    Yong: That was incredible, Opal.
  • In Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novel Proven Guilty, at the end Ebenezer to Harry.
  • In Gene Stratton-Porter's Freckles, Freckles gets it second-hand from his Parental Substitute; Angel tells him of it.
    "Well, Mr. McLean said we'd probably find his son here"
    "His son!" cried Freckles.
    "That's what he said. And that you would do anything you could for us; and that we could trust you with our lives. But I would have trusted you anyway, if I hadn't known a thing about you. Say, your father is rampaging proud of you, isn't he?"
    "I don't know," answered the dazed Freckles.
    "Well, call on me if you want reliable information. He's so proud of you he is all swelled up like the toad in Aesop's Fables. If you have ever had an arm hurt like this, and can do anything, why, for pity sake, do it!"
  • In the flashback at the end of Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts novel, First & Only, Gaunt's mentor Oktar tells him, "Your father would be proud of you," after his first military victory. Gaunt tells him that he is sure his (dead) father is.
  • At the end of The Graveyard Book, Bod thinks he hears his mother's voice telling him she's proud of him.
  • In Halo: Contact Harvest, Maccabeus mentions that he became chieftain by challenging and killing the previous one in ritual combat. In this case, the previous chieftain was his father, who looked proud to have been killed and succeeded by his son.
  • The Hardy Boys: In the Casefiles book Wrong Side of the Law, community center martial arts teacher Lisa respectfully bows to Frank after he defeats the Big Bad using skills that Lisa taught him. This also counts as a Graceful Loser moment, considering that Lisa is The Dragon (albeit one who the Big Bad betrayed when it was time to split the loot) and is about to be arrested as well.
  • Harry Potter:
    • In Goblet of Fire, when Amos and Cedric Diggory travel with the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione, by the same Portakey, and Amos brags of how Cedric had beat Harry at Quidditch. Unusually, despite his obvious pride in his son, it's an embarrassing moment because it's in front of Harry and neglects the dumb luck element (Namely, a thunderstorm giving the heavier Cedric an advantage over Harry, followed by Dementors invading the Quidditch Pitch and causing Harry to pass out in midair. Yet, Amos calls Cedric the better flyer for this). His observation that Cedric can tell his grandchildren about having done it becomes Harsher in Hindsight by the end of the book.
    • In Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore discusses why he failed to give Harry vital information. He recalls that after Harry confronted Voldemort again in his very first year, "I was...prouder of you than I can say." The fact that he effectively saw Harry as a grandson made him all the more reluctant to share a certain Awful Truth.
    • Unsurprisingly, this happens a lot in the final book. Near the climax, Harry is psyching himself up for what he fully expects to be a suicide mission. He uses the Resurrection Stone to summon the spirits of James, Lily, Sirius and Remus, all of whom pretty much radiate this.
    • Also in the final book, when Neville Longbottom gets a letter from his Grandmother, telling him that she's on the run for her life because of his actions, and she is so proud of him.
    • Another, unspoken, one from Deathly Hallows, when Harry enters Dumbledore's office after the Final Battle:
      But Harry had eyes only for the man who stood in the largest portrait directly behind the headmaster's chair. Tears were sliding down from behind the half-moon spectacles into the long silver beard, and the pride and gratitude emanating from him filled Harry with the same balm as phoenix song.
  • In Hollow Places, Cindy has this reaction upon learning that Austin has discovered an anomaly and is using it to help others.
  • Villainous example in the Honor Harrington novels: Albrecht Detweiler says this in a speech he gives to the Mesan Alignment Navy after their successful completion of Operation Oyster Bay.
  • In Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars novel The Gods of Mars, John Carter, prisoner, meets another prisoner, a young man who recounts how he fought valiantly with his father's sword before his capture, and has the consolation that his Disappeared Dad would have been proud of him, if he had known.
    • Later, speaking of his fights within the Gladiator Games he says his mother would be proud to see "how well I have maintained the traditions of my father's prowess"
      • The reader, who is hopefully not quite as thick as Captain Carter, probably figures out well before it's stated that the young man, Carthoris, is his own son.
  • In The Licanius Trilogy, due to time travelling, Niha had the opportunity to meet her fully-grown son before ever giving birth to him. Once she realized who her child was, she tearfully says this to him before entrusting his safety to her friend Tal.
  • The phrase shows up in at least two different picture book based on the children's show Little EinsteinsQuincy's Dream and Annie's Solo Mission. It may appear in the episodes they're based on as well.
  • In John Hemry's The Lost Fleet book Dreadnaught, Captain Desjani smiles as she watches Geary watch the fleet go into formation, and explains that he's obviously so proud of them.
  • Black Jack Geary says this a lot to his sailors and officers and means it sincerely despite the problems they've given him.
  • In the My Teacher Is an Alien series, Peter spends most of the series believing that his emotionally distant father doesn't care about him and won't even think twice about him being willingly abducted by aliens. Then in the final book, he talks with his father while in disguise and hears him speak about how proud he is that his son chose to go with the aliens himself and how he wishes that he could be able to tell Peter these words.
  • In Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind, Kvothe's mother gets him to study formal etiquette by asking him if he wants her to be proud of him.
  • In Seanan McGuire's October Daye novels
    • Late Eclipses, the Queen says her mother would have been so proud of her after appointing her Countess. Later Toby, musing, thinks that her father would have been proud of her heroics.
    • Ashes Of Honor, Toby talks of how proud his parents must be after Quentin breaks them into a place. Quentin only grins.
  • In Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, Poseidon tells Percy that he is his favorite son. At the end of the series, several gods show extreme pleasure with their demi-god children, as with Ares slapping Clarisse on the back and telling her "That's my girl."
    • Early in Percy Jackson, Percy's mother tells him that his father would be proud of him. Understandably, Percy is angry because at this point he doesn't know who his father is, and he's furious that his father never came to see him or his mom. But after finally meeting him face to face at the end of the first book, while not exactly saying the words, Poseidon tells Percy that he did well on his quest with his eyes gleaming with pride.
  • In the Protector of the Small quartet, at her knighting ceremony, Keladry points out to her mother Ilane that she'll lose face for crying. Ilane's response is, "I don't care. I am so proud of you, Lady Knight." Shortly after, Alanna, the first female knight, visits Kel and tells her that she is proud, especially as Kel's example has inspired other girls to take up the fighting arts (since Kel doesn't have the magical Gift the way Alanna does and so proves that ordinary girls without magic can succeed at becoming a knight).
  • In Ranger's Apprentice, Halt is the Parental Substitute for Will, but is The Stoic and doesn't usually say this. But there are several times when he does something simple like nod in approval, and Will knows that it means the equivalent of three hearty cheers from Halt.
  • In Chris Roberson's novel Sons of Dorn, Captain Taelos tells the Scouts and sergeant that he is proud to have served as their commander when facing a Last Stand. Afterward, he tells the newly minted Imperial Fists that he summoned them to commend them — and expresses it in concrete form, restoring to them the swords that had been taken from them when they were chosen as aspirants, after having them adapted to be suited for a Space Marine to fight with.
  • In Andre Norton's Storm Over Warlock, Ragnar, thinking he is talking to Garth, tells him how glad he is that he made despite the black marks on his record, and how their father would have been so proud of him. (Shann, who was the butt of Garth's relentless bullying, and is the one actually listening, finds it rather hard.)
  • In Patricia C. Wrede's Thirteenth Child, after Lan deduced that there was something about the Rationalist settlement, his father spent the next weeks oscillating between bursting with pride over Lan and frustration with Obstructive Bureaucrats preventing them from doing anything about it.
  • In Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next novel Lost In A Good Book, when Landen is eradicated, Thursday assures his parents that they would have been proud of him.
    • In The Woman Who Died a Lot, Thursday tells Friday she's proud of him having found his purpose for even a moment (he will forget because he's changing timelines) before urging him to think of a different way to achieve it.
  • In the Warcraft novel Lord of the Clans, after Thrall mortally wounds him Blackmoore tells Thrall that he is everything he wanted Thrall to become and that he is proud of him. Thrall is understandably upset since Blackmoore made his youth a living hell and had just murdered his beloved foster sister Taretha. Hearing the bastard approve of Thrall denied him any satisfaction from killing him.
  • In William King's Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf novel Grey Hunters, after Ragnar's Field Promotion, the gravely wounded Hakon gives him some warnings about tendencies which might undermine him, and then
    Despite what I just said, I wanted to tell you that I was proud of you. You were the best batch of aspirants I ever trained at Russvik. Maybe the best I ever saw. See to it that you live up to that.
  • In Graham McNeill's Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarines novel Warriors of Ultramar, after their first battle, Learchus praises the soldiers he had put through Training from Hell: "I am so proud of you." When one says it was his training, he sloughs off the credit, declaring the greatness had been in them, he had merely brought it out. "You are warriors of Ultramar, and I am proud to call you brothers." (He had, in fact, planned on doing this, for morale: when a captain had complaining that the men thought he was showing off in training, he explained that he had been, so they would know what a great warrior he was, and when it came time for him to praise them, it would mean much to them.)
    • In Dead Sky Black Sun, after the climactic battle, the Lord of the Unfleshed solicits praise from Uriel: "Emperor happy?" Uriel looks at the damage and assures them that they made the Emperor very happy with their work.
      • Earlier, Uriel had seen a once-possible future that involved a fine son whom he would have been proud of; he regrets it, but does not let that stop him.
  • In Graham McNeill's Warhammer 40,000 novel Storm of Iron, Leonid speaks to praise the troops and encourage them. One assures him they won't let him down, and Leonid says that he knows it, and he's damned proud of them.
  • In Graham McNeill's Warhammer 40,000 (again) Horus Heresy novel False Gods, when Horus sees how Maggard fought against the walking corpses, he admires his Kirlian blade but his skill as well, telling him that he should feel proud of himself. Overwhelmed, Maggard sinks to his knees before him, and when Horus tells him that that is inappropriate for so great a warrior, he has Maggard's complete loyalty. (Somewhat assisted by how House Carpinus treated him — taking out his vocal cords so he can not speak inappropriately in his mistress's presence.)
    • In Matt Farrer's "After Desh'ea" (in Tales of Heresy), Kharne tells Angron of how the Emperor named them the War Hounds and that they were proud of it and hoped that he would be proud of that, too.
  • The Warlord Chronicles has an unusual variant. After a great victory, Derfel is praised by his dying father — the defeated commander of the opposing side.
    He leaned his weight on my shoulders and I could hear the breath scraping in his throat. "I think," he said in my ear, "that you are the best of my sons. Now give me a gift. Give me a good death, Derfel, for I would like to go to the feasting hall of true warriors."
  • In the Warrior Cats book Moth Flight's Vision, Moth Flight's father Gorse Fur tells her he's proud of her after she speaks up to the five Clans and announces that each Clan must have a medicine cat.
  • In Lois McMaster Bujold's The Warrior's Apprentice, Miles says he wants to make his life "an offering fit to lay at my father's feet":
    Aral Vorkosigan: Clay, boy. Only clay. Not fit to receive so golden a sacrifice.
  • In The Wheel of Time series, the tearful reunion between Rand al'Thor and his adoptive father in Towers of Midnight certainly invokes this trope. Especially since the aloof, all-powerful Dragon Reborn ends up weeping in his father's arms. Quite unashamedly too. And in front of a crowd.
    Rand: I've done so much that is terrible.
    Tam: Nobody walks a difficult path without stumbling now and again. It didn't break you when you fell. That's the important part.
  • There are a few times in the X-Wing Series where Mirax Terrick, who grew up like a sister to Wedge Antilles, tells him that his parents would be proud of him. Her father basically helped raise him after Jagged and Zena Antilles were killed.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On The Amazing Race 31, Colin & Christie tell each other this after they win.
  • At the end of American Horror Story: Coven, Myrtle Snow, the Head of the Witches' Council, decides that all of the evil committed and blood spilled on the quest for a new Supreme needs to be cleansed with her own death, as she was complicit in many of the crimes. To that end, she goes to the recently ascended Supreme (Cordelia, who loves Myrtle like a mother) and arranges her fatal sentencing on her own terms, namely death by fire. As she's tied to the stake and prepares to die, Myrtle has this to say:
    Myrtle: Delia, my sweet daughter... I've never been more proud...
  • The A-Team Murdock discovers that former criminal A.J. Bancroft is Face's father. While talking to Face in one scene, Bancroft just can't work up the courage to tell him, but he manages this:
    Bancroft: Any father would be proud of you.
  • The Barrier: When Luis takes his first real step towards distancing himself from the Police State's activities in favor of helping its victims, he praises his daughter Daniela for the fact that she's already been doing just that for a while.
  • Bones: When Zach reveals his connection with the Gormogan.
    Zach: If you understood, you would be proud of me.
    Brennan: I have always been proud of you, Zach.
  • Criminal Minds
    • After Reid shot the UnSub at the end of "LDSK", Gideon reassures him that he did the right thing. Clip can be seen here.
      Gideon: This is going to hit you, and when it does, there's only three facts you need to know. You did what you had to do, and a lot of good people are alive because of what you did.
      Reid: What's the third?
      Gideon: I'm proud of you.
  • Doctor Who
    • After the Doctor saves his home planet from a Deadly Assassin, his former teacher (who just barely passed him out of school) has a word for the departing hero:
      Borusa: Oh, Doctor? Nine out of ten.
    • Years later, when Wilfred Mott was mistaken for the Tenth Doctor's father, the Doctor says that he isn't, but he would be proud if he was.
    • And before that, virtually every time Peter Tyler, of either universe, has with his daughter and acknowledges her as such.
    • Also, the scene from The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor, when the Doctor tells Jo that just before his previous regeneration, he went back and visited every single companion. He rounds it off with this line:
      "And I was so... proud."
  • At the end of Flash Gordon, as Ming is being led to his execution, he asks Aura if she would kill her father. With tears in her eyes, she tells him that she has to. He replies, "Finally, a daughter I can be proud of." This appears to follow from the episode, where he's upset she didn't kill him while he was incapacitated in order to seize power.
  • Flashpoint. Parker says this to the team after a particularly difficult and exhausting mission, to which they were immediately interrogated by a investigator afterwards.
  • Forever. To cap an emotional conversation, Lucas quotes John Milton to Henry. He then admits he looked it up in anticipation of their conversation because he wanted to sound smart.
    Henry Morgan: You are smart, Lucas. I'm proud of you.
  • Frasier: Frasier gives this as his speech to his son Frederick at his bar mitzvah, albeit in the Klingon language (It Makes Sense in Context).
  • During the Full House episode "Up on the Roof", this is Jesse's reaction to D.J. (with help from Kimmy and Duane) pulling a prank on the high school principal that's bigger than the one Jesse himself pulled on the same high school principal during his own high school years.
    Jesse: I always knew, one day, some crazy, devil-may-care maniac would surpass my prank. I am proud to call that maniac my niece. Hug me!
    *Jesse and D.J. hug*
  • Game of Thrones. Maester Luwin is filled with pride when Robb gives him the order to call the banners to rescue Ned Stark. Later, he demonstrates pride in Bran's administrative instincts as well as his and Rickon's composure during Theon's sack of Winterfell.
  • Blair says this to Chuck a lot in Season 3 of Gossip Girl. Until he sells her to his uncle for a hotel, that is.
  • Gotham: Fish Mooney gives a surprisingly sincere one of these to her sometimes enemy sometimes protege Oswald Cobblepot. Maybe not that surprising, since she'd said he was like a son to her before their feud. Penguin is so moved by this he spares her life in response.
    Penguin: Why didn't you just kill me?!
    Fish: Because you're mine. You were my umbrella boy, remember? You rubbed my feet when they tired. And now look at you, the terror of Gotham! Everything I've done in my life, possibly the best thing, was turn Oswald Cobblepot into The Penguin. (voice shakes) I couldn't destroy that.
    • Alfred gives a tear-inducingly heartfelt one of these to Bruce Wayne in the series finale, even calling Bruce the only son he wil ever have.
  • A real life version appears in Holmes on Homes when Mike Sr, informs his son Mike Jr, who turned 19 the day the episode was filmed, in front of the entire crew how proud he is of him. Then he gives him his birthday present, a new pickup truck.
  • In the final episode of Horatio Hornblower, Admiral Pellew tells newly-promoted Captain Hornblower that "it's very hard for a father to see his children grow up" after Hornblower disagrees with Pellew's (deliberately) bigoted statements about the Irish. It's plain as day what he means to everyone but Horatio, who seems to find it a non-sequitur.
  • Lucifer (2016): After Amenadiel returns from Heaven (and when Chloe has finally realized that he really is an angel), they discuss how things have been going since he's been gone. He is impressed with how she's handled things, and tells her that "it's no wonder your father is so proud of you." Her father who died years ago.
    Chloe: That's nice of you to say, but my father...
    Amenadiel: [smiles]
    Chloe: [crying slightly] Thank you.
  • Al and Peg Bundy sometimes felt this way whenever their kids did something despicable on Married... with Children. Whether it was Al being proud of Bud beating up larger men in a bar fight, especially by playing dirty or Peg being proud of Bud and Kelly when they blackmailed her into sharing the money she would have made on selling the engine of Al's Dodge.
  • Guinevere tells Arthur "I'm so proud of you," in the Season 3 finale of Merlin.
  • Misfits brought out a rather unexpected example from Nathan, of all people. Over the course of this episode, Simon has ended up in a relationship with Jessica, who's believed to be a serial killer; naturally, the other Misfits do their best to try and keep him safe — even Nathan, who spent most of the first season bullying Simon. However, it turns out that the murders were all committed by the woman's overprotective father, and at the end of the episode, Simon actually explains that Jessica was never a psychopath- she was a virgin.
    Nathan: I knew there was something wrong with her.
    Simon: (grinning) Fixed that.
    ( Beat )
    Nathan: I'm proud of you, man!
    (He hugs Simon)
  • In Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this is practically a catchphrase as Fred Rogers regularly tells his viewers, "I'm proud of you just the way you are."
  • In the Monk episode "Mr. Monk Meets his Dad," Adrian goes on a cross country trip with his father Jack after being reunited with him for the first time in years. During the episode Jack tells him of his other son ("Jack Jr.") who's a famous doctor. Near the end after the two wind up bonding and Adrian manages to figure out the murder of the episode, Jack eventually apologizes for how he treated Adrian and never being there for him, saying how horrible a father he's been. Adrian reminds him what he said about Jack Jr., but Jack reveals everything he said was a lie. When Adrian asks why he did made it up, Jack simply responds:
    Jack Monk: I wanted to have a son that I could be proud of. I didn't know I had one in San Francisco.
  • On The Orville, Alara has spent her whole life estranged from her parents, who disliked her decision to go into military service. In "Home," she saves her entire family from being killed and gets from her father that he's proud of her. It's a big moment for her and ultimately prompts her to leave the Orville even after they find a solution that would allow her to remain and find the family life she never had before.
  • Power Rangers
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: In the Series Fauxnale "Doomsday Part 2", with Rita apparently out of tricks, Zordon offers the Rangers a chance to hang up their morphers. When they very firmly reject it, he has this to say:
    Zordon: I am very pleased to hear you say those things. The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I. May the Power protect you, always.
    Sensei: I could not be more proud of the sacrifices you have made for your school — and, indeed, for your planet. The world is a better place today because of you.
    • In Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Wes says it on behalf of all the other Legendary Rangers who'd come to aid the current team to fight their final battle:
    Wes: You've more than lived up to the legacy we left you. We're all very proud of you.
  • Psych: Although Henry Spencer rarely admits it, he's proud of what his son had accomplished over the years.
  • In The Sarah Jane Adventures, the titular character often tells her kids that she is so proud of them. While she's only technically the parent of two of the gang, Clyde, Maria, and Rani all look up to her immensely, and they always light up whenever she expresses approval.
  • Scrubs
    • After spending endless hours tormenting JD, Dr Cox tells him he's proud of him when JD's father dies (as they watch sports on the TV together with JD's brother, no less).
    • In an interesting reversal, JD tells Cox that he is proud of him because of his severe reaction to losing three patients in quick succession (which is actually the catalyst for Cox to recover, and hence heavily implies that JD's opinion is the only one that really matters to him).
    • An example occurs in the last episode. A running subplot in the episodes leading up to the final is Cox's inability to admit to missing JD. In the end, JD leaves, Cox say nothing, apparently because he was a teacher, albeit a good one, and JD was just another student. Of course, he is near-immediately tricked into singing JD's praises in a low-key Zany Scheme, which still manages to be a kind of totally platonic aw, look, they really do respect each other moment.
  • Sherlock "The Sign of Three": Sherlock feels this way about John, and admits admiration for him in his best man's speech despite his awkwardness.
  • Smallville:
    • In "Progeny", Clark reveals to Chloe that he told her mother everything he knows about Chloe before she goes completely catatonic and she is very proud of her daughter.
    • "Bizarro"
    Martian Manhunter: Your father would be proud. He did everything he could to prepare you, but bravery... is not something you can learn.
    • Aunt Nell tells Lana that she's proud of her on her wedding day to Lex Luthor, though doesn't specify why.
  • Star Trek
  • John Winchester says this to Dean in Supernatural's "In My Time Of Dying" right before he dies. Of course, he fucks up this very nice, well-deserved sentiment by also telling him that he'll have to kill Sam if he ever turns evil.
    • Dean also says this to Sam in "Scarecrow," and implies it often even if he doesn't outright say it.
    • Death doesn't OUTRIGHT say this, but he heavily implies that this is how he feels toward Sam in the Season 9 premiere, where Sam is dead and asks to not be able to be resurrected again. Death is so proud of them because even though they've messed up the natural order, they've stabilized it more often than not and they've reduced his workload by saving millions of people and even freeing Death himself from Lucifer's binding.
  • Titus: The one time Papa Titus told Christopher that he was proud of him after he did a good job repainting his dad's truck, Chistopher was so taken aback by it that he thought Ken was actually dying.
  • The Vampire Diaries had this when Bonnie was told this by her grandmother's ghost after she closes that gates to send all the ghosts back.
  • Veronica Mars: Played with; in the first season episode "Meet John Smith", Veronica is trying to track down someone's birth father who's name is John Smith. Veronica, with Wallace's help, is sending letters to every John Smith in Neptune and the immediate area, telling them their son has won a scholarship to Stanford, and leaving the Mars' phone number as the number to the Stanford administration office. When she explains all of this to Keith, he responds, "Part of me is proud...and let's just leave it at that."
  • The West Wing had the episode Ellie, where the president's middle daughter crossed horns with her father, telling him that she felt that she didn't know how to please him.
    Bartlet: The only thing you had to do to make me happy was to come home at the end of the day.
    • In the second season episode "Shibboleth", one of the plotlines is Charlie, President Bartlet's personal aide (and who at that point is dating Bartlet's youngest daughter Zoey), tracking down a carving knife for the President to use for a Thanksgiving turkey. When President Bartlet rejects all of the knives he brings, Charlie finally gets impatient and asks what the big deal is. President Bartlet explains it's a replacement for a knife he's giving away, and it turns out, he's giving that older knife — which was made for his family by Paul Revere — to Charlie.
    President Bartlet: I'm proud of you, Charlie.
    • In Season 7 after Leo, Josh's father figure dies Donna comforts Josh by telling him "He was so proud of you."
  • Without a Trace's Martin Fitzgerald develops an addiction to painkillers after being shot. After he admits to his friend and fellow agent Danny Taylor that he's seeking help, Danny — himself a recovering alcoholic — shakes his hand in a gesture clearly meant as the physical equivalent of this trope.

  • The Adventure Zone: Balance: Played for Laughs in the fourth episode of "Here There Be Gerblins". After Tres Horny Boys somehow manage to see through his Spot the Imposter trick,note  Magic Brian proves to be a Graceful Loser and congratulates them with his dying breaths as "quite the adventurers" and says how "PROUD of zem!" he is. The absurdity of the situation and his ridiculous accent makes the scene hilarious instead of at all emotional.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • In what became a Tear Jerker for some in hindsight, the final image of Chris Candido on live television was of him letting The Naturals know this after they beat America's Most Wanted for the NWA World Tag Team Titles on a TNA show.
  • SMASH owner Yoshihiro Tajiri made the public announcement in February 2011 that he was very proud of his student KUSHIDA before acknowledging that he would be leaving the roster to wrestle full time for New Japan Pro-Wrestling in April.
  • Matt Hardy insisted he and Jeff were very proud of where Caprice Coleman's career had gone by December 2012. Unfortunately for Matt, the only thing Caprice wanted was a victory over Matt.
  • Before their SHINE Title match in Full Impact Pro, the challenger, La Rosa Negra, went in depth about how proud she was of the champion, Ivelisse Vélez.
  • Ric Flair's happy teared congratulations to Charlotte when she wins her first title in wrestling, proclaiming she'll be the greatest of the Flairs.
  • Treacherous Advisor Konnan may not have had Prince Puma's best interest at heart, but he couldn't help but show pride and congratulations when he outlasted Mil Muertes and Johnny Mundo, among many others, to become the first Lucha Underground Champion.
  • An odd case was Velez herself saying this to the older, more established wrestler Mercedes Martinez, which was basically Velez's way of excusing Martinez repeatedly putting her individual career before their Tag Team and Power Stable.

    Puppet Shows 
  • In "Bobbly Ball" from Donkey Hodie, when Purple Panda catches the ball for the first time, his surprise is it summoning his Uncle Panda, who sings a song about how he's proud of him, and he hopes he's proud of himself too.

  • The Bible:
    • In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, the heavens opened, the Spirit came upon Him like a dove, and a Voice from Heaven said, "This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased." And also, "You are My beloved Son; with You I am well pleased."
    • In the gospel of Matthew, in the Parable of the Talents, when two of the three servants who were given talents by their master came back and reported that they made double of what they were given, their master said, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful in a few things, you shall be ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord." This is contrasted with the third servant who was given only one talent, but didn't do anything with it except bury it and then return it to his master, to whom his master says, "You wicked and slothful servant, why didn't you leave it with the bankers so that I could have received back my own with interest?"
    • The final judgement is this for those in humanity who believed in Jesus.

  • Played for Laughs in Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues. Mirielle, a student with a perfect record, needs to get everyone out of the school without alerting them to the presence of bombs. She does so by jamming up a microwave, starting a small fire, and lying to the principal about it when the fire alarm goes off. Her best friend Zia, who overhears this with her telepathy, is so proud of the bad influence she's had on her buddy.

    Video Games 
  • In Assassin's Creed III, Haytham Kenway's last words to Connor has him saying that he's proud of him to an extent and that Connor has shown courage, strength and conviction. He caps it off by saying that he should have killed him long ago, which is sort of his way of considering him a Worthy Opponent.
  • In Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, Meruru gets this from her father, Dessier, if she achieves her goals.
  • The first Baldur's Gate game does this really well; if Khalid is in your party, and your character is Good, then he will compliment you, saying, "Gorion would be so proud of you" (Gorion is your foster father). Since this usually only occurs when you do some significant Good act, it does make your character feel like a hero.
  • In the Season of Infamy mission "Shadow War" in Batman: Arkham Knight, if the player chooses to destroy the cure instead of giving it to Ra's al Ghul, Ra's tells Batman how proud he is for letting him die (Ra's won't actually die in-game, but his daughter Nyssa indicates he has at most days to live).
  • Borderlands 3: Played for Laughs. When Clay discovers that one of his men faked his death, killed his team, and sold out the survivors to the maniacs ruining their planet, Clay is very impressed with how much he got for the deal ("Two planets and enough money to build a waterslide between them").
    Clay: I'm proud of you, man. You're living the dream. [chuckles] Vault Hunter; kill this traitorous son of a bitch!
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • If you are playing the Human Noble origin, you will eventually go through the gauntlet to retrieve Andraste's sacred ashes. While going through the challenges, you will run into the spirit of your dead father, who tells you how proud he is of you and to be strong and to let go of your grief at losing your family.
      • The City Elf Origin has multiple. First one being saving your cousin Shianni after she is kidnapped and raped by Vaughan where she tells you she loves you. Second is selflessly taking all of the responsibility of Vaughan's murder has Soris tell you that you've always been his hero. And Lastly in the Landsmeet where your people, including your father, have been kidnapped and are about to be sold into slavery. Rescuing him has him express that he's never been anymore proud of you and gives you a dagger that belonged to your late mother. And once again if you survive killing the Archdemon and he wishes your mother was alive to see you.
    • Dragon Age II:
      • There's a note in the Hawke Estate that reads "I'm very proud of you. Love, Mother." Easily missed, but hardly forgettable especially after your mother is killed by a crazy mage. Additionally, your sister Bethany or brother Carver will give you one if they manage to survive until the final battle.
      • Leandra actually tells you this twice, once through written text, again as she dies in your arms.
      Leandra: I love you. You've always made me so proud.
      • If Bethany is brought along in the Legacy DLC, she acts as a proxy so the siblings' late father can give one. As she was his only mage child, he had to spend the extra time with her to minimize the risk of Power Incontinence and Demonic Possession, but he was no less proud of Hawke and Carver, or "his little soldiers/his scoundrel and his soldier" as he called them.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z:
    • If Goku or Piccolo win a match while on a team with Ultimate Gohan, they may tell him this in their victory screen. Goku's line had a passive-aggressive "finally" attached in the demo, but this was removed from the finished product after fans pointed out how jarring and out-of-character it was.
    Goku: Gohan! You've gotten a whole lot stronger. That makes me proud.
    Piccolo: I'm proud of your growth, Gohan. That was an admirable performance.
    • Goku also has a more to-the-point version with SSJ2 Gohan.
    "Gohan, I'm proud of you."
  • Guan Yu in the Dynasty Warriors games. His children are warriors in the service of Shu just like him, and he makes it a point to show them how proud he is of them, calling them the future of Shu.
  • In the end of Eternal Darkness, the ghost of Alex's grandfather appears to tell her how proud of her he is, for holding her own against Pious and the forces of the ancients themselves. He also offers her one last bit of help, sealing away the summoned ancient for her—while all the others who were killed in possession of the Tome of Eternal Darkness got to strike a blow to the artifact of the ancient, actually stopping the summoned beast is his contribution.
  • In Fallout 3 , The PC's father basically gives you one of these at the Jefferson Memorial, if you've been playing the good side of the Karma Meter.
  • Done in a heartbreaking way in Fallout 4. Paladin Danse is the PC's mentor on the Brotherhood route, and he says this if the PC executes him once he's revealed to be a synth.
  • Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy VII. Seto, father of Nanaki. Manly Tears.
    • If you garner high enough affection with Tifa and have her in the party when you meet Zack's parents, talking to her after she runs outside she will reveal how proud of Cloud she is for coming as far as he has.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy gives us Tidus' storyline, where after Tidus defeats his father in battle Jecht tells him "You've grown up strong." Coming from Jecht, well, those who played Final Fantasy X may well be moved to sniffles.
      • Alternatively, Final Fantasy X has Tidus tell Jecht that he's proud of him during Jecht's final moments.
    • In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Latov says that he's proud of how strong and good Yuri and Chelinka have grown just before he moves on to the true afterlife.
    • In Final Fantasy XV, Regis declares the pride he harbours for his son in the post-credits scene when the sun rises, addressed to Luna seemingly in the Afterlife.
    • In World of Final Fantasy, the spirit of Lann's father, Rorrik, tells him that he's proud of him, that he's become someone who cares about more than his own cause. "Hang on to that, and you'll go far."
  • Titania says this to Ike in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In the Best Ending of Radiant Dawn, too, Almedha is proud of Soren for "having lived and grown strong."
  • In the second Jak and Daxter game, Jak leaves the group in a huff right before the critical Class Two race, leaving Daxter to take his place. After, Jak comes back and tells Daxter that he's proud of him. Daxter's gives an excited "Really?".
    • Then there's Damas in Jak 3: Wastelander, who says that he's proud of Jak after the latter wins an arena match. He then swiftly tries to keep up his disguise of the tough guy warrior king by saying what he's really proud of is the training program. Which, coupled with all of the other fatherly moments in the game Damas and Jak have, makes the revelation that he was Jak's father hit home even harder.
  • In the first Klonoa game, Klonoa's adoptive grandfather gives a So Proud Of You speech to Klonoa during his monumental Tear Jerker of a death scene.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic going out of your way to do a lightsided deed with Juhani in the party will get a similar response to Khalid: "This is how a Jedi acts, with honour." It's easy to forget being a Jedi is more than stabbing things with a lightsaber.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, King Dorephan says this to his son Prince Sidon after Divine Beast Vah Ruta is freed from Ganon's corruption. Sidon seems surprised by his father's praise, feeling that Link was the one who did the bulk of the work subduing the Vah Ruta. Urbosa also wants Link to convey how proud of Zelda she is.
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has Trickster Mentor E. Gadd remark on Luigi's bravery before the final battle, after spending the entire game making jokes at the character's expense and hinting that Luigi wasn't his first choice.
  • In the Mass Effect series:
    • In Mass Effect, if you bring Liara to Noveria, as Matriarch Benezia is succumbing again to the indoctrination, the last thing she says as herself before attacking you again is "Liara, you always made me proud." Benezia is Liara's mother.
    • In Mass Effect 2:
      • Samara the Asari Justicar has a variation. During the process of fighting her Serial Killer daughter to the death, she heaps abuse on her, but after she is dead she tells Shepard how proud she is of her daughter's strength and cleverness.
      • A Paragon Shepard invokes this trope just before the Final Battle, asking the surviving squadmates to make him/her proud in the final Rousing Speech.
    • In Mass Effect 3:
      • Samara can say this again (if the right player choices are made) to her surviving daughter. These can be her last words before committing suicide if you don't stop her.
      • If you selected the Spacer background and play the "Citadel" DLC, you get a call from Shepard's mother saying how proud she is of you.
      • Cut content has Jack of all people giving a quick speech to her students, in which she basically abandons the Drill Sergeant Nasty facade to be outright encouraging and says that she is so damn proud of them with a quaver in her voice. What did make it into the game is that she considers them to be like family. Jack went through a lot of Character Development. Done more comically during the escape from Grissom, where she offers to get all of them tattoos as a gesture of congratulations.
      • He doesn't use the words, but lifelong assassin Thane's expression and tone when he realises his son has stepped away from Thane's own path and is spending time with the drell priesthood says it all.
      • At the very end of the game, Admiral Anderson tells Commander Shepard that he is proud of him/her just before he dies of his injuries. The music track that plays in that scene is even titled "I'm Proud of You".
      "You did good, son/child.note  You did good. I'm proud of you."
  • The very end of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations ha Mia congratulates Phoenix for an exceptionally job well done in the trial and says she is very proud of him for coming so far as a defense attorney.
  • In the third generation Pokémon games, you can rematch Gym Leaders after you beat the Elite Four. One of them is Norman, your character's father. After you beat him in the rematch:
    Norman: <Name>...what is your dream? My dream...hah. It has already come true, actually.
  • In Ratchet & Clank (2002), Clank meets up with the computer that created him for final instructions on Chairman Drek. He leaves saying "I will try to make you proud, Mom." The computer displays "You already have." Clank never sees it.
  • In the DLC Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, there is a non-verbal, internal version with John and his son Jack in the beginning of the game. As Jack starts explaining the story he is reading and the view changes to John, the audio begins to fade and replaced by light piano notes, implying John lost his concentration in favor of admiring his son.
  • The ending theme of R-Type Final is actually called "Proud Of You", and includes the words as Gratuitous English lyrics. (Unfortunately, Fresh Games butchered the game's finale and replaced the song with a generic techno piece Blue Man Group's "Piano Smasher," giving a more Downer Ending feel.)
  • After defeating the final boss of Solatorobo, Baion admits that he is proud of Red for standing up for his friends (and the world), even though he initially considered him a failure. His mother Merveille also says that she is quite proud of him as well, though she never considered him a the spectacular failure that his father did. Perhaps notably, they are only his biological parents and did not raise him, nor was he actively seeking their approval or even incredibly interested in where he came from.
  • At the end of Spider-Man (PS4), Aunt May espouses the pride she feels for Peter in her dying moments after revealing that she had long known her nephew was Spider-Man. She also states that she knows Uncle Ben would've been proud of him, too.
  • At the end of Spirits of Anglerwood Forest, Albert says this to Edgar after he saves his friends and family.
  • Star Fox 64, after Fox defeats the real Andross, and then escapes from his exploding lair with his father. "You've become so strong, Fox..."
  • In Star Trek Online, Admiral Jorel Quinn, the Big Good for the Federation, will act this way towards your player during the Klingon War missions. In the mission "Surface Tension", he does it again, this time to prove that he isn't an Undine.
  • A rare version that comes from one Childhood Friend / Heterosexual Life-Partner to another can be found in Tales of Vesperia. After an entire game's worth of headbutting, occasional death threats, a friendly duel to work out their issues, and a sequence in which Yuri basically rewrites physics to save humanity, we get this line from Flynn to tie up the game:
    Flynn: I am so proud to call you my friend, Yuri Lowell.
    • Before that, we have the whole party doing this to Karol after he holds the line against a dangerous boss that had the rest fully trapped. Lovable Coward that he is, this is the final moment of Karol's development into a badass. And everyone is proud of him. So very proud.
  • If you go fully Pacifist in Undertale, Sans sounds genuinely proud of you during his judgement.
    sans: no matter the struggles or hardships you faced... you strived to do the right thing. you refused to hurt anyone. even when you ran away, you did it with a smile. you never gained LOVE, but you gained love.
  • When Clem meets Lee again in her dreams in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Lee express how proud he is in Clem and how far she's come.
  • In World in Conflict, just before Captain Bannon stays behind to hold back the Soviets until they are both hit by an incoming nuke, Colonel Sawyer, who has previously (entirely justifiably) treated him like total dog crap, utters "I am humbled to have served with you..." and we know that at that moment, he really means it.

    Web Animation 
  • A Day With Bowser Jr: In Two Koopas for a throne (part 3), Bowser says this to Junior after being saved from certain death at the hands of Ludwig.
  • Played more than a few times in RWBY:
    • In "Mountain Glenn", there's a bit where the girls sans Ruby are discussing their reasons for becoming Huntresses after a round of Armour Piercing Questions from Oobleck. They conclude the answers they gave the first time weren't satisfying for their teacher, and that being a Huntress takes more than they expected... But it's still a worthwhile job. In the corner, a small smile creeps across the (apparently asleep) Oobleck's face.
    • In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", when Yang is training with her father Tai, he gives her a harsh wake-up call about her over-reliance on her Semblance and her simple fighting style. When they have one last spar before dinner, she fights him to a standstill, leading him to say "Now you're using your—". He doesn't get an opportunity to finish before she trips him and catches him before he falls. He looks up at her and gives the warmest smile yet seen on the show.
    • Yang gets it again in "Lighting the Fire", this time from her Missing Mom. Raven congratulates Yang on making it to her hideout, citing her patience, determination, and strength in making the journey. She doesn't even mind that Yang beat-up her guards when they attacked her. She's also (Albeit grudgingly) impressed that Yang didn't visit her for reconciliation, but to demand a favor of her.

    Web Comics 

    Web Novel 
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: Frank is proud that his son Jason both managed to find Jamie after the latter ran away and to direct people after they have found the boy.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series: Once Cruella finally has enough of her mother's relentless criticizing and calls her out for being a hateful, domineering bitch, Malevola de Vil bursts into Tears of Joy and exclaims how proud she is at seeing Cruella's spine.
    Malevola de Vil: At last! The daughter I've always wanted! COME TO MOMMY!
  • In Adventure Time Finn gets one from his (adoptive) father.
    Joshua: Finn! If you're seeing this pre-recorded holo-message, it's because you finished the dungeon that I made for you. I'm proud of you. You're gonna do great things in this world. I love you, son.
  • At the end of "Muffy's Soccer Song," an adaptation of "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" from Arthur, featured on the Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix album, Ed Crosswire tells Muffy "I'm so proud of you."
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: When Zuko returns to the Fire Nation his father tells him he's proud of him and why. It's a creepy scene, since Ozai is praising Zuko for killing Aang. It's also something Zuko didn't actually do.
    • There's the finale, when Zuko is reunited with his uncle. It starts with Zuko outside the tent, paralyzed with shame at his betrayal of his uncle. He only goes in once Katara gives him assurance (a tearjerker in itself, given that Katara used to hate him). When he goes in, he finds uncle asleep, so Zuko kneels and waits the entire night for Iroh to wake up, all the while stewing in his own shame. When Iroh wakes, he turns away from Zuko as Zuko makes his apology, giving you the impression that he actually is ashamed of Zuko and angry at the betrayal. It's only when he turns around and fiercely embraces Zuko that you realize that Iroh was just trying to keep it together because he was filled with such joy and pride in his adopted son for finding his way back to the light.
    • At the end of the series, Hakoda exclaims he's the "proudest father in the world".
    • Not to mention Katara taking Aang aside to tell him how proud she is of his progress, just before the Black Sun invasion. That one got a little sidetracked, though.
    • And in The Legend of Korra, Tenzin, after witnessing Korra restore Lin Beifong's bending to her in the season finale, tells her "I am so proud of you, Avatar Korra". The final point that subverts the Bittersweet Ending the series was building up to. He does it again later, telling Korra that she's achieved more in the last five years than most Avatars do in an entire lifetime. He also expresses pride in the achievements of Jinora when she leads Korra into the spirit realm, and newly minted Airbender Bumi when he leads the trainees to defeat some poachers. Basically, when the universe isn't conspiring to make him lose his dignity, Tenzin is a full-time so-proud-of-you engine.
  • At the end of "King Badou vs. the Pirates" from Babar and the Adventures of Badou, after the situation with the pirates is resolved, Babar tells Badou "You're going to make a fine king one day, Badou. I am very, very proud of you."
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • After Batman is exposed to Scarecrow's fear toxin, he starts seeing images of his father calling him "a disgrace".
    Alfred Pennyworth: That's rubbish. I know your father would be proud of you because... I'm so proud of you.
  • Gaia from Captain Planet says this in regards to the Planeteers at least three times.
    • In Volcano's Wrath, it's "Children. They make a mother proud" when the kids rush off to stop Sly Sludge.
    • At the end of Fare Thee Whale, after they've exposed Plunder and Blight's scheme, she tells them "I'm proud of all of you".
    • In Future Shock, after Ma-Ti takes the zap for a little girl, the Future!Eco-villains are wiped out from existence and Zarm dematerializes, Gaia hugs the boy and declares "I'm proud of you, Ma-Ti. You did the right thing today".
  • The Mansons in Danny Phantom said this to their daughter Sam (and her friends) after they foiled the Big Bad of the episode. Considering how Sam and her parents don't get along, it's a positive moment.
  • The Defenders of the Earth episode "A Demon in His Pocket" (in which Kshin disobeys an order not to touch Mandrake's sorcery books, then has to confess when the demon he summons in a misguided attempt to "show" the school bullies runs amok in Central City) ends with the following exchange:
    Kshin: Mandrake, I'll take my punishment like a man. But please don't send me away!
    Mandrake: Who said anything about sending you away?
    Kshin: Shogoth showed me the future. How you would send me away if I told you about him and . . . and . . .
    Mandrake: And you told me anyway. That took a lot of courage, Kshin.
    Kshin: You're not gonna send me away?
    Mandrake: No. This is your home, now and forever. You'll still be punished, but no-one's sending you anywhere, Kshin.
    Kshin (sobbing with relief): Oh, Mandrake, you can trust me! I'll never disobey you again! I'll make you so proud of me!
    Mandrake: You already have, Kshin. You already have.
  • In the DuckTales (1987) episode " Top Duck", Launchpad's family finally gets the chance to tell Launchpad how not-ashamed of him they are at the episode's end.
    Ripcord: Launchpad, will ya shut your beak and listen to me for just one minute? I'm so proud of ya, I'm about to explode. But you never give me the chance to say so.
    Launchpad: R-r-really? You're not just saying that?
    Birdy: Oh, we're all proud of you, Launchpad.
  • The Grand Finale of DuckTales (2017) provides a rather dark example when Bradford pushes Black Heron into the Solego Vortex. Seeing as she had spent the past fifty years trying to get him to embrace his inner supervillain, all she does is smile and comment "Oh, Bradford, how villainous." before she's wiped from existance.
  • A darkly humorous one occurs in Evil Con Carne. When Major Dr. Ghastly creates a robot army for Hector, Hector entrusts Skarr to keep an eye on them. Skarr then has the robots reprogrammed to obey him by putting his name on the controls. Afterwards, Skarr has Ghastly create a robot in his image that he calls his son, Skarr Junior. And when Skarr entrusts Junior to watch over the robot army, Junior puts his name on the controls to take over the robot army. When Skarr realizes that his son has betrayed him, his last words before he’s killed are that he’s proud of his son.
  • Gargoyles: Goliath to Angela at the end of "Mark of the Panther":
    "Your quick thinking helped us defeat Anansi. I am proud of you, my daughter."
    • This is especially heartwarming as it marks the moment that he finally acknowledges her as his daughter. Note that the lack of acknowledgment wasn't because he ever disapproved of her personally, but because gargoyles traditionally didn't keep track of who laid which eggs.

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983): Prince Adam usually receives some variation of a Disappointed in You comment from someone once an episode, normally his faher, King Randor. Naturally, none of them are aware of Adam's secret identity as He-Man, the effort he puts into protecting Eternia, and how his carefree attitude is mostly just how he relaxes between world-ending crisises. Still, He-Man usually gets all the praise while Adam has to good naturedly take whatever criticisms come his way. This all changes in the 'Secret of the Sword' movie, where Prince Adam is able to return his sister Adora to Eternia after she'd been kidnapped to another world as an infant. Adora gives Adam and not He-Man full credit for going to another world and bringing his sister home. Randor, crying Tears of Joy from having his daughter returned, goes over to Adam and tells the Prince exactly what he thinks of him before giving Adam a big damn So Proud of You hug.
    King Randor: Son, I want you to know that today you've made me the happiest man in all of Eternia.
  • I am so proud of you, part of the It's Such a Beautiful Day film cycle by Don Hertzfeldt, plays around with this.
  • On Jimmy Two-Shoes, Lucius sometimes does this to Beezy after Beezy has done something evil.
  • Justice League:
    • In "A Better World", the idea is used as a What the Hell, Hero? statement and/or Armor-Piercing Question when Batman is talking to his Knight Templar alternate universe counterpart.
      Batman: They'd love it here, don't you think?
      Lord!Batman: Who?
      Batman: Mom and Dad. They'd be so proud of you.
      Lord!Batman: ...Just drive.
    • Darkseid says this to Orion in "Twilight", while Orion is trying to kill him. Darkseid then breaks his back.
      Darkseid: You make an old man proud.
  • In Mike the KnightJourney to Dragon Mountain, Mike and Evie get this from their father, Squirt the dragon gets it from his Disappeared Dad after he finds him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Princess Celestia to Twilight Sparkle and her friends at the end of "Return of Harmony part 2".
    • Celestia to Twilight again in "A Canterlot Wedding", where she commended her for managing to bring the real Cadance back and save the day by trusting her instincts and persisting in the face of doubt.
    • And again in "The Crystal Empire". Princess Celestia makes it quite clear that she couldn't be prouder to have Twilight Sparkle as her personal student after Twilight deliberately disobeyed Celestia's stipulations for passing the test in order to ensure that King Sombra is defeated once and for all.
    • Celestia to Twilight, again, in "Magical Mystery Cure". This time in song!
    "You've come such a long, long way
    And I've watched you since that very first day
    To see how you might grow
    To see what you might do
    To see what you've been through
    And all the ways you've made me proud of you"
    Applejack: (to Apple Bloom) Oh, sugarcube, if Mom and Dad were here, they’d be so proud of ya. (...)
    Rainbow Dash: (to Scootaloo) I'm so proud of you, little buddy. You've taught me a thing or two.
    Rarity: (to Sweetie Belle) You've inspired everypony around you, and you've inspired me, too.
  • In Numberjacks, at the end of most missions, the Numberjacks back at base praise the Numberjack/s who went on the mission. Special mention goes to the episode Three Things Good where Six has a particular hint of pride when Three returns home from her first ever solo mission.
  • The Owl House: Implied. When Amity goes into battle against the Abomi-Ton 2.0, Alador Blight looks very concerned for his daughter but shifts to an intrigued and delighted smile when she and Luz prove capable of handling it.
  • During the song Summer Belongs to You Candace sings about how proud she is of Phineas and Ferb
  • At the end of "Alien Encounter" from Shelldon Herman's Disappeared Dad, from afar, says that he did well and makes him proud, having apparently heard of his actions in freeing a group of fish during the episode.
  • Played with on The Simpsons, when Bart, whacked out on way too Ritalin Focusyn, hijacks a tank and runs amuck around town.
    Nelson: You've raised the bar for all of us, Simpson; and I thank you. *bows*
    Bart: Wow! Praise from Caesar!
    Nelson: Huh?!
    • In The PTA Disbands, Bart and Lisa realize that each has the other's packed lunch by comparing the notes that Marge had left in each. Lisa's reads, "We're so very proud of you." Being The Simpsons, the treacle is cut by Bart's note, "Be good. For the love of God, please be good."
  • On Special Agent Oso, the kid who was helped in the episode may get this from their parent or parents after successfully completing whatever it was Oso was helping them to learn.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: At the end of "Grandpappy the Pirate", Mr. Krabs's pirate grandpa declares that he is proud of Mr. Krabs even though Mr. Krabs lied about being a pirate because to him, Mr. Krabs's greedy prices in Krusty Krab is "real piracy".
  • In ThunderCats (2011), Claudus telling Lion-O that he is proud of him is particularly poignant because Lion-O has spent his entire life trying to make his father proud of him and because these are Claudus' last words.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: In the episode "Carnage", Green Goblin/Norman Osborn tells his son, Harry, how his father (Norman) would be proud of what Harry did that day. Goblin drops Harry to his doom right after.
  • In "You're a Big Boy, Roo," from My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Roo is tasked with delivering a pouch watch to Kanga, but loses it. The Super Sleuths help him find it, but afterwards he has to decide whether or not to tell her that he lost it, afraid she won't think him a big boy. Instead, she says she's proud of him for telling the truth and that she knows he's growing up.


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