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Let's get styling!note 

Sunny Day is a Nick Jr. show that premiered on August 21, 2017, with individual sneak peeks in June and July. The show is loosely based on the Fairytale Hairdresser books. It lasted two seasons before being quietly cancelled in 2020.

Taking place in the seaside town of Friendly Falls, the series follows a professional hairstylist named Sunny who works at her own salon. The other salon employees are her two best friends, Rox and Blair, and her pet dog Doodle.

Sunny Day contains examples of:

  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: The backgrounds and anything that isn't a character are rendered in CGI.
  • Artistic Age: Sunny and her friends are said to be around ten years old, but they look, act and sound like they're in their teens.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "If Timmy Gives You Apples" and "Timmy's Big Day" For Timmy, "Cindy And The Cupcake Machine" and "Dance Buddies" for Cindy, "Poddle Puff Pals" for KC, and "Violet's Adventure" for Violet.
  • Be Yourself: The moral of "Style Swap".
  • Big Eater: Rox shows shades of this. In "Friendship Day", she drools over Timmy's burger and cupcake. "The Topi-Hairy Contest" shows her happily munching a whole box of muffins.
  • Birthday Episode: There are two. "Sunny's Birthday Wish List" pertaining to the title character, and "Clowning Around" pertaining to Junior.
  • Christmas Episode: "Best Christmas Ever".
  • Colorful Song: Mandy's mega hit, "Rainbow Kind of Day", is a song about the many colors of the world.
  • Connected All Along: Lacey reveals Cindy is her sister in "Band Together".
  • Covers Always Lie: The sunglasses Rox wears, featured in promotional material, aren't seen within the series. Ditto with her purse.
  • Evolving Credits: “Pet Parlor” introduces a slightly updated version of the theme song in favor of the new titular addition to the salon, along with adding Violet, Rosie, Lacey and KC to the sequence.
  • Free-Range Children: Much like Strawberry Shortcake, the main characters are kids/preteens, yet they can drive and operate their own businesses.
  • Friendship Song: Which is actually called "Friendship Song" - "That's how you know you've got a friend! / Someone who loves and makes time to spend with you! / That's how you know you've got a friend..."
  • Garage Band: In "Band Together", the main characters form a band called Sunny and the Sun Rays as part of their act for Timmy's talent show.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Sunny has blond hair, and is willing to help others no matter what.
  • Halloween Episode: "Pumpkin Pursuit", where Blair's pumpkin costume is stolen by Lacey on the day of the Friendly Falls costume contest. Unsurprisingly, it’s not set on Halloween.
  • Happy Birthday to You!: The show got away by using the traditional happy birthday song in two episodes. Justified; as the show was in production by the time the song entered the public domain.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Blair's idol Mandy looks exactly like her, with the exceptions being her red hair differing from Blair's lilac, and has Innocent Blue Eyes while Blair's are brown.
  • Impact Silhouette: In “Best Christmas Ever”, Lacey leaves a herself-shaped print on the snow blocking the salon exit when she tries to leave.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Sunny means well, but she can occasionally be blinded by her own ambition when helping others.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Scratch and, to a lesser extent, Lacey.
  • Karma Houdini: Lacey receives absolutely no punishment for trying to outsmart Sunny.
  • Medium Blending: The characters are 2D flash animated using Toon Boom Harmony, but everything around them is rendered in CGI.
  • Once per Episode: Expect some of the following to occur every episode.
    • When Sunny and her team set off, they announce, "Ready, set, gear up and go!", followed by them getting into the Glam Van.
    • Every episode features a hairstyle unique to the plot, and Sunny takes a picture of such with her mirror to save for her "Style Files".
    • There's also a musical number that focuses on whatever is going on at the moment, whether it has to do with a problem someone has or an event that takes place.
  • The One Guy: Sunny, Rox, and, Blair are all female, and puppy Doodle is male.
  • Pep-Talk Song: The recurring song “Don’t Give Up”, frequently sung by Sunny and her friends as they encourage someone to not give up.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In "Three-Headed Rose", the girls and Doodle fail to inform each other they have already watered the rose and thus, each gives it "two drops".
  • Power Trio: We have Sunny (the leader), Rox (the tomboy), and Blair (the smart one).
  • Precious Puppy: Doodle.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Lacey and Cindy play this straight. The former is brassy, selfish and jealous, while the latter is meek and shy, and more supportive.
  • Talent Contest: "Band Together" deals with Sunny and her crew forming a Garage Band to take part in one hosted by Timmy; however, Lacey is jealous of their performance and plots to win in their place. Doodle's drumkit goes missing, and Doodle himself gets trapped inside the box for Junior's magic act, but the girls manage to solve all those problems and perform in the show. They get second, but Lacey still loses due to Junior getting first place.
  • There Are No Adults: All the characters look and sound like kids, but they're treated like adults.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Rox is the tomboy to Blair’s girly girl, and Cindy is the tomboy to Lacey’s girly girl.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Rox is shown to like skateboarding, and is a big eater. She also works at the hair salon and likes watching ballet. The connection is obvious.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Lacey gets a more softer spot toward Sunny near the end of Season 1, especially when she is hired to join the new Pet Parlor.
  • Trunk Shot: In "Band Together" as Sunny is trying to find the missing drumkit, the camera is pointing up at her from inside a chest as she looks in it.
  • Unknown Rival: In "Band Together", Sunny and the gang were initially unaware that Lacey was out to sabotage their act (they didn't even realize the disappearance of Doodle's drum kit was all Lacey's fault). She was also unaware that Lacey stole her topiary in "The Topi-Hairy Contest", but they eventually find out.
  • The Unreveal: In "Band Together", we never get to see where Doodle's drum kit ends up after Lacey hides it. Even though Sunny makes a new one out of Cindy's cooking supplies, she and her friends were unsuccessful at finding it.
  • Vague Age:
    • Sunny, Rox and Blair. They look, act and talk like they're 13-16, but the description establishes their age as ten.
    • Timmy looks and sounds like he could be around 15-20. Same goes with Scratch.


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