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The LOONA logo as of Feb 2018. Explained under "Fun with Acronyms".
LOONA is a Kpop Girl Group project managed by Blockberry Creative, a subdivision of Polaris Entertainment. On August 20, 2018, the 12-member group officially debuted together with their lead single "Hi High"; each member had a month to herself in order to release a solo single and music video.

There are also three pre-debut subunits, LOONA 1/3 (with a pure image to draw in Korean audiences), LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE (darker, edgier and designed to appeal to Western listeners), and LOONA/yyxy (whose concept revolves around one's youth and ego). The full group's title tracks (currently comprised of "Hi High" and "Butterfly") revolve around a common theme of self-empowerment and the rise to an individual's full potential, particularly for young women.

The group is known for its continuous storyline and worldbuilding; everything released under LOONA's name adds up to create a fantastical story occurring in the LOONAVERSE, a fictional universe in which the members reside. The main plot rotates around their struggle to find each other upon being scattered to different parts of this universe, but all members and subunits have their own mythology; for example, ViVi's storyline revolves around feeling isolated as an android amongst humans and Chuu's around her desire to be closer to Yves.


Other group ventures include an approximately 1 minute long and regularly uploaded show, LOONA TV, in which we follow the members through their cycle of photoshoots, travel, MV shooting and fan meets.

Most of the members also star in a college romance webseries called ''First Love Story''.

Each member has a signature colour and animal, at least one of which will appear in their solo music video. The last unit along with Choerry have fruits, which activate their passage into other dimensions when eaten. For reference:

  • HeeJin is hot pink with a rabbit.
  • HyunJin is yellow with a cat.
  • HaSeul is green with a bird.
  • YeoJin is orange with a frog.
  • ViVi is pale pink with a deer.
  • Kim Lip is red with an owl.
  • JinSoul is blue with a blue betta.
  • Choerry is purple with a fruit bat and cherry.
  • Yves is burgundy with a swan and apple.
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  • Chuu is peach with a penguin and strawberry.
  • Go Won is turquoise with a butterfly and pineapple.
  • Olivia Hye is silver with a wolf and plum.

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     Members (in order of solos) 


  • HeeJin
    • Name: Jeon Heejin
    • Birthday: October 19, 2000
    • Solo: “ViVid” - October 4, 2016
  • HyunJin
    • Name: Kim Hyunjin
    • Birthday: November 15, 2000
    • Solo: “Around You” - November 16, 2016
  • HaSeul
    • Name: Jo Haseul
    • Birthday: August 18, 1997
    • Solo: “Let Me In” - December 14, 2016
  • YeoJin
    • Name: Im Yeojin
    • Birthday: November 11, 2002
    • Solo: “Kiss Later” - January 15, 2017
  • ViVi



  • Yves
    • Name: Ha Sooyoung
    • Birthday: May 24, 1997
    • Solo: “new” - November 27, 2017
  • Chuu
  • Go Won
    • Name: Park Chaewon
    • Birthday: November 19, 2000
    • Solo: “One and Only” - January 29, 2018
  • Olivia Hye
    • Name: Son Hyejoo
    • Birthday: November 13, 2001
    • Solo: “Egoist” - March 29, 2018

Member Debut Singles

  • HeeJin (2016)
  • HyunJin (2016)
  • HaSeul (2016)
  • YeoJin (2017)
  • ViVi (2017)
  • Kim Lip (2017)
  • JinSoul (2017)
  • Choerry (2017)
  • Yves (2017)
  • Chuu (2017)
  • Go Won (2018)
  • Olivia Hye (2018)

LOONA 1/3 (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, ViVi)

  • Love&Live (2017)
  • Love&Evil (2017) (Love&Live reissue)

ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry)

  • Mix&Match (2017)
  • Max&Match (2017) (Mix&Match reissue)

yyxy (Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye)

  • beauty&thebeat (2018)


  • [+ +] (2018)
  • [X X] (2019) ( reissue)

LOONA provides examples of the following tropes:

    General Tropes 
  • A Day in the Limelight: More than a day - each girl has her own month! Hence their Korean name, which literally translates to ‘Girl of the Month’.
  • Big Eater: Kim Lip. She's usually mentioning how hungry she is in LOONA TV episodes and said herself when she goes out to eat, she cleans her plate. A couple times over in fact.
  • Cast Herd: The 12 member group is divided into 3 subunits: LOONA 1/3, LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE, and LOONA/yyxy (Short for "Youth Youth by Young").
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Choerry in the "Reveal" teaser.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Every girl has a signature color (see in list above).
  • Dancing Is Serious Business: Is it ever!
    • Separate videos have been released for certain songs to focus on the choreography.
    • Yves attended a dance academy growing up, and it shows.
    • The Butterfly MV is especially notable not only for featuring LOONA dancing when the video focuses on them, but the choreography itself is among the most intricate and dynamic routines LOONA has performed. The music video also highlights several instance of intense choreography from dancers outside the group.
  • Debut Queue: How the pre-debut phase of the group is panned out. For the first 8 members, a solo video featuring one member would be released during their month, adding that member to the group roster. From Yves onwards, the remaining four members continue to have their solo debut on a monthly basis, just not necessarily in their particular month.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: A large part of LOONA’s fanbase is made up of females.
  • Fan Community Nickname: The fan community’s official name "Orbit."
  • Fun Personified: Choerry is recognized as an unstoppable force of positivity who brings a smile to every room. Her response to the idea her filming set is haunted? It's cool, hope the ghost cheers her on!
  • Fun with Acronyms: Oh, this is a cool one. An animated sequence for this appears in the opening for everything released under LOONA's name.
    • Take the group's Korean name, 이달의 소녀
    • Take the first sound in every syllable: ㅇㄷㅇㄴㅅ
    • Rearrange them like this: ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ
    • Flip the ㄷ sideways and substitute with either a Greek Pi or Roman N: ㄴㅇㅇΠㅅ or ㄴㅇㅇNㅅ
    • Replace the ㅅ with a Greek Delta or Roman A: ㄴㅇㅇΠA or ㄴㅇㅇΠΔ
    • And you're left with LOONA/LOOΠΔ!
  • I Have Many Names: ViVi has 4: ViVinote , Wong Kaheinote , Viian Wongnote , Hwang Aranote .
  • Ironic Name: Choerry's stage name is pretty ironic, considering she actually hates the taste of cherries.
  • The Leader: Kim Lip for ODD EYE CIRCLE, Yves for yyxy, and HaSeul for both LOONA 1/3 and the group in its entirety.
  • Little Miss Snarker: YeoJin can sometimes come across as this in LOONA TV, being the youngest member with a very sarcastic yet playful sense of humor.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • ViVi's comes from the Latin root "vivere" (to live), which is significant as her storyline revolves around longing for a human life. It relates to Love&Live, the video in which she is introduced, and to "ViVid", the first LOONA single.
    • Yves is an alternate spelling of Eve, and her video as well of the rest of LOONA/yyxy have a motif revolving around "falling from Eden."
      • An "eve" is also the day before something (as in Christmas Eve), explaining why her B-side is called "D-1."
    • "Chuu" is the Korean onomatopoeia that refers to kisses, which ties well both with her role in the yyxy unit (love) and her actual personality.
    • Averted for Go Won. "Gowon" is a Nigerian male name meaning "rainmaker", but aside from Gowon being a given name, and Go Won a full name, she has little if anything to do with JinSoul, resident rainstorm. The "Won" part is taken from her real name, Park Chaewon.
    • Given that the caption on Olivia Hye's reveal photo was written in Shakespearean English, it's likely that the name is a reference to the character from Twelfth Night.
    • Choerry sounds similar to her real name - Choi Yerim - said quickly, and links to her signature fruit, the cherry, as well as her solo song “Love Cherry Motion”.
    • While Kim Lip was mainly given a stage name because her real name, Kim Jungeun, sounds too much like the leader of North Korea's, the name "Lip" isn't without meaning - it's derived from the middle 3 letters of the word "ecLIPse", and the word itself brings to mind her image color, red.
  • No Pronunciation Guide:
    • When Choerry was revealed, a lot of doubt occurred between fans about her name - Choh-erry? Chwerry? Choiri? According to The Wiki Rule, it is pronounced simply "Cherry", as like most Korean words, the initial vowel is silent.
    • The group's debut album, [+ +] was pronounced "plus plus" straightforwardly enough, but when its reissue [XX] was announced, there was some ambiguity on whether it was pronounced "X X" like the letters, "times times" following the pattern of "plus plus", or even "by(e) bye" from the x of yyxy and as an opposite to "Hi High". As it turns out, the album is pronounced "multiple multiple".
    • Similarly, a lot of fans — especially Western ones — aren't sure how to pronounce "Yves." Yuh-vess? Why-vess? Ee-vees? (It's pronounced "Eve," by the way.)
  • Out of Focus: YeoJin is the only member not in a sub-unit. note  Justified In-Universe in the description of the music video for "Sonatine", where it explicitly states that she is lost in the forest and not yet found by the other LOONA members.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: HyunJin's and Choerry's hair has a tendency to do this, hence why HyunJin keeps a ponytail and beret on in "I'll Be There" and why Choerry kept her hair pulled back with a band for the Love Cherry Motion choreography.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: In terms of vocal ranges, this is what "See Saw" is all about. Chuu's voice overflows with power, and she sings a duet with Go Won, whose voice is incredibly soft. Before there was See Saw though, there was Love Letter by Kim Lip and JinSoul. Kim Lip's voice is not only soft, but leans high, while JinSoul has a very deep, husky voice full of power. This makes Kim Lip the blue to JinSoul's red, funnily enough, since that's the inversion of their assigned colors.
    • As far as personalities go, Yves and Chuu showcase thus dynamic pretty well in, and even out of, the LOONAVERSE - the XIIIX teaser exemplifies their Light Feminine and Dark Feminine contrast pretty well.
  • Rule of Three: ODD EYE CIRCLE's concept revolves around three girls and a trilogy of coordinated videos.
  • Stage Name: ViVi for Viian Wong, Kim Lip for Kim Jungeun, Choerry for Choi Yerim, Yves for Ha Sooyoung, Chuu for Kim Jiwoo, Go Won for Park Chaewon, Olivia Hye for Son Hyejoo.
    • Interestingly, Viian Wong is yet another stage name for ViVi. It’s her stage name for modelling, but her real name is Wong Kahei.
  • Surprisingly Good Foreign Language: HaSeul speaks English well from her time studying abroad in the US.
    • Averted with ViVi: she's a Hong Kong native, and could barely speak any Korean when filming with LOONA 1/3.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Give Hyunjin bread and she may love you forever.
  • Younger Than They Look: Olivia often remarks how young she actually is because people may mistake her for one of the oldest members due to how tall she is, especially if you compare her to Yeojin, the only member that's younger than her and also the shortest.

    Music Tropes 
  • Alliterative Name: Subunit albums Love&Live, Mix&Match, Max&Match, and beauty&thebeat.
  • all lowercase letters: Yves's first solo song, "new", as well as all the songs in yyxy's beauty&thebeat album.
    • Averted with the full group's lead single, "favOriTe", despite its lowercase first letter.
  • Be Yourself: The video’s description for "new" states that it's a song where Yves realizes she wants to be herself and accepts herself for who she is.
  • Break Up Song: "Egoist" talks about loving yourself and freeing yourself from a past relationship.
  • Call-Back: The oddly-constructed title of "favOriTe" is a call-back to "ViViD". Like ViViD, favOriTe is the first of its kind.
  • Christmas Songs: "The Carol" and "The Carol 2.0”.
  • Face on the Cover: So far, the covers for each LOONA release have just been a photo of the relevant member or sub-unit.
  • Genre Roulette: From HyunJin's soft ballad to JinSoul's future bass song, to Choerry alternating between TWO genres in one song (her initially cutesy solo has two bass drops).
  • Incredibly Long Note: If there's a long note in a LOONA song, most likely Chuu's the one carrying it. She does so in "Heart Attack", "Hi High", and "Satellite", and an epic one in "Frozen".
  • Ironic Title: "Egoist" is a deliberate one in reference to Olivia. The word "egoist" typically means someone who is self-absorbed and cares only about themselves, and carries a connotation of selfishness and arrogance. The lyrics and video content, however, show a much healthier (if chaotic) take on the idea of self-centered-ness as self love.
  • Miniscule Rocking: "You and Me Together", at least the video provided by the Youtube channel and the live performance in 2017, clocks in at 1:44. Though to be fair, there's an entire extra chorus and several verses not included in those.
  • Mood Whiplash: "Love Cherry Motion" is a light-hearted, energetic song... that is, until the beat suddenly drops after the chorus and the tune becomes darker, paired with sexually charged whispering and bold visuals.
  • New Sound Album: Kim Lip started a Hotter and Sexier theme in LOONA. "Eclipse" and "Singing in the Rain", as well as parts of "Love Cherry Motion", are miles away from the cuter sound of YeoJin and the 1/3 subunit.
  • Ominous Music Box Tune: "Heart Attack" has the music in last bridge right become a tinkling piano-like melody that's overlayed by... demonic cackling? It sure adds a creepy atmosphere to an otherwise cheerful love song.
  • One-Word Title: "ViVid", "Eclipse", "new", and "Egoist" of their singles. "Twilight", "Rosy", "frozen" are also this, to name a few.
  • Self-Empowerment Song: Save for Chuu's solo, all of the yyxy subunit's song relate to self-love, albeit in different contexts.
    • Yves sings about breaking away from a desire to be what others have set for her, in favor of her own self that she will love and trust. Her self-love is defiant, and contrary to common modern themes of acceptance of one's self as they are, Yves strives for a better, new self—hence the title.
    • Go Won's "One&Only" is more declarative about her self-love, straight up saying the only person who can make her happy is herself, and that her true self is her one and only love. Her self-love is reluctant, but ultimately healthy and necessary.
    • Olivia Hye's expression of self-love is born out of pain and spite in "Egoist", demonstrating a tangible irony. Although her attachment to one who rejected her weighed her down, she resolves to cast it away—violently so—so as to love only herself.
  • Sequel Song: "Egoist", which was released after Singing in the Rain, features the latter's soloist JinSoul referencing a lyric from her own song in Olivia's.
  • Spoken Word in Music:
    • In "Eclipse": "I feel sparks. It's just me. 'Cause, baby, I just got this feeling," and later, "You're the only one I want."
    • In "Singing in the Rain": "Hey boy. I've been thinking about us. Got me singing in the rain."
    • In "See Saw", the phrases "Which is right, I see or saw you? Which is right, I love or loved you?" spoken by Go Won recur twice in the song.
    • "frozen" features a section of spoken word poetry read by Go Won and backed by Chuu's vocals.
  • Retraux: The song, styling, and the way the music video for "Everyday I Love You" was shot is in the style of many South Korean songs from the late 90s/early 2000s.
  • Rule of Three: HeeJin, HyunJin and HaSeul performed as a trio for "The Carol", repeated a year later with ViVi, Choerry and Yves.
  • Unplugged Version: The discontinued "100% Real Live" has HeeJin, HyunJin and HaSeul performing acoustic versions of their solo songs on piano and guitar.
  • Vocal Tag Team: A given in a group comprised of twelve members. This showed up more frequently after pre-debut era.
    • "Favorite" has the vocal tag team of Yves, HeeJin, JinSoul, and Kim Lip with the other members having bit lines or backing vocals.
    • "Hi High" has better line distribution but still favors the above with the addition of Chuu, Olivia Hye, and Choerry.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!:
    • Both versions of ViVi's song feature a rap from another girl in the group - first HaSeul, then JinSoul.
    • In a version of "Singing in the Rain" HeeJin appears to do the rap part in lieu of JinSoul, recorded as a reward for reaching a view goal.
    • In "Egoist", JinSoul appears rapping after the dance break.

    Music Video Tropes / LOONAVERSE 
  • All Just a Dream: Most of what happens in "Everyday I Love You" turn out to be ViVi's dreams from when she'd been dozing off on the job. Later on it's revealed that this isn't all there is to the video, in two ways.
  • Animal Motifs: Their signature animals will almost always feature in their solo MVs - from ViVi's desktop deer mascot in "Everyday I Love You", to HaSeul's subtle bird cosplay, to JinSoul legitimately sitting in a tank and becoming her signature blue betta fish.
  • Arc Symbol: With LOONA's ever-expanding, increasingly complicated lore, the arc symbols are often the details tying the story together.
    • The moon is the first Arc Symbol of the LOONAVERSE - it's in the name
      • Every LOONA official video starts with a full moon waning out into the logo.
      • The ODD EYE CIRCLE subunit takes this even further. The "O" and "D's" represent three overlapping moons as well as spelling out the word "odd". Kim Lip's "Eclipse" speaks for itself. "Love Cherry Motion", the video where all the members join together, features three moons that represent each member. The list goes on...
      • Which turns the name of the group into a cross between a Meaningful Name and a pun.
    • Butterflies were heavily featured during the era of the Butterfly title track:
      • The initial teaser flashed 12 butterflies at one point in the video
      • The lyrics and key choreo points reference butterflies
    • Loops, like things repeating, reversing, going in circles
      • LOONA has mentioned a mobius strip since the introduction of ODD EYE CIRCLE, with the subunit wearing bands in the shape of a mobius strip in the Girl Front MV.
      • Inverting the spelling of LOONA’s official website to dlrowehtanool will open a site with an image of the mobius strip
      • The motion graphics of the LOONA logo for [X X] era videos have the previous album’s title + + rotate in circles like a cassette tape song on loop
      • Many fans have noticed that converting the Greek letters in "LOOΠΔ" (the official stylization) into their modern English alphabet counterparts gives you "LOOPD", as in "looped".
    • Running: these girls run so much throughout their entire discography!
      • Let Me In: Haseul runs towards the airplane wreckage
      • Kiss Later: Yeojin runs away from her suitor who wants a kiss
      • Love&Live: The four members run track and field. Vivi runs right off the track and far away from the rest of the members in the last part of the song.
      • Singing in the Rain: There’s several moments cutting to Jinsoul running for her life with a goldfish baggy in hand.
      • Girl Front: Kim Lip runs in the beginning in the video, and this coupled with the bloopers of LOONATIC imply she might have super speed in the LOONAVERSE canon.
      • Sweet, Crazy, Love: Kim Lip runs away from a sparking wire at the underground train station.
      • One&Only: Go Won gets chased by Yves and Chuu down a corridor twice, and runs with them at the end of the video.
      • love4eva: Yves, Chuu, and Go Won run away from the giant palace they original were schooled at to the forest outside leaving Olivia Hye behind.
      • Hi High: Takes this Up to Eleven - the video mostly consists of the members running if they’re not performing the song’s choreo, mostly likely towards one another to form the group for the first time in canon.
      • Choerry and Hyunjin running to high five each other.
      • Vivi running in the same track outfit from Love&Live.
      • Kim Lip running against Choerry and her running through a street way of sheets hanging from clotheslines to meet Heejin.
      • Yeojin and Haseul running through a field together.
      • Jinsoul running from a shadowy parking lot into the light.
      • The entirety of yyxy racing against each other in a empty, abandoned pool.
      • Olivia Hye running and leaping into said empty pool.
      • And finally, the video ends with Heejin leaping off another building, but up towards the moon.
      • Butterfly: In the beginning a girl runs towards a wall and kicks it before the screen turns black. The end of the music video group shows numerous girls from around the world running, echoing previous M Vs of the members running (particularly Hi High).
  • Arc Words:
    • For LOONA/yyxy: "I don't need no Garden of Eden." These were lyrics directly from Go Won's pre-debut single, "One&Only", and they repeat again for the "One" trailer.
    • The Butterfly era makes heavy use of "Fly like a butterfly." throughout the song and promotions.
  • Bathtub Scene: HeeJin has one in the "ViVid" music video.
  • Boyish Short Hair: HaSeul as a bird in the MV for "Let Me In", and in some of her jacket photos. Returns for the [xx] era, but natural instead of a wig.
  • Call-Back: As LOONA's story started to get fleshed out starting from "Sonatine", later videos and songs make references to scenes in previous videos.
    • "Kiss Later" has the gift box next to YeoJin on the bed ("The Carol").
    • "Girl Front" features the same yellow truck and bird shooting scene from "Let Me In." The Stinger also references the cassette tape from "Everyday I Love You."
    • "Sweet Crazy Love": The Stinger of the video is Book-Ends with "Eclipse."
    • "new" references the golf club ("ViViD"); the cassette tapes and the roller skating rink ("Everyday I Love You").
    • "Heart Attack" references the gift box, HaSeul wearing the same outfit when she wakes Chuu up ("The Carol"); the penguin plushie that Yves captured in a UFO crane machine and later knocked away with a golf club, Yves' apple ("new").
    • "Egoist" references JinSoul's earbud being pulled out ("Sweet Crazy Love"); the UFO crane machine ("new"), cassette tapes ("Everyday I Love You").
    • "Butterfly" references elements from nearly every single one of the group's previous music videos to get across that girls around the world are all other versions of LOONA.
  • Call-Forward: The very last lyric of "Sonatine" declares that "a new world will be opened to [us]". This is the last video of the 1/3 era and the events of this song directly precede the introduction of Kim Lip, who quite literally comes from another world.
  • The Cameo: Also after "Sonatine", some of the previously-known members of the group begin appearing in videos.
    • "Everyday I Love You": During HaSeul's rap, HeeJin, HyunJin, and YeoJin are dancing behind her.
    • "Love Cherry Motion": HaSeul and YeoJin are seen hanging out with Choerry. After Choerry eats a cherry, Kim Lip is seen holding up a mirror to welcome her and later, both JinSoul and Kim Lip join Choerry's dance sequences during the Mood Whiplash beat drops.
    • "Girl Front": HyunJin appears in a Freeze-Frame Bonus scene near the end of the video (it's so brief that some fans only realized she was even in the video after one episode of LOONA TV showed her shooting said scene).
    • "new": There’s a shot of ViVi during the first chorus after Yves first bites into the apple. She is later seen tying up her roller skates at the bowling alley. Choerry also appears when Yves drops her an apple near the end.
    • "Heart Attack": the music video focuses on Chuu's crush on Yves. HaSeul appears at the end where she finds Chuu unconscious in the snow.
    • "One&Only": In the interlude to the first chorus, Choerry is upside-down in the hallway holding an apple. Yves and Chuu chase Go Won throughout the song and Yves eventually crowns her.
    • "Egoist": During JinSoul's rap, there’s a split-second shot of Choerry eating a cherry. At the 1:40 mark, there are flashes of Yves, Chuu, and Go Won. HeeJin appears as the Woman in White at the end.
  • Censor Suds: HeeJin has a neck-upwards bathtub scene in "ViVid". The LOONA TV episodes show she's actually wearing a dress.
  • Clip Show: The music video of "LOONATIC" is mostly made up of outtakes, extra footage, and bloopers of previous ODD EYE CIRCLE member videos.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: The yyxy sub-unit and their members have songs and music videos that are themed on the loss of innocence (Eden) and the Tempting Apple. Yves is the first to question it, as noted in the description for her music video. Chuu willingly follows her, and they both convince Go Won to join them. As for Olivia Hye, on the other hand…
  • Darker and Edgier: After the first five members were introduced - with innocent, sweet concepts - the final seven' pre-debut videos took a dark turn to focus more on LOONA's story, starting with Kim Lip's "Eclipse", where some elements have created a Mood Whiplash in contrast to the previous videos.
    • Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry's songs all have a darker setting with gritty, electronic beat drops. Zigzagged in "Love Choerry Motion" which is sweet and innocent until the first beat drop, returning to innocent again… until the second beat drop.
    • Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye's music video content deals with the fall from innocence as it embodies the conflict of their struggle to leave Eden.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • ViVi was first introduced in the “Love&Live” video as part of LOONA 1/3, before her solo song.
    • JinSoul made a rap cameo in “Everyday I Need You” before her official introduction in her solo song.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • Viewers who started LOONA with Kim Lip (which would be quite a chunk of them) would notice that the opening animatic of the waning moon always has the said moon in the color of the member who was being displayed. In the 1/3 era however, the opening animatic for all five of them was of a yellow waning moon, with a different color comprising the background around it. And that background color only corresponds to the member in two cases (bright pink for HeeJin and pale pink for ViVi). HyunJin got green, HaSeul got red, and YeoJin got blue.
    • In the first era of LOONA, all past members would feature on new members' singles and accompany them to fansigns. For example, HeeJin and HyunJin both joined HaSeul for "The Carol", and YeoJin's single contained two duets, one with her and HaSeul and one with HeeJin and HyunJin. By the time ViVi was introduced and the first subunit created, LOONA had obviously grown too large to continue with this, and from Kim Lip onward, members' b-sides and fansigns were limited to themselves plus the member immediately preceding them.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: In the music video for "Hi High", the members of Odd Eye Circle emerge from the shadows and surround Olivia in a circle.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: In the context of the story, Yves has caught the attention of ViVi, towards whom she acts as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl as she drags her to go roller skating ("new"); Chuu, whose whole mission in her solo video was to get her attention ("Heart Attack"); Go Won, who Yves hugs and wins over to accompany her to leave Eden ("One&Only"); and Olivia Hye, who is hurt that Yves abandoned her and burns her uniform, a swan plushie, and anything related to her ("Egoist").
  • Eye Motifs: The most obvious meaning of the ODD EYE CIRCLE subunit refers to the glowing halos in the irises of their members that show up in the teaser for the subunit's debut and the videos for "Girl Front" and "Sweet Crazy Love".
    • There also ample emphasis on eyes in general in "Sweet Crazy Love" from an optometrist test to JinSoul wearing an eyepatch on top of the eye halos and close-ups.
  • Fairytale Motif: YeoJin's video for "Kiss Later" is a modern version of the Frog Prince story.
    • "Fairy Tale" on LOONA 1/3's debut album.
  • Fallen Angel: The neon sign behind JinSoul in "Egoist" reads "fallen angel", symbolizing that Olivia Hye has something to do with being a fallen angel. "Egoist" also shows her falling from a high level in an abandoned factory warehouse, where she awakens on a mattress with red feathers scattered around her.
  • Foreshadowing: And how! Nearly every music video foreshadows another in some way.
    • The first solo number, "ViVid", does a great job of foreshadowing LOONA's upcoming events in its little details:
      • HeeJin sings about adding colour to a dull life - directly before the other 11 members are revealed, all of whom have distinct colours (Olivia Hye has silvernote , but you get the picture)
      • The scene where her expression appears differently in three mirrors precedes the introduction of three subunits, all with different characteristics.
      • There are 12 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe and 12 members.
      • The golfing scenes in which she golfs lemons are repeated later in "new" and “Heart Attack” and foreshadow the importance of fruit to the last subunit's members.
    • "LOONATIC" contains some scenes from Girl Front with more focus than the split-second versions for that video. Look closely enough at Choerry's map (which in Girl Front visibly contained stickers for 1/3's animals and YeoJin's frog, and you'll see four stickers on the bottom: the frog again, plus an apple, a penguin, and a butterfly—three of the four signature animals of the upcoming members who hadn't been revealed yet.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: For LOONA/yyxy, which has four members:
    • Sanguine: Yves, who represents "faith", is the leader of the group and is the one who sways each of the other three girls into following her out of Eden.
    • Choleric: Chuu, who represents "love", is heavily devoted to Yves and does outlandish things to get her attention.
    • Phlegmatic: Go Won, who represents "hope", is a Shrinking Violet who hides from Yves and Chuu at first, but she quietly follows them after Yves chooses her.
    • Melancholic: Olivia Hye, who represents "anger", is prone to being pessimistic and becomes resentful when Yves abandons her.
  • Friendless Background: Olivia Hye is a "lone wolf." Her assigned animal is a wolf, and in "love4eva", her whole team ignores her when they talk and abandon her when they escape the school.
  • Gratuitous French: The music video "ViViD" opens up with the quote, "Je voudrais nettoyer. Il existe des outils là-bas." ("I would like to clean. There are some tools there.")
  • Held Gaze: Yves and ViVi have one in the "new" music video.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: It won't become clear until after "One&Only" and "Egoist" that Go Won and Olivia were in "Sweet Crazy Love".
  • Jitter Cam: Used in "favOriTe".
  • Joshikousei: All of the members have different high school uniforms depending on which sub-unit they're in.
    • LOONA 1/3 wears variations of a blazer-style school uniform, with a white blouse, blue skirt, blue vest, and ties.
    • LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE wears white blouses, with skirts and bows in their signature color.
    • LOONA/yyxy wears plaid blazers with plaid skirts that resemble Cher's signature yellow plaid ensemble from Clueless.
  • Leap of Faith: Seen in the music video for "Hi High". Olivia Hye takes a leap of faith by jumping off a high diving board onto an empty pool but ends up on a shipyard with the rest of the Loona members. Heejin does this at the end of the video by jumping off a rooftop. Instead of falling down, she begins to ascend upwards as the video ends.
  • Living Shadow: In "One&Only", Go Won's shadow is seen dancing while she is standing still.
  • Longing Look: Chuu to Yves, all throughout the "Heart Attack" music video.
  • Lyrics/Video Mismatch: "love4eva" is a song about someone crushing on another person from a distance and the jitters they get, but the music video portrays the story of Yves, Chuu and Go Won leaving Olivia alone in Eden.
  • The Mirror Shows Your True Self: The teaser for "One" includes the description "four identities, one girl." The video ends with Olivia Hye seeing herself with the rest of the yyxy members in her reflection.
  • Male Gaze: In "Eclipse", there are multiple shots of Kim Lip's hips and chest. The camera also focuses on the girls' lips a lot, with a pointed set of shots in "I'll Be There" of HeeJin's and HyunJin's lips as they sing.
  • Monochrome to Color: A couple of music videos feature this.
    • "ViVid" revolves around this idea of wanting more color to make HeeJin’s dull world interesting, going to the Color Motif - with every member introduced, there's another color introduced too, and the story of LOONA becomes more complex.
    • "Sweet Crazy Love" begins in completely black and white. Then it starts flashing in Kim Lip's signature red and after that, the video is suddenly in bright technicolor corresponding to JinSoul, Kim Lip, and Choerry's colors.
  • Mood Dissonance: "One&Only" is an upbeat song about self-love. In the music video, Go Won is constantly being chased by Yves and Chuu in dark hallways in a creepy manor where her shadows have a life of their own.
  • No Ending: "Butterfly" was heavily built up with no less than six teasers aimed at heightening the lore of the Loonaverse and the next step after Hi High. The music video itself features no expansion to the lore whatsoever. It does, however, go an extra step in representing women across the globe under LOONA's love.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: While "Everyday I Love You" reveals that ViVi had only been dreaming of meeting her crush and showing clear differences between her dreams and reality (such as the photo pin on her bag being absent in "real life"), the cell phone that she leaves behind displays a newly-received text message reading "I'll be back tomorrow."
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Go Won cuts the pineapple ring that holds her universe together and her hair immediately changes to blonde.
  • Queer Romance: ViVi/Yves is lightly implied in the music video for "new", but the video for "Heart Attack" drops all pretense, and features Chuu actively pursuing Yves.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: The girls, most notably HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, Choerry, Yves, and Olivia Hye, are styled with black hair and pale skin in their pre-debut videos. Go Won has black hair and pale skin "One&Only" before turning blonde, but she comes off more of an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette instead because of the haunting nature of the video.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The descriptions of 1/3 in character generally match the real life counterparts (2Jin are best friends, HaSeul is the team mom, and YeoJin is the baby of the bunch). Furthermore, ViVi was made an android to communicate the isolated feeling of being an outsider due to difficulties with another language, as she is from Hong Kong and didn't speak much Korean when shooting her first videos. Said language difficulties were also probably why she and Choerry switched subunits (Choerry was initially going to be part of 1/3, but switched to ODD Eye Circle—whose members were older, but whose faster songs would demand a greater command of the language than ViVi had at the time).
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Olivia Hye's eyes glow red as she stands in a hallway in "Egoist."
  • Robot Girl: Starting from the video description for "Sonatine", ViVi has been described as an android from Hong Kong. Her first appearance, "Love&Live”, also showed her as this, with scenes of her charging and doing things a human normally couldn’t do.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: ViVi has pink hair and she is very kind and gentle around the others. She's even in LOONA 1/3, a sub-unit that has a pure, gentle image.
  • Rule of Three: As seen in little details of music videos, for example
    • There are three buttons on the wall next to the golf balls in "ViVid"
    • Three buttons on the claw machine in "new".
    • Three moons at the end of "Love Cherry Motion”.
  • Scenery Porn: "Let Me In" opens with a pan of the landscape of Iceland from the view of the Sólheimasandur black beach, and continues to feature wide shots of different locations near the plane crash HaSeul lingers around.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Snow Means Death: At the end of "Heart Attack", Chuu is found unconscious in the snow until HaSeul wakes her up.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Chuu spends the entire "Heart Attack" music video watching and taking pictures of Yves from afar while singing a love song. To be fair, Yves doesn't seem to mind that much.
  • Surreal Horror: Overlapping with Psychological Horror, LOONA/yyxy's music videos deal with the idea of "leaving Eden", and the videos are so haunting. For example, Go Won's "One&Only" has a lot of haunting imagery, and in "love4eva" and the teaser trailer for "One", no one is really sure if Yves, Chuu, and Go Won are real or if it was all in Olivia Hye's head.
  • Team Mom: HaSeul is described as a mother figure to YeoJin in the music video description for "Sonatine."
  • Tempting Apple: Played with. The apples Yves eats in "new" reference the biblical story of Eve biting into the Forbidden Fruit, only this Yves is aware of the consequences and apparently damns herself from Eden on purpose.
    • Chuu bites an apple in an attempt to make Yves notice her in "Heart Attack."
    • Choerry drops an apple for Go Won in "One&Only."
    • Olivia bites into an apple in “One”.
  • Twinkle in the Eye: ODD EYE CIRCLE in the "Reveal" trailer. The camera pans to each girl's glowing eye in turn.
    • In "Love&Live", ViVi's left eye is shown with galaxy-like sparkles in the iris to reveal her as an android.
  • Uncanny Atmosphere:
    • "One&Only" features Mood Dissonance, nonstandard and changing aspect ratios for the video, and haunting imagery like Living Shadows and obscured figures in the background moving closer every shot. Even Go Won herself was noted to be excellent for the concept because of her doll-like face.
    • "love4eva" is shot partially in bright natural light and partially in scant indoor lighting, giving an unsettling atmosphere to the scenes of Yves, Chuu and Go Won one by one deciding to leave Olivia behind and alone in the mansion. Olivia's isolation is shown through quick smash cuts where scenes with all four of them soon only show her, and cuts of the other three escaping the forest and eating rose petals are drowned in a surreal, dreamlike, purple filter.
  • The 'Verse: All the LOONA videos are connected within a universe called the LOONAVERSE that tells a story featuring all 12 members. Since the group has just debuted, how the videos connect and what they mean has yet to be determined.
  • Wall Pin of Love: The frog prince corners YeoJin against a wall in "Kiss Later."
  • Whole Music Video Flashback: "Sweet Crazy Love" is an Immediate Prequel Origin Story of sorts for the ODD EYE CIRCLE subunit. It ends with Kim Lip walking away into the beginning of "Eclipse".
  • Woman in White: When the girls dress in white, there's usually some mystery or even something supernatural going on
    • HaSeul appears as a white dove in "Let Me In", and the real HaSeul shoots her down with a slingshot.
    • HeeJin is dressed in all white in "Egoist" when she meets Olivia for the first time atop of building, achieving a sort of Book-Ends for the predebut era.
    • JinSoul, Yves, Olivia Hye all have cutaway in their solo [MVs] of them dancing in all white outfits.
    • Go Won wears an all white ensemble and has pale blonde hair after eating the pineapple in One&Only.
  • World of Symbolism: The depiction of the LOONAVERSE plays with this; whereas typical cases of this trope uses concrete scenes to represent larger, more abstract concepts, the symbolism in LOONA music videos are the opposite, using abstract scenes to represent concrete events. For instance, Yves dropping an apple from her seat atop a steel container into the black space Choerry is in represents her meeting Choerry and handing her an apple in person.

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