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Greta Van Fleet is a Hard Rock/Blues Rock band formed in Michigan in 2012. The band consists of three Kiszka brothers: Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar) and Sam (bass) and Danny Wagner (drums). After a handful of years making the rounds locally, the band came to prominence in early 2017 with their song "Highway Tune". It immediately drew comparisons to Led Zeppelin, for better or worse. The band released their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, in October 2018, and their second album, The Battle at Garden's Gate, in April 2021.



  • Black Smoke Rising (EP) (2017)
  • From the Fires (EP) (2017)
  • Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (2018)
  • The Battle at Garden's Gate (2021)


  • Album Title Drop: You could technically say that the closest on Anthem of the Peaceful Army, "Anthem", is a loose version of this trope.
    • From the Fires gets its name from a lyric in the chorus of "Black Smoke Rising". This is not a straight example, however, as "Black Smoke Rising", despite being on "From the Fires", was released a year before as part of the Black Smoke Rising EP.
  • Band of Relatives: Twins Josh and Jake Kiszka are vocalist and guitarist, respectively, and their younger brother, Sam, plays bass.
  • Binary Suns: On the cover of Anthem of the Peaceful Army.
  • Blues Rock
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Sam isn't fond of wearing shoes onstage because according to him, being barefoot makes him feel the music better. Josh is also a frequent barefooter. Averted on the "Heat Above" music video, where Sam wears shoes and Jake, who is known for wearing Chelsea boots, appears barefoot.
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  • Epic Rocking: "Age of Man" and "Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)" both barely crack the 6-minute mark. Live versions of the latter, however, have exceeded 20 minutes.
  • Hard Rock: Their music could be described as a Genre Throwback to The '70s-era rock.
  • Longest Song Goes Last: "The Weight of Dreams", the last song from The Battle at Garden's Gate, is 8 minutes and 51 seconds long.
  • Title Track: "Black Smoke Rising", on the band's debut EP.
  • The Something Song: "Safari Song" and "Highway Tune".