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"Department stores, for example, started to market these air purifiers that could filter out harmful PM 2.5. Citizens were also adopting PM 2.5 as the title of music festivals!"

An unusual yet cool-sounding name or phrase is mentioned by one character, and then another character jokingly remarks what he said would be a good name for a band; usually rock or metal. This generally parodies the Word Salad Title naming convention of many Real Life rock bands.

This is not a list of all bands in fiction, and neither is this a list of what real-life bands were named after (clearly, for any existing band someone thought that its name was a good one). For the latter, see That Other Wiki.

Compare Trope Names for a Band.


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  • An ad for a popular Philippine chips brand (shown at 5:36 in this video compilation) shows a group of friends struggling to come up with a name for the band they want to organize... until one guy has an epiphany while looking at a bag of chips. The newly-established band thus decides to name themselves "Tear Here", after the instruction located at the top of the bag.

    Anime & Manga 
  • When describing her younger siblings' propensity for lies and tall tales in Kiniro Mosaic she reveals she's jealous of the nickname they've earned of the "Fibbing Brothers" because she thinks it's a cool name for a band.
  • Subverted with K-On!. Everyone pitches in to try and name the light music club's band (most of which would fit the trope) but after several inconclusive debates, their teacher just names the band for them out of frustration. The name itself ("Houkagonote  Tea Time") is pretty fitting since the club's favorite activity (even more than practicing) is eating snacks and drinking tea together.

    Audio Plays 
  • Monty Python recorded a sketch called "Rock Notes" for Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album, in which a band called "Dead Donkeys" reported their split. During the sketch a number of alternate band names the Dead Donkeys considered using were mentioned, including, "Sole Meunière, then Dead Sole, Rock Cod, Turbot, Haddock, White Bait, the Plaices, Fish, Bream, Mackerel, Salmon, Poached Salmon, Poached Salmon In A White Wine Sauce, Salmon Meunière, and Helen Shapiro." Years later, in a truly meta note, another band name mentioned in the sketch was adopted by an actual rock band, Toad the Wet Sprocket. In Eric Idle's own words, "I was trying to think of a name that would be so silly nobody would ever use it or dream it could ever be used." Apparently, it was just silly enough that someone thought it would be hilarious to use it anyway. His reaction to hearing a real DJ announce the name for the first time? "I nearly drove off the freeway."
  • In the song We Both from 36 Questions, Judith mentions that she and Jase both have the "best worst name for a band". According to Word of God, the names are "Screaming Dick Torture" for Judith and "Show Canceled" for Jase.


    Comic Strips 
  • In the comic strip Zits, Jeremy and his friends are brainstorming names for their Garage Band, when his dad walks in and says "Goat Cheese Pizza?" They go with it, apparently not realizing that he's actually offering them a pizza with goat cheese on it.
  • Doonesbury in the '80s did an arc about the recording of USA For Africa's "We Are the World". Producer Quincy Jones delivers a speech to the gathered rock musicians, saying, "We want to show that we care about hunger in Africa." Cue two extras in the back:
    Extra 1: Who's "Hunger in Africa"?
    Extra 2: I think it's an Australian band.

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: Meta example. As explaining details about his story, Strypgia said:
    Strypgia: He believes that Rei and the Dummy Plugs (Oooh, must copyright that band name!) will be sufficient to that task.
  • Beyond the Outer Gate Lies...: Harry reflects that "Dragon Made of Swords" would be an awesome band name if it wasn't for one trying to kill two of his friends.note 
  • In The Cosigner Terry comments that his father was voted off the Hogwarts Board of Governors for suggesting Muggle Studies be made compulsory from first year on up.
    Hermione: ...But that's an excellent idea! That would make it so much easier to blend and mingle with muggles!
    Daphne: Exactly the point. Why blend or mingle with lesser beings? Then the impressionable little purebloods might get mad ideas about befriending them or even marrying them.
    Harry: If we allow that, how are we supposed to get all the family trees fused together into one massive inbred shrub?
    Terry: I call Massive Inbred Shrub as my band name if I ever start one.
  • In the first few chapters of The Death Eaters' Disney World Trip, the Lemony Narrator remarks that the 'Death Eaters' is a good name for a band. Chapter 3 also features airport security officials dismissing the Death Eaters' robe-clad appearances as "another quirky heavy metal band".
  • In The Family that Chooses You Harry qualifies as a basic medic and is given a first aid pouch.
    George: You going to wear that around all the time?
    Harry: Well, maybe, or at least tie it to my school bag. I'm glad I had it out for easy access on the train. Now that I know how to do some basic healing, I see everything as a potential hazard.
    Fred/George: That's our band name, Potential Hazard.
    Katie: Who's potential and who's hazard?
  • Harbinger (Finmonster): When Ember hears that the strings of her guitar are Strings of Fate, this is her reaction.
  • In Jake English's Mysterious Theater of Scientific Romance from the Year 3000, while reviewing The Darker Knight Al points out that "Clowns Only Die Twice" would be a good band name.
  • A meta example, but many readers of My Immortal have thought that "Vlodemort and da Death Deelers" sounds like a good name for a band. The fact that Voldemort and his followers were disguised as My Chemical Romance definitely didn't help.
  • Some Secrets:
    Yes, Snape and the nights always made things...difficult. Snape and the Nights. It sounded like a cheesy indierock band.
  • In the Glee Slash Fic, Story of Three Boys, while a homophobic pastor is talking about "wayward youth" and "vandalism", Finn says that he's going to start a band called Wayward Youth and that their first album will be called 'Vandalism' and have naked dudes go-go dancing on the cover.
  • Venenum Vinco Bane:
    Snape: Minerva, have you wondered how Lucius Malfoy and the Death Eaters got in? Sweet Merlin, that sounds like a rock band.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life: When Justin's mom discovers Justin's younger brother keeping a porno CD-ROM, her husband suggests there might be another explanation for the disc's title, to which she snarkily responds "Like what? Virgin Vaginas are a new band?", evidently unaware of bands like Barenaked Ladies, Butthole Surfers and Gay For Johnny Depp.
  • A close variant in George of the Jungle when Lyle comments that "White Ape", George's nickname in local legends, sounds like the name of a mixed drink.
    Lyle: Ah, yes, bartender, I'll have two Black Russians and a White Ape.
  • Iron Man 3 has Tony fighting Ellen Brandt, an Extremis-empowered Dark Action Girl. After she walks through the flames he placed to get in her way, Volcanic Veins all ablaze, he boasts that he's dated hotter girls than her. When Brandt responds with "That all you got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?", Tony notes that he should name his autobiography after that line.
  • Something of a Running Gag throughout The World's End, Gary will hear a phrase and tell Steven to write it down. He turns it round in the climax of the film. "Gary King and the Enablers" in particular has become a Memetic Mutation.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home has the Spider-Men of the MCU, the Spider-Man Trilogy, and the Amazing Spider-Man Series meet. When the MCU Spidey mentions being in the Avengers, the other two have no idea what he's talking about, and the "Amazing" Spider-Man asks "Is that a band?"

  • Most of the nonsense phrases Dave Barry said "would make a good name for a rock band" (which tended not to be so nonsensical when viewed in context). The Federal Duck in particular is a truncation of the real-world "Federal Duck Stamp Program". His website has compiled a list of these joke suggestions here.
  • Inverted in the 2009 book Battle of the Band Names, where the author Bart Bull lists some bad ideas for band names in the prologue and the opening chapter.
    At night sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear their anguished howls, lonely and piercing, like banshees, like coyotes, like Geddy Lee: "I told them Sister Mary Bob was a stupid name!"
  • Emily in Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger comments that a number of phrases she used would be good names for bands such as Sewer Mural and Dark Artifact.
  • The Hectic Glow from The Fault in Our Stars, a band "so beautifully underground that they don't even exist".
  • The Half-Life of Planets: In the hospital, Liana hears her parents mention specif specific gravity while talking about her dad's test results and thinks that Specific Gravity would make a good band name.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Mentioned in And Another Thing..., when Arthur Dent starts to "understand his daughter's feelings of isolation."
    Arthur Dent: We are cosmic nomads, which would be a great name for a band, by the way, interstellar drifters with no one to cling to in this eternity of displacement but each other.
  • In Illuminatus! by Shea and Wilson, there is a huge music festival on Walpurgisnacht, with a plethora of Good Names for Rock Bands. Behold! A few of the names became notably defictionalized, including Steppenwolf and Nirvana.
  • In Rock N Roll Babes From Outer Space by Linda Jaivin, a rock band decides that Succubus would be a cool name, but no-one knows what the word actually means. So one of them goes to look up the word, returning to the room long after the conversation has moved on to another topic to say, "It's a demon that fucks people when they're asleep." Needless to say, everyone is rather confused by this non-sequitur comment.
  • In Tricky Business (also by Dave Barry), an untalented rock band with the uninspired name Arrival is desperately searching for a new name (one rejected name: "We May Suck, But We Play Better Than You Dance") when they play a gig at a joint whose rowdy patrons beat up their frontman Johnny for not playing country music. The mention of "contusions" (bruises) in the medical report of Johnny's injuries gives the band the idea of changing their name to Johnny and the Contusions, though the story behind this name doesn't bear repetition.
  • The Witcher: In his character-defining scene in Blood of the Elves, Dandelion and his two female companions hastily tidy up their clothing. "The modesty of harlots, thought the poet, was not at all a bad title for a ballad."
  • SF author John Scalzi has a list on his "Whatever" blog. "Flagged by Tumblr" is especially rocknrolly.
    • This is referenced in John’s novel The Kaiju Preservation Society, where a Running Gag is characters remarking that gross or weird aspects of kaiju biology (i.e. Tumescent Cloaca) would make good band names.
  • Zero History by William Gibson: Heidi is talking about about materials for making darts:
    "Dense," said Heidi, "but no match for wolfram. Old name for tungsten. Should've been a metal band: Wolfram."
  • In the acknowledgements section of David Feldman's When Do Fish Sleep?, while thanking the people at Harper & Row, he comments that "Brenda Marsh and the sales reps" sounds like a Motown act.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Battlestar Galactica, when Anders says that Cylon Leoben might have been right about Starbuck having a special destiny, Starbuck replies that "Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny" sounds like a bad cover band.
  • Best Friends Whenever has "Heart Rocket": While discussing a rocket-launching competition (It Makes Sense in Context), Barry and Naldo agree that this would be a good name for a band. A couple of episodes later, Cyd and Shelby find themselves in an Alternate Timeline where Heart Rocket is a real band, with Barry and Naldo as its founding members.
  • A similar joke is used early in Season 5 of Canada's Worst Driver when the drivers have to reverse a stretch limousine with each other as passengers. Dr. Gembora summed up the challenge as "eight bad drivers in a stretch limo", which Peter Mellor remarked sounded like a movie title.
  • Corner Gas: After promotional mugs made for Corner Gas and The Ruby come back reading 'Corner G and The Rub', Brent decides this will be the name of his act if he ever decides to become a rapper.
  • The Daily Show:
    • On 4/7/2010, the show covered reports of recent scandals with the Republican National Conference. After a CNN clip regarding the RNC's "Lesbian Bondage Fiasco", Jon Stewart answered, "If 'Lesbian Bondage Fiasco' isn't the name of an hard-edged indy band by tomorrow, I'll be very disappointed."
    • On 2/21/2012, Jon Stewart, commenting on a Virginia abortion bill, mentioned "Transvaginal Ultrasound" as being a 15-member jazz fusion band.
    • On 10/23/2013, they discussed one Fox News commentator's statement that the Tea Party Republicans were a "suicide caucus", with Jon saying that's impossible because in 1983 he started Suicide Caucus, a speed-punk-ska-jazz fusion band.
  • In a second-season episode of Dark Angel, Max and Alec explore a seemingly abandoned research lab in Terminal City. After finding a huge snake, Max remarks that it's like Ames White and his Familiars (a Breeding Cult that reveres snakes) are following her around. Alec states that "Ames White and His Familiars" sounds like a rock band. After they leave, a mental patient retrieves the snake and tells it that does sound like a rock band.
  • Doctor Who
    • In "Arachnids in the UK", the Doctor says "the spider mother in the ballroom", then comments that it sounds like "the best novel Edith Wharton never wrote."
    • In "The Vanquishers", a Sontaran commander armed with a BFG barges in on Professor Jericho.
      Stenck: I have you now, nameless human!
      Jericho: I, sir, am Professor Eustacius Jericho, scourge of scoundrels! (beat) I wish I'd written that autobiography. What a good title.
  • In an episode of iCarly, Carly and Sam are drinking smoothies and Sam complains about "strawberry lumps". Carly tells her that "The Strawberry Lumps" would be a good name for a band.
  • Jessica Jones, in a great example of Snark-to-Snark Combat.
    Kilgrave: So, you found my testing arena. All by yourself?
    Jessica: Just followed the trail of misery.
    Kilgrave: Oh, that's a good band name.
  • In an episode of MythBusters that focused on the transmission of diseases, Adam noted that the fluorescent dye in the test (simulating a runny nose) had spread all over, coating everything in a touch of orange. He then joked that "Touch of Orange" was the name of his cover band.
  • On NCIS: New Orleans, Sebastian, the assistant evidence tech:
    Sebastian: I'm still trying to identify the species, but it's some kind of benthic worm. Which, by the way, if I ever have a band, will be the name of said band.
  • On QI, Stephen Fry once demonstrated contempt for the book The Da Vinci Code, describing it as "loose stool water". Alan Davies then commented that "Loose Stool Water" would make a good name for a blues singer.
    • The "title for your autobiography" variant also appears, when Sue Perkins refers to having a "wet bottom on the night bus".
  • Andy from Parks and Recreation actually is the lead singer in a rock band, but he's never really been satisfied with its name, meaning that he's completely serious when he makes comments like this.
    April: So tomorrow, I lead a public forum in Leslie's Fleetwood Mac sex pants.
    Andy: Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants, new band name, I call it. Ooh, you know what? Maybe just Fleetwood Mac.
  • During an episode of Reno 911!, the cops discover that Wiegel's new boyfriend is a serial killer. They feel conflicted about telling her because she actually seems happier. One of them points out that she's normally borderline-suicidal, but keeps screwing up her suicide attempts (and subsequently forcing the department to devote resources to suicide watches), and thus having someone around who's experienced at killing might be better, "like a death leprechaun". Another cop declares that "Death Leprechaun" would be an awesome name for a band.
  • In the The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith", Clyde mentions that Pantheon of Discord (the group of higher-dimensional entities to which the Trickster belonged) would be a good name for a band. The Doctor wholeheartedly agrees.
  • One episode of Scrubs has Elliot buy a new couch in the shape of a car that reminds her of her grandfather who died in a seven-car pile-up. JD says it sounds like a good name for a band, and Elliot reminds him he told that joke at the funeral.
  • In an episode of a Polish sitcom Swiat Wedlug Kiepskich, the main protagonist sees his mother-in-law browse a casket catalog and decides to cash in on it by building her a custom one. When he has a brief idea of equipping it with a built-in sink, one of his neighbours points out that dead don't bathe, to which his daughter comments that it sounds like a cool name for a rock band.
  • It's been mentioned a couple of times on Big Fat Quiz of the Year (and its spinoffs) that the names Noel Fielding comes up with for his teams tend to fall in this category, such as 'The Electric Moccasins' or 'Hot Shame and the Indoor Kites'. Noel, for his part, thinks 'Sloth Junk' would make a good band name after Jimmy moaned that he could see the genitals of a sloth brought in for a question.
  • Gilmore Girls: When Lorelai is at an event with her parents and secret boyfriend, she tells Rory "I'm going to go make out in the coat room. Don't eat my chicken." Rory answers "That's going on your headstone."

  • Probably every real band in recent history owes its name to this trope to some extent, but Def Leppard gets credit for actually being named after a Fake Band — lead singer Joe Elliott had created a bunch of fake rock bands and designed posters for them in art class.
  • Voltaire did this with his album Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children, which was how a fan described listening to his music. It also made its way into a song.
  • Similarly, Barenaked Ladies was named after a joke band name that founders Steven Page and Ed Robertson came up while at a Bob Dylan concert. Robertson first used the name as a placeholder when he and Page were preparing to perform at a Battle of the Bands contest, and the name stuck.
  • This joke is a mainstay of Paul and Storm live performances, most evident in their over-long performances of "The Captain's Wife's Lament" in the "X is the name of my Y cover band" format.
  • Jello Biafra has a spoken word routine, "Names for Bands". Rejecting names like "Bad Attitude" or "The Young ____", he suggests Lost Orgasm, John Wayne On Acid, and Primer Grey Erection. More here.
  • On a family vacation in the Virgin Islands in the mid-1980s, underage high school student Bob Whelan and his brother visited a local bar, "discussing potential names for his high school band". Bar patron Freddie Mercury overheard the discussion, shouting across the bar the band name Whelan would use professionally in The '90s: Angry Salad.
  • Similarly, the name of pop-punk band American Hi-Fi, founded by ex-Letters To Cleo / Miley Cyrus drummer Stacy Jones, was suggested in conversation by Keith Richards.
  • The Canadian indie band Preoccupations' original name Viet Cong was inspired by some rehearsal banter when one of their guitarists held his guitar like a machine gun.
  • There was (and possibly still is) a late '80s surrealist fusion band from Bloomington, Indiana called "Fuck Your Stupid Civilization". Suspected Terrorists also have a song by that name.
  • Everything but the Girl got their name from local furniture store, which had a slogan reading "for your bedroom needs, we sell everything but the girl!"
  • According to their online bio, Flight of the Conchords got their name simply because Jemaine Clement noticed their toilet was called "Conchord", suggested it to Bret McKenzie, who responded "What about Flight of the Conchords?", which both casually agreed to before their first gig.

  • House to Astonish on the subject of Flashpoint (DC Comics) titles with an "X and the Ys" format, as seen on the quote page.
  • In an episode of Plumbing the Death Star about Harry Potter, the episode's guest (Shanks) mentions magical woman who attended a witch hunt for fun and calls her a "masochistic sex witch hanging around Salem." After everyone laughs at his description, he jokes that that's what he's naming his next rock band.
  • This comes up a few times during The Last Podcast on the Left's series on the Norwegian Black Metal scene. In fact, the title of their second episode, Orc Urinal, is the result of them coming up with the name during the show and thinking it would make a good metal band name.
  • Rifftrax:
    • According to the riff of 300, "Submission" would be a good name for a Muslim rock band.
    • In the Jurassic Park riff, there's a Running Gag that Mike played the bass in bands with bizarre, random names that happened to come up in either the movie itself or in one of "Weird Al" Yankovic's jokes.
  • Behind the Bastards:
    • An episode on African coup makers had "Mutual Genocide", which was highlighted as a cool name for a metal band.
    • The episode on "The Worst Birth Control Device Ever Invented" brought forth several of these, most notably "Vaginal Death Crab", which became a Running Gag for the episode.

  • One round in I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue involves the contestants having to say words that aren't related, with the opposing team challenging if they see a connection. A Running Gag has Barry Cryer challenging on ridiculous word-combos, insisting it was the name of a band in the sixties.
    Barry Cryer: Sharabang Sperm? Sixties rock band.
The above example becomes funnier when the show's pianist Colin Sell starts playing and Barry has to improvise a song on the spot.
Sharabang! Sharabang! Sharabang, lend me your sperm!
Sharabang! Sharabang! Sharabang, it's the end of term!
Sharabang, Sharabang,
I want to be a be-he-moth!
  • In one episode of The Museum Of Curiosity, Andrew O'Neil (of The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, so a man who recognises a random phrase's band name potential when he hears it), talking about class-issues on the Victorian necropolis railway quotes one commentator talking about "the body of some profligate spendthrift" before interrupting himself to say "Which is a good name for a band. 'We are Prolifigate Spendthrift!'"
  • In an episode of The Unbelievable Truth Jeremy Hardy challenges (correctly) when Graeme Garden talks about the origins of shellac and its use in confectionary, claiming "Beetle Arse-Juice Sweets" was an indie band he saw recently.
  • The Ricky Gervais Show: Karl talks about looking through a gay magazine, describing the focus as "Just cock. Just, 100%, like, let's just talk about the knob..." Ricky comments that "100% Cock" would be a good name for a gay magazine.
  • A Running Gag on The Kevin and Bean Show. Whenever someone says a good example, one of the other hosts will cut in, "I hear they're headlining Coachella this year!" or some variation.
  • Also a Running Gag on The Armstrong and Getty Show. Whenever some odd but awesome phrase is uttered, Joe Getty will usually say something like "(phrase) is the name of my new (genre) band."
  • One episode of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me had a Southern caller tell the panel that the name of her punk band was "Sex Barbecue". They apparently took two of their favorite things and put them together.
  • Preston of the Prestonand Steve Show keeps a list of good rock band names and adds to it whenever a good one comes up.

  • In The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged), while talking about the Exodus, this line is quoted: "And the Lord God cursed the wicked serpent to henceforth crawl about on its belly. Presumably, the wicked serpent had legs prior to that; indicating that it was more of a wicked lizard. And the Lord God thought to himself that Wicked Lizard would be a good name for a Heavy Metal Band." (Possible reference to Noise Rock band The Jesus Lizard, which is actually named after a type of lizard.)

    Video Games 
  • Played with in Brütal Legend when Lita decides to come to terms with Lars' death.
    Lita: Never again! I'd sooner have scorpions crawl down my face than tears.
    Eddie: ...That'd make an awesome album cover, actually.
  • Comes up a few times in Kingdom of Loathing:
    • The Stone Mariachis: "The mariachis begin to play a sinister song. As the song's tempo increases, a rumbling begins, deep beneath the ground. As the mariachis reach a dire crescendo (Hey, have you heard my new band, Dire Crescendo?) the gate behind the statues slowly grinds open, revealing the way to the Sorceress' courtyard."
    • The Daily Dungeon: "Since you're magically protected from sleaze, you easily focus your will and cross the room with nary a glance at the naughty periodicals. And wouldn't 'Naughty Periodicals' be a great name for a band?"
    • Astral Badger: "<name> claws your opponent with his pan-dimensional claws and bites him with his astral teeth for X damage. Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the stage right now: ASTRAL TEETH!"
    • Uniclops in a Crown of Thrones: "<name> lays her head in its lap, doing X damage with her horn. It's a wonder most unicorn stories don't end with perforated virgins, and that Perforated Virgins isn't a band already."
    • Giant skeelton: "It kicks you with a multitude of phalanges. A Multitude of Phalanges was, by the way, my favorite 80's band."
    • Batblade: "This is a de-winged stab-bat. Have you heard my new band, the Dewinged Stab-Bats?"
    • One-winged Stab Bat: "This is a partially re-winged de-winged stab bat. Have you heard my new band, the Partially Rewinged Dewinged Stab Bats?"
    • Rewinged Stab Bat: "This is a fully re-winged de-winged stab bat. Have you heard my new band, The Joke That Got Repeated Until It Wasn't Funny Anymore?"
  • League of Legends has "Pentakill", which is the Announcer Chatter when one player kills 5 enemies in a very short space of time. It's been officially recognized, with Sona (on keyboard), Yorick (on bass guitar/shovel), and Mordekaiser (on guitar/axe), Karthus (lead singer), and Olaf (drums) getting Pentakill skins.
  • Night in the Woods: If you talk to Mr. Chazokov on the first day of Act 2, he'll tell Mae he's looking for "dusk stars". You can have Mae reply "Dusk Stars is the name of my shoegaze band."

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In "Cool Things", after a bored Homestar paints the words "Cool Tapes" on the wall of Marzipan's living room, she ends up forming a band called "Cool Tapes" with Strong Mad and the Cheat.
    • In the Strong Bad Email "flag day", Strong Bad sees the sender has signed their email "Pablo, Phoenix", and remarks that "Pablo Phoenix" sounds like a good stage name for a pop singer.
      Strong Bad: Look Out Ladies Productions presents: Pablo Phoenix, this Friday at the civic center.
    • In "old comics", Strong Bad gets an email from a sender in "West Islip, NY" and remarks that "West Is Lip" sounds like the name of a British New Wave band.note 
    • From the Valentine's Day Episode of Teen Girl Squad: "She Likes Cloth. That's a good band name."
  • Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions uses this as a running gag. Examples include Penelope and the Suitors, Durga and the Matrikas and Lucy's Boyfriend Squad.
  • Red vs. Blue had a variant, where after being warned about Thundersnow, Jax Jonez comments "Great name for a movie".

    Web Comics 
  • In this Chopping Block, Butch learns, to his disappointment, that Matricide Anonymous is a band.
  • Matchu has "Some Whores" and "Blowjobs", which are explicitly pointed out as BAD band names and freak out the clerk working at the record store.
  • Raven's Dojo has the recurring character Metalhead, who occasionally pops in and steals lines out of context that would make good names for rock bands, much to Dornail's dismay.
    Dornail: Dammit, Metalhead! Those are my sweet band names!
  • Referenced in at least three xkcd strips: Worst Band Name Ever (119), Tumblr (1025), and Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect (2241).
  • 1/0: Well, album title.
  • The Order of the Stick #1033: When the best phrase O'Chul can come up with to describe an attacking yrthak is "sonic reptilian unicorn," Lien immediately claims that at least she has a good name if she ever quits being a paladin to form a punk rock band.
  • A conversation in Paranatural between Max and overenthusiastic school reporter Suzy:
    Suzy: They're Student Council. Have you heard the rumours, Max?
    Max: is that a band name
    Suzy: They say the Student Council is looking for someone.
    Max: if it isn't I call that band name
  • The Last Days of Foxhound: In this comic, Liquid Snake thinks that "Outer Heaven" (the mercenary nation-state for hire created by Big Boss) would be an "awesome name for a metal band".
  • In the Existential Comics strip "Punk Rock Philosophy", the characters are actually trying to think up a name for their band, referencing philosophical concepts, but where this trope comes up most clearly is when Camus remarks that all of Kierkegaard's book names sound like band names.

    Web Original 
Given a Brick Joke a few minutes later:
Chuck: So we have the two plots: Sheridan trying to get the Non-Aligned Worlds to accept White Star protection... [Beat] I was wrong, it sounds like a toothpaste.

    Web Videos 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd in his Zelda II review.
    The Nerd: "Cunt Thrust. That would be a good name for a rock band."
  • Parodied by CollegeHumor in their "Honest Music Festival Commercial". The bands listed on the poster include stuff like Joke Name, Swiftly Fell the Apricot, and Gored Moose.
  • In Lawrence Friday's Let's Play of Dante's Inferno, Dante is told names of some of the people in Limbo, after having been introduced to Unbaptized Babies, who have, in Lawrence's words, "scythe-hands". He doesn't know if these people are forced to have weaponry for hands, as well. John Murdock asks if they're going to fight "hook-handed Caesar." One chest-cloth cutscene later...
    Lawrence Friday: Also, Paul and Storm joke: "Hook-Handed Caesar" is my Hootie & the Blowfish cover band.
  • Game Grumps: In the 22nd episode of Sonic Boom, Danny refers to Chili-dogs as "Roasted Landwieners" and then later says "My band has a new name!"
    • Bringing up fake band names is actually a Running Gag on the show. Most of them were part of a list of seventy names that Ninja Brian came up when brainstorming name ideas for the band that eventually became Starbomb; Danny describes most of the names on that list as "completely unusable".
    • Brian has also brainstormed several potential song names that never made it past that stage; upon hearing them, Erin thinks they sound more like random tweets.
  • Markiplier:
    • This Youtuber often yells incomprehensible things during his horror videos. Regularly, he claims that the arrangement of words would make great band names and declares that someone may use it, but has to pay him for the usage.
      Markiplier: He died?! I barely even got started! This is bull. Murder in a minute. "Murder in a minute" would be a good band name, goddammit, I keep coming up with great band names.
    • In a related example, while playing Garry's Mod with Jacksepticeye, Mark creates a pile of ammunition crates that he dubs "Fort Blam-Ass". A disbelieving Jack remarks that it sounds like the name of a gay bar.
  • In Let's Drown Out, after Yahtzee and Gabriel briefly riffed on the name of the alien in Quake 2, 'The Stroggs', they made a brief joke in that The Stroggs were a punk rock band from west of England.
  • The Nostalgia Chick: In reviewing True Lies, the Chick thinks the terrorist group being named "Crimson Jihad" is ridiculous.
    The Chick: "Crimson Jihad" isn't a terror group! That's the name of your, like, alt-rock band that you had for, like, a month in high school!
  • In TableTop, Paul and Storm (mentioned above) were once guests. Joined by host Wil Wheaton, they propelled the whole "[X] is the name of my [this artist] cover band" Running Gag to new heights.
  • In Stuart Ashen's "Video Game Tat" video, Ashens holds up a video game case that would reveal an activation code if he hadn't put a fake Lens Flare on top of it, and annotates on video: "'Obscured by Fake Lens Flare' would be a good name for a prog-rock band."
  • Jacksfilms: In this episode of Your Grammar Sucks, Jack replies to a comment reading "abortion sucks and should be band":
    "Abortion" should be a band!
  • Indy Neidel, the host of The Great War, has identified two, "The Russian Women's Battalion of Death" (an actual military unit formed in 1917) and "Dutch Royal Cocaine Factory" (an actual enterprise located in Indonesia).
  • Officer Gregg makes this joke in several TAOFLEDERMAUS videos, enough to be a Running Gag.
  • In Team Four Star's Dungeons & Dragons game, Nick "Lanipator" Landis decides to combine a raptor's pheromone gland with an alchemical smoke grenade, declaring it a "Raptor Sex Bomb". His teammate Grant Smith declares "That's the name of my punk band!"; as they high-five, their GM Chris Zito mutters "The shit your players come up with, I swear to God..."
  • Happens every once and a while in What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?, given how often A Rare Sentence comes up. Two good examples would be "Rectal Eels" and "Booty Call Ninjas".
  • Outside Xbox:
    • While discussing Little Friends Cats & Dogs, Luke Westaway throws his in-game puppy Herbert a 1-star sound bone, and then announces that this is his new Twitter bionote .
    • When Ellen Rose finds the Drang set in a Dark Souls III livestream, including this weapon, she immediately announces them like it's the start of a concert.
      Ellen: Ladies and gentlemen...the Dranghammers!
  • Aleks from The Creatures says in the gondola on Road to E3 that "Cucumber Gulch Preserve" is a good name for a rock band.
  • PBS Eons' video on crab evolution suggests "Cretaceous Crab Revolution" or "Mesozoic Decapod Revolution" as band names.
  • Bit Polar: From his LittleBigPlanet 3 Let's Play, "Windmills and Vinegar" is a great name for a song, indeed.

    Western Animation 
  • On the commentary track for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Glen Murakami talk about the absent producer Alan Burnett and compare him to George Harrison for being the voice of reason, while they are more like Ringo Starr, soon concluding that "Three Ringos and a George" would make for a great band name.
  • Metalocalypse is full of this, being about an extremely successful Death Metal band. The band's name itself, Dethklok, is a great name for a band, except some people involved in pseudoscience already had trademarked the phrase Death Clock, which is why they changed the spelling of the band name.
    • They also come up with some pretty good names for songs.
    Dude, are you puking blood? Hm... Blood Puke. Great name for a song. Someone, write that down... No wait, we recorded that song already... Great song, though.
  • Regular Show: In "Mordecai and the Rigbys", Mordecai and Rigby get drunk and decide to order a bulk of customizable shirts for a hypothetical band they could have. They seemingly agree on "Mustache Cash Stash", but it turns out upon delivery that Rigby changed the name to "Mordecai and the Rigbys" on a whim.
  • SheZow
    Max: So we like Time Travel Guinea Pigs.
    SheZow: That's a good name for a band.
  • In the early/mid-2000s, Cartoon Network had several commercials where they made announcements for bands based off of clips from their shows (including "Popcorn Fairy", "Hideous, Rotten Teeth", and "Yutz Wagon").
  • In Steven Universe, Greg's reaction to seeing that someone has stolen the entire ocean and turned it into an enormous space needle, piercing the heavens from the middle of a vast desert?
    Greg: "Guys... I just had the best idea for an album cover."
    • The next episode to feature Lapis Lazuli shows that he actually did make that album cover and is working on the songs for it.
  • In Wander over Yonder, Lord Hater ends up in a prison dimension and says it smells like zombie armpits in there.
    Lord Hater: (writing down on notepad) Zombie armpits. Good name for band.
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers: In "Pedigree, Schedigree", Brandy, while preparing for a beauty pageant, discovers she's actually a mixed breed. As she breaks down and calls herself a "common mutt", Whiskers exclaims that "Mutt" would be a great stage name for her.

    Real Life 
  • CBS, when covering Donald Trump's presidential campaign, interviewed two experts, one of whom put Trump's success down to his sprinkles of compassion. Toward the end of the interview, both experts were debating what kind of music would be produced by a band named "Sprinkles of Compassion".
  • And on the other side of the aisle, pretty much everyone who saw this sign from in front of a Maine gun store agreed that "Vagenda of Manocide" was an excellent name for an all-girl metal band.
  • Back when the governor of South Carolina resigned over a sex scandal in 2009, following a line from the governor about his whereabouts when he was really in Argentina meeting his mistress, Keith Olbermann quipped on his news show Countdown with Keith Olbermann, "If there isn't a band called Crossing the Sex Line by this time tomorrow, someone is asleep at the switch."
  • There has been discussion on progressive rock sites whether Albion Lowlander would make a good name for a prog-folk band.
  • In response to plans for Student Loan relief, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) complained on Fox News that the money was funding "Karen's daughter's degree in lesbian dance theory", to which some people had this response.


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