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Don't worry. She's a cool girl.

All the girls stare at me, drop lip,
Drippin' in harmony, like fifth.
— "bitches"

Tove Lo (born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson on October 29, 1987) is a Swedish singer whose musical style can be best described as what would happen if Paula Cole was an electropop artist. She gained fame in August 2014 when her song "Habits (Stay High)", previously featured on her debut EP Truth Serum, became a hit on radio. Her debut album, Queen of the Clouds, was released on September 30, 2014.

Tove's next two albums formed two halves of a concept: Lady Wood came out in 2016, along with two short films to promote it: Fairy Dust and Fire Fade. Shortly after the release of the latter in 2017, Blue Lips was released, with its own short film premiering in 2018. Tove focused then on collaborations up until the following year when Sunshine Kitty sees her lightening up a bit.


  • Truth Serum (2014)
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  • Queen of the Clouds (2014)
  • Lady Wood (2016)
  • Blue Lips (2017)
  • Sunshine Kitty (2019)

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    Trope Lo 

    Lady Wood and Blue Lips films 

Tropes applying to the films in general include:

  • But Not Too Bi: Tove ends up chilling with a man in "Vibes", and hangs out with three guys in "WTF Love Is".
    • Ebba spends the latter half of Blue Lips hanging out with Guy.
  • Hair-Contrast Duo: Tove seems to like short-haired brunettes.
    • Fairy Dust: Tove (dirty blonde) and Lorna (brunette), with shades of Light Feminine Dark Feminine.
    • Blue Lips: Ebba (bleach blonde) and Kit (brunette).
  • Mind Screw: The fact that Tove likes to deconstruct sex in general is understandable but with everything that's happening in the first two films, well...
    • Averted in Blue Lips where there's at least a plot concerning Kit's hookup blues. But then there's the ending including The Stinger.
  • Three Minutes of Writhing: Tove took this trope Up to Eleven in the Lady Wood era.

Fairy Dust

Fire Fade

  • Bottle Episode: Fire Fade happens entirely in the motel, with much of it in Tove's own room.
  • Gravity Screw: Type 2. Tove writhes and crawls up all over the walls and ceiling just to catch that butterfly. She's that persistent.
  • Minimalist Cast: Mostly Tove until the last song, when she joins three guys in their motel room party.
  • Sanity Slippage: The whole thing, but particularly "Imaginary Friend".

Blue Lips

  • Breakup Is Temporary: Fresh off her working hours, Kit tells Ebba about her boyfriend's ex getting back with him.
  • Censor Suds: Averted. There's not enough bathwater to censor Ebba's breasts, and Kit's are hidden not by suds but by her own knees.
  • Chicks Before Dicks: Kit sees Guy socialize with Ebba and feels left out, ultimately prompting her to leave the party early. Ebba tries to re-establish this trope with Kit at the end.
  • Diegetic Switch: Instead of playing the songs in their entirety and following the album listing like with Fairy Dust and Fire Fade, Blue Lips randomizes its parent album into music which entails liberal use this trope.
  • Gratuitous Disco Sequence: Kit skates alone on the dance floor at the very start of Blue Lips.
  • Gratuitous Swedish: Guy impresses Ebba at the bar with whatever command of Swedish he's got. Justified as Guy's parents know the language, though he's a bit rusty himself.
  • Mushroom Samba: Inevitable given that this is a Tove Lo movie. Kit even hallucinates cartoons.
  • One Head Taller: Guy is this to Ebba.
  • Popping Buttons: Ebba has difficulty zipping up her jeans, even with Kit's help, and ends up taking it off and putting on more comfortable shorts instead.
  • Real Name as an Alias: Tove's character is named Ebba.
  • Rollerblade Good: Kit. Justified as she works at the roller skate rink.
  • Status Quo Is God: After spending the night with Guy, Ebba goes straight back to bed with Kit.
  • Unnaturally Blue Lighting: Ebba's dizzying "Cycles" sequence, just before the credits roll in. The Stinger has more colorful lighting.