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Her songs ? Cherry poppin' on 2 magnificent cakes.
"People were thinking, 'She's so vulgar. She's bold. We're going to get a mixtape that's nasty.' And then they come to find out there are only three songs on the mixtape that are [explicit]. I tried not to put a mixtape out ... where every song is about a relationship, or the whole mixtape is about sex or homelessness. No. I try to [tackle] different subjects each time I write."

Elizabeth Eden Harris, known professionally by her stage name as CupcakKe, is an American hip hop recording artist from Chicago, born in the same city in May 31, 1997. Raised by a single mother, CupcakKe spent nearly four years in Chicago’s homeless shelters starting at age seven. When she was thirteen years old, she was encouraged to turn her church poetry into rap music and became fond of this type of music.

Her first music video "Gold Digger", was released on her official Youtube channel in August 2012, the video went viral and she was only 14. During the next continued making songs who were generally virals, too. The most notorious ones are "Deepthroat" and "Vagina". In February 2016, some of her songs in the mixtape Cum Cake. Moreover, Charli XCX featured her in her song "Lipgloss", in March 2017.


As you can guess, her songs tend to deal with sexual topics which make her standing out thanks to her humourous tone. However, she also likes to diversify her topics, for example: homelessness, gun violence or sexual orientation. She nicknamed herself her fanbase, the slurpers.

She went to the same elementary school than Chief Keef and Lil Reese.

You better watch this eyes wide open, eyes wide open, like you were at the optician!

  • Vulgar Humor: She loves being tongue-in-cheek as much as she loves being crass and vulgar, which is to say a lot.


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