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Music / Vernian Process

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Members of Vernian Process, circa 2010

Stained glass memories of a broken dream
A time for progress, a time of steam
Chimneys billowing across the sky
A time of conquest, a time to die.
— "Vagues De Vapeur"

A self-described "steamwave" band originating from San Francisco.

Emphasis on self-described.

They're a highly eclectic group. Vernian Process mix Punk Rock, New Wave, Industrial, Dark Wave, Deathrock, Trip-Hop, Dream Pop, Cabaret, Goth Rock, Neo-Classical and many other genres. Their songs tend to be highly narrative, often story-like and intricately poetic. They are highly Steampunk, also.

Core members:

  • Joshua A. Pfeiffer (lyrics and vocals)
  • Martin Irigoyen (guitar, production, mastering)
  • Janus Zarate (bass)
  • Brian Figueroa (guitar, keyboard)
  • Steven Farrell (keyboard)
  • Eugene Dyer III (percussion)

Guest members include:

  • Erica "Unwoman" Mulkey
  • Heather Yager

Vernian Process and their works contain examples of: