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Seabound is a German Futurepop duo consisting of Frank M. Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt. They are known for their insightful lyrics about the human psyche.


  • No Sleep Demon (2001)
  • Beyond Flatline (2004)
  • Double-Crosser (2006)
  • Speak in Storms (2014)

This band provides examples of:

  • Driven to Suicide and Goodbye, Cruel World!: "Torn" is told from the point of view of someone, who has just slit their wrists, secretly hoping to be saved at the last second, by the person he loves / is obsessed with. Sadly, as Frank Spinath makes clear on the band's website:
    SHE will not burst through the door.
    SHE will not call.
    SHE is not thinking of you right now.
    SHE won't even move.
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  • Poisonous Friend: The song of the same name, which the trope was actually named after, is about the narrator's conflicted relationship with a woman and / or deadly snake, who kills people. The narrator sometimes watches her murders, and contemplates: "how it feels to annihilate a friend," though it's not clear whether he means to off his friend, or join her in her killings.


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