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Queen of Wands was a webcomic by Aeire that ran from 2002 to 2005. It centered around the life of Kestrel, an excitable twenty-something living in Denver, and her married roommates, Felix and Shannon. The comic itself is loosely based on the life of the artist. After the comic completed its initial run, Aeire "reran" all of the strips with commentary added at the bottom.

Kestrel has since gone on to become a recurring character in Something*Positive, while the character Angela has her own spinoff, Punch an' Pie.


Queen of Wands provides examples of:

"Vagina Dentata... What a wonderful phrase!
Vagina Dentata... ain't no passin' craze!
It means no wiener for the rest of your days!
It's a penis-free girl cavity! Vagina Dentata!"


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