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"Spork" is used as a term to mock and criticize So Bad, It's Good and So Bad, It's Horrible works, since sporks have the right size and shape to dig out an eye. A bad Fan Fic, for example, can be described as "It sporked me.", i.e: so bad it made me want to take my eyes out so I wouldn't have to view it any more.

Not to be confused with "sporking", another name for MSTing. Also not to be confused with a Portmanteau Couple Name for Spock and Kirk.

An actual spork is a cross between a spoon and a fork. (Rich Hall could claim naming rights, thanks to a "Sniglets" segment from a 1983 Not Necessarily The News episode, but the term was in use since 1909.) They are commonly found in places that don't care about the quality of the food they serve you. Sporks are also a notable example of utensil inbreeding.

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