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  • Designated Hero: The "Grammar Nazi" originally seemed like a hilarious satire on how people are stupidly obsessed with online grammar ... however, as it turns out the author actually is one of those people who despise anyone who uses Leet Lingo, so the Grammar Nazi was actually meant to be a heroic figure (who happened to gouge out people's eyes with sporks and gruesomely kill people who did not write the way she wanted them to ...)
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  • Memetic Mutation: Vagina Dentata, what a wonderful phrase...
  • Moment of Awesome: The Chainsaw Of Natural Selection.
    Backup Singers: Char-les Dar-win! He's our he-ro! Baggin' those with an IQ of ze-ro!
  • Moral Event Horizon: Deconstructed. Aeire wanted to see how close she could get a character to a Moral Event Horizon without crossing it - or if she could cross it, and then make a backstory that could bring them back across it. The Event was in the past when Felix broke up with Kestrel by cheating on her, then telling her all she was to him was a "pretty good fuck." And then the backstory was how he and his college sweetheart Julie had planned to get married, only to have her parents break it up under the assumption they weren't mature enough; Julie was pregnant, and one day while Felix was out, her parents came and removed her from their apartment and hid her from him. All the time he was with Kestrel, Felix had felt like he was betraying Julie. Then when Julie finally emailed him and asked him to never contact her again, he attempted suicide via OD.
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  • Only Six Faces: Almost all of the female characters had the same face and body type, and the men had their own as well. This became more noticeable in Punch an' Pie when Dawna was revealed to be a somewhat overweight, middle-aged woman instead of a taller version of a pretty college-age girl.

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