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Nude-Colored Clothes

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Blurring the line between birthday suits and all other suits.
"Besides, if you wear that, people will just think you're naked. It's... Paula-coloured."
Ariel Ramos

You're watching a TV show or video game, and one or more characters come onscreen who look like they're wearing practically nothing. Or even like they actually aren't wearing anything at all. But after a few minutes of titillation or horror, you realize that they are wearing clothes after all. They're just the exact same color as their skin.

There are two common reasons for such outfits:

  • To get away with depicting an otherwise unacceptable state of undress, because the character actually is covering up all the required naughty bits.

  • To allow someone to appear undressed in inclement weather while they're actually wearing warm clothing.

A variation of this trope is how the color of the clothes are registered by value levels in black and white photos, such as gold or beige being registered as "nude" in light skin tones, and the same thing with certain shades or red and blue in dark skin tones.

Compare with Fully-Clothed Nudity, which is where folks aren't naked at all but feel like they are. If this results in the appearance of seemingly unintentional nudity it may overlap with Unfortunate Character Design.

If clothes like this are available in a video game with Character Customization, this can be a source of Video Game Perversity Potential.


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  • Played with in Ms. Brown's first M&M's commercial. Ms. Brown gets weird looks because her shell is the same color as her chocolate center and a guy is laughing because it looks like she's naked. After she chews him out for the mistake, Red shows up, sees Brown, and thinks it's "that kind of party", then strips down to his chocolate as LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" plays in the background. Ms. Brown is not amused.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Birdy the Mighty: Birdy's suit in Decode covers her whole body, but a great deal of it is the same tone as her skin.
  • Yoruichi from Bleach tends to wear clothes that show off her shapely body, but due to the manga being greyscale, her dark skin combined with a skintight, mid-toned dress looks like she's gone into battle wearing just a cape and g-string. See here.
  • Shiro from Deadman Wonderland, to the point that viewers are likely to do a double take the first time they see her since it makes her look nude minus some body paint (which are actual patterns drawn on the suit). Her navel indentation being visible doesn't help matters. It's even worse in the manga since being black and white it lacks the slight color difference between the fabric and her skin present in the anime that makes it more obvious she actually is wearing something. Oddly enough no one in-universe ever seems to get the wrong idea, suggesting this world does not follow Barbie Doll Anatomy.
  • Girls und Panzer plays it straight. In the snow battle. Even those who normally would say "Hot!" at the sight of the miniskirts are likely to scream "COLD!" instead watching the girls wading through the snow (or lying over it) apparently bare-legged... unless they remember that at the start of the battle they specifically mentioned they are wearing TWO overlaid pairs of tights.
  • There was an omake feature in He Is My Master highlighting the girls' gym uniforms, which included peach-coloured spats (chosen specifically so that the artist could draw the girls at particularly risque angles and get away with it).
  • In Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Nausicaa is fully covered. However, she's wearing a very short skirt over tan-colored pants (with the lower parts of her pants having another layer of blue fabric, making a sort of fake Zettai Ryouiki). It takes what would be a panty shot or a direct comparison with the skin on her face to realize that they are, in fact, pants.
    • Due to poor-quality fansubs, some fans believed for years (until the DVD finally came out) that she wasn't wearing anything beneath her jacket.

    Comic Books 
  • In his early appearances, Brainiac wore green-colored pants matching his skin color. All he wants is a decent pair of pants!
  • Depending on the art team, Darkseid's outfit may incorporate pants and even sleeves, or just be a tunic. It's hard to tell with most colour schemes due to his face, arms and legs all being grey, though some colourists do give his sleeves and pants a tinge of purple.
  • Wild Child character Kid Chameleon from a 1970s British comic was originally drawn wearing green briefs under his transparent chameleon suit, but after the first strip they became flesh-coloured so he almost looked naked.
  • Carol Danvers' Ms. Marvel costume had a lightning bolt on the front that was the same color as her skin in quite a few incarnations, particularly in some older, more color-restricted comic books. The artists later made it either clearly very yellow or shiny to avoid this.
  • During the Silver Age, the Silver Surfer wore nothing but a pair of underwear. Since it was the same color as his body, it looked like he wasn't wearing anything. These days, he's completely naked, but with Barbie Doll Anatomy for good measure.
  • One issue of The Simpsons has Lisa having the entire family wear nude-colored clothing because everyone is copying them.
  • There was an old issue of Teen Titans where Wonder Girl (?) was dancing in civvies (untucked shirt and pants); when it was reprinted in a Showcase (which is in B&W) it looks like she's not wearing any pants.
  • Subverted in Top 10 — you're meant to think that the skin tight spandex that Girl One is wearing is just extremely form fitting and the same purple color of her skin, especially since it's actually multi-colored in places and has a constantly shifting pattern. It's not. She's actually nude — she has the ability to change her skin tone like a cuttlefish, and the two horny fanboys that created her also gave her an uncontrollable instinct to stay naked at all times.
  • In Wonder Woman (1987): Wonder Woman's foe, the Cheetah, has taken to wearing pants with cheetah-print over the crotch in recent years. Since she's already covered with cheetah spots when transformed, this makes her look like she's wearing crotchless leather chaps.
  • Young Justice heroine Empress looks like she's wearing a Stripperiffic outfit, but technically she's wearing that over a full-body suit. It's more obvious when her face is exposed, revealing that the suit is lighter than her actual skin.

    Fan Works 
  • In Dreaming of Sunshine, the mesh clothes from the Anime are explained as really having this underneath for comfort.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfette's Inner Beauty", Smurfette tricks her fellow Smurfs into thinking she's appearing naked for a nude modeling session by wearing clothes in the same color as her skin.

    Film — Animated 
  • Zootopia includes an unusual non-human example. Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals who normally wear clothes, the movie opens with young animals performing a stage play depicting prehistoric animals who didn't wear clothes. The young actors couldn't simply remove their clothes, so young Judy wore a skintight rabbit costume with no face mask, which functions as this trope for an anthropomorphic rabbit. Also, young Jaguar wore a tiger costume, which also doubles as an In-Universe Special Effect Failure, since his striped costume obviously does not match his actual spotted fur.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Aladdin (2019), a Live-Action Adaptation of Disney's Aladdin, Jasmine's Bedlah Babe outfit was changed to cover her midriff; however, the fabric was flesh colored so it looked like her original midriff baring outfit.
  • Invoked in Atonement, where Cecilia strips down to a translucent chemise and goes for a dip in the fountain. When she emerges, we get a Sexy Soaked Shirt where the dress has stuck to her skin. In context, she's trying to seduce Robbie, and it's working.
  • In Arachnophobia the actress playing the protagonist's teenage daughter wears an obvious fleshtone bodysuit in a shower scene.
  • Similar to But I'm a Cheerleader, Bad Education (2004) has this dress.
  • The Big Lebowski - The Dude's landlord is on a stage doing a clunky, inept Nude Nature Dance to Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" - thankfully in nude-colored full-body tights with ivy in strategic places. The Dude is in the sparse audience with his friends; this would explain why the landlord is lenient in collecting rent.
  • Played for laughs in But I'm a Cheerleader. The homosexual rehab camp has a sort of final exam where the students divide into heterosexual couples and engage in a "re-enactment" of Adam lying with Eve. But since they obviously can't force teenagers to have sex, they have the students wear flesh-toned bodysuits to simulate nudity... but nudity is also unacceptable, so the bodysuits have fabric fig leaves sewn on top of the naughty bits.
  • In Can Can, Simone (Shirley MacLaine} wears a nude (albeit with sparkles) body-suit as the lead in the "Adam and Eve" ballet.
  • Also a Special Effect Failure in Dr. No. When James Bond and Honey Rider are in the Decontamination Chamber, the latter steps off wearing a flesh-colored towel in a failed attempt to make her look nude.
  • Part of the Special Effect Failure in Horrors of Spider Island is the use of flesh-colored bodysuits to simulate nudity for a Fanservice scene. Of course, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys picked up on it instantly and took it apart.
  • Early in the film Johnny B Goode Johnny asks one of the cheerleaders to take off her panties, so as to flash the other team and distract them. The actress was wearing nude colored panties.
  • Comes up a few times in Marilyn Monroe movies. A large number of buff men in flesh-tone trunks feature in the "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. A black line at the bottom is the only indication they're wearing anything at all. There's No Business Like Show Business has this number, and Some Like It Hot, despite being black and white, has this dress, which uses strategically placed sequins to make it appear that the neckline is just at the nipples. And let's not get started with the skintight dress that she wore at John F. Kennedy's birthday party.
  • The spy-spoof Our Man Flint features brief shots of women wearing flesh-colored bathing suits.
  • In Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny there's a part where K.G. is driving off with sorority girls and one flashes him, actually showing a flesh-colored bra.

    Live-Action TV 
  • At least once on America's Next Top Model the models posed in flesh colored leotards.
  • Robin's tights in Batman, which make it look like he's just wearing short shorts.
  • Referenced (but not shown) in one of the final episodes of Dad's Army as the costume for Lady Godiva in a festival. The episode punchline is when the "Fleshings" are worn by Mrs Mannering much to the humiliation of her husband.
  • In one episode of Dance Moms, Abby Lee causes quite a stir by giving the girls a "topless showgirls" number. Keep in mind, all the kids are between the ages of 7 and 14, so she gives them all tan bras and bootie shorts that almost exactly match each girl's skin tone, and then covers them in sparkly stuff so that the audience can tell that they're not actually naked onstage. Oddly enough, the only girl excited about this is the oldest, Brooke; she's 13/14...
  • Common on Dancing with the Stars.
  • As part of the Stylistic Suck in Danger 5, Ilsa does the Basic Instinct-thing only to suffer Special Effect Failure when a close-up reveals she's wearing flesh-coloured panties.
  • In The Dukes of Hazzard, Catherine Bach wore flesh-colored tights to play Daisy Duke, which is why her Daisy Dukes could be so short.
  • In a Frasier episode, Frasier is hitting on a girl at a Halloween costume party with a nude body outfit. He guesses she's dressed as Lady Godiva, but she reveals she's Eve. The kicker is the girl was Kelsey Grammer's real-life wife (they've since divorced).
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will is forced to wear a fat suit as a lesson for his constant mockery of Uncle Phil. While trailing his girlfriend who he thinks is cheating on him, he's understandably freaked out when his pants drop out in the open.
  • In some of the "Dafydd" sketches in Little Britain he sometimes wears a shirt that fulfills this trope.
  • Kari Byron wore a skintight, flesh-coloured bodysuit in one episode of Mythbusters when they had to scan her butt. She's noted that for the longest time screenshots of this scene were the first image result for her name on Google.
  • Richard Pryor wore a brown bodystocking in the first sketch from his prime-time TV show, as a joke about being emasculated by censors. The network didn't like it, and cut it before broadcast.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race.
    • The first episode of season 7 had the queens walk the runway in resort wear which tore away to reveal them "naked". Most of them, of course, wore nude illusion bodysuits in varying degrees of realism, though Violet Chachki did go completely bare.
    • In season 8, Bob the Drag Queen stole the show during the acting challenge when she revealed that, under her ankle-length fur coat, she was wearing a flesh-coloured body suit spangled with gold sequins.
  • In-universe example: In one episode of Seinfeld, George wants to be fired from his job with the Yankees so he can take a better one with the Mets, but Springtime for Hitler is in full effect, and all of his attempts to get fired backfire spectacularly. One such attempt involved him streaking at a Yankees game... except he's too chicken to actually streak for real, so he wears a flesh-colored bodysuit instead. Far from getting him fired, this instead made him massively popular with the crowd as "Bodysuit Man".
  • As mentioned in Theiss Titillation Theory, William Ware Theiss preferred to design costumes for the women on Star Trek which used strategically-placed skin-toned patches to make the costumes appear far more immodest than they actually were, though sometimes redesigns mandated by Gene Roddenberry would make the costumes more revealing.
  • In UFO (1970), Skydiver crew members wear uniform shirts that look like they're made out of fishing nets. Female crew get a skin-coloured undershirt or lining, while men get nothing underneath.

  • In some of blink-182's videos, the band members look like they are running naked, with pixels censoring the nudity. It is revealed, however, that all three of these band members were wearing skin-colored speedos throughout the videos.
  • Briefly but effectively actualized in Bun B's featuring Drake music video Put it Down. It's skin-coloured hosiery worn by one of the vixens.
  • Sarah Connor (the German singer, not the other one) once caused a scandal that involved this. She performed at Wetten Dass in a dress that was half-transparent on the sides almost all the way up to her waist. Needless to say that she couldn't wear any normal underwear underneath it, but it looked like she didn't wear any at all. After the Moral Guardians reared up the day after, she explained that she wore skin-colored panties complete with pictures of said undergarments (not being worn, though, and of course washed).
  • Inna wears a leotard of this color in parts of the "In Your Eyes" video, and during the sprinkler/rain dance, a backup dancer wears an even less-contrasted leotard, the rain rendering her nipples visible.
  • Lady Gaga has done this. (One instance is in the music video for "Alejandro", where much of the intentionally Fan Disservice Three Minutes of Writhing takes place with Gaga in traditionally nude-colored bra and panties. Which are actually darker than her skin tone in the vid.)
  • Shakira's "She-Wolf" video.
  • The young dancer in the music video for Sia's song "Chandelier" is wearing a skin colored leotard. It's fairly obvious up close what's she's wearing, but in more distant shots she looks naked, which combined with the dancer being clearly underage can lead to unintentional Squick. The dancer is Maddie Ziegler, who had to perform in skin-colored clothes before.
  • Britney Spears had her (in)famous skin-tone body suit, with strategically placed glittery stuff.
  • Taylor Swift in the video for "... Ready For It?" plays a cyborg version of herself, which on first appearance appears to be naked. She wore a skin-coloured bodysuit for the video and, when rumours started on the internet that she hadn't been wearing anything, she tweeted "It truly warms my heart that ppl had so much to say about this bodysuit."

  • Done inadvertently in Bally's Eight Ball. Due to how the playfield is lit, the top worn by "Pinky" appears to be tan/pink-colored when the pinball machine is turned off.
  • The protagonist in Stern Electronics' Star Gazer wears a tan-colored bikini top that makes her look topless at first glance.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • GLOW girl Godiva, who used to wear a flesh-colored bodysuit.
  • The majority of women wrestlers in the WWE wear flesh-colored stockings over their legs. It's probably so they can wear skimpy shorts and not worry about them being pulled aside during a match, especially on live television. Terri Runnels is most infamous for it.
  • More so nude colored bandages in the case of Ivelisse Vélez, but using wraps and or medical tape the same color of her skin and or sports bra was how she hid the fact she wrestled for at least a decade straight with a torn rotatory cuff. Nine years in a reporter from Ringbelles noticed she still had the injury, to which Velez insisted it was slowly but steadily getting better.
  • Karlee Pérez is famous for her striped leotard and sports bra combos, whose "stripes" are black, transparent and whatever Pérez's current skin tone happens to be.

  • In some versions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Potiphar's Wife and her backup dancers wear this type of clothing.
  • Julie Taymor's The Lion King:
    • There are dancers portraying plants that appear to only be wrapped with thin green ribbon. Closer inspection shows that they have at least nude-colored underwear, if not full bodysuits.
    • Most of the cast also wear shoes painted to specifically match their skintones, so it appears that they perform barefoot.
  • This also occurs in midriff-baring ballet costumes, such as the Arabian dancers in The Nutcracker. Part of the reason may be to help keep the non-flesh-colored bits of the costume in place during routines so elaborate they sometimes border on contortionism.
  • This is also worn at the end of the dance for the less risque versions of the Dance of the Seven Veils in Salome. The more risque versions leave the performer nude.

  • Around the time when LEGO Space minifigs got their first big redesign including new helmets with visors, the now two-tone "space suits" were also available in yellow. Since yellow is also the minifigs' skin color, putting those yellow lower halves on LEGO City minifigs with the intention of giving them pants in a color somewhat related to yellow made them look like not wearing anything below the waist at all.

    Video Games 
  • If at any time in the 1990s you found a "nude code" promising to let you finally see the Third-Person Seductress in the buff, 99% of the time she only does this, by way of a simple Palette Swap.
  • Animal Crossing's custom designs. The Video Game Perversity Potential makes it so, so possible to make custom designs accurately matching a villager's fur color. Put it up on the Abel Sisters' display and name it after the desired target and they'll wear it in a few days. Taken even farther in City Folk with "Pro designs", which get rid of odd texture repeating. Taken even farther in New Leaf, where many of the female characters who wore bulky dresses before now wear smooth shirts due to the game's Art Evolution. If you're one of the many who has had a crush on one of your villager friends at one point, well... you can talk to Isabelle whenever you need to erase the evidence.
    • Some of the "animal costumes" can have a more G-rated version of this effect on the right villagers. As Vinny demonstrated by giving a bear costume to Louie the gorilla, it doesn't even have to be the same species, just the same color.
  • In Assassin's Creed, flashbacks to the ancient world in which the now-vanished Precursors ruled over enslaved humans tend to show humans dressed in form-fitting bodysuits colored like this.
  • The player character in Code Name: Viper uses three colors: Brown, green, and flesh. The flesh color is used not only for his face and hands, but also his pants, leading some players to believe he was running around with no pants on. It doesn't help that his standing sprite has a visible bulge...
  • Eiko in Final Fantasy IX. The official art makes her look like she's totally naked from the waist down, when in fact she's wearing very tight flesh-colored pants. Considering her age, this is the cause of much Squick among fans. Thankfully her in-game model and most other artwork use a much darker red for them.
  • Likewise, the diving suit briefly worn by Rikku in Final Fantasy X has beige-colored segments in front of her crotch and on her ass, making it look like she's wearing a lot less than she actually is.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance has one character whose tight beige trousers make him look as though he's bare-assed.
  • The Ranger Elite Druid armor in Guild Wars can prove... interesting... when worn by darker-skinned female characters.
  • Will from Illusion of Gaia wears short shorts that are covered up and make it look like he's going around without pants.
  • There's a certain style of NPC armor in Mass Effect 2 that has this appearance for parts of it - mainly the pants. It has a corded texture, but from typical viewing distance it looks like fishnet hose. Every guard in the Arrival DLC, both male and female, is wearing this, making it look like every one of them is pantsless.
  • In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Marino's Quicksilver Mode gives off the impression that her thighs are completely bare. However, Mega Man X DiVE reveals that reploids have lines on their arms and legs (visible on the swimsuit variants of characters like Alia and Layer, and on Marino's own Halloween variant), meaning that Quicksilver Marino actually wears skin-colored tights.
  • Mushihime Sama has a paper doll feelie of Reco. Her unclothed shape is as though she is naked but with no visible naughty bits... so, the joke going around is that she's wearing a full-body flesh-colored latex suit.
  • Inverted in Sam & Max Hit the Road: a pair of conjoined twins appears to be clothed, but claims that they're actually not wearing anything - "their skin is naturally green and velvet-like", much to Max's horror.
  • Soul Series: Subverted in Soul Calibur 3 and Soul Calibur 4, wherein you cannot change underwear into flesh tones. They're simply blocked out.
  • Bastila's default clothes in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have large patches of fabric that are a very similar shade to Bastila's skin color, making her outfit look much more revealing at first glance than it really is.
  • Given the wide variety of skin colors available in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can wind up with gear that matches the skin color of your pureblood sith, twilek, chiss, or mirialan, thus winding up with this trope by accident. Or on purpose, with color mods.
  • It is possible to do this in Super Scribblenauts with the "naked" adjective.
  • Kratos' outfit in Tales of Symphonia has designs on it that some have noted make it look like there are holes over his nipples.

    Web Animation 
  • In GoAnimate, the closest you can get to depicting a buck-naked character is by giving him/her clothes that are the same color as his/her skin.
  • One of the big questions about Homestar Runner: Is he, as he claims, wearing "Long Pants", or does he not wear pants and just has blue soles on his feet?

  • Played for laughs in Beeserker, where it's revealed that the Sciencemen are wearing flesh-colored coveralls, much to the surprise of their assistant.
  • In Drowtales, the character Shen'fya caused a minor stir on the site's forums with her outfit, which is essentially lingerie with a transparent shift over it. If you weren't sharp eyed enough to spot the waistband it takes what would be an upskirt shot to realize that she's actually wearing leggings almost the same color as her skin (but slightly more yellow) which becomes more obvious in concept art.
  • The titular character in Sabrina Online appears to be a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, albeit one with realistically-human proportions, but it turns out (when her roommate Amy borrows a pair of them) that she's wearing skin-tight pants that perfectly match her fur colors. Colors, plural, because she's a black-and-white skunk; the pants have a very specific print.
  • In Sluggy Freelance some Anime parody characters have uniforms that go completely transparent during a Transformation Sequence. But only the women's.
  • One Something*Positive storyline has Mike discover an old video of Aubrey performing in a school play as a child, dressed in an outfit like this to portray the "Elf Queen" in a hilariously terrible stage adaptation of The Hobbit. He posts it online just because he thinks it's funny (and it doesn't occur to him that she might not want him to), then he winds up arrested because some viewers thought that Aubrey was actually naked.
  • Two of the bonus comics in TwoKinds depict this as one of Trace's nightmares, in an explicit homage to the Sabrina Online example. The description text of the first notes that even after Flora takes off her Flora-patterned pants, she is still wearing Flora-patterned underwear.

    Web Original 
  • A variant in this optical illusion: at first glance, it looks like a picture of a naked woman hanging up a see-through towel, but a closer look reveals that she's actually wearing a dress and the dolphins printed on her towel just happen to be "strategically" positioned.

    Western Animation 
  • Played with in Adventure Time: One episode reveals that Jake (a dog) doesn't actually go around naked, it's just that his pants are made out of spiderweb and are thus invisible to the viewer.
  • Danger Mouse is a white furred mouse in a white jumpsuit. It kind of looks like he's just wearing a belt, Eyepatch of Power and Chest Insignia, but there is a collar and cuffs if you look carefully.
  • The Drak Pack episode "Perilous Plunder at Pirate's Park" featured Dr. Dred's dim-witted lackey Toad wearing a wetsuit that was colored the same shade of green as his skin.
  • Futurama makes a literal fashion statement out of this. In a couple episodes, namely the pilot episode, there are people walking around with see through plastic clothing containing censor bars over the breasts, groin, and butt. The flesh colored clothing in this case, is the wearer's actual flesh coloring.
    • Subverted by the Nimbus crew uniforms: They don't include skin-colored pants as you might think. In fact, they don't include any pants but rather their absence. What you see there are the crew members' bare legs. Captain Zapp Brannigan is Going Commando, at least that's what Kif's reaction upon looking up Zapp's jacket implies. (We don't know what the rest of the crew wears underneath, though.)
  • Mickey Mouse (2013) uses the Disney characters' original designs, which includes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse being Half Dressed Cartoon Animals. "Eau de Minnie" reveals that Minnie isn't topless, however, she's just wearing a black shirt that matches the color of her...fur?
  • Discussed in Regular Show when Mordecai and Rigby get some crummy action-figures of Carter and Briggs. The action figure of Briggs has his shirt painted the exact same color as his skin, so it looks like he’s shirtless.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "To Surveil With Love", Chief Wiggum wants to arrest a man for indecent exposure, but it turns out he is just wearing flesh colored clothing.
    • In the first episode, Lisa is performing at a school play about Christmas in other cultures while wearing a very thin grass skirt. Her unintentional nudity was handwaved as a flesh-colored bodysuit.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • In an unusual example, Ahsoka wore a full-body unitard that just happened to be the exact same shade of red as her skin.
    • In a more risque but vague example due to camera trickery in the Season 3 episode, "Pursuit of Peace", the bounty hunters Chata Hyoki and Robonino hang out in a bar to receive their next orders from Count Dooku. In the background, you can find a Twi'lek girl posing suggestively on top of a table with her arms crossed over her chest. Between her clothing being the same color as her skin (if she's even wearing any clothing), the shadowing in the bar and the camera not directly focusing on her despite being very close to it (again, making it difficult to tell if she's actually wearing anything or not), one could assume the bar was a PG-rated strip club.

    Real Life 
  • Happens a lot in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the latter reason, mostly during Broadway and dance performances.
  • Fairly common for cheerleaders and color guards in high school (usually "nude" sleeves) when the fall starts to get cold during football / performance times.
  • There's a rule in Olympic-eligible skating that explicitly bans bare midriffs for women, so illusion net is a way around it.
  • In Italy, it's tradition to do costumes for children portraying characters wearing short-sleeved shirts but actually making them with long, flesh colored sleeves. Taken to extreme with the Enchantix costumes, which are basically bodysuits with costumes applied on.
  • Japan's NHK received over 200 complaints on December 31st 2006 when they aired a concert featuring performers dressed in nude-colored bodysuits with nipples painted on.
  • At the 2010 French Open, Venus Williams wore a short dress with a more-than-passing resemblance to a French Maid Outfit and flesh-colored shorts underneath. It caused quite a stir in the media.
  • Miley Cyrus's notorious skin-toned rubber bikini at the 2013 MTV VMA Awards, where she proceeded to twerk gratuitously while on stage with Robin Thicke, much to the shock of damn near everyone who saw it.
  • In 2014, the Colombian women's cycling team got a lot of attention with a uniform that left their hips and crotch nude colored. The BBC actually blacked out their nether regions.

Alternative Title(s): Nude Colored Clothing, Nude Coloured Clothes