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Rockman X DiVE is an 2D action-platformer made with a modified engine from Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X and a game developed by Capcom Taiwan for iOS and Android.

Within the Cyber Space in a place called "Deep Log", which contains the game data information and the memories of the players who had played the Mega Man X games. There is a Deep Log for each game and player in the world, and they have been stored and managed for decades by RiCO, with the surge of unknown errors which are causing data corruptions. It is the job of the "Player" to repair the data and get rid of the errors in order to protect the Deep Log, using Hunter Programs to get rid of the Irregular Data.

While the game began with solely Mega Man X characters, over time more and more interlopers from other Mega Man subseries such as Mega Man (Classic), Mega Man Zero, and more have been added.


    Playable characters include (in order of appearance with ranking, at the time of writing): 

Tropes present in the game:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The game takes place in the near future.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • In the Classic Series, Roll was a household robot who was never meant for combat: well, in this game she's given almost the same skills as her brother, and some of her moves are references to her appearance as playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
    • Iris: In X4 she was a pacifist who constantly pleaded Zero and her brother Colonel not to fight, and later fought Zero using a Ride Armor-like body: well, in this game she's able to fight by herself on the same level as Zero without said Ride Armor-like body.
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    • In Mega Man Zero, Ciel was also a pacifist who tried to find non-violent solutions and never engaged in combat. Well, that's not the case here, as she can also fight on par with anyone else.
    • In Mega Man ZX, Aile cannot fight at all in her human form, requiring the use of the Biometals to engage in combat. Like with Ciel, that's not the case, as her human form is more than capable of combat and even summons up giant versions of Models X and Z.
  • Addressing the Player: The game starts with RiCO referring to you as "Player".
  • Ascended Meme: In the teaser for the Wolf Sigma Boss Raid, the footage only showed a brief instance of one of his paws slamming down with the familiar image of the "To Be Continued" arrow. This also acts as a call back to Capcom's three video games based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • This was later done for Bit becoming playable for the Christmas Event, which references the manga adaptation of X3, where he gleefully and nearly executes X, while mockingly and creepily wishing him a Merry Christmas.
  • Badass Adorable: Ciel is a teenage Token Human who is capable of fighting on par with the rest of the playable cast. To say nothing of Roll who has the frame of a 10-year old girl and yet can put up a fight with just her broom.
  • Battle Theme Music: Occurs mainly during Boss fights.
    • Miniboss fights: "Another Boss" (From X2)
    • Boss intro: "Boss 1" (From X1)
    • Boss fight: "Boss 2" (From X1)
    • Rangda Bangda W: "Lambda Bamda" (from X5)
    • Goliath intro: "Vile 1" (From X1)
    • Goliath fight: "Vile 2" (From X1)
    • Rex-2000 (Fireworks) intro: "Boss" (from X4)
    • Pumpkin Head Dark Man and Christmas Bit: "Boss" (from Mega Man 5)
    • Cyber Peacock (Battle Network Event): "Net Battle" (from MegaMan Battle Network)
    • Sigma Final Form: "Sigma 2nd" (from X4)
  • The Cameo: A few characters appear as supports for certain events or playable characters. These include Rush, Eddie, Beat, the ServBots, Cyber-elves, Models X and Z, Lan Hikari, and Eugene Chaud.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: If a player is caught playing with cheats during a PvP match, they will be banned from playing. This can sometimes happen by accident, as sometimes these players are too skilled for other players and can easily over power them.
  • Christmas Episode: The "Farewell to 2020" event, taking place over the course of December, culminating in a stage set in Blizzard Buffalo's stage from X3 and a boss fight with Christmas Bit.
  • Cyber Space: The game takes place on it.
    • Taken a step further with the Cyberspace stage (Cyber Peacock's stage) lifted from Mega Man X4. The stage is reskinned to resemble the Cyberworld from the Battle Network series
  • Fake Crossover: Characters from other sub-series such as Mega Man (Classic) and Mega Man Zero appear but like the Mega Man X-era characters, they're only digital recreations and not the actual ones.
  • Fake Shemp: Although Yuka Imai retired on August 31, 2018 due to family reasons a year before this game was announced, she is still credited for Fairy Leviathan since her voice clips were recycled from her debut game, Mega Man Zero.
  • Festival Episode: The Matsuri Event runs through August, representing the Bon festival.
  • Halloween Episode: The Halloween Scare Challenge runs from October 28th up to November 11th. The stage is set in a locale called "Brambled Castle" which is populated with Petitpiders, bouncing Pumpkins, Skelebats, "Franken Armors", Mummy Armored Soldiers, and reskinned See-Catches as Ghosts. The boss is a fight with Pumpkin Head Dark Man.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Not only do some characters like Zero and Cinnamon get rather fanservicey "White Day" costumes, but Layer actually has Jiggle Physics, as demonstrated at the start of her showcase video.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with Layer's "Swimsuit" costume, and Ferham's "Christmas" skin.
  • Identical Stranger: ViA is almost identical to Zero as he appeared on the first Mega Man X game as a result of the errors in the Deep Log.
  • Jive Turkey: Lampshaded. The Mad Joey piloting the Rex-2000 (Fireworks) found during the Matsuri event talks like this, but even he doesn't know why.
  • Mirror Match: Barring the potential of facing other players using the same character as you in the PvP section, it's possible to play as Vile and fight against Vile in the Goliath Ride Armor, as well as having the possibility of having Sigma present in the Raid Boss fight against Wolf Sigma / Phantom Sigma / Final Form Sigma, Zero (Z) present to fight against Omega during the ZX Event, Bit fighting against himself, or even Magma Dragoon in the traditional Street Fighter sense of the word, ala Ryu and Ken. Interestingly enough, there is a bit of Developers' Foresight found in the game's data, which suggests (at the time of writing) that the Goliath version of Vile will have a different skin while fighting as the playable Vile.
  • My Future Self and Me: With the addition of the Zero series characters, it's possible for a match or co-op to have both the X series Zero and "Zero (Z)" present. The same goes for the potential Developers' Foresight mentioned above.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Bit's details prior to fighting him mention that he has a sheild, but he usually leaves the shield behind due to its heavy weight. He can be shown holding said shield on the Equip Chip screen, making this the first time in the series, and during the Christmas event stage, barring his Bandai Mega Armor model kit figure, Phoenix Magnion's illusions, or the opening of X5.
    • Pumpkin Head Dark Man has vague memories of fighting a blue robot in a castle, when encountered during the Halloween 2020 event, referring to the four boss fights against the Dark Man line in Mega Man 5.
    • Several weapons are based on other Robot Masters, Mavericks, and boss characters from the main games. These include at the time of writing:
    • On the flipside, a few of these weapons are based on playable characters or returned from previously seen weaponries:
    • Both the fights with Mega Scorpio and Goliath invoke Zero's most well-known scenes from X1. The Mega Scorpio battle ends with the boss blindsiding you, followed by ViA one-shotting it, complete with Zero's Leitmotif playing. In the Goliath fight, the first attempt at fighting him has Vile completely invulnerable, until ViA once again appears and blows himself up to knock out the barrier surrounding the Ride Armor. Unlike Zero, ViA survives this Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Magma Dragoon's announcement video has him throwing a Hadouken at the camera, much like Ryu in the opening demo for Super Street Fighter II.
  • Non-Dubbed Grunts: The game uses voice clips recycled from previous Mega Man games and features no new lines for returning voice actors. The only characters so far with new voice actors in their voice lines are RiCO, Iris, Ciel, Bass.EXE, and Bit.
  • Promoted to Playable: Considering all the other playable characters, this game marks the first time that Ferham, Iris, Sigma, Pandora, Copy X, and Bit are playable. Technically you can play as something close to Leviathan by using Model L in Mega Man ZX and Advent, but this is also the first time Leviathan herself has been playable outside of minigames.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Alia and Layer, in their alternate fanservice costumes, have animations in the menu where they look down, immediately covering up with their hands when they see what they are wearing.
  • Scunthorpe Problem: The profanity filter of the game chat is rather... overzealous to say the least. Just try to say "Steel Massimo".
  • Spiritual Successor: Can be considered one for both the cancelled Rockman Online, involving recreations of the main cast of both the X and Classic series and the introduction of three characters original to the game, and for Rockman Xover, by nature of being a smartphone title making use of a light blue girl (Kalinka or RiCO) and a Crisis Crossover involving at least three different eras of the timeline.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Rangda Bangda W, who never spoke a word in X5, gets a line before it's boss fight... It's basically a rehash of CWU-O1P's speech.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Magma Dragoon is the first boss in the game to have voice clips, all lifted from X4. This is if you exclude Vile riding the Goliath, only making a sound upon his death throes.
  • Token Human: In the form of Ciel, Aile, and Tron Bonne. Aile pushes this since she is a cyborg of sorts. Tron Bonne pushes this further since she is a Carbon, which is borderline Ridiculously Human Robot
  • Wolfpack Boss: The Servbots during the Legends event.


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