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The fireball isn't the hottest thing in this picture.

Witch, n.
(1) Any ugly and repulsive old woman, in a wicked league with the devil.
(2) A beautiful and attractive young woman, in wickedness a league beyond the devil.

This is what the Cute Witch often grows up to be, if she grows up, and if she doesn't lose her powers and is still cute at a certain age. Whether a member of a Mage Species or an ordinary human, she is a Mysterious Woman with strange, magical, or seemingly magical powers, at least in the eyes of other characters or the audience. She also happens to be sexy or at least elegant. Whereas the Wicked Witch is traditionally ugly on the outside and evil on the inside, the Hot Witch is the exact opposite: beautiful and charming. Because Beauty Equals Goodness, she's usually at least somewhat benevolent. If she's less than completely noble in her intentions, she'll be a Lovable Rogue or Affably Evil at worst. She might keep a black cat and a broom but rarely wears the full witch outfit. Usually, the Hot Witch either dresses in stylish ordinary or modern clothing, or else very revealing attire. In the latter case she's often presumed to be a sexy villain, but often turns out to be a Good Bad Girl instead.

The Hot Witch is sometimes not a Cute Witch. The Cute Witch is a Magical Girl who wears the stereotypical (or maybe just traditional) paraphernalia of witches and is cute in the "adorable" or Japanese kawaisa sense. She's also typically not yet out of her teens, or at least looks like it. When you see her, you think, "Awwww." In contrast, the Hot Witch is attractive and sometimes still kind of cute in a Western sexy, elegant, mysterious way. She's invariably in at least her later teens, if not her 20s or older. When fanboys see her, they will turn their heads after her.

The Hot Witch is usually not a Vain Sorceress or a Black Magician Girl, either. The Vain Sorceress is obsessed with using magic to maintain her beauty. If the Hot Witch uses magic to stay beautiful, it is not an obsession that clouds her ability to have other concerns. The Black Magician Girl's primary characteristic is the use of magic for offense and is usually an Action Girl. The Hot Witch's powers and personality are of a more subtle and mysterious nature. If they're using their magic to only appear beautiful to others, see Master of Illusion. If they actually change their own, usually ugly form to something beautiful to tempt someone, see Shapeshifting Seducer.

It should be noted that this trope is much Older Than They Think, given that the original descriptions of a witch were a young, attractive, and wise woman before it was changed to the ugly, evil hag much more commonly known today.

Contrast Wicked Witch. A subtrope of Witch Classic. Also, don't confuse this trope for another type of hot witch.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • The scantily-attired Hot Witch is a staple of Halloween-themed pin-up art, both vintage and modern.
  • This 2000 Halloween cover from The New Yorker.
  • Hot Witches can be seen all over souvenirs from the Harz Mountains in Germany, a tourist region with a long history of witch legends.

    Comic Books 
  • Age of the Wolf: The heroine Rowan Morrigan is the last descendant of an old bloodline of redheaded witches. She's pretty attractive, which gets her unwanted attention from at least one bad guy. By the time she's an old woman, she's also adopted a pointed hat that makes her look even more witchlike.
  • All-Star Comics: The Loreli is the queen of the witches and looks like a tall thin woman with long black hair wearing a tall conical hat and a striped transparent dress with a backless bodice.
  • The Scarlet Witch from The Avengers, even though technically her "magic" was originally a mutant ability, although, Depending on the Writer, she sometimes knew 'real' magic, too. Since the turn of the millennium, she pretty definitely knows — and mainly uses — real magic. She's also very beautiful, like most comic-book superheroines, and wears an all red costume.
  • Dark Dimension native and current Sorceress Supreme, as well as Doctor Strange's lover, Clea, is always portrayed as beautiful, her Mystical White Hair giving it a supernatural quality. (Her wicked mother Umar slightly, but not as much; Beauty Equals Goodness is often a common theme for Strange's supporting cast, as most of his enemies are hideous demons.) While she didn't appear for a while, she popped up again prior to the Death of Doctor Strange, and was entrusted with the position of Sorcerer Supreme after he passed (both because he trusted her and her ability, and because he wanted to prevent it falling into the hands of Doctor Doom).
  • The Prairie Witch, foe of Starman in The DCU. Her look was passed on 1950s pin-up illustrations of witches.
  • In Lady Death, Satasha Raventhorne is a sorceress who taught the heroine how to wield magic and happens to be a gorgeous redhead dressed in a very revealing Chainmail Bikini.
  • Mélusine:
    • Krapella ("Gothika" in Cinebook's English translation) is beautiful and wears a typical witch hat, a bra, a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, heels, and her attire is completely in black. She goes to Wizarding School to learn magic and is the only one dressed like that.
    • Mélisande when she was bitten by a vampire. She slowly turns evil and switches to witchcraft. She also changes her fairy attire to a witch hat, a cape, a leotard, high-heel boots, all in black. This is temporary, however, as Mélusine cures her back to normal much to Mélisande's disappointment who kinda enjoy being evil.
  • The Mighty Thor:
    • As a young Asgardian, Amora started out as a very minor goddess with very minor magical skills, but her breathtaking beauty was undeniable. Over the centuries, she used her looks to seduce and beguile various wizards and sorcerers and convinced them to teach her their most powerful magic. Millennia later, she has become one of Asgard's most powerful spellcasters, and has devoted a large portion of her magic to enhancing her beauty and powers of seduction even further, thus gaining her the title by which she is most widely known: 'The Asgardian Enchantress'.
    • Amora's younger sister Lorelei is also beautiful, but is far less powerful magically (and far less intelligent). Like her big sis, she has designs on poor Thor, though she winds up as Loki's only intermittently appreciated girlfriend.
    • Karnilla is another Asgardian woman who is widely known for her stunning beauty and widely feared for her awesome magical power. She rules the sub-kingdom of Nornheim, and both hold her throne and defends her kingdom almost entirely by dint of her personal power.
  • The furry witch, "The Mink" by Kjartan Arnorsson, was originally a Bookworm who discovered an actual book of magic with functional spells. While she eventually uses her magic to make herself beautiful, that is basically an afterthought after spending considerable time mastering her power and no one is hurt by that indulgence.
  • Witchfire from Power Company, a DCU character. She is a model in her secret identity and wears a costume with a Navel-Deep Neckline.
  • Desire's story in The Sandman: Endless Nights features a witch who is naked all the time. Payment for her services is a sausage.
  • The Enchantress in Suicide Squad is a buxom redhead wearing a body-hugging leotard and possessed by the spirit of an ancient magical entity.
  • Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, like all the witches in that series, is an extremely voluptuous woman who wears very little clothing.
  • Lana Lang, who is already a Ms. Fanservice, becomes this in Superman & Batman: Generations after she gets a hold of Merlin's staff. She eventually gains immortality as a result of constant exposure to magic and is shown wearing a form-fitting Leotard of Power in the future.
  • Magica De Spell from Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge comics and DuckTales (1987) is young, evil, and would probably be count as hot if she were a human and not an anthropomorphic duck. She has gorgeous black hair (which sets her apart from other anthropomorphic characters like Daisy) and is quite lady-like. In fact, there are numerous fan drawings depicting her as human; the artists behind them don't even have to engage in Self-Fanservice to make her attractive.
  • The Warlord:
  • The magic team "The Witches" in the Marvel Universe were made with this trope in mind. A Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio, all of whom dress in midriff-baring outfits. And it is later established that the bisexual Jennifer Kale used to be an exotic dancer. And one of the members, Satana, is now the magical support for the Thunderbolts.
  • The youngest of the three witches who hosted DC Comics horror anthology The Witching Hour (representing the maiden in The Hecate Sisters) was a stacked blonde whose usual attire was a high-collared leotard.
  • Fleur, a good witch, was a recurring character in Vampirella. Already her name ("flower") is suggestive, she is about as underdressed as Vampirella herself, and she was even scheduled to be sort of a bribe for a tentacle monster. (That evil plan went south royally. Hentai fans weeped. The monster too.)
  • Wonder Woman foe Circe is a powerful witch, who is constantly changing her appearance but ususally appears as an attractive woman in clothing with a plunging neckline.
  • Zatanna in The DCU, who is a very beautiful woman (as comic-book superheroines almost invariably are) whose costume is a tuxedo, but with black panties and fishnet stockings instead of pants. Arcanna, Marvel Comics's Alternate Company Equivalent of Zatanna, in the Squadron Supreme. Her costume is a leotard, fishnets, boots and a short jacket.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Bridge:
    • Princess Cadance, Celestia, and Luna are all high tier magic users and considered very attractive by Equestrian standards.
    • Mothra, the most accomplished magic user of the transfered kaiju, is a double subversion. While her alicorn body is a stunner, it's just a disguise and her true form is a changeling queen which is less pretty to look at but Twilight remarks she's gorgeous compared to Queen Chrysalis.
  • Child of the Storm has several, who are explicitly described as being very attractive.
    • Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, is a former student of Doctor Strange and the Sorceress Supreme in Waiting (and becomes the Sorceress Supreme outright in chapter 29 of the sequel, when he abdicates the position), specialising in chaos magic — as well as being a powerful mutant, though her probability manipulation and chaos magic tend to blend (to the point where Dumbledore admits that when she was a girl, they could barely distinguish between the two). She tends to wear tight (but practical) clothing.
    • Zatanna Zatara is a powerful witch like her canon counterpart, who's followed her parents in combining wanded and wandless magic into a unified art — though she wears trousers rather than fishnets.
    • The late Lily Potter is a witch like her canon counterpart. She's described as stunningly beautiful, including in her appearances as a Post Humous Character, when she wears the Simple, yet Opulent white and gold dress of the White Phoenix of the Crown.
  • Kathryn, the main protagonist of The Heart Trilogy, is one of the last Seers in Middle-earth, though ignorant and prejudiced people tend to mistake her for a witch. After she's magically bound to her soulmate Smaug while she's in her early 20s, she retains her youthful appearance though she lives for twelve decades after that. Andraya, an actual witch from the same series, is attractive enough to look like she's in her mid-20s, but her behavior and teenaged daughter prove that she's in her fourth decade.
  • In Origin Story, when Alex Harris and her girlfriend Louise go looking for the assistance of a powerful sorcerer, they find Jennifer Kale, a witch whose power and ability is on the same scale as Doctor Strange, working as an exotic dancer at the most expensive strip joint in Miami. Note: This is taken directly from Marvel Universe canon.
  • Vow of Nudity: Fiora is a mischievous and lecherous catgirl with a very open-minded attitude towards nudism and sexuality.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Belladonna of Sadness, Jeanne makes a Deal with the Devil that turns her into a witch and a Shameless Fanservice Girl with a habit of starting orgies. She's actually put out about this, telling him that she would rather have been made an ugly crone in true Wicked Witch style. But no, the Devil leaves her beauty fully intact.
  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs uses magical spells and artifacts to get her way. She is the beauty of the Raven Hair, Ivory Skin variety and, according to the Magic Mirror, her beauty is second only to that of Snow White. Second-best isn't good enough for her, though.
    • The Sword in the Stone: Madam Mim's base form is a short, dumpy old hag, but she can transform into a much more attractive version that she uses to lure Wart into capture. Guess which form is more popular with fanartists.
    • Queen Elsa from Frozen possesses both icy, elegant beauty, and ice powers equal to those of a cruel winter Goddess. Despite appearances (and a few unfortunate accidents) to the contrary, she isn't the least bit evil, just very sad and isolated.
  • Kirikou and the Sorceress: Karaba, the eponymous sorceress, is stated to be as beautiful as she is evil, and indeed even Kirikou admits as such.
  • Laika:
    • When the town of Blithe Hollow in ParaNorman capitalizes on the execution of a supposed witch in its colonial past, most of it uses the Wicked Witch archetype. A billboard for the casino, however, depicts her as a young woman in a skimpy outfit with a wad of bills in her generous cleavage. The real "witch" was an 11-year-old girl named Agatha Prenderghast.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), like her comic counterpart, is portrayed as a young, beautiful woman, with a slightly Goth costume featuring emphasized cleavage and Zettai Ryouiki. She begins the film as a villain but pulls a Heel–Face Turn later.
  • Gillian (Kim Novak) in Bell, Book and Candle. Played by a very beautiful actress, wears a series of sexy costumes over the course of the movie, also the heroine of a love story, also a witch who casts magic spells. She casts a love spell to make James Stewart fall in love with her.
  • Erica from Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is more of a Wicca than a real witch. But she is definitely pretty and sexy.
  • In The Cabin in the Woods, "Sexy Witches" were among the monsters that could have been unleashed on the protagonists. Note that sexy witches are listed separately from regular witches.
  • Casper Meets Wendy: Wendy's aunts Gert and Gabby are both quite attractive.
  • Arianne from Centurion was accused of witchcraft, and deliberately creates the impression that she is a necromancer to protect herself, but she doesn't really have any magical powers, although she is an expert on woodcraft and herblore. She's definitely hot.
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011): Marique is good-looking, though somewhat creepy with her very pale skin, dark makeup on her eyes and her Wolverine Claws. She wears very revealing clothes throughout the film.
  • The Craft is about teenage girls dabbling in witchcraft. One of them is Bonnie, a girl who has fire scars all over her body and longs to be beautiful. Thanks to Sarah's magic, she gets her wish, and enjoys the attention she gets from the boys in school. Rachel True also jokes that the girls' appearances and wardrobe received more attention as a sign of their powers growing.
    "Did you notice that the stronger our powers grew, the shorter our skirts got?"
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness: Akordia is a beautiful, dangerous sorceress whom Grayson is seduced by.
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: The titular character is both a Halloween icon and one of the most well-known examples for this trope, a Perky Goth Valley Girl known for her Navel-Deep Neckline. She's a horror hostess who gains magic through her uncle Vincent's spellbook.
  • In Eye of the Devil, Sharon Tate plays a spooky Satanic witch who turns toads into doves, and also wears some very tight dresses.
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: On the good side, we have Pihla Viitala's white witch Mina, and on the bad side, we have Famke Janssen's Muriel (at least when she's in her human disguise). Later in the film it's also revealed that Gretel is a white witch, so she counts, too.
  • Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker), the youngest and bubbliest of the evil Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Whereas her sisters are closer to Ugly Cute, Sarah's outfit includes a corset and heavily flaunts her cleavage, she flirts with the bus driver and gets him to drive her and her sisters into town, and when the wife of "the Master" (a man in a Big Red Devil costume who they mistook for the real devil) sees her dancing with him, she throws all of the Sanderson sisters out of their house.
  • In The House With a Clock in Its Walls, Mrs. Zimmerman is very emphatically the good kind of witch. She is also played by Cate Blanchett, so this was more or less the inevitable result. (Tight purple sweaters aside, her character isn't sexualized, but it would take a lot more effort to keep her from being hot.)
  • Jennifer (Veronica Lake) in I Married a Witch is a beautiful woman. She starts out evil, wanting to seduce the engaged protagonist just out of pure malice, but then falls in love with him after accidentally drinking the love potion she meant for him, triggering her High-Heel–Face Turn. She and the protagonist eventually get married and live happily ever after.
  • The Mage in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, though her attractiveness is not emphasised, largely because of the intensity with which Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey plays her.
  • In The Last Witch Hunter, all witches except for the Queen look like young and attractive women, although while some really are young and hot, others use youth charms to invoke the effect.
  • Elaine from The Love Witch oozes this trope. Without magic, she has her pick of the guys. With magic, she can spoil men beyond repair.
  • The eponymous witch in The Naked Witch has, in the words of the poster, "the body of a goddess" and rises naked from the grave. She has no trouble in seducing the student.
  • Oz the Great and Powerful:
    • Glinda the Good is agelessly beautiful, played by blonde beauty Michelle Williams. Oscar is instantly taken with her when he meets her, and immediately can tell she's not the Wicked Witch.
    • Theodora is played by Mila Kunis and Oscar falls for her as soon as he arrives in Oz — he's surprised that she has no admirers because of her witch powers because he finds her just that hot. She makes a Face–Heel Turn to become the Wicked Witch of the West, and gains the iconic green skin.
    • Evanora meanwhile appears to be a beautiful good witch but is really the Wicked Witch of the East, and has been using a magical pendant to hide her true form of an ugly hag.
  • Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean is a Hot Voodoo Witch, who wears very flattering outfits and is implied to have been romantically involved with Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End reveals that she is the sea goddess Calypso trapped in a human body, which would crank this trope up to an entirely new level.
  • Sallie (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) in Practical Magic were hot witches, as was their ancestor Maria which is part of the reason she was almost executed. (She had slept with all of the men in the town and their wives were on the "hanging committee"). This was played up most particularly by Gillian who from a young age had an endless list of potential suitors and lovers. Or as Sandra Bullock's character said while drunk, to the laughs of the other women (who were also drunk):
    Sallie: Since when is it a crime to be a slut in this family?
  • Cassandra (Kelly Hu) from The Scorpion King. Aside from being a sorceress gifted with clairvoyance, she is prone to wearing extremely revealing outfits and has a bathing scene.
  • Sleepy Hollow (1999):
    • Katrina Van Tassel is the beauty of blond variety and her cleavage was quite revealing. The patterns she was drawing on the floor were protection runes. She is a good and beautiful witch.
    • Lady Crane, who is also Ichabod's mother. She frequently appears in dream sequences wearing flattering gowns and glowing beautifully. The original script called for a scene where she danced in front of Ichabod and loosened her top. She's played by the director's girlfriend at the time.
    • Lady Van Tassel is an evil Hot Witch. After she reveals herself as a witch, she gives herself an Evil Costume Switch — which shows a lot more cleavage. Elsewhere in the story, she's known as quite the seductress.
  • In Snow White & the Huntsman Queen Ravenna (played by the gorgeous Charlize Theron) is a Statuesque Stunner with a beautiful face and long blond hair, the Fairest of Them All. She uses a lot of dark magic to ensure and protect her position as a queen.
  • The title character in Tamara, a teenage witch who was Hollywood Homely prior to coming Back from the Dead, and absolutely gorgeous after. The film's tagline is even "revenge has a killer body." (She's played by Jenna Dewan, who would later play another Hot Witch on Witches of East End.)
  • The Theatre Bizarre: In "The Mother of Toads", the Wicked Witch transforms herself into a young, nubile and naked form to seduce the anthropologist.
  • The eponymous characters of The Witches of Eastwick are played by Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer. All three of them are gorgeous women that toy with dark magical powers. They form a really hot Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio.
  • In early casting for The Wizard of Oz Gale Sondergaard was going to be a Wicked Hot Witch of the West, but when the studio decided to go with a conventionally ugly witch she bowed out, not wanting to put up with long hours in the makeup chair. In the actual film, Glinda (who, while beautiful, isn't exactly "hot") claims "only bad witches are ugly".
  • The VVitch actually plays this somewhat for drama. Caleb is seduced by a witch who takes the form of an alluring raven-haired temptress with prominent cleavage. The fact that he's 12 and heavily implied to have been raped by her just makes it all the more disturbing.
  • The Witches: The Grand High Witch was very hot... at least until her true form is revealed.

  • As the young beautiful slave of an Evil Sorcerer, Kira in The Barbarian and the Sorceress helped her master translate ancient and forbidden texts on Black Magic until she became a pretty powerful sorceress herself.
  • Books of Swords:
    • In the original trilogy, Dame Yoldi is described as a still very good-looking woman of middle years, who looks as though she must have been gorgeous in her youth. She serves as Court Mage and seeress to Sir Andrew and is also his wife.
    • In The Books of Lost Swords, Wood's assistant, Tigra, is both physically beautiful and The Vamp, while also being a powerful witch.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • Jadis is the White Witch who has cursed Narnia with eternal winter, can turn people into stone, and knows deep magic. In The Magician's Nephew, she was very attractive to Digory, at least before she ate the fruit.
  • Achren from The Chronicles of Prydain is first described as being "as evil as she is beautiful," by Gwydion to Taran. When the Cauldron-Born take Taran and Gwydion to Spiral Castle, Taran is entranced by its mistress's beauty and is almost drawn into revealing their secrets before Gwydion reveals that she's Achren. Eilonwy studies magic under her charge, and she displays a fondness for jewelry, but Eilonwy expresses the opinion that it does not become her.
  • Tabitha from Delicate Fire: Behold the Enchantress, is a stunningly beautiful red-haired witch whose magical powers function only because she is hot. As an Enchantress, she uses her beauty itself as a focus for her abilities, as opposed to magical words, gestures, or material components. Naturally, her powers are centered around influencing (or outright controlling) men and women, which she happily does in order to get what she wants.
  • In the Discworld series, Gytha "Nanny" Ogg has been described as one of these in her youth. This is borne out by sketches of Nanny in her prime which appeared in The Art of Discworld and The Last Hero, where she served as the Disc's equivalent to the Mona Lisa.
    • Annagramma Hawkin, apprentice Witch, is selected by the vain Lettice Earwig because she is tall, thin, blonde, and projects the right sort of glamour. It's just a shame she isn't all that good as a witch.
    • Lilith Weatherwax, sister of Esmeralda, left home after using her looks to seduce men and get favours. She was so good at this that she ended up running a country. Her sister Esmerelda/"Granny" Weatherwax admits there is such a Witch as an Enchantress, darkly adding that "they're no better than they ought to be".
    • Granny Weatherwax herself probably couldn't be called "hot," but her face is described as "handsome," and official art makes her look pretty good for her age. This, of course, is a great annoyance to her, as a witch really should have a few warts and missing teeth.
  • Dora Wilk Series:
    • Dora is described as sexy, if not gorgeous. She's half-blood fertility witch, a succubus-like creature that must obtain life energy from sex, thus the need for good looks is somewhat important for her survival.
    • Jezebel, a demonic witch, is also described as beautiful, although in her case it's deconstructed: she's very well aware of the fact and when somebody doesn't fall for her when she wants him to, she kills him with magic.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Molly Carpenter gets her pin-up model looks from her mother as well as her magic. While Harry isn't remotely interested in her, having known her since, as he put it, when she was 'somewhere between training wheels and training bra', he notes that she is drop-dead gorgeous. She has, on a prior occasion, used her good looks to her advantage. This is averted during Molly's tenure as the Ragged Lady. Living homeless and mentally unbalanced while receiving Training from Hell from the Leanansidhe, Molly was lucky to achieve basic hygiene, much less hotness.
    • Elaine Mallory is a female warlock who was mind-controlled into doing black magic. She is described as drop-dead gorgeous and she was Dresden's first love interests.
    • Hannah Ascher is a female warlock and she practices black magic willingly. Hannah is extremely beautiful and she tried to seduce Dresden, but she failed.
  • In Oscar Wilde's The Fisherman and his Soul, the one who tells the Tall, Dark, and Handsome Fisherman how to get rid of his soul so he can court a beautiful mermaid is a beautiful red-headed witch. She bitterly laments how the Fisherman is hung up on the mermaid when he should be smitten with her due to her own beauty.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Fleur Delacour is part Veela, which makes her unnaturally pretty, as Veelas are a race of beings appearing as enormously good looking women, with the power to allure men.
    • Bellatrix Lestrange has been described as a woman of great beauty, which has been marred by her time in prison in Azkaban. She is one of the evilest witches in the story, siding with Voldemort.
    • Ginny Weasley is noted in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to have grown up to become extremely attractive which is the reason for her to become more popular at school and starting to become a Dude Magnet.
  • Rachel Morgan from The Hollows is a witch in an Urban Fantasy setting, that is described as an attractive and athletically built woman that stands at 5'8".
  • Zigzagged in "Lore Lay" by Clemens Brentano: We are told that beautiful Lore Lay is a sorceress, and her accusers certainly think so. But any proof of that is lacking, and we cannot really be sure if Lore Lay is an actual witch.
  • Amanda "Granny" Jennings from Robert A. Heinlein's "Magic, Inc." is a formerly very hot witch. At the time of the story's action, she is something of a Cool Old Lady: One character calls her "ninety years older than Santy Claus"; the narrator describes her as "a little, old, shriveled-up woman with the face of a shrewd monkey"; but a professional magician nonetheless notes she has "more magic in her little finger than you'll find in Solomon's Book", and she deals very effectively with several Alchemic Elementals. Later in the story, the protagonists have to literally go to Hell and confront Satan himself; the narrator is shocked to find that "Granny" Jennings has been (temporarily) transformed to the way she looked in her youth: "A young woman, strong, perfect, and vibrantly beautiful...Have you ever seen the bronze Diana of the Woods? She was something like that, except that metal cannot catch the live, dynamic beauty that I saw." The next morning, after their mission to Hell is completed, she reverts to her proper age—"See, Archie, my old clock stopped yesterday, but it is running again this morning"—leaving the narrator to conclude that he values their friendship, and is grateful she gently rebuffed his infatuation with her in her younger guise, but "if I had been born sixty years sooner, Mr. Jennings would have had some rivalry to contend with".
  • Nightshade in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series. The first thing that King Benjamin notes about her when they first meet is that "what[ever] artist had created the witch, whether god or devil, [had put] some thought... into the sculpting. Nightshade was a striking woman." She and Benjamin end up having sexual tension, especially in Tangle Box, the fourth book in the series, when the two of them, under Amnesiac Dissonance, become lovers. Nightshade is also a seriously evil Wicked Witch, and even though she is perfectly willing to pretend to be someone's friend in order to manipulate that person, she never attempts to be seductive or otherwise use her beauty as a tool of manipulation.
  • In Andrei Belyanin's My Wife Is a Witch duology, a young poet discovers that the love of his life is a witch. Naturally, she is extremely attractive and subscribes to the stereotype of a Hot Librarian (including the "demon in the sack" part). The poet also discovers that he is unique because no other witch has ever been married, preferring to stay free. Thus, he also fulfills a prophecy about a "witch's husband" being a powerful sorcerer. Indeed, in the magical realms, his poetry gains magical qualities, becoming equivalent to spells. His personal devil points out that, without him, the angel would never have allowed the poet to be with a witch, marrying a proper Christian woman instead.
  • Alicia in Night Watch (Series) and Day Watch. All female Others use spells that create the illusion of makeup. It can be assumed that making themselves attractive is the first thing new witches try to learn. Interestingly, the Dark Others' version of the spell is called Burqa, which makes about as much sense as wearing an actual burqa to avoid wearing makeup. However, once you get past their "makeup", it's averted. Witches tend to age very quickly and turn into old crones within a few decades, sustaining themselves through magic. They explain it by being Closer to Earth and more in tune with the natural forces. To take away a witch's magic is to doom her to death, as she would crumble to dust almost instantly.
  • Technically, most witches in Night World qualify as this due to them being an Inhumanly Beautiful Race, but Blaise Harman really takes the cake. She's considered insanely attractive even by Night People standards and constantly has men fawning over her, with "smouldering" gray eyes, billowing black hair and "curves galore". She's well aware of her beauty and uses it to her advantage.
  • Nikolai Gogol:
    • The main villainess in the short story "Viy", Pannochka (which means something along the lines of "young lady" or "missy" in Ukrainian) is a hot witch. Even after her death, the main character is stunned by her beauty.
    • The witch Solokha from "Christmas Eve" is an older version of this (old enough to have an adult son), but that doesn't stop her from having several lovers at a time.
  • The Shahnameh: On his fourth Labor, Rostam comes across a witch disguised as a beautiful woman who entices him with food and wine. Just as he's about to put the food in his mouth though Rostam gives thanks to Mitra. Upon hearing God's name, the witch instantly reverts to her true form.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire usually zigzag. There's several witchy women who are beautiful... but also kind of terrifying, and maybe that's not so sexy after all. Or if it is, it has niche appeal — maybe there are handful of men who go for that, but it's not most people's cup of tea.
    • Zigzagged with Melisandre, a priestess who specializes in Blood Magic and fire magic. She's hot... but with an Uncanny Valley air to her. Many characters, while thinking that she's beautiful, note that there's something just wrong about her looks. On two occasions she needs to seduce a man for her Deus Sex Machina powers. The one who accepts seems to have no interest in sex whatsoever and only wants the magic to work. The other man refuses because — despite her good looks and promise that it would be the best sex ever — he can't overcome the fact that he's scared shitless of her.
      Cressen's internal monologue: Many called her beautiful. She was not beautiful. She was red, and terrible, and red.
    • Zigzagged again by Alys Rivers. She's a bastard woman who practices some sort of magic. Prince Aemond takes her as his consort, is completely besotted with her, and presumably thinks she's really hot... but the other characters don't give any indication they agree. The narrators seem confused by Aemond's attraction to Alys. They go so far as to speculate that she used Love Potions to ensnare him, thinking that makes more sense than her seducing him organically.
    • Zigzagged again by Aegon's wives. He had a polygamous marriage with two wives, Visenya and Rhaenys. Visenya was rumored to be a sorceress and practice the dark arts. She was also considered the less hot of the two — less personable, put less focus on her looks, more harsh and cold.
    • Played much straighter with Serenei of Lys and her daughter Shiera Seastar. Both were renounced beauties — Shiera was even called the World's Most Beautiful Woman. Both were rumored to dabble in the dark arts. Both were accused of being Vain Sorceresses, but it's unclear whether this is slander or not.
    • Maegor's wife Tyanna of Pentos was allegedly a poisoner and a sorceress.
  • Tales from the Flat Earth:
    • The mutilated Queen Zoraya of Zojab is a powerful sorceress who conquers many nations including the kingdom of her deposed father through magic. One day she captures the beautiful demon ruler Azhrarn, in exchange for his freedom he makes her the World's Most Beautiful Woman. Zoraya now conquers more land by simply letting her enemies look at her.
    • None can match Zoraya's combination of magical power and beauty until thousands of years later, when Azhrarn has a half-human daughter Azhriaz who is worshipped as a goddess for her looks and sorcery.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: Enchantresses and bad Witches use magic to make themselves look more beautiful.
  • In The Traitor Son Cycle:
    • Ghause Muriens is an expy of Morgause and Morgan Le Fay and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the series. In her youth, she was counted as possibly the World's Most Beautiful Woman. Now at 50 years old, Ghause has a figure and face that still puts almost every other women to shame and she loves to flaunt it at her court or do magic skyclad. While she is vain, preserving her looks through magic and cosmetics, it's not her main motivation. Her real obsession is vengeance on her brother who violently raped her decades ago by turning their son into The Antichrist.
    • To Ghause's rage, she uses her magic to spy on her brother's young wife, Queen Desiderata, who she's never met before. Not only is Queen Desiderata decades younger, she's more beautiful than Ghause ever was and she's a sorceress who's innate power rivals that of Ghause — Desiderata broke the infertility curse Ghause laid on the king.
  • Villains by Necessity:
    • Kaylana is a Druid who's described as attractive, with red hair and green eyes. She's largely stern and stoic at first, though she eventually warms up to Sam.
    • Valerie is a more traditional Wicked Witch, an evil sorceress (though not incapable of love) who enjoys harming people, but described as very beautiful. Sam though quickly discerns that she is not someone to try romancing. She does however accept having a candle-lit dinner along with Arcie, though he wisely doesn't try to get into anything further (her people traditionally eat humans).
  • Deconstructed in The Witcher. The Witcherverse is a distinctly dark Low Fantasy setting, meaning that a woman's status and value is ultimately determined by her marriageability. This means that the only women allowed to study magic are some combination of ugly, deformed, dirt-poor, unwanted and/or orphaned. However, the Lodge of Sorceresses has certain standards of appearance, not to mention that social manipulations the Lodge favors are a lot easier to pull off when you have some sex appeal to work with. This means that all sorceresses are expected to improve their appearance through magic, and they do. However, removing the trauma of being unwanted your entire upbringing is more difficult to do, which leads to all sorceresses being "pseudo-pretty women with the hard, cold eyes of ugly girls".
  • Salome in Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story "A Witch Shall Be Born." The identical twin sister of a queen famed for her beauty, Salome was abandoned as a baby due to having a birthmark that showed she was the prophesied bringer of evil. Salome's unnatural vitality enabled her to survive the exposure as an evil Eastern cult found her and trained her in sorcery. She didn't go far in sorcery as she was more interested in the cult's sexual practices, but was still able to do a lot of damage in her kingdom as she kidnapped and impersonated the queen.
  • Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and also appearing in Wicked, is the most powerful witch in the land of Oz, even during the time when there were 4 witches, and Dorothy and her companions are amazed at how beautiful she looks as she was the only one of the 4 who had discovered the secret to eternal youth and beauty.
  • "Prologue to an Analogue", a 1961 story by Leigh Richmond, has thirteen dancers costumed as Hot Witches in a newly designed commercial for a very old and standard line of cleaning products called Witch Soap. This first airs on the 6 o'clock news, after a particularly awful story about germ warfare. As the dancers spray soap all over the place, singing "Witches of the world, unite — to make it clean, clean, clean, Witch clean NOW!" — somehow, an actual spell is cast, and the world gets better.
  • Sorry, Bro: Erebuni is a beautiful young woman who practices some Wiccan traditions along with the Armenian folk magic, like reading coffee grounds. Nareh is attracted to her very quickly, finding her being a witch only makes her sexier.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Sorceress from the Beastmaster series. She's a Statuesque Stunner whose primary outfit consists of an Impossibly-Low Neckline and possesses magic.
  • Bewitched:
    • Samantha Stevens is a blonde with cheekbones and legs to die for. She's a witch who comes from a supernatural world and she has the power to warp the reality of the mortal world.
    • Samantha's dark shadow counterpart is her not-so-nice identical cousin, Serena. She was also played by Elizabeth Montgomery. She dressed a lot more sexily.
    • A plot point in a Halloween Episode. Annoyed at the Wicked Witch stereotype, Samantha and her relatives try to convince Darrin to market Halloween candy with a beautiful witch instead. His bosses are reluctant — until they discover that the candy is typically bought by fathers and well...
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Willow and Tara. Both women were undeniably attractive for the most part, they avoided the stripperiffic outfits common to the trope and both tended to be quiet and shy, especially Tara. Exceptions were a dream sequence of Xanders where both wore revealing dresses and played up their lesbian relationship and a dream sequence of Willows in the same episode where Tara had a Toplessness from the Back scene. Witches, or "Wicca" as they are called in the series, are an ambiguous Mage Species, magical ability is implied to run in families, but Willow (stated to be the most powerful witch on the planet at one point) has no lineage at all.note 
    • Amy is introduced in the first season as a second generation witch trying out for the cheerleader team (following in her mother's footsteps on both counts). Of course, it turns out her mom forced her to switch bodies so she could relive her own glory days.
    • Ms. Calendar is a confident, leggy, brunette, and a self-described Techno-pagan (who combined then-modern computer science with traditional magic, specifically from her Romani heritage).
  • Charmed: All the sisters are hot witches or hot sorceresses, and they all have a lot of Ms. Fanservice moments Played with in one episode where the three sisters dress as witches (Prue as a Wicked Witch, Piper as Glinda of The Wizard of Oz, and Phoebe as Elvira) for a Halloween party;
    Phoebe: Personally I am offended by the representation of witches in popular culture.
    Piper: Right, which is why you're dressed as the mistress of the dark.
    Phoebe: This costume happens to be a protest statement.
    Prue: I am so impressed that you can make a protest statement and show cleavage all at the same time.
    Phoebe: Thanks.
    • When the sisters summon their ancestor Melinda Warren (a beautiful and powerful witch in her own right) through time she jokes that "great cheekbones" are a family trait as strong as their magical heritage.
  • In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Witches are immortal and visibly age much more slowly than muggles do, and as such most of the witches on the show, both male and female, are presented as youthful beauties. Even the visibly older ones are still shown as attractive, like Zelda (who resembles a Golden Age Hollywood screen starlet) and Miss. Wardwell/Madame Satan (a hot cougar who personifies the Femme Fatale and is arguably the show's main Ms. Fanservice). Only Hilda is portrayed as anything less than instantly desirable.
  • El Chapulín Colorado: Episode La sortija de la bruja, the eponymous with is played by very atractive actress Florinda Meza, her look even causes Chapulin himself to flirt with her.
  • Invoked initially with Lilith in the Doctor Who episode "The Shakespeare Code." Lilith almost always appeared with her attractive, human-looking face, while her "mothers" were always hideous, clearly non-human hags. Later when they are revealed to be aliens instead of witches.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Lady Melisandre aka "The Red Woman", played by Carice Van Houten. She is a former slave and a priestess of R'hllor, serving to King Stannis Baratheon. She has prophetic powers that allow her to see future events in flames and she is able to perform dark magic. She is a beautiful, seductive woman with red hair and always dresses in red robes. She also takes an aggressively militant stance against the other religions of Westeros and other people fear her. Her beauty is subverted when it turns out that she's an ancient crone using a glamour spell to make herself appear younger.
    • In contrast to the books, where she is described as an ugly hag, Maggy the Frog, the fortuneteller whom Cersei sought as a girl to ask three questions, is portrayed as a beautiful young woman.
  • Hexenbiests in Grimm are a kind of female wesen with various magical powers. They appear to be beautiful women in their human shapes, but appear hideous and corpse-like when woged. Examples include Adalind, Sean Renard's mother (who might as well be his sister), and Juliette.
  • Shota in Legend of the Seeker, who is noted as using her magic to keep her youth and good looks intact. She is finally shown as an old woman in a Bad Future episode, as the episode's Big Bad has put a Rada'Han around her neck.
  • The Last Kingdom:
    • Iseult is one of Cornish King Peredur's two wives. She's a 'shadow queen' and a beautiful sorceress who keeps her virginity because she believes it maintains her powers of prophecy. She is also a healer. Iseult captivates Uhtred from the first moment they meet and teases him with visions of the future. She's mysterious, slightly aloof and breathtakingly beautiful — she's a pale-skinned tall woman with luscious dark hair and expressive dark eyes.
    • Skade is a seeress of Danes. She's ruthless and ambitious and was first seen as the consort of Bloodhair. She, however, wants to be the seer and lover of whichever Danish raider that will conquest Britain. She's a gorgeous, pouty blonde who uses her sexuality as a weapon.
  • Merlin (2008):
    • After her Face–Heel Turn, Morgana is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who has left dozens of bodies in her wake and, while she is beautiful and can be charming, her personality is bitter, vengeful and cruel.
    • Morgana's half-sister, Morgause, easily seduces King Cenred — and she doesn't need magic to do so.
    • Nimueh is a scantily-clad sorceress in the first season. As she was a practicing High Priestess twenty years before the series, it's implied that she's also got eternal youth and beauty; she worked alongside Gaius and he's very old.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: All of the main witch characters are young, attractive women, along with most minor ones.
  • My Dead Ex: Madame Fortuna, who put the love spell on Ben and Charley's necklaces, is revealed to be very attractive, with a young appearance. Charley notes this isn't what she had expected, guessing she'd be an older woman from her name (she actually is though, but just doesn't look it).
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • Regina the Evil Queen favors outfits with a Navel-Deep Neckline on them and is known for her beauty. However, while she certainly likes to look her best, the obsession with being the Fairest of Them All is not part of the character here — her hatred towards Snow White is a bit more complex, stemming from a well-meaning mistake on young Snow's part leading to the tragic death of Regina's true love.
    • Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, is an attractive woman whose green skin is only a side effect of her intense jealousy — so she goes without it whenever she's in Storybrooke. The other witches of Oz make brief appearances — with the ones of North and East being considerably younger and prettier than their literary counterparts. Glinda — already described in the books as agelessly beautiful — is just as hot here.
    • Ingrid the Snow Queen, despite being An Ice Person, is still quite hot. Her preferred gown has a Cleavage Window on it.
    • Maleficent is much more human-looking than her Disney counterpart (except in dragon form, natch) — being portrayed as an attractive blonde lady. Even when she dons her famous horned hairdo, her outfit still shows more skin than in the Disney film.
    • The Blind Witch from Hansel and Gretel is only in one episode of Season 1 (until she returns in the Underworld in Season 5), but she goes for a more Hot Goth approach. She's played by Emma Caulfield and wears a very flattering gown. She's very much a Cute Monster Girl.
    • Drizella, Cinderella's stepsister is an Adaptational Badass, being a magical prodigy, and is way hotter than her character is usually portrayed in media (especially compared to the animated film), pretty much being a younger Evil Queen. She also seems to be more than a bit of a flirt towards Henry, regardless of whether or not he knows she's evil.
  • Most of the witches on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina's aunts are really hundreds of years old but still look like youthful women — and both have very active love lives. The spin-off novelizations explain that all witches are gifted with eternal youth and beauty, though the appearances of a few elderly witches in the series suggests it's not that eternal note . This is lampshaded in "Sabrina & the Beanstalk" where they encounter the Wicked Witch living at the top of a beanstalk. She's played by Shelley Long.
    Zelda: It's the Wicked Witch!
    Sabrina: Wicked? But she's so pretty.
    Hilda: Oh, she's had a LOT of work done.
  • Ichabod Crane's wife in Sleepy Hollow, now deceased but visiting him in dreams and a member of the good coven trying prevent the rise of the Four Horsemen. She is a Raven Hair, Ivory Skin beauty and has deepish bosom delightfully exposed by her 18th-century decolletage.
  • Chloe, Lana, and Lois when they were possessed by evil witches in Smallville, "Spell". All three are very beautiful, with Chloe being a voluptuous blonde, Lana willowy, pale, with long dark hair and Lois being a Statuesque Stunner. While possessed by the witches, they gain the personalities and magic powers of the witches.
  • BBC/Starz series The White Queen:
    • Queen Elizabeth, consort to King Edward IV (not the more famous daughter of Henry VIII). It is strongly implied that her mother, Jacquetta Woodville, was Hot Witch in her youth, although by the time the series begins, she's more of a handsome witch of middle years. In Real Life, both Jacquetta and Elizabeth were accused of witchcraft, although neither was ever convicted, and the charges were obviously politically motivated; no serious historian today gives any credence to the charges, much less to the idea that either woman possessed actual supernatural powers. By contrast, every historical account agrees that Elizabeth really was a great beauty. The series, though, makes her and her mother real witches.
    • Elizabeth's daughter, Elizabeth (the grandmother of the famous Queen Elizabeth), starts out as a three-year-old Cute Witch helping her mother and grandmother summon a storm to attack Richard Neville and George Plantagenet, but matures into a Hot Witch by the end of the series. Richard III even says "You have grown beautiful, Elizabeth."
  • The Witcher (2019):
    • Yennefer of Vengerberg, played by the very attractive Anya Chalotra. Quoting Jaskier: "Leave the very sexy but insane witch to her inevitable demise."
    • Sabrina Glevissig. It's appropriate to highlight that even before undergoing ascension, Sabrina was among the more classically beautiful of Aretuza's students. She also tends to dress accordingly for most occasions, which renders people who come her way easier to charm.
    • Tissaia de Vries is a downplayed example. Despite being an older sorceress, she has the beauty that all students of Aretuza gain when they become full-fledged witches.

  • The Helloween album Better Than Raw has a bikini-clad witch tossing small pumpkin people into a boiling cauldron on the cover. This doesn't have much to do with the album other than a bit of gratuitous fanservice.
  • Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" is from the viewpoint of a seductive enchantress attempting to make a man fall for her, using analogies of the magic she wields to describe their potential relationship. The music video makes this more apparent, designing the enchantress as a Seductive Mummy who uses her magic to obliterate suitors she sees as shallow.
  • The Song "I'd rather be burned as a witch" by Eartha Kitt is about a sultry witch using her eyes, feminine wiles and voice to enchant men.
  • The song "Black Magic Woman" is also about a sexy enchantress in which Santana tells her to not pull a spell on her.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • Medea from the tale of Jason and the Argonauts is known in most stories as an enchantress of witchcraft and able to make magical potions. As all heroines of Classical Mythology, she's extremely beautiful.
    • Circe in The Odyssey is a seductive sea witch who plays The Vamp to Odysseus. Her favorite entertainment is to turn her guests into animals.
  • Freyja from Norse Mythology is the goddess of seidr, a form of magic considered exclusively feminine. She is also noted to be extremely attractive.
  • Morgan le Fay, Nimue and the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian Legend are all very beautiful enchantresses. Sometimes in modern works Morgan's sister Morgause, also a beautiful woman, will also be portrayed as a magic user in some capacity despite usually coexisting with her if she appears.
  • In LaVeyan Satanism, which is actually life-affirming and promotes intelligence, health, enlightened self-interest and free will, the Hot Witch is one of several images or role models that Satanic witches note  can emulate. The others are the Solitary Sorceress granny type, who gives out cookies and sage advice, and the strange-looking but fascinating, awe-inspiring woman. Most witches are a combination of types. There are similar role models for guys.
  • The Story of La Mulata de Cordoba in Mexico or La Tatuana in Guatemala is about a beautiful witch with honey brown skin and perfect face. All the men in town are in love with her and offer her every gift, jewel, cash to be with her. She rejects all of them and is soon accused of using witchcraft to bewitch the men. She is soon sentenced and escapes by drawing a ship on the prison walls.

  • "Tam o' Shanter" by Robert Burns sees the eponymous (and drunk) Tam blunder through a storm to see a haunted church lit up, with the Devil playing the bagpipes and witches and warlocks dancing half-naked to the tune. Beguiled by the dancing of the beautiful Nannie Dee, he shouts out "Weel done, Cutty-sark" ("Well done, short nightie")... and subsequently barely escapes with his life by making it to the River Doon.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon magazine #5 article "Witchcraft Supplement For Dungeons & Dragons". A Lawful (Lawful Good) witch uses the Rejuvenation spell to remain forever young and beautiful. If the witch has a magical Love Locket, any handsome man who falls under its spell and gives her valuable gifts will be "amply rewarded".
  • Some Eldar Farseers in Warhammer 40,000. Here's a picture of one. Eldar are generally attractive by human standards (though in universe they get hit hard with the Uncanny Valley), but the Eldar Path pretty much forces them to be almost totally desexualized, so arguably a deconstruction.
  • Lady Mistra from Wasteland 2010. She's part of a group that seeks to restore civilization after The End of the World as We Know It.

  • Into the Woods, the witch transforms herself from ugly to hot. It is revealed that she was also beautiful in the backstory and that her ugliness was a side-effect of the curse she fell under after losing the magic beans. It's subverted when it's revealed that the price for regaining her beauty is losing her magic powers.
  • Wicked:
    • Elphaba is a downplayed example due to her green skin (in the play at least). Word of God has explicitly said that she's not supposed to be ugly — she's beautiful, but people are prejudiced against her because of her green skin.
    • Galinda from the same show also applies: after all, Fiyero falls for her and Boq is practically smitten (and so is Elphaba, according to some fan interpretations and the the novel).

    Video Games 
  • Banjo-Kazooie: If you lose your last life or quit, in the Game Over sequence Big Bad Gruntilda becomes an attractive witch after draining the beauty from Banjo's sister Tooty.
  • Yannia, Laura, and Eowyn The Bastard of Kosigan; all three of whom are witches, and all three of whom have an Optional Sexual Encounter with the Bastard.
  • Bayonetta:
    • Bayonetta is an Umbra Witch with glasses and a Sexy Backless Spy Catsuit. In fact, the entire game almost revolves around this concept, with her constantly getting naked after every combo or summoning demons to finish off a boss (due in part to the fact that her clothes are made from her Prehensile Hair, which she uses for her most powerful spells), and doing sexy victory poses to the sound of a camera shot.
    • Bayonetta's friend/rival Jeanne too, only in a tight red "catsuit", though the alternate costumes open up the possibility of showing more skin. Flashbacks indicate sex appeal seems to be required among Umbran Witches.
  • Nine/Konoe A. Mercury from BlazBlue is one of the Six Heroes and a witch that taught magic to all humanity. She's a buxom woman in a tight outfit with a low neckline and fishnet tights. Even when she's captured and turned into Phantom, she's still attractive.
  • Alicia from Bullet Witch is an attractive Aloof Dark-Haired Girl with a Sexy Backless Outfit. She has a variety of fanservice-y alternate outfits.
  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow has the Witch enemies, voluptuous redheads in very slinky, low-cut purple dresses. Then in the DS games, they become blonde and have bigger breasts.
  • In City of Heroes, you can fight a coven of Hot Witches in Croatoa. You can even build your own if you wanted, with Fanservice elements.
  • Chaos Breaker (aka Dark Awake: The King Has No Name) a Fighting Game from Taito has elven sorceress Fina. This unusually buxom blonde elf is only beaten out among Stripperific fantasy characters by the comic book version of Dejah Thoris because Dejah goes barefoot.
  • In Dark Seal, Freya Edirne is a female wizard who shoots pillars of flame and wears a costume that completely hides one leg and exposes the other.
  • Dead Estate: Cordelia is the resident Friendly Shopkeeper and also the game's Ms. Fanservice. She's a Witch Classic with an incredibly large bust and a revealing dress with an Impossibly-Low Neckline that are rounded out by a pair of fingerless arm sleeves and some tight fishnet stockings. She likes to flirt, too, and her shop portraits have her in a variety of increasingly fanservicey poses, including reclining sexily on the ground, leaning forward and adjusting her hair while soaking wet from the rain, and stretching with her hands over her head so that her bosom is on full display.
  • Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins is frequently referred to as very beautiful, and she certainly is both intelligent and capable sorceress, specializing in very rare shapeshifting magic.
  • Dragon Quest:
  • The Sorceress class from Vanillaware's beat 'em up game Dragon's Crown is an Exaggerated Trope example, having gargantuan breasts.
  • In Fate/Grand Order, Leonardo da Vinci is a mage who was summoned in the form of the Mona Lisa (and tends to evade questions about gender) and for Halloween appeared on a Craft Essence (an equitable card to raise your units' stats) as a witch wearing a skimpy dress and glasses. Although the game is full of attractive magic-users, the only other ones in classic witchy attire are a lot tinier.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VIII:
      • Edea is one during the time she's possessed by Ultimecia, with a figure-hugging black dress that shows off a bit of cleavage. When she switches to a plain black dress later on, she's more of a classic beauty.
      • Ultimecia wears a form-fitting red dress with a Navel-Deep Neckline very prominently on display. She's also an insanely powerful sorceress who threatens to compress all of time into a singular point.
      • While she doesn't go for the more sexy appearance that the other two do, Rinoa is still very pretty and has some fairly powerful magic of her own.
    • Lulu the Lady of Black Magic from Final Fantasy X is better-endowed than the other female characters and dresses in an outfit with an Impossibly-Low Neckline.
    • The Black Mage Dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2 is clearly meant to evoke this. While not as Stripperiffic as some of the game's other outfits, the costume has the conical hat and plenty of attention to the midriff and cleavage.
  • Fire Emblem Fates brings back an old class from the Gaiden games known as the "Witch", and any female character can be reclassed into it. The "package" not only gives the Shadowgift and Warp skills and other stuff, but also a very pretty outfit that includes a nice hat, a black dress with a deep slit on one leg, a sort-of lantern as a weapon and cute short boots Seen here.
    • Speaking of that game, the generic enemy witches in the "Witches Trial" DLC map are pretty cute as well. Unfortunately, if you want to capture/kidnap them (with Orochi or Niles respectively) and use these ones in your army instead, you can't. They're merely undead shades or "illusions" as the game puts it, the same type of enemy you will see in the "Rainbow Sage" chapter during Birthright and Revelation.
  • I-no from the Guilty Gear series wears a very Stripperiffic red outfit, and one of her victory poses even has her removing her top.
  • In Immortal Odyssey from Gameloft's Mythical-China influenced by Journey to the West, there are 4 heroes to choose from. A male Ranger, a female Fighter, a male Knight, and the female Mage. The other three are sensibly dressed, while the Mage is barefoot and wearing a 2-piece, under-boobed string bikini with transparent pantaloons to show off her legs. To top it off the Mage's passive skills are beauty, charisma and adorable.
  • League of Legends:
    • Syndra and LeBlanc, Dark Mages who need no skins — that are sexy in their own — thanks to their Stripperiffic clothes.
    • Lissandra is more conservative than the former but she does have cleavage as seen in her in-game model and very meaty lips. Two of her skins make her a bit more open up.
    • Morgana, while not exactly a witch, does have a very wizarding appearance and wears only a bikini top to cover herself. She became the literal embodiment of this trope by having a proper hot witch skin during the 2016 Halloween Event that rivaled with Mercy from Overwatch the same year. The skin turns Morgana into a redhead has a Navel-Deep Neckline. The splash art makes it better with Morgana giving a sexy look to the player.
    • Nidalee was one of the first champions having a Halloween themed skin as a sexy wizard, with feline features fitting for her nature and making her even wilder. Her splash art was updated giving her room for her window, though that doesn't mean the first one was already sexy.
  • Emma Millstein from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel starts out as a Cute Witch in the first two games, but when the third game rolls around, almost two years has passed and she has graduated to this trope as she's now of adult-age. Then again, her character is specifically designed around the trope as she is one of dateable characters that can be chosen by the protagonist. One of the running gags in the game is that the main character loses their thoughts upon catching sight of her generously-sized buxoms. Considerable fandom exists around shipping her character with the protagonist, and indeed, around her.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • Most of the witches in Luminous Arc are either very attractive or adorable, but Vanessa is the resident Ms. Fanservice due to her Buxom Beauty Standard figure. Claire also shows off her figure, and her dress draws attention to her legs.
  • If you play as the witch in Madam Extravaganza's Monster Emporium the pre-battle illustration depicts an attractive black-haired woman in a low-cut dress and crop top.
  • Mega Man X Treme 2 has Berkana, the Final Boss of X's campaign. She's actually a reploid, but her design is clearly meant to evoke a witch/sorceress, complete with having a wand of sorts to summon her attacks. Nonetheless, she's still pretty good looking with her long hair and flowing dress.
  • Muse Dash allows you to dress Marija up in the "Magical Girl" costume, basically a revealing witch outfit with the broom and everything, in which she takes on a Boobs-and-Butt Pose that has her flaunting her panties with a grin on her face and gains a number of lines involving seduction and magic.
  • Deneb from the Ogre Battle series. She's the really hot Series Mascot, appearing in most and possibly every game. She also created the other mascot, the Pumpkin Head, through horrible magical experiments in the first game. Everyone forgives her because she's hot. In Knight of Lodis she even gets a special version of the Charm spell that has a much higher hit rate than normal. She's just that sexy.
  • In Overwatch, there's a picture in some map spawns containing a picture of Mercy dressed as one for Halloween. After fan outcry demanded, it becomes a skin, her Legendary-tier "Witch" skin was released for Halloween of 2016, including bonus voice lines and particle effects, along with a role in the Halloween-exclusive "Junkenstein's Revenge" mode as the final antagonist.
  • Tessa/Tabasa from Red Earth seems to have been designed with this trope in mind, if the fact that one of her endings displays her in her birthday suit is any consideration. However, her Super-Deformation in Pocket Fighter turns her into a Cute Witch (which she lampshades during her optional quiz of the player).
  • Cierra from Riviera: The Promised Land has the largest chest out of all the girls (causing Serene to become jealous) and appears in one bathing scene in each version of the game.
  • Sorceress Liane in South Park: Phone Destroyer plays off Liane Cartman's sexual persona by dressing her up as a witch in a leotard and high lacy stockings (although she simply wears a black dress in-game). To top it off, after she's defeated, she turns everybody around her into a cock (that is, a rooster).
  • Tokyo Xanadu gives Mitsuki Hokuto something of a witch aesthetic, with one of her Skills even showing her riding her Magic Staff through the air like a witch riding a broom in the sky. She also has the most voluptuous figure of the party's girls, much to their envy.
  • Touhou Project fandom is full of Self-Fanservice, but Byakuren Hijiri is indicated to be this in canon, having given up her humanity for eternal youth and body-enhancing spells. (She started out as a Buddhist nun, so this is a pretty huge fall from grace.) Although the "body-enhancing spells" are generally assumed to be more along the lines of Super-Strength, as fans presume her to have already been beautiful even before giving up her humanity. Other witches in the series tend toward Cute Witch.
  • In Trials of Mana, Altena is a kingdom led by an army of witches, complete with pointy hats in most cases, all at least fairly attractive. Queen Valda has something of a motherly beauty to her, while her daughter, playable character Angela, wears a Stripperiffic outfit and plays up her sexiness to mess with people while also being the team's primary black magic user.
  • A 2015 Flash game called Witch Hunt has you playing as a witch named Lucrea Quarta (don't call her a witch if you value your life, though) who is a blatantly intentional example of this. In the option menu, there is an option to turn "Fanservice" on or off. Turning fanservice on will alter the fanfare after winning a level so that instead of just teleporting out of the arena, Lucrea will teleport in front of you (Yes, YOU) while giving you two thumbs up, complete with a brief wardrobe malfunction (you can see her panties for a split second).

    Visual Novels 

  • The Dust Witch from chapter 2 of Everyday Abnormal wanders the desert naked, has cool glowing tattoos that slide off to form a spell circle and will totally rip out your soul to make that unkillable zombie army you wanted.
  • Lilium Lashiec from Heartcore was not only one of the most beautiful witches in the many worlds, but also one of the most powerful ones, being able to fight evenly against Royce of all people with the mightiest of spells. Long white hair, a nice tan, revealing outfit and a large chest to boot was enough of a reason for him to marry her. And he also wanted her powers, which is why he killed her later, but that plan backfired when their daughter was born.
  • The Noordegraaf Files has Circe. Although that name is an alias (her real name is unknown), she has the largest chest of all the characters, (along with the curves to match.) She's also dressed in an outfit that shows some cleavage, and is stated to be one of the most skilled magic users in the comic.
  • Nanase Kitsune of El Goonish Shive is both one of the setting's most powerful magic users (and descended from a long line of powerful magic users), and hot enough that everyone who is not related to her has some level of crush on her.

    Web Original 
  • In one episode of Bedtime Stories (YouTube Channel), Chris Case met an attractive woman at a restaurant who was apparently interested in him, who later revealed to him that she was a witch. Unfortunately for the man, she didn't take rejection well, and cast a curse that would later take his life.
  • Technically Vex of Critical Role is a Ranger, not a witch but she rides a broom, has a pointy hat, casts spells and has an animal familiar, even if it's a bear, not a cat. She is also very attractive and is usually prtrayed in tight leather clothes.
  • Sloane Fox, the main character of Last Life, who, when she isn't Force-choking people for information, is most often seen in short dresses or Hell-Bent for Leather, making out with other girls (and doubly so once she meets Taylor, her soulmate from all her previous lives).
  • Online artist Miaormoa draws a few different recurring characters, but has become (in)famous on several social-media sites for her artwork of a witch named "Hexia." Here is an inoffensive example of said artwork; if it were all like this, Hexia might fall squarely under Cute Witch, but, um... not all of it is, and she doesn't.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Fey is a red-headed potential Queen of the Sidhe down to the pointy ears, and is just that gorgeous. Her magic is even nature-based, since she can draw mana from ley lines and natural forces (throwing a lightning bolt at her has proved to be a serious error).
    • Fey is one of the good guys, but Hekate is not. While Hekate is a gorgeous European Exemplar, she tends to use magics so dark that even the Superhero School faculty don't know them.
    • Majestic is a strikingly sexy brunette of great power, which is unsurprising given that she is the avatar or reincarnation of Juno.
  • Worlds Beyond Number: Ame, as a disciple of Grandmother Wren, has developed into a skilled witch as of the start of the campaign. She is also attractive enough to make Arin "uncomfortable with how attractive [she] is".

    Western Animation 
  • The 7D: The Big Bad of the show, Hildy Gloom is a pretty witch, despite the personality.
  • Morgana from Darkwing Duck. She is a powerful sorceress and, unlike the rest of her family of monster, she is really attractive.
  • The witch from Eek! The Cat Halloween episode Halloweek can't be sexier, especially with that Stripperiffic suit.
  • The titular Miss Switch from the Hanna-Barbera tv specials "The Trouble With Miss Switch" and "Miss Switch To The Rescue", is a young, beautiful yet cute, raven haired, curvaceous good witch, who protects children from witches and warlocks with her magic and by day acts as a school teacher, the rest of the witches we see are your typical elderly witches.
  • The Sorceress from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) lives a solitary existence guarding the Castle Greyskull with her magic and gifts of prophecy. All the while wearing a skin-tight feathered outfit with a miniskirt and high-heeled boots. The re-imagined version from the revival series wore less.
  • Justice League Unlimited: Circe in "This Little Piggy". She wears an outfit with prominent cleavage and even performs Supermodel Strut during the opening of her Villain Song.
  • Looney Tunes. A couple of examples involving the otherwise ugly character Witch Hazel.
    • Witch Hazel (voiced by June Foray) becomes a sexy yet cute witch at the end of Broom-Stick Bunny after she accidentally drinks a beauty-enhancing elixir disguised as tea, which turns her into a beautiful, young, kinda cute curvaceous redhead. Horrified, she dashes to the genie in her mirror and meekly asks him in a softer, sexier tone of voice if she's still ugly. The genie, after seeing Hazel's new appearance, lustily lunges from the mirror and chases after her on a magic carpet.
    • Played with at the end of the cartoon Bewitched Bunny. When Witch Hazel (here voiced by Bea Benaderet) corners Bugs Bunny in a closed-ended corridor, he breaks open a glass case and finds a ball filled with magic powder. He throws it at the pursuing witch, who transforms into an alluringly voluptuous female rabbit. Bugs heartily approves, and his last line partly lampshades this: "Ah sure, I know. But aren't they all witches inside?"
  • My Knight and Me: One of the villains in the show is a rare Big Beautiful Woman variant of this trope.
  • The Owl House:
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series:
    • Sabrina's aunts, are Cursed with Awesome to remain as teenagers for 100 years — supposedly for abusing magic. Apparently, it's a great embarrassment to witches, as Zelda wails to Hilda, "Do you want to remain young and beautiful forever? Don't you want to have warts again?" Regardless the aunts still have no problem going on double dates with various humans and magical creatures. Hilda's default outfit is a flattering mini-dress.
    • Enchantra, the ruler of the Netherworld, is drawn to look like a PG version of a Dominatrix and her beauty is renowned throughout the Netherworld (mostly thanks to her PR department). When she visits Greendale, she ends up attracting the Romeo — whom Sabrina had conjured up.
  • The 'Cat Witch' (as she is identified in the credits) in Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King. She is much younger and hotter than her two companions: possibly representing the Maiden in The Hecate Sisters.
  • Shimmer and Shine: She's technically a sorceress, but Zeta is a beautiful specimen.
  • In the Taz-Mania episode "Bewitched Bob", there was a trio of witch sisters who were checking into the hotel. Agatha and Elizebeth both look like stereotypical witches, while Veronica is a blonde knockout in a form-fitting red dress. Though all three regard Elizebeth as having gotten 'the looks' in the family.
  • Raven from Teen Titans (2003) is quite beautiful, being a teenage girl with strong legs, great figure, and skin-tight clothing. She's also the team's resident magic user, possessing numerous spellbooks in her room and uses shadow magic in combat.
  • The Butt Witch from Twelve Forever is so nicknamed not just because of her powerful spells and potions, but because of her generous curves which, combined with her classically pretty face, skin-tight outfit, and long, shapely legs, make her really stand out among the cast.
  • The witch in the Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey cartoon “Which is Witch” starts out as your typical ugly witch, but when she drinks a potion that she hopes will make her more ugly she instead becomes a beautiful, curvaceous young woman with shapely legs, she is horrified at her new appearance and drinks an antidote to change herself back, later during one of her attempts to kill the trio the potion wears off and the three are smitten by her appearance, she tries the antidote again but this time it doesn’t work and she is stuck being pretty, the trio convince her to give up her evil ways and become a movie star.