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In certain games, particularly computer RPGs, the player character will be able to engage in sexual encounters with NPCs. These often have no discernible in-game effect, and since you (usually) do not get to see anything interesting (owing to censorship), these do not actually qualify as sex scenes. These scenes are usually only good for self-imposed challenges of the "gotta screw them all" variety.

If expanded to a full-blown Romance Arc with a party member, this becomes a Romance Sidequest. If it increases your abilities, that's a Level-Up at Intimacy 5. If the encounter details every graphic moment by making it interactive, you've also got yourself a Hot Coffee Minigame. Contrast with Deus Sex Machina, in which a required sexual encounter is awkwardly crammed in somewhere it barely fits.


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    Action Adventure 
  • In Overlord if you get your mistress's approval level high enough, she will invite you into the bedchamber. The doors shut behind you and you hear her moan as the entire tower shakes. In the sequel, you can not only convince your multiple mistresses to do so, you can even get them in a Foursome.
  • Surprisingly, Cave Story has an implied sexual encounter as an Easter Egg. The first time you go to Chako's House, you have the option of sleeping in her bed to recover life. When you wake up, Chako is sleeping in the bed, and you have her lipstick in your inventory. Note that the protagonist is a robot and Chako is a purple bunny.. dog.. thing.
    • This is Bowdlerized in the 3DS version. The player still gets her lipstick if he sleeps in Chako's bed, but when they wake up, she'll be sleeping on the floor; Presumably, she had nowhere else to sleep with you in her bed.

    Action Game 

    Adventure Game 
  • Fahrenheit a.k.a. Indigo Prophecy has two: between Tyler and his girlfriend Sam (you have to use the "heart" action on her right after Carla calls Tyler in the scene Sam is first introduced; this is so easy that you don't get to see anything) and between Lucas and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany (this one is a bit trickier: when she comes to pick up her stuff, you must talk a bit about herself, offer her a drink, and at all costs avoid trying to kiss her or going to pick her stuff right away; if you do that right, she'd ask you to play guitar for her, and if you succeed even in that, you win; yeah, winning a woman's heart ain't easy but in this case, you'll be actually allowed to participate in the process), in addition to one mandatory sex scene (between Lucas and Carla). No wonder the uncut version of this game got an AO rating in the US.
  • The protagonist of the PC game Secrets of da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript has to charm the game's only female character into letting him into her private rooms, so he can acquire some necessary information for his quest. If he makes her like him enough, he gets invited to spend the night with her. The "slumber party" is entirely optional, but it does actually affect the game's ending in a small, story-relevant way. (It doesn't change whether or not he succeeds in the rest of his mission.)
  • In the video game adaptation of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Ted can gain access to a needed room by sleeping with a chambermaid. However, the resident witch of the house will use this against you later. After attempting to trick you with a seduction of her own, no less.
  • I-0 by Adam Cadre (billed as "the 'jailbait on the interstate' game") can be completed without screwing your way through every NPC you encounter.
  • Depending on your choices, it is possible for this to happen to Ethan Mars and Madison Paige in Heavy Rain. Bonus in that not only do you get to see what is going on, but the whole scene is completely interactive.
  • In Sunless Sea, you can initiate secret sexual liaisons with certain officers on your ship. This has the in-game benefit of reducing Terror but if you already have a sweetheart at home, there's a chance said sweetheart will find out about your infidelity and leave you.
  • In Blackout, one of the visitable locations is a brothel by the name of New Orleans down by the dock district, and the player can choose to have a session with any of the four prostitutes employed there. There is even an extra layer to the "optional" part, as each of them gives the player a choice between "sex" or "conversation", so it is possible to actually interact with them in other manners than just having intercourse.

    Fighting Game 
  • In Duel Savior Destiny if you trigger the right scenes with Dahlia and win a few fights, you can stumble across one of these with her. While it cuts to black in the Bleached Underpants version, it's still pretty clear what happened.

    Platform Game 
  • Me (2017): Touching "Sex", which doesn't have to be done, turns the whole game upside down for a moment.

  • In Nethack, the player's character has the option of engaging in risky encounters with Succubi and Incubi. The character can gain (or lose) constitution, wisdom, health, energy, or experience. Players occasionally seek out gender-benders for their characters in order to match the available demons. The sexual encounter can also be non-optional if the "foocubus" supernaturally seduces the character and strips off his/her armour while the character is in the middle of deadly hand-to-hand combat. Or trying to cross a lake with a pair of water-walking boots.
  • In Elona, you can prostitute yourself to any neutral NPC who is drunk (and you can get any NPC drunk simply by handing them a bottle of booze). It'll give a small hit to your Karma Meter and has the chance of giving you an STD, but it's an easy way to make money. If you marry someone and are sleepy, you can also "make a gene", which lets you restart the game with most of the items you are currently carrying.

    Role-Playing Game 
  • Danchi Zuma no Yuuwaku, released in 1983, was the earliest RPG H-Game and possibly the first RPG to feature graphically explicit sexual encounters.
  • The Dragon Knight series of RPG H-Games featured graphically explicit sexual encounters and is possibly the Trope Maker for Eastern RPGs.
  • The Witcher:
    • In the first game, the protagonist, Geralt, can have sexual encounters with a wide variety of women, including a princess, a dryad, a vampire, and a minor goddess. While we do not get to see the action, the game displays drawings of whoever Geralt went to bed with. In the uncensored version, most of these include exposed breasts.
    • In the sequels, the sex scenes are animated and don't shy away from nudity, and while the second game still cut away for most of the action, the third installment really doesn't hide much.
  • Sexual encounters are implied in several Dragon Quest games.
    • In the early Dragon Quest games, particularly Dragon Quest III, there are girls who offer the player character a "Puff Puff", implied to be a sexual encounter. It, however, turns out to be her giving you a massage where her burly dad is instead doing it.
    • In Dragon Quest I, after rescuing the princess, you have to carry her back to the king. If you sleep at the inn while still carrying her, the innkeeper's farewell dialogue will change. This can rachet up to Refuge in Audacity if you take a young woman who wants to tag along with you from Tantegel Town while holding the Princess in your arms to the inn, and since the message is the same with either of them separately, the game all but states "you slept with two women at once!"
    • In Dragon Quest V, the player has a choice over which girl the protagonist should marry, after which a sexual encounter is implied with the bride of choice, though only one of them, Nera, makes sexual encounter references.
    • By the way, one should take note that the sexual encounter in Dragon Quest V, (The Nintendo DS Remake) is not exactly "optional" but it is in fact required. Because the game won't let you progress until you've gotten married, and then if you marry any one of the other eligible brides instead of Bianca, you don't have to go back to the Roundbeck Inn in order to get a cutscene implying sex. Because apparently either Nera or Debora (depending on who you married) had already had sexual intercourse, with you,(the player character) on her wedding night, the evening before she decided to become your traveling companion spouse.
    • Subverted in Dragon Quest VIII, where you can go to a seedy establishment and see an attractive young woman for some... "Puff-Puff". She blindfolds your character... then squishes a pair of Slimes against your head.
    • A similar case occurs in Dragon Quest IX in an optional quest, except this time the young woman in question uses sheep's asses!
    • The Running Gag of the Optional Sexual Encounter also carried over to Final Fantasy XIV during the Crossover event with Dragon Quest X. In that game, it's implied you are going to be smothered by a bunch of women wearing skimpy fleece coats... only instead they hold up fluffy monsters and smother you with them instead.
  • Since 3D Dot Game Heroes is essentially a massive Shout-Out to early 8-bit games, some of the situations from Dragon Quest make a cameo appearance: You get a trophy ("Have a Nice Night?") for stopping to rest at the inn during the short window between rescuing the princess and taking her back to the castle, and "Puff Puff" is revealed to be merely a platonic massage administered by an elderly gentleman.
  • Fallout:
    • In Fallout male player characters can have encounters with female NPCs, but there is no benefit for doing so. Female player characters can actually get in-game benefit by asking for money first when they are propositioned. Occurrences include: saving the prostitute in Junktown (do not kill the hostage taker), the female caravan Kari owner in the Hub (she gives you Buffout and Mentats, sometimes stims), and females have an option at the former church (now the Master's lair) with a guard. Occasionally the prostitute rescue may also cause (via occasional glitch?) a lesbian encounter, but normally it's not supposed to. All these scenes consist solely of the screen briefly fading to black.
    • Fallout 2:
      • One of the "encounters" in the game ends with you getting caught in the act. Your only options are to run for your life (leaving all of your equipment lying on the bedroom floor, you were naked after all), fast-talking your way out of it (if your Intelligence is high), or being forced into a marriage. What's more depending on your preference in "companions" this could be either hetero- or homosexual marriage.
      • Players of both sexes can act in porn for financial reward, and a male PC sleeping with the wife or daughter of a mafia boss can influence the ending for the town of New Reno.
      • There's also an, ahh, encounter, a result of a lost bet to a burly Super Mutant and, uhm, resulting in the player waking up the next morning with a ball gag in their inventory, with a description along the lines of "If you know what this is, you don't need a description. If you don't know, you don't want to."
      • The non-violent way of getting Vic to join your party involved getting radio parts so Vic can fix a radio for them, and then paying them $1,000 to their leader, Metzger. Unless you're female, in which case you can sleep with him and pay $500. At that point in the game, $500 is pretty useful. Fortunately, you can save all $1000 as well as your dignity (did we mention that Metzger is the boss of a child slavery ring?) by just dropping some explosives on the floor and locking Metzger in the room with them.
      • You can buy sexual services for the party members (the fee is much higher for servicing ghouls and Super Mutants, by the way). Buying said services for Super Mutant Marcus leads to a dialogue revealing some alarming things about Super Mutants being fertile... Fallout Bible says Marcus was joking, though.
    • Fallout: New Vegas:
      • Female characters with the Black Widow perk get the option of going to bed with Benny. Doing so results in a fade to black with some amusing lines delivered by him, and you get the option of killing him silently in his sleep. This is arguably the easiest way of getting rid of him and retrieving the MacGuffin he took from your character.
      • There are several others hidden throughout the game, with both men and women. Most of them give you the well-rested perk. Which means 10% more exp.
      • As usual, the player can hire the services of various sex workers. One possible option is to hire a ghoul prostitute. Then there's the Courier's reaction when hiring (or testing) the sexbot... Mojave sex is weird.
    • Fallout 4 allows you to have a Love Interest or several, unlike previous games. In addition, you also have the opportunity to seduce a synthetic lounge singer and a Vault-dwelling Robobrain. However, Holly at the Slog averts this due to all four dialogue options claiming you're still grieving over your husband/wife moments after flirting with her even if you've screwed everyone you could before meeting her.
  • Wasteland features a sexy three-legged hooker. If you sleep with her, you get...desert herpes.
  • In the first chapter (excluding Prelude) in the first Neverwinter Nights game, you have the option of going to a brothel to, um...spend some time with a courtesan or (if you're male) two. You even get some experience points (and a little sidequest from one of them, if you're male) from them after the session. Needless to say, the screen only fades to black when it starts and shows both participants in their skivvies afterwards.
    • The Neverwinter Nights hall-of-fame user-created module A Dance with Rogues is notorious for using this trope extensively.
    • The The Bastard of Kosigan module series (male characters only, for story reasons) also includes several optional sexual encounters. In one case the woman disappears as soon as you leave the area and doesn't show up again until the ending sequence, and in another case, you can invite the woman to join your party, but she never references your experience again. With the red-headed peasant you have the option of coming back during the siege to rescue her from the French, implying that she will be important in the as-yet untranslated fifth module; Yannia does comment on your experience together later on; and the Author Avatar that shows up in the prologue scenes to give plot exposition has no relevance to the story and doesn't even seem like the same person in her two appearances (in the first you can seduce her, in the second you are limited to flirting). Curiously, the only major female character who you can't have sex with is your character's first lover (not counting the French lord's daughter and the ugly daughter of the Duke of Burgundy), though you do get a rather thorough make-out scene with her if you choose the right dialogue options.
      • Many of the sex scenes are cleverly designed to be quite different depending on how handsome your character is. The mercenary in the forest outside of Cologne is rather... eager... if you have a high Charisma score, but it plays out more like a rape scene if you have a low Charisma.
    • Subverted with Delilah the halfling; although it looks like an Optional Sexual Encounter, it's actually a ruse to get you to take your armour off so she can kill you.
  • Knights of the Old Republic will allow the player character to accept "a massage" (off-screen) from slaves belonging to a crime lord. The PC can even rate the quality of said massage afterward. The encounter is heterosexual only — approaching a slave of the same gender earns a polite hint to try someone else. Later you can get an implied kiss from other characters.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is much more sexual than the first game. As a male, you can train with Handmaiden, who insists that you and her fight with no armor. There's also a female gambler who invites you to a "card game", but only if the PC is male. If not, your friend scoundrel will take over.
  • In Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, it is possible to throw away money on prostitutes for no benefit whatsoever (other than a screen fade). Doing errands for the brothel mistress will result in male characters being offered nookie as payment, while a female character can choose between cash and lesbian nookie. There is also a scene in which the player character can seduce a widow as an alternate means of getting a Plot Coupon, and a female character will be barred from a men's only club and must secure permission to enter from the owner (a sleazy gnome) either by bribing with cash or going to bed with him. (Alternately, you can pickpocket the little bastard for the permission slip. Or kill him and take it off his corpse.)
    • If you have the stats to back it up, you can threaten to kill him with your bare hands, and he'll fold.
    • There is one point where an optional sexual encounter will avoid battles; The Baroness-type Dark Elf leader will graciously let you slip out peacefully in exchange for some companionship.
    • And if the player's so inclined, in lieu of the prostitutes, there's also a sheep in the back room...
    • There is also one quest for a temple where, when you succeed, the priestess asks you if you want to join the congregation in celebration of you fixing stuff. If you say yes, she gives you something to drink, the screen fades to black and you wake up in your undies, with the screen filled with the "congregation" similarly dressed... and the indication you have one hell of a hangover...
      • If you're carrying the sacred statue when you talk to her, she'll be very hot for you and offer to "teach you in the ways of the goddess", regardless of your gender, and you can do it as many times as you like until you give her the statue. That thing sure packs some power.
      • If you talked to Virgil beforehand, he makes it clear what the celebration will entail. It seems you're just in time for an annual ritual.
  • Ultima VII Part II Serpent Isle has a plot-mandated event in which a wizardess wants to bed the player character, even if the player character is a woman. Earlier there is an optional event in which you can go to bed with an NPC and after the first time they will reward you with a moderately useful item: a fur cloak that is needed as protection from cold later in the game (but will get you in big trouble later on when you meet the sentient creatures that are skinned to make them). Strangely enough, the Naked Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cheat Room (yes, this is a real place in Serpent Isle) doesn't include any.
    • In the mandatory one, the player is allowed to go willingly or staunchly refuse. If you continue to refuse enough times, you can escape the sexual encounter, but not before being stripped naked by magic, which doesn't work out too well when the would-be rapist's lover and ruler of the city shows up and accuses you of stealing his woman.
    • These scenes are also notable for NOT fading to black, or at least not until everything that's there to be seen has been. Then again, the game's pretty low-res.
    • In Ultima VII: The Black Gate, you can woo Nastassia in Cove and eventually win her heart by finding out what happened to her father. However, even though you can engage in passionate kissing, and she becomes obviously aroused (in the dialogue) by being near you, and despite the fact that everyone else in Cove are paired-off lovers, you can never become intimate with her. However, you can get it on with the prostitutes in Buccaneer's Den all you want! Doing the latter does have an in-game effect, as there's a unicorn who will run away from you if your character is no longer a virgin.
    • Similarly, in Ultima VI: The False Prophet there are two prostitutes (one of each gender) posing as gypsies that you can proposition if you guess their true profession. Both prostitutes will sleep with a PC of any gender. Going whoring does affect your Karma Meter, though. They also don't care about species either, which means Sherry the Mouse can get laid by a human.
  • In the Divine Divinity series:
    • Divine Divinity allows you to sleep with prostitutes (of either sex); the first time gains you extra experience points. As does the second if you ask for the "special treatment".
    • Parodied in Divinity: Original Sin. The town you enter in Lucilla Forest has a man and a woman offering what seems to be sexual services, even trying to make it seem like you are going to role-play during sex. Cue them instead taking out a book of fairy tales and reading from it when you go into the inn room with them.
    • In Divinity: Original Sin II, the player character can go to bed with a Lizard Folk High-Class Call Girl (or boy, their choice). The player can choose to Comically Miss the Point of the escort's roleplaying. If they go through with it, when they're undressed and basking in the afterglow, enforcers show up to rob the PC.
  • The culmination of the romance paths in Baldur's Gate II is the chance to sleep with your paramour (though, in at least one case, doing so is a bad idea). There is also a mod that adds a number of one-off sexual encounters.
    • Interestingly, if the player character is male, Baldur's Gate II also features a (nearly) mandatory sexual encounter - while your party is attempting to infiltrate a Drow city, a Drow female will order the PC to sleep with her. If you refuse her, the whole city will turn hostile. Saying yes will upset any NPCs you may have been wooing, but has no other repercussions. There are ways to bluff your way out of having to sleep with her: you can convince her you're a eunuch or afflicted by a curse that prevents you from becoming intimate, that you made a vow of celibacy to Lolth, or that a priestess from another city already has you tagged.
    • In the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal it is possible to have sex with a prostitute if you are playing as a male character. Doing so will cause an immediate end to romances with Aerie or Jaheira. Viconia, however, will not break up with you and will comment that there's no way a common prostitute can compare to her.
  • Fable:
    • Fable: The encounters are presented with the screen going black and your sex partner saying some humorous things and moaning in a cockney accent. "You're so norty!" There's even a sidequest that lets you become a crossdressing prostitute, and a Demon Door that only opens for a Hero who Really Gets Around.
    • Fable II lets you run sexually amok through Albion, sleeping with anyone and everyone if you so desire (with the exception of people that are not into you, like guys that are straight not sleeping with other guys). However, for every unprotected encounter, you can get an STD...that does nothing, apparently, because your heroic awesomeness won't let it. You can even get married and have kids. But if you do, then they all get killed at the end of the game.
      • Of course, doing this can provide for some... interesting results. Fable 2, for whatever reason, considers getting pregnant/getting your mate pregnant... an STD.
  • Parodied in Steambot Chronicles, at the end of a date, the player can have "hot chocolate" if the date went well enough.
    • One of the options you can choose results in the normal fade to black once you've made your move... followed by an "Oh no you don't" and the sound of an overeager player character getting a good talking-to.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, it's possible to have sex with Jeanette, the vampire co-owner of the bar The Asylum, but it's very difficult to do so - and a vampire that enjoys sex in the Old World of Darkness is supposed to be insane anyways (Jeanette, as with all vampires of her bloodline (Malkavians), definitely qualifies). You also have to give up getting the best ending to a particular quest. ("Best" meaning most XP. Whether getting more XP or a fade to black with some sound effects is "best" is your call.)
    • Additionally, if the player character is female and of certain clans, she can avoid a side quest by having sex with Romero, the ghoul guarding the cemetery in Hollywood. Again, this actually loses you XP and rewards.
    • The prostitutes and blood dolls may count; for them, the Kiss is sex, even if for you it's just feeding.
  • Superhero League of Hoboken allows the members of the party to visit brothels. Such an experience raises their, well, experience.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect plays this straight with your (male or female) lead character able to court either a human crew member of the opposite sex or a monogendered (but female-looking) alien. Following the romance subplot leads to a 30-second cutscene showing mild sexual images, near the end of a 20-hour game. There is also an opportunity to engage in a sexual encounter with a second member of the aforementioned genderless alien species, if one expresses disappointment with the more mundane gift she offers in return for helping her. This was enough to enrage the Moral Guardians who, naturally, never played the game. This eventually became so bad that the game itself got more advertisement when being decried as a completely pornographic game rather than the epic space opera it is. Fortunately, this was turned down when the sequel came out.
    • In Mass Effect 2, if Shepard is male, he has the option to have casual sex with Jack, after which she wants nothing to do with him. (In contrast, if Shepard turns her down but then spends time earning her trust, it turns into a Romance Sidequest, one of the six possible in the game.)
    • Mass Effect 3 allows both male and female Shepards to get an "exclusive" with Intrepid Reporter Diana Allers if they show an interest in her. Unlike the typical Romance Sidequest, Allers is treated as more of a fling and other characters can be pursued with no hard feelings. If you sleep with her while in a relationship with Liara though, the latter will dump you the next time you talk to her.
  • Planescape: Torment:
    • There are prostitutes that fit this role, but more importantly, allow Morte to raise his taunt skill by bantering with them. One such prostitute is willing to do...something with Morte. It's not shown and it doesn't have any game effect, but when Morte returns he's described as looking happy and bearing lipstick marks. (For the uninitiated, Morte is a floating skull.)
    • The game also has a very large brothel, which turns out to service intellectual lusts instead, and is run by a chaste succubus. The Nameless One can (optionally) get service from practically all of its prostitutes, which involves from learning to play strategy boardgames, to political debates, to swapping fables, to having abuse heaped at you (sending Morte to see the insult specialist will, again, raise his taunting skill).
    • One encounter in which the Nameless One can be bathed and scented (reducing his characteristic embalmed smell and raising his Charisma stat) can also be done by Morte. Afterwards, he returns with a coating of scented wax, buffed to a high shine, meaning he's just paid someone to... polish his bone.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • In Shin Megami Tensei if..., the hero can do naughty things with a succubus if there are no female party members. The succubus will have to offer first, though. The hero has to make her hot through battle conversation first.
    • In Persona 3, three female members in your party (plus two girls that aren't in your party) will spend the night with the male lead if their social link is maxed out. This is just the icing on the cake as it also gives you awesome personas to smash your enemy with. But it is tricky to pull off a triple play though and requires a rigid schedule.
      • Additionally, in FES you can date and, near the end of the game, make it with Elizabeth. Mostly it's just for fun, but it's really amusing nevertheless.
      • The PSP re-release gives the same option to the female protagonist with two of her male teammates and with Elizabeth's younger brother Theodore - although instead of occurring automatically in the last rank of the Social Link, they are bonus scenes available after completing the S.Link.
      • And just to make you (and, undoubtedly, the protagonist) feel more awesome, in case you don't know, both Elizabeth and Theodore are in fact extremely powerful Humanoid Abominations who might or might not exist between dream and reality in the collective subconscious. Some fans theorize that they represent the Anima and the Animus, but this just makes things Squicky.
    • And you can do it again with most of your female social links/Confidants in Persona 4 and Persona 5. That said, the sex in the Persona series is mostly only implied.
  • Shows up all over the place in Dragon Age, where going through with the Optional Sexual Encounter is (usually) the only way to "officially" confirm a relationship with your love interest.
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • You can sleep with the love interests in your party: Morrigan, Leliana, and Zevran if you're male; Alistair, Leliana, and Zevran if you're female.
      • You can also visit a brothel, "The Pearl," and have your choice of partners, male or female of any race including a nug.
      • Sleeping with Isabela the pirate is one way to learn the Duelist specialization, with the additional options of a threesome (with Zevran, a hardened Alistair, or Leliana) or a foursome (with Zevran and a hardened Leliana). Morrigan disapproves of such nonsense, so leave her behind if you want to get lucky.
      • The young elven couple in the Dalish camp. You could help them get back together... or, if your Persuasion skill is high enough, you can instead seduce one of them out of their virginity and rub it in to the other one's face.
      • The human noble PC can have one within the first ten minutes of the game, in the starter area, with either the son of a visiting noblewoman or said noblewoman's handmaiden. A male dwarven noble can have one with two female "noble hunters" in a similar fashion.
      • There's one Optional Sexual Encounter which is plot-relevant. If you are male, then sleeping with Morrigan near the end (or convincing Alistair or Loghain to do so) is the only way to remove the need for a Grey Warden such as yourself, Alistair, or Loghain from sacrificing himself to defeat the Archdemon. If you're female, then only Alistair or Loghain can have the encounter.
      • A mage Warden can also choose to have sex with the desire demon possessing Connor if you go into the Fade to get rid of it instead of killing it or learning the Blood Magic specialization.
    • Dragon Age II:
      • Four of the five potential romances have sexual encounters, and your gender does not matter for any of them.note  Your character can also enter a Friends with Benefits relationship with Isabela that involves no romance.
      • Like in Origins, there is a brothel called "The Blooming Rose" where you can spend your hard-earned cash on courtesans.
      • There are also NPCs in certain parts of the game who will offer to have sex with you — including Zevran, letting you score another Zevran-Isabela-PC threesome.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition dials back on the encounters compared to its predecessors; outside of the romance quests, there are no opportunities for threesomes and the like. Two of the potential romances (Josephine and Solas) actually do not include sexual encounters, or at least none onscreen. There is also no opportunity to visit a brothel. There is, however, the option to seduce an Orlesian noble to ensure her cooperation on a sidequest, but it Fades to Black immediately after she accepts your offer and is entirely Played for Laughs.
      Noble: Lock the door... and fetch me some pillows.
  • The Bard's Tale has a newer version after you deal with a couple of rats in a bar, depending on if you are a nice guy or not. The barmaid will spend the night with you or leave you in a cold cellar for the evening.
  • In Alpha Protocol, Mike can potentially sleep with Mina, Scarlett, or Madison, if he has a strong positive relationship with them. SIE is also an option, if Mike chooses her as his handler for the final mission, where she'll break into the medical bay to release Mike. And then she'll let him out of his restraints, too. After spending a little while taking advantage of the fact that he's in restraints, if you follow.
  • In Dex, the titular protagonist can pay for one whenever she visits the Aphrodite brothel. In fact, the first dialogue option when talking to the establishment's owner is "I would like a closed room with a man in it." There's another prostitute that can be slept with, though she's not affiliated with Aphrodite.
  • Parodied in Fragile Hearts, where you can ask the Item Shop owner in Orin "Do you sell condoms?". He says yes, and Fergus breaks the fourth wall and directly tells the player that they've found a secret sexual encounter between him and Haddy... only to get hit painfully by her and then mocked by Gulliver.
  • In the freeware Sore Losers, two such options are available in the Eastern Slums, where there's both a dedicated brothel and a flat where two bunny-suited prostitutes work on their own. Both will restore all health and MP, just like a stay at an inn, and Markus will even comment "This is better than a night's sleep" when he's done. Plus, going to the flat is actually cheaper than just staying at an inn.
  • In Cyberpunk 2077 V (who can be played as male or female) can hire male and female prostitutes (called "joytoys" in-game) as well as hook up with Meredith Stout, a Militech agent, regardless of gender.
  • Amorous Adventures is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which adds lots of quests adding sexual encounters with NPCs from the unmodded game. The romance quests are closely interconnected with Vanilla quests. Some of the sexual encounters are completely optional, some others are required to progress the new quests. The Bleached Underpants version only fades to black with a quick text description of your encounters, while there's more explicit versions that work alongside with third-party sex animation mods.

    Simulation Game 
  • The Sims:
    • The Sims 2 allows you to create a Sim whose life goal is to have sex with as many Sims as possible. The sex is called "WooHoo" and the way it plays has the two Sims go under the covers and you see lumps of movements take place. Cartoonish sounds like "meow" and "honk honk" being expressed keep it from being sexy. There are patches to fix that, however.
    • The Sims 3, said cartoonish sounds are toned down, and the Sims do giggle and moan contentedly. It's still not all that sexy, though.
    • Same goes for the "Love Tub". We also get to see various limbs flying out of the tub every now and again. (How do they breathe while doing... all that?)
    • Players who want to get a look at the sexy by pausing the game and maneuvering the camera under the covers (or using a cheat to remove the covers period) will discover that the joke is on them — those energetic lumps are created by alarming boneless contortions that have nothing to do with sex as we understand it.
  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town have "special dates" that you can have with the potential bride of your choice, by giving the Harvest Goddess gifts for ten straight days. You'll immediately get a scene at the Hot Spring with the girl of your choice, where you and she "spend some time together". If you're already married, you'll just get some Relaxation Tea Leaves.
  • Summertime Saga: Many of the routes outside the main storyline are entirely dependent on whether the MC decides to pursue a relationship with those characters. Out of more than 50 possible partners, his encounters with Maria, Tina, Josephine, Iwanka, and Melonia are pretty much the only ones that are required to advance the main story. Bedding the teachers is also a requirement for completing their courses with the highest grade possible.

    Stealth-Based Game 
  • Hitman: Blood Money:
    • Subverted in one mission. While attempting to assassinate a Senator's playboy son, you may be "seduced" by a character who invites you to a bedroom. She's an assassin, who was marked in the mission loading screen with a shadow and question mark. You will die if you don't move.
    • Subverted again in another mission, where you are assassinating a witness under FBI protection, if you dress as a pool boy or a clown, the wife of the target will invite you to the bedroom. She'll fall asleep before doing anything...
    • Subverted yet again in a Vegas hotel later in the game; encountering a drunk, older woman stumbling about the halls, she'll invite you back to her room, where she'll awkwardly attempt to dance and be 'sexy', ending with her passing out on the floor.
  • Another for interactive, though admittedly slightly less so: At the beginning of Assassin's Creed II, Ezio "visits" a girl named Cristina and you're able to actually do the movements for taking off her clothes. It unfortunately fades to black, and Ezio ends up getting chased out of the house through the window in the morning.
    • In another example, he's, uh, "taken care of" by four or so prostitutes at Teodora's brothel in Venice, in thanks for helping with the assassination of Carlo. Fivesome, anyone?
    Ezio: I may need a lot of... comfort and succor.
    • Ezio gets a private riding lesson with a girl named Amelia if you beat her best time in a horse race just outside of Forlì.
    • At the beginning of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Caterina Sforza jumps in bed with Ezio as a "welcome home" present after going to Rome, beating up Rodrigo Borgia, and opening the Vault. Later you find out she only slept with Ezio to ensure her protection and his continued support. Gotta love politics.
    • It's worth mentioning that all the above are canon. The lead writer of Revelations suggested that aside from his eventual children with Sofia, Ezio more than likely had fathered at least one illegitimate child from all of his various conquests.

    Turn-Based Strategy 
  • The turn-based strategy game Centurion: Defender of Rome, a Spiritual Successor to Cinemaware games like Defender of the Crown, allowed the player to attempt to seduce Cleopatra if certain conditions were met.
  • Defender of the Crown - when you rescue a Damsel in Distress
  • Agarest Senki:
    • If you married the girl of your choice, you will be treated to a CG where the girl you had sex with is wrapped with nothing more then sheets. This is called Soul Breeding apparently.
    • In the same game, there are a few moments in which the main character can have very implied sex with one of the options before actually marrying. In the first generation, it's Luna, who will tackle you into her bed if you accompany her to go shopping. In the third generation, after she recuperates from a sudden illness, Faina and Thoma will also have a scene similar to that.
    • The sequel brings the old Soul Breed System back with a new twist if your relationship with your chosen one is bad enough, she will still bear your child but it will be heavily implied you raped her to make the heir as the scene is rather dark with ominous music to it.
  • Star Control II offers an optional encounter with Talana, commander of the Syreen race. The screen cuts to black and you're able to pick from some rather amusing Dialogue Tree choices.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 has one. In San Mona, the local Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany, a quest involves freeing a girl from forced prostitution. The easiest way is just paying the pimp madame for an hour, stealing the key, and sneaking out the back door. If you get lost on the way to the target, you may end up in the room of another hooker, which results in a fade to black, a sound effect, and your mercenary ending up outside the brothel. This happens regardless of who is doing it.

    Visual Novel 
  • At the end of Hagino's route in Canvas 2, you have the option of going drinking with the previously reviled Shie. If you choose to go, your relationship is mostly repaired and Hiroki nurses a hidden affection for her, but still ends up with Hagino.
  • In Crescendo (JP), you don't have to aim for the sex scenes to go for the good endings. In fact, sometimes directly going for the h-options will get you the bad end instead. (Like sleeping with Yuka for sex only.)
  • In Daughter for Dessert, every sex scene that doesn’t involve Amanda (and one at the end that does) can actually be avoided by making certain choices.
  • In Double Homework, the only sexual encounter that’s actually mandatory is the threesome between the protagonist, Johanna, and Tamara in the penultimate chapter. The rest can be avoided (though the other protagonist/Johanna and protagonist/Tamara ones are either/or).
  • Similarly, one of the Katawa Shoujo routes ( Shizune's) will give Hisao the option of sleeping or not with a certain girl Shiina aka Misha. And if you accept, you're cheating on Shizune with her best friend, which locks you into her route's bad ending. Noticeable in that this is the only sex scene in the game that abides by the trope; all the others are mandatory, in as much as you can skip the scene itself but the sex will still happen in-story.
  • In Melody, the vast majority of sex scenes can actually be avoided by making certain choices.
  • In the sapphic werewolf interactive novel, Moonrise, the player can have sex with all, none, or some of the three love interests.
  • Queen at Arms has these with the assorted potential love interests. One of them has two, with the second one being a case of Making Love in All the Wrong Places. Another has the gentleman in question promptly lose interest when he realizes that his Ho Yay with protagonist Marcus (who is really a girl) isn't Ho Yay at all.
  • The Town with No Name gives you the opportunity of going upstairs in the saloon to sleep with a prostitute for what seems like days, but only if you've bathed beforehand.
  • Yandere I Love You So I Want To Kill You has various choices that include this. The Jerkass protagonist, Subaru, hopes to have as much sex as he can and the player can choose to give that sex or deprive him of that. However, if you noticed the title for this novel, you should know that no matter what, things will not end well for Subaru.

    Wide Open Sandbox 
  • In the Grand Theft Auto games, encounters with prostitutes actually do have a benefit: they regenerate the player's health beyond the normal maximum limit.
    • Rather than fade to black, the car just bounces with the camera at such an angle as to obscure the player's vision of the naughtiness (if the player is driving a convertible the health bar fills up instantly and the prostitute immediately leaves the vehicle). However, by switching to the first-person view and activating the rear view one can see the characters sitting motionless, perfectly clothed, and behaving themselves.
    • Additionally, GTA: San Andreas used it as a way to increase your Relationship Meter with a girlfriend. But only once it got to a certain point already (except for Millie, who was..less choosy in certain regards).
    • San Andreas also had the Pimping Side Quest, which when completed caused prostitutes to give you money while in your, ahem, employ. And then, of course, there was "Hot Coffee"...
      • Which they "corrected" in GTA IV by sticking to sounds during those scenes, but in turn, took the prostitution scenes to a whole new level. Let's just say it's gone far beyond the "bouncing cars" from the GTA III trilogy - with a variety of animations depending on the "service" you buy.
    • Grand Theft Auto V has various strippers you can charm into sleeping with you. Rather than actually dating them, you simply try to touch them while making sure you don't get caught by the bouncers. Doing this successfully results in the stripper inviting your character to her place, the in-game time advances a few hours and you're back outside, shortly followed by getting an SMS with a suggestive selfie from your new booty call chick.
      • Similar to IV, picking up hookers in V comes with explicit animations that leave nothing to imagination (although there's no nudity involved), and the free camera makes it very easy to watch every second of it. Sex with hookers also counts as physical activity that slightly improves your character's stamina stat. Uniquely, hiring hookers as one specific protagonist, Michael, has some minor impact on the story because he's a family man whose wife hates his sleeping around, and the matter will come up a couple times during his sessions with his shrink as well.
  • Saints Row 2 has this as well with Ho-ing Diversions located in Red Light Districts where you have sex with hookers or other guys if you are a girl. You see nothing though, though quitting the diversion will give you "You should be ashamed" rather than "Diversion cancelled". It is as if they want to rub salt in GTA's wounds.
  • In Saints Row IV, you can "romance" all of your crew members with a press of a button. This includes the resident Robot Buddy. The only exceptions to this rule are Keith David (who politely blows you off) and Benjamin King (from whom the Boss just wants an autograph). They're all Played for Laughs and so ham-fisted that it's more humorous than sexy, except for maybe Shaundi and Johnny who, given their history with the Boss, manages to be actually touching.