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Me is a 2017 Platform Game created by Jackthecreative. In it, you control "Me", an orange word who goes through other words. The game is considered an example of playable poetry and tells a story about the Pursuit of Happiness.

It can be played here.

Not to be confused with the 2011 fan game based on Yume Nikki.

This game provides examples of:

  • Can't Take Criticism: Rather literally. "Idea" platforms and "Me" die when "Criticism" touches them. "Happiness" platforms block them, though.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Dying just brings you back to the previous checkpoint.
  • Fake Platform: You fall through the "Trap" platform.
  • The Hero Dies: At the final stretch, "Me" goes through fading "Years" platforms while slowing down, eventually reaching the "Death" platform and stopping.
  • Interface Screw: Touching "Drink" makes the game and platforms seem shakey.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: No real plot is present in the game, other than the pursuit of happiness and platforming on words.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: Touching "Sex", which doesn't have to be done, turns the whole game upside down for a moment.
  • The Points Mean Nothing: You can gain money for points, but they don't affect anything.
  • Schmuck Bait: The "Trap" platform has a bit of money on it, but as the name implies, "Me" will fall through the platform.
  • Temporary Platform: "Hope" platforms fall as soon as "Me" touches them.