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Video Game / The Bastard of Kosigan

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An ongoing series of modules for the first Neverwinter Nights game detailing the adventures of the bastard nephew of the Count of the fictional County of Kosigan on the border between the Duchy of Burgundy and France, in a fictionalized version of fourteenth-century Europe with some magical elements. The series consists of six modules so far, five of them already have translated from French.

  • The Slandered Lions ("Les Lions diffamés"): A prequel and untranslated episode set right during the beginning of The Hundred Years War.
  • Exile of the West ("Exil à l'Est"): The Bastard, leaving an uncomfortable household after his father's death, travels to the city of Koln in Germany and walks into the middle of a conflict between a coven of witches and the sinister Inquisition. More of a prologue than anything else, this module has little direct connection to the remainder of the series but foreshadows several important plot elements.
  • The Bastard of Kosigan ("Retour à Kosigan"): The Bastard, returning home from his adventures in Koln, is asked to rescue his childhood sweetheart Alexandra from the dungeons of the Duke of Burgundy, which leads to the exposure of a complex plot to destabilize Kosigan.
  • Revelations ("Révélations"): The Bastard visits his mother's grave and learns dark secrets about the nature of history and religion.
  • Blood and Tears ("Du sang et des larmes"): War breaks out between Burgundy and France, and Kosigan is caught in the middle.
  • By the Word and the Blade ("Par le verbe et la lame"): The Bastard and his troops are now hidden in forest. They have few time to look for new allies for their struggle against France.

The first four modules translated into English are compiled at the new Neverwinter Vault. The fifth one is available here.

The Bastard's adventures have been placed in the Hall of Fame at the Neverwinter Vault.

A series of novel adapted from the mods is being written by the modder. The first of them is set before the events of The Slandered Lions and has been released in 2014.

The Bastard of Kosigan series contains examples of!!