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In pursuit of the almighty dollar.

"You know, I've been in this game for a lot of years... and I got out alive. If you want my advice, give this shit up."
Michael De Santa

Grand Theft Auto V is a game released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 17 September 2013, with an Updated Re-release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released on 18 November 2014 and (after a handful of delays) Windows PCs on 14 April 2015, and then years later on March 15, 2022 an "Expanded and Enhanced" edition was released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The latest entry in Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto series, it is set in the Los Angeles pastiche of Los Santos and its surrounding countryside of Southern San Andreas based on the greater Southern California, primarily the Mojave Desert. In a first for the series (unless you count Grand Theft Auto IV's Episodes from Liberty City adding in new characters), the game features three playable protagonists as opposed to just one, all from different backgrounds. They are (in order of unlocknote ):


  • Franklin Clinton, an ex-gang banger in his twenties who works a dead-end job as a repo man for a shady car dealership, and lives with his sexist, ungrateful aunt in Strawberrynote . He feels trapped in the ghetto by both his job and his friends, who in turn see him as having grown "soft" and disrespectful of his roots. After a botched job repossessing the car of 20-year-old deadbeat Jimmy De Santa, Franklin meets the guy's father...
  • Michael De Santa,note  an ex-bank robber in his late forties who, after a job gone bad, decided to retire, claiming to be part of the FIB's Witness Protection for those that know he's alive. He is now living in a mansion in Rockford Hillsnote  with his unfaithful wife Amanda and their disrespectful children Tracey and Jimmy. Try as he might, he's soon forced back into crime after the stress of his home life causes him to lash out, inadvertently angering a local crime lord. Michael has a long history with...
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  • Trevor Philips, an ex-military pilot in his mid forties. The Canadian Air Force permanently grounded due to his severe mental instability. Left without a cause as an on-and-off cargo pilot in the Midwest, he soon befriended Michael, which led them to be partners in crime. Unlike Michael, Trevor never retired, instead remaining a drug-abusing career criminal, living out of a trailer in the small desert town of Sandy Shoresnote  north of Los Santos, where he deals in drug-trafficking and gun-running. After he learns that Michael is alive and residing in the city nearby, he decides to track his old buddy down and partner up again.

Together, They Cause (or Are) Crime. Players can switch between the three at any time once they meet the characters (with a few mission-related exceptions), and a major part of gameplay is heist missions in which all three characters take part. On the fly, the player can switch between, say, the guy taking hostages inside the store, the guy sniping cops outside, and the guy rappelling down the side of the building, while the game seamlessly takes over control of the character just vacated.

The first teaser trailer, released in November 2011, can be found here and a second trailer was released a year later in 2012, with three new trailers released on 30 April 2013. More info here.

Several weeks after the release of the base game, the multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, launched. GTA Online is structured similarly to an MMORPG, with character customization, player housing, and a story to go with it. Rockstar has gone on record stating that its goal for GTA Online was to revolutionize multiplayer shooters in the same way that Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized the Wide-Open Sandbox genre. A gameplay trailer was released 15 August 2013 and can be seen here.

To date, there have been several DLC packs for the game, consisting of item packs that grant new vehicles, weapons, and clothes for Online players. Heists for Online Mode were also announced prior to release, but fans were left waiting for... quite a while. Thankfully, they were finally added on 10 March 2015. Unlike GTA IV, which had two major DLC-based missions released (later compiled for a physical release), there have (as of 2022) been no such releases for GTA V.

A upgraded version with improved HD graphics and some other tweaks (such as a revised music selection on the radio stations) was released for PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. The PC port of the game was released in April 2015 to critical acclaim. A 9th generation port was announced in June 2020, was available digitally on March 15, 2022 and physical sometime in April for both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Like the 8th gen port, the announcement promises enhancements to the experience. This announcement also reveals that Online is planned to be released as a separate game sometime after the 9th gen release. A sequel is tentatively scheduled to be released during Take Two's 2024 Fiscal year, according to a report in Bloomberg that was published in July 2022.

  • Social Club Gear: Adds in a new SMG and sports car. Requires a connection to the Rockstar Social Club, which is optional for the console versions but mandatory for the PC version.
  • Collector's Edition Vehicles: Anyone with a Collector's Edition version of the game gets some special vehicles, weapons and a friggin' blimp. The special edition got the same stuff minus the vehicles and most pre-orders for regular versions got the blimp.
  • Stimulus Package: Released as an apology by Rockstar for the buggy launch of Online—anyone with an account before October 2013 got $500,000.
  • The Beach Bum Update: Released 19 November 2013. The first post-release update added in a new pistol and a broken bottle melee weapon, beach-themed clothing and vehicles.
  • The Christmas Update/Holiday Gifts: Released 24 December 2013. On Christmas Day, Los Santos was covered in snow—hope you've got an all-wheel-drive car. Also had Christmas themed masks and suits which, if not bought, disappeared after Christmas.
  • Capture Mode Creator: Added in in Spring 2014. Adds the Capture multiplayer mode in, and allows players to make their own.
  • The Valentine's Day Massacre Special: Released 13 February 2014. Added in some spiffy new 1920's mob-styled suits, a classic 1920's limousine and a Tommy Gun, the Gusenberg Sweeper. As with the earlier Holiday Gifts update, the ability to buy the clothes introduced in this update was removed on March 2nd. If you bought clothes from the pack before then, you keep them.
  • The Business Update: Released 4 March 2014. Added in the first new plane, three high-performance cars, a new high caliber pistol and an assault rifle. Also, put the Interaction Menu into Single Player.
  • The High Life Update: Released 13 May 2014. Adds a new assault rifle called the Bullpup Rifle, a new motorcycle, two high-performance cars and a sports SUV. For Online players can now purchase two new properties, something people had been waiting a while for, as well as new apartments. Players also now have a "Mental State" which increases when killing civilians and cops — this is to help keep separate players who kill others for the sake of pissing them off, and players who want to simply explore.
  • The "I'm Not A Hipster" Update: Released 17 June 2014. Adds in new Hipster-themed cars (seven of them) and clothes, alongside a new dagger and pistol. Several of the exclusive single player vehicles (Including the ones the playable characters drove) were made purchasable through in-game websites.
  • The Independence Day Special: Released 1 July 2014. Made to celebrate the Fourth of July. Contains new America-themed clothes, a monster truck, a motorcycle, fireworks (and a launcher to go with them) and a musket. Like the Christmas Update and Valentine's Day Massacre Special, any clothes not bought in Online were removed in August.
  • The San Andreas Flight School: Released 19 August 2014. Adds in the Flight School for Online, allowing players to level up their Flying levels faster (Normally it takes a long time to do this—as in, some reports say you get one percent to your skill for ten minutes of flying). Also adds in a new Corvette Stingray style muscle car and new helicopters and planes.
  • Last Team Standing Update: Released 2 October 2014. Adds new jobs for the Last Team Standing game type, new 'soldier' themed clothing, reserve parachutes, a new Sniper Rifle and Shotgun, two new motorcycles and a new supercar.
  • The Festive Surprise: Released 18 December 2014. The first full content pack for the eighth-generation consoles, added new Christmas-themed clothes in Online, two new cars and new weapons—the Proximity Mine and the Homing Launcher.
  • Heists Update: Released 10 March 2015. Adds single player-esque Heists into Online mode as well as new Heist-related content such as more vehicles and clothes. Originally intended to be included at launch, but design issues and shifting priorities delayed it for over a year. This is the first update where its weapons and vehicles are not available in Story Mode; this was the only update for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions where this is the case. Content being exclusive to Online would later become the rule for all of the post-7th gen updates.
  • Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1: Released 10 June 2015. Designed for players who have made a large amount of money from the Heists, this pack adds incredibly expensive new clothes, weapon designs, cars and gold tinted planes and helicopters.
  • Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2: Released 8 July 2015. The follow-up to Part 1, this update adds in newer, slightly less expensive vehicles, clothing, & tattoos; a new single-shot break-action pistol and a pair of knuckledusters; and the ability to create jobs inside Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport. It also added in The Lab FM to consoles, and, to signal its release, the Independence Day Special content. This was the final content update released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the gamenote  as well as the last update to add content to the single player gamenote .
  • Freemode Events Update: Released 15 September 2015. Allows players to experience "a completely new way of playing GTA Online" by introducing new game modes, activities, and other features, ranging from mundane things such as attempting to take over a heavily guarded location to weirder things such as hunting a superpowered player across the map with attack choppers. It also adds the Rockstar Editor to eighth-gen consoles while adding in new features to the PC version.
  • GTA Online: Lowriders: Released 20 October 2015. Another Online-only update, this centers around lowriders; As such, it includes new vehicles and vehicle options, a new customs shop in Strawberry, some new missions from Lamar Davis, new clothing and tattoos and other cosmetics, and two new weapons - the Machine Pistol and the Machete. The update also allows players to open car doors, trunks and hoods, switch on the engine, neon lights and radio via the Interaction Menu; the option to purchase a fourth property; and new luxury designs to some other weapons.
  • Halloween Surprise: Released 29 October 2015. Made to celebrate the Halloween season. This update adds in two new vehicles, new vehicle customization options, a flashlight, a new Adversary Mode where one player hunts other players in dark areas, new masks and face paints, and two new character actions. Like the Valentine's Day Massacre and Independence Day specials, the content will be removed on 16 November, but players who bought any of the content will keep them.
  • Executives and Other Criminals: Released December 2015 added more opportunities for Crews to work together to take on each other's in freemode, along with two new helicopters and five completely new cars, one of which is a limousine with a mini gun turret, plus versions of cars already in the game with heavier armour, a choice of new luxury stilt apartments in Rockford Hills or new customisable apartments in Eclipse Tower for the added fifth property slot and a selection of three customisable luxury yachts which act as a floating and somewhat mobile apartments, and come with their own selection of Jetskis, boats and helicopters.
  • GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics: Released 15 March 2016. Adds the Vapid Slamvan to the list of vehicles customizable at Benny's, as well as adding the brand new Dundreary Virgo Classic, and gives the Willard Faction the new upgrade style "Custom Donk", which features huge wheels. Two new weapons were added; the Compact Rifle (an AK with a short receiver and no stock, and therefore has higher recoil) and the Double Barrel Shotgun (a break-action Sawed-Off Shotgun that fires both barrels at once), both of which can be fired from bikes.
  • Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: Released 7 June 2016. Continuing the eternal quest to become the kingpin of Los Santos, this update expanded the systems from Executives by adding offices to plan your exploits, warehouses to store "cargo", new vehicles, a weird van/RV hybrid, a plane , a helicopter, new clothing, and a boat. Drum magazines that hold more ammo than the Extended were also added to select guns.
  • Cunning Stunts: Released 12 July 2016. Adds stunt race tracks and specialist racing vehicles. Also adds a stunt race creator which was unlocked on 4 August 2016.
  • Bikers: Released 4 October 2016. Adds the ability for players to form their own motorcycle clubs (MC's), complete with clubhouses, and also adds various business ventures to go along with it, such as drug running, contract killings and more. Also brings 13 motorcycles (including the return of the Zombie and various others from The Lost and the Damned) as well as six brand-new weapons such as a compact grenade launcher, a battle-axe, and the Street Sweeper Shotgun. The ability to use melee weapons as well as kicking from a motorcycle was also introduced.
  • Import/Export: Released 13 December 2016. As a sort of continuation to Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, players are now able to sell cars for profit. Many new cars and motorcycles were also added, as well as a bunch of new vehicles with new and awesome abilities, such as the Knight Rider-inspired Ruiner 2000.
  • Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit: Released 14 March 2017. Expanded upon the Cunning Stunts and Import/Export content, adding stunt races for specialty vehicles.
  • Gunrunning: Released 13 June 2017. Allows the player to start an illegal arms business inside an underground bunker. Also included are various military-themed armed vehicles and the ability to research and purchase new modifications for your favorite weapons.
  • Smuggler's Run: Released 29 August 2017. In this update, players can buy their own aircraft hangar and customize certain aircraft within it, including some older Pegasus-only aircraft. Some of the new aircraft have the ability to drop bombs, while others can deploy flares to get homing missiles off their tail (the humble Flare Gun was buffed to also have this effect). Additionally, the hangar is also the place to help Ron Jakowski smuggle contraband around the state of San Andreas, in a manner similar to special cargo in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.
  • The Doomsday Heist: Released 12 December 2017. An airheaded genius and eccentric billionaire named Avon Hertz has determined, with the help of his AI companion Cliffford, that all-out war is brewing in the United States, and Los Santos is sitting right in the epicenter. Hertz enlists the help of Lester, the online protagonists, and eventually Agent 14 to find out who's the mastermind behind all of this. The eponymous heist is a three-part storyline, each encompassing its own heist, similar in length to the older ones. Players can buy an underground facility to start the heist, and it comes optionally equipped with an orbital cannon that can vaporize any player on the map for a measly $500,000 per shot.
  • Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series: Released 20 March 2018. Adds additional racing-oriented vehicles and new race modes, including "Target Assault", where the driver races through checkpoints while the gunner on a turret shoots at targets. The driver and gunner switch places after each lap.
  • After Hours: Released 24 July 2018. This update introduces nightclubs, which operate as a front for the online protagonist's various criminal enterprises, centralizing them into one location. Of course, a nightclub isn't without its DJs, and players are able to recruit them from newly-introduced missions. After Hours also saw the return of (in)famous Liberty City nightclub impresario "Gay Tony" Prince. Music featured in the nightclubs features musical talent from Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna; said artists music can also be heard on a new radio station, Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR).
  • Arena War: Released 11 December 2018. This update adds the eponymous mode, inspired by Twisted Metal, a new property, and several new vehicles in the vein of the aforementioned series, the 2008 remake of Death Race, and Mad Max. Seven sub-modes exist, ranging from the standard Flag War, to the unusual, such as Hot Bomb, where you play a lethal version of Hot Potato.
  • The Diamond Casino and Resort: Released 23 July 2019. This update opens up a new version of the casino at the Vinewood Racetrack, allowing players to partake in various casino games such as blackjack, three card poker, roulette and slots as well as horse race betting. The update also adds in additional luxury properties and high-end vehicles, as well as a new string of missions. The eponymous casino is currently owned by the Triads, more specifically Tao Cheng. However, the recent renovation forced them to go to the Duggans, a cutthroat Texan petrochemical conglomerate, and now they want the whole thing. With the player's penthouse and the staff's lives at stake, you'll have to prevent the hostile takeover by any means necessary.
  • The Diamond Casino Heist: Released 12 December 2019. It's been a few months after the mess involving the Duggans, and with the family patriarch out of the way as part of a deal, his nephew has been running the show at the Diamond. The Chengs are not happy with the arrangement, and they want revenge. Now, those who helped the casino stay afloat must now rob it blind on the behalf of the vengeful Triad family, using an arcade as a central operating base for rehearsing and planning. With multiple avenues to approach, and a highly secure facility to break open, this job will be your toughest one yet. Fortunately, you'll be robbing it with some familiar faces, Lester in particular. Make a crew, and break the bank.
  • Los Santos Summer Special: Released 11 August 2020. Players who own the Galaxy Super Yacht get access to a new co-op mission series, made at the behest of the yacht's captain, who's suddenly found themselves in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, on land, Los Santos's biggest movie director Solomon Richards finds that his office has been robbed of many of his old films, and asks the Player Character to help retrieve them. Smaller updates include new locations for Business Battles, two new games for arcade owners, and the usual plethora of new Adversary Modes and super cars.
  • The Cayo Perico Heist: Released 15 December 2020. The heist stakes are higher than ever before, with the online protagonist setting their sights on an entire private island to fleece. The heist is the first that allows players to attempt completely solo, and much of the planning is done through a heavily armored submarine as a mobile base of operations.
  • Los Santos Tuners: Released 20 July 2021. Adds several tuner-oriented cars, customization options, and races via the LS Car Meet. Also adds a media player to the radio wheel whose playlist is expanded by finding collectable media sticks. This update will be the first to have features only available on the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC versions.
  • The Contract: Released 15 December 2021. Sees the return of Story Mode protagonist Franklin Clinton. Since knocking over the Union Depository, Franklin has made a name for himself in Vinewood, starting a new "celebrity solutions agency" catering to the Vinewood elite in need of solutions to high-society problems. After Lamar lands Franklin his first contract - Dr. Dre - it's revealed that Dre's cell phone with his unreleased tracks wasn't merely lost shortly before the Cayo Perico Heist - it was stolen. The DLC's new missions follow the misadventures of Franklin, Lamar and the protagonist as they try to get Dre's works back to him.
  • The Criminal Enterprises: Released 26 July 2022. Rising gas prices are plauging the state of San Andreas, and supply chain disruptions have made things hard for everyone, even the online protagonist's criminal empire. The IAA suspects that the Duggan family is behind the gas price hike, sending Agent ULP to try and recruit the protagonist to help on Operation Paper Trail, their investigation into the family, as a swear-in agent after proving themselves during the events of the Doomsday Heist.
  • Los Santos Drug Wars: Released 13 December 2022. Long after Trevor "went Vinewood" in Smuggler's Run, Ron frantically calls the protagonist, telling them what he's feared has come to pass: a new gang of drug dealers has rolled up into Trevor's former territory. The party-going Fooliganz, led by one opportunistic Dax, are making it their mission to get everyone in the state of San Andreas high on their product alone, and have a hell of a time partying while they're at it. The update introduced GTA Online's first business on wheels, an acid lab installed in an armored truck, unlocked after completing Dax's mission line.

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