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"Because that's where the money is."
Willie Sutton in response to "Why do people rob banks?" (attributed)

Robbing a bank. This crime is about as old as banks themselves, but became a standard when banks evolved into large public buildings. Since criminals tend to want money, and banks usually have a lot of money, it's an obvious combination.

Bank jobs range from a simple stick-up by a lone operator who goes for whatever the bank teller has in the cash drawer, to elaborate capers to hit the main vault requiring months of planning and preparation carried out by a team of experts. The elaborate versions are often the focus of an entire movie. The FBI's definition of bank robbery requires the perpetrators to threaten bank employees into handing over the money, so technically most caper-type heists would be considered burglary. But don't expect anything involving theft from a bank to be called something other than "bank robbery" in fiction.


A Bank Robbery is often the victim of a Plethora of Mistakes, or it results in You Have Outlived Your Usefulness as the robbers decide to split the proceeds among considerably fewer people. If one or more of the robbers works for the bank, it's an Inside Job.

If the setting includes Superheroes or Supervillains, and part of the action takes place in a bank, rest assured that the bank will be robbed sooner or later. No matter how innocuous is the action done in relation to the bank (pay taxes, ask for a loan, have a casual talk in front of it), if the hero goes anywhere near a bank, a villain will try to rob it. It's almost the Murphy's Law of superheroes.

Over the years, banks have developed many ways of foiling bank robbers or at least minimizing their take, and stories involving modern banks will have to come up with ways to defeat those measures. Also stealing gold bars and attempting to fence them is nearly impossible for the average joe without a fence. In many jurisdictions, these measures have resulted in organized criminals moving to the less risky and more lucrative trade of drug dealing.


Side note: In the United States, bank funds are insured by the FDIC, which makes Bank Robbery a Federal offense and often leads to FBI involvement. In fiction, this means Jurisdiction Friction.

Compare with Armed Blag.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Tomo's dream sequence in Azumanga Daioh (animated version) has her, as a Mary Sue, foil a bank robbery. For some reason she imagines the crooks as her classmates. (Then again, Kaori also dreams of her classmates—some, anyway—as a street gang. Chiyo is a bad influence!)
  • One chapter of Crayon Shin-chan has our young fellow asked if he knew what to bring to the bank. He immediately grabs a kitchen knife, as that's the stereotypical bank robbery weapon in gun-scarce Japan.
  • Detective Conan:
    • An episode had a bank robbery hold up with Conan and his friends including Jodie trapped inside. The robbers plot was to transfer money electronically, use hostages without close friends or loved ones disguised as robbers thinking to have died in an explosion accident, and escape as escorted hostages.
    • One needs to remember the more important story arc (or arcs) that involves Akemi; she was killed off after a bank robbery.
  • In Heat Guy J, Monica has lost her home to arson, and since she is the one who supports herself and her Hard-Drinking Party Girl mother (ordinarily by taking pictures for a small fee), she feels she has no other options. So she rides her pet donkey up to a nearby bank...only to be stopped by Daisuke.
  • Love Mode: Naoya and Kichi are innocent victims in a jewelry store heist, leading to a Hostage Situation and a high speed chase.

    Comic Books 
  • Many Comic Book supervillains start their careers with a bank robbery or two before suffering Motive Decay and seeking revenge on the heroes that stop them. Indeed, this one's a pretty standard crime to stop for superheroes and antiheroes alike.
    • Subverted in Runaways; the kids run into some supervillains robbing a bank, only to say that they aren't going to try to stop them, since they know the bank is insured; they just want them to hand over the kid in their ranks. Of course, they don't oblige and the kid turns out to be evil too.
  • In an Annual issue, Supergirl has to foil a bank robbery without being unseen since Kryptonians have been banned from Earth recently.
  • The Dalton brothers gang does it frequently in the Lucky Luke comics.
  • Asterix and Obelix attempted it in "Asterix and the Cauldron", to recover money that had been stolen from Asterix. They failed, since the bank was empty because of the ultra-high Roman tax rates.
    • It was also Played for Laughs, as they actually spent some time spying on the bank from their inn and finding out the habits of the guards and when they could get in. Asterix developed a rather well-thought-out plan, but when Obelix failed to understand it...
    Asterix: Forget it — just get the money and get out.
    Obelix: That I understand!
  • Michael O'Sullivan and his son, also named Michael from Road to Perdition make their business robbing banks. But Michael isn't after any old bank or any old money — he specifically targets mob banks controlled by Al Capone and John Looney and the off-the-books money that they hold for paying them off. He does this so that Looney and Capone will hand over Connor Looney, the murderer of Michael's wife and other son, to him so that Michael can take vengeance on him.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Dark Knight opens with a gang robbing a bank, with the Joker arranging for each of his accomplices to kill each other off once their usefulness has been expended.
    • It also varies on the usual formulas since the banks are actually owned by the Mob, and used in their money laundering.
  • Firewall, with Harrison Ford, involves a bank robbery via electronic balance transfers.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid both in Real Life and The Movie.
  • Jesse James, of course, also in Real Life and many, many fictional accounts.
  • Bonnie and Clyde made a career out of robbing banks and other criminality before their tragic end, both in Real Life and The Movie.
  • Real Life bank robber John Dillinger was far more successful than the Barrow/Parker gang. His life has inspired at least half a dozen movies, including most recently Public Enemies with Johnny Depp.
  • Dog Day Afternoon, based on a Real Life bank robbery gone horribly wrong.
  • Quick Change. Extremely clever twist.
  • The Silent Partner. A bank clerk steals money during a robbery, allowing the robber to take the blame. The robber doesn't like it.
  • Ladies They Talk About: Nan goes to jail because of a botched bank robbery.
  • Take the Money and Run (Woody Allen comedy)
  • Maverick (1994): a brief Bank Robbery, the title character is a bystander.
  • In The Mask, on his second night with the Mask of Loki, Stanley decides to rob a bank so he can get into an exclusive club ("You can't make the scene if you don't have the green!"), foiling a group of other robbers in the process. No employees are threatened — he just busts into the bank and then busts out with the cash.
  • Sugar & Spice. Bank robbers who are...cheerleaders?
  • The Return of the Pink Panther. Clouseau fails to stop a bank robbery.
  • The main action in For a Few Dollars More involves trying to stop a bank robbery masterminded by Indio.
  • The crew of Serenity pulls one of these off in the first major sequence of the movie.
  • The Day of the Jackal: when the gang ask The Jackal how they're going to pay for his services as an assassin, he tells them to use their criminal network to rob a few banks. Which they do.
  • Almost too obvious: The Bank Job
  • Ditto the western-comedy The Great Bank Robbery.
  • Frank Martin's first job in the movie The Transporter is acting as the getaway driver for a group of bank robbers.
  • Inside Man has an interesting twist on this.
  • The Demolition man in the recent version of Ocean's Eleven was working a bank heist the night he was nabbed by Rusty.
  • Cien A?de Perd?: during the infamous Venezuelan Bank Crisis of 1994, four friends decide to rob via take over the main office of a big bank, only to find that the owner, anticipating the bankruptcy and the Government intervention, fled with all the money. A dark comedy.
  • The Wild Bunch opens with an attempted bank robbery.
  • The protagonists unwittingly help famous bank robber Babyface Nelson in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • The villains' plot in GoldenEye is essentially a massive, countrywide electronic bank heist covered up by the use of a stolen EMP warhead. Bond even lampshades it toward the end.
    James Bond: In the end, you're just a bank robber. Nothing more than a common thief.
  • The appropriately named How To Rob A Bank.
  • Bandits features two ex-cons who rob banks to fund their dreams.
  • Subverted in A Fistful of Dynamite. Juan relieves the bank of all its valuables but unfortunately for him its full of political prisoners, not money.
  • Heat has a particularly memorable bank robbery in the middle of the film. Its aftermath is regarded as one of the most intense and breathtaking shoot-outs in movie history.
  • The Parole Officer builds up to this, even though they weren't (originally) there for the money, but for a security tape in a safety-deposit box.
  • Point Break (1991) had bank robbers who were also surfers and adrenaline junkies that rob banks just for fun.
  • Set It Off: Four women, for their various reasons -money, kicks, revenge- decide to rob banks. They do it quit efficiently, too. Just when they're on top of the world and think they can stop, up comes the need for one final big heist.
  • 30 Minutes or Less is about a pizza boy who gets a bomb strapped to his chest and told to go find one-hundred thousand dollars in ten hours. He decides to rob the local bank and brings his friend into it.
  • The One Last Job that is the plot of Vabank, as well as many, many other robberies Kwinto and Dane have done in the past. Why?
    Kwinto: Because that's where the money was.
  • Killing Zoe: Eric, his American friend Zed, and Eric's gang carry out an extremely ill-conceived bank heist in Paris by cutting short on the planning stage and getting baked on heroin beforehand. It becomes a protracted hostage situation almost immediately.
  • The Hidden: The film opens with the evil parasite robbing a bank, as seen from a black and white security camera. The cops later say that he had robbed another seven banks during his crime spree in that body.
  • The Air I Breathe: "Happiness" tries to rob a bank after the gangster "Fingers" threatens him with having his fingers cut off if he won't pay back a gambling debt. Happiness is shot and killed by the cops, but the money manages to aid another character, Sorrow.
  • Eve of Destruction: EVE and her handler are out on a field mission when they get caught in the middle of a bank robbery. The robbers kill EVE's handler and damage EVE herself, causing her to go into permanent combat mode.
  • Going in Style (1979): Three senior citizens decide to rob a bank just for the thrill of it. Remade in 2017.
  • Jack Sparrow and his current crew are introduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales by having them commit one. As in, they (accidentally) steal the whole building.
  • The Town has a pair of bank robbing brothers as its primary characters. Their heists and the police pursuit that follows form the central plot of the film.
  • In Rancho Notorious, Frenchy plans a bank robbery that involves most of the outlaws in Chuck-a-Luck. Things fall part when Kinch takes a shot at Vern partway through the robbery.
  • At the start of Sky Bandits, Barney and Luke are staging a series of bank robberies across the American west. These robberies usually end with Barney blowing up the bank by using too much dynamite.
  • In Violent Saturday, Harper, Dill and Chapman arrive in town intending to rob the bank. The bank robbery is successful, but the getaway goes sour.

  • In The Black Echo, LAPD detective Harry Bosch figures out that his murder victim was part of a plot to rob a bank. Then he figures out that the same gang of bad guys is about to rob another bank.
  • Sherlock Holmes, "The Red-Headed League".
  • The short story "Why Banks is Robbed in Texas".
  • Harry Potter and his gang break into the bank in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in order to take and destroy a Horcrux.
  • Nockman blackmails Molly Moon and Rocky into doing this for him.
  • Elmore Leonard has Jack Foley as his Gentleman Thief, who never used a gun on a job and still robbed more than 250 banks. The movie version was played by George Clooney.
  • Manny in Hurricane Gold pulled off several bank robberies in the States disguised as a woman, which earned him the nickname "Manny the Girl" from his peers.
  • In Zeroes, Jerry Laszlo owes money to The Mafiya, and tries to rob a bank to get the cash to pay them off. The robbery pretty quickly goes wrong: the silent alarm triggers, he can't get the vault open, and his accomplices turn on one another. It might also have been wiser for him to have chosen a bank a bit further away from the local police station.
  • In Donald E. Westlake's Bank Job John Dortmunder and several associates steal the entire bank - namely, by absconding with the trailer serving as a temporary site for the Capitalists' & Immigrants' Trust. Trouble is, the safe won't open. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Banco, Papillon is recruited for a job while working as a Traveling Salesman in Caracas. He's driven a few countries over for a The Convenient Store Next Door heist; renting a house across the street from a bank and tunneling into it while it's closed for the weekend. The heist is foiled by a heavy truck taking a detour over the tunnel and collapsing it.

    Live Action TV 
  • Done on Burn Notice. Amusing quote about it here.
  • The UnSub in the Criminal Minds episode "Psychodrama" started out as a bank robber, but ends up degenerating due to a combination of drugs and trauma.
  • Arnold and family are hostages in a bank robbery in the Diff'rent Strokes episode "The Bank Job".
  • The Doctor Who episode "Time Heist" has the Doctor, Clara, and two others attempting to rob the Bank of Karabraxos. Subverted when it turns out the entire thing wasn't actually a heist, but a rescue mission.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: A bread-and-butter trope – Hazzard Bank is seemingly the target of a weekly attempt by someone, and given the lax security and Boss Hogg's connections, the bank is often seen by criminal groups as an easy target. (The bank and/or armored cars making deliveries to Hazzard Bank is robbed in at least half of the episodes.) As a plot device, Boss always seems to try to shift the blame from his associates to his nemeses, the Duke family, particularly Bo and Luke – and did so in various ways, whether by trying to discredit their alibi, claiming that a Duke family friend was working with them, hiring actors to rob the bank disguised as Bo and Luke ... the list went on. All attempted and successful robberies at Hazzard Bank are bloodless, with nary a shot fired, although sometimes the armored car drivers were knocked unconscious. In plots where criminals were spending the night at the Hazzard County Jail – where Hazzard Bank may or may not be a new target – it is sometimes implied there were casualties in other unseen (but noted) robberies, and at least one on-screen robbery at the Capital City Bank (in Capital City) did involve shots fired but – at least on screen – nobody getting wounded.
  • Played for laughs in The Goon Show episode "Dishonoured" (remade as "Dishonoured Again"). The crooked bank manager Grytpype-Thynne gives impoverished new employee Neddie Seagoon the key to the gold vault, knowing that Neddie will steal the gold. Grytpype and his accomplice, Moriarty, then contrive to steal the gold back from Neddie. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Justified:
    • The series premiere has Boyd blow up a church, then while the police are all distracted by that, robs a bank. It's said this is not the first time he'd pulled that particular strategy.
    • In the second season, Winona is a bystander in a bank robbery, and the robbers take a $100 bill from her that she'd taken out of the courthouse's evidence room. Later, the lead robber sets his accomplices up to be caught in a robbery that's doomed to fail (he gives one guy a "suicide vest" loaded with road flares) while he tries to escape with the money, but Art figures it out and catches him.
    • Season six has an interesting variation. The bank Boyd is trying to rob has closed years ago and is now a pizzeria. However, the pizzeria is just a front for Avery Markham, a notorious gangster, who uses the former bank's vault to store millions of dollars he made in the marijuana trade. Markham employs a group of Private Military Contractors to protect his money and Boyd has to find a way to get to the money without getting himself killed.
  • The Kill Point is about a bank robbery that quickly turns into a Hostage Situation due a variety of circumstances forcing the robbers to hole up inside the building, such as an off-duty FBI agent starting a firefight outside, and a security guard from an armored truck getting involved after he drove back to pick up something he lost. They do manage to steal a few million dollars after forcing the bank manager to wire the money to another bank in a way that wouldn't arouse suspicion.
  • The Lost episode "Whatever the Case May Be" reveals Kate's participation as inside woman in a bank robbery.
  • The NCIS episode "Collateral Damage" starts with a security guard being shot during a bank robbery. It then turns out that the robbery was a smokescreen for the guard's murder, as he was the target—and that was the set-up for a hit on his son.
  • The Nine, a short-lived television series, centered on the survivors of a bank robbery, and the things that had happened during the event.
  • Pops up from time to time in Power Rangers. "The Phantom Phenomenon" in Turbo has Divatox and crew try to rob a bank only to be thwarted by the Phantom Ranger. An episode of Time Force has the villains rob a bank so they'll have cash.
  • In Smallville, Clark once robbed a bank (actually, robbed the would-be-robbers) and casually shrugged off bullets from dozens of cops. He was affected by red kryptonite.
  • Supernatural had an episode where a man runs into a bank with an assault rifle screaming: "This is NOT a robbery! Everybody get on the floor!"
  • Top Gear used a bank robbery and getaway as the final test of luxury cars for the Albanian Mafia. Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson managed to escape the police. James May...didn't.
  • The Unusuals episode "Boorland Day" opens with one of these being executed by the Boorland crime family...New York's dumbest family-run mob.
  • The season two opener of White Collar, "Withdrawal," pits Neal and Peter against "The Architect," a Smug Snake of a bank robber who leaves literal calling cards at the scenes of his heists.

  • The subject of Barenaked Ladies's "Bank Job", couched in terms of the blame game in relationships.
  • The Austrian comedy band Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung had their first international hit with a song called "Ba-Ba-Banküberfall" which is about someone who is flat broke and desperately needs money, who then tries to rob a bank but isn't taken seriously by anyone. It even has a couple of English lines.
    The evil is always and everywhere
    Ba-ba-bank robbery
    Ba-ba-bank robbery
    Ba-ba-bank robbery
  • One of the ways Doctor Steel financed his giant robot construction, according to his song, "Build the Robots".
    I need assembly lines
    A crew and much more time
    The money's all mine
    And my funds are getting thin
    Probably have to rob a bank again

  • "Joker's Multiball" in Stern Pinball's Batman begins with the Joker's gang robbing a bank in clown masks.
  • The backglass for Police Force depict a bank robbery at the First Animal Bank.
  • In Safe Cracker, the player must break into a bank vault and steal the fortunes within.
  • This is one of the requirements for starting Stampede Multiball in Cactus Canyon.
  • Maverick The Movie has a Bank Robbery as one of the modes between rounds of poker.

  • The Comedy About a Bank Robbery by Mischief Theatre is, er, a comedy play about a bank robbery. Specifically, it's about an attempt by an escaped felon and his bungling team to steal a priceless diamond from the vault of a bank in 1958 Minneapolis.

    Theme Parks 

    Video Games 
  • In City of Villains: A PC villain will periodically have the opportunity to perform a special bank robbery mission in order to access additional contacts and missions. Heroes have a corresponding set of missions to prevent the bank robberies.
  • Max Payne stops one of these fairly early in the game.
  • The Wise Old Man in RuneScape robbed the Draynor bank, killing some guards and Player Characters (Not actual players, it was a cutscene) and stealing an item worth millions of Gp.
  • Grand Theft Auto
    • Grand Theft Auto IV contains a rather long and involved bank robbery mission.
    • So does Vice City, which is the focus of around one quarter to a third of the game.
    • You also do this in San Andreas.
    • It also shows up in Grand Theft Auto 2.
    • A bank robbery is part of the set-up for the story of Grand Theft Auto III; additionally, the mission "The Getaway" features the player character serving as getaway driver.
    • Grand Theft Auto V opens with a bank robbery Gone Horribly Wrong. A later robbery, an Homage to the one in Heat, goes much better.
    • The online multiplayer of V features two bank robberies as part of the original "Heists" update; the first heist has you knocking over a small local bank, and the fifth and final heist has you and a team knock over a big bank for a potential million-plus dollar payday.
  • The Banque Albert level in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is this.
  • Thief heroes in Quest for Glory V can rob the local bank twice. Paladin and Magic User heroes can participate in a sidequest to hunt down an NPC thief who robs the bank in their scenario.
  • The Thief 2: The Metal Age mission "First City Bank and Trust", in which Garrett must steal an item from a specific safety deposit box.
  • Likewise, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has Fisher break into a bank to find terrorist financial records then crack the vault to make it look like a standard robbery.
  • The penultimate stage in Conker's Bad Fur Day is this, as you empty the Feral Reserve Bank. One of the Multiplayer modes is this as well.
  • In The Godfather: The Game you have the option of doing this to various banks across NYC, though it's not necessary for 100% Completion.
  • In HeroSmash Dr. Insectro tries to rob a bank, with your Player Character (who can be either a hero or a villain) caught in the middle.
  • PAYDAY The Heist, as you may guess from the name, is about performing heists. One of them has you robbing a bank.
    • Its sequel, PAYDAY 2, has five different banks that can be robbed.
  • Can be done in the western-themed 1866, which features a bank in a few of the big towns of the worldmap. Robbing the bank is an action in the contextual menu when going to one. Then, entering in it is automatic and looting the safe uses the same interface that the battlefield loot after a battle. The main part of the action consists in shooting the men who come in order to escape.
    • The bank belong to the lawmen / outlaws minor faction which has its headquarter in the same town. Robbing the bank is considered as a declaration of war by the faction. It is actually the easiest way to do it, instead of attacking a party of several dozen of men and risking heavy casualties.
  • The first Kane and Lynch game has the two committing a robbery so Kane can recover the money he owes the gang known as the 7. It doesn't end well.
  • In Borderlands 2, you are allowed to rob the bank in Lynchwood as part of a revenge sidequest arc.
  • In Desperados, one of the missions is robbing a bank. It contains the crime lord's ill-gotten money, which he was supposed to deliver to the Big Bad. Being unable to do that gets him killed by Big Bad's mooks .
  • The object of the Arcade Game Bank Panic is to shoot the robbers, not the legitimate customers.
  • The penultimate tier of The Swindle is the Banks, following a selection of casino jobs.
  • Persona 5 revolves around a crew of Ordinary High-School Student exploring a supernatural Mental World as a crew of Phantom Thieves, with the goal of infiltrating Palaces belonging to corrupted individual to steal the treasure within it, triggering a Heel–Face Brainwashing. One of said palace is a bank.

  • Acrobat has to stop these from time to time. It's even lampshaded a few times.
  • A species-specific variant in Kevin & Kell: birds are shown going through elaborate vault security scanners, open the door, and find ... a squirrel raiding their bird feeder.
  • In Nimona, Lord Ballister Blackheart robs a bank, riding upon a dragon-shifted Nimona. Considering he's more of a Noble Demon, it's pretty much the most evil thing he's done.
  • Evil, Inc. has an employee credit union, withdrawals are made at gunpoint.
  • Project Blackfire opens with one of these and features them throughout.

    Web Original 
  • The "prestige job" near the end of Interviewing Leather.
  • Red Panda Adventures has one near the beginning of "Secret Origins"
  • In the Web Serial Novel Worm, the first crime of the Villain Protagonist is... a bank robbery. The trope is deconstructed; it's noted that the bank, even the biggest bank in the city that they're about to rob, has a positively tiny output in comparison to other possible targets even if they time their robbery precisely, but also that it puts their names on the front page and is amazing for their reputation.

    Western Animation 
  • Almost ubiquitous when a criminal or supervillain is depicted. They're either shown holding the place up, or running out carrying a Thief Bag or nine.
  • DuckTales (1987): Happens often on Ducktales 1987. Special mention goes to "Hero for Hire", when the Beagle Boys trick Launchpad into unwittingly robbing banks in guise as the "Webbed Wonder".
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • In "The Clock King", this trope is invoked when Alfred informs Batman that there is one in progress in a bank with a time lock. Batman immediately deduces the perpetrator is the Clock King. The Clock King left all the money, he only wants to get Batman locked in the Death Trap he set up in the vault.
    • The opening sequence begins with a couple of shifty-eyed mooks in front of a building prominently labelled "BANK", an apparent setup for a bank robbery. Instead, the mooks flee empty-handed after a huge explosion goes off.
  • There are plenty of humorous bank robberies in the old Tex Avery Looney Tunes short Thugs With Dirty Mugs.
  • On Spongebob Squarepants, the supervillain Man-Ray has been freed from his frozen-tartar-sauce prison by SpongeBob and Patrick, but they used a tickle-belt to train him how to be good. He escapes, and tries to rob the bank, but just can't stop laughing, even though he is no longer wearing the belt. Man-Ray decides to just open a checking account instead.
    "I've got checks! With little poodles on them!"
  • In The Little Rascals episode "The Zero Hero", three little men rob a bank while Darla is on her date with Captain Muscles. Darla's hero stops the robbers, but one of them is smart and deflates his costume. Alfalfa as Alpha-Man doesn't fare much better.
  • In the Donald Duck cartoon Donald's Crime, in Donald's mind, taking money from his nephews by breaking open their Piggy Bank makes him a bank robber, and he worries about becoming a social outcast who has to hide out in the dark corners of the underworld.

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