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Roy: You think that if people could commit any crime they could think of, they could get it out of their system?... These people get a taste, and they can't get enough.
A 2015 sci fi Direct to Video action film featuring a detective, Roy Tedeschi (Thomas Jane) who has to go up against the titular company and their CEO Julian Michaels (Bruce Willis) to stop their abuse of the "artificials" they use to entertain their guests and let them live out their darkest desires upon. Hampered by other police officers, who are being bribed by the Vice Corporation, Roy teams up with escaped artifical Kelly (Ambyr Childers) to finally put an end to the nefarious business.

This film provides examples of:

  • Androids and Detectives: Roy the detective ends up teaming up with the artificial Kelly, both using their skills and knowledge to take down Vice.
  • Big Bad: Julian is the head of the Vice Corporation and the one behind all the misery the artificials are put through.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Julian is the founder and CEO of Vice and is more than willing to allow for horrific abuse of his artificials just to make a buck.
  • Cyberpunk: The film is set in a futuristic city and outside of the grounds on Vice, much of the city is shown to be in a rough, impoverished state, following the layout of the archetype.
  • Dirty Cop: Much of the police department and even Roy's boss are in Julian's pocket.
  • Do Androids Dream?: Although they are very much treated like second-class citizens at best and completely devoid of human rights at worst, the artificials posses human minds and feel emotions as anyone else. Kelly's realization about what Vice is doing comes from her escaping from their engineer while he's attempting to take away her memories.
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  • Faux Affably Evil: When meeting with Roy, Julian holds up a smug facade and even when Roy points out the behaviours he allows basically amount to creating sociopaths, Julian just smiles and continues talking with his jovial tone.
  • Final Solution: When Roy and Kelly upload the artificials memories of their abuse, causing them to attack Julian's guests, he simply decides to activate a kill switch and murder them all.
  • Hardboiled Detective: Roy is a rough and tumble sort of fellow, gruffly spoken and solves the Vice case through a combination of gritty determination and his connections with people on the rougher end of town.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: The artificials themselves appear and even emote like human beings, no doubt in no small part due to the fact their bodies actually use human skin and organs.
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  • Robot Girl: The most prominent is Kelly, one of the main characters and an artificial who escapes from Vice's facilities. While appearing human, her insides are a mix of organic and mechanical parts.
  • Sequel Hook: After everything looks like it has been settled and the artificials will be able to live in peace, the seemingly dead Julian's eyes snap open in the last scene.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Julian avoids the law by having such a lucrative business that he provides half of the city's tax revenue by the massive size of his profits.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Roy refuses to follow his boss' orders to leave the Vice corporation alone, as he believes justice needs to be served to the disgusting patrons and company.
  • The Stoic: Roy keeps a grim face and rarely reacts to anything that goes on with much emotion, even as he gets engaged in shootouts.

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