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Film / The Great Bank Robbery

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The Great Bank Robbery is a comedic 1969 Western film directed by Hy Averback, in which the fortress-like, criminal-founded bank of 1880-era Friendly, Texas is targeted by a converging collection of individuals:

  • The Reverend Pious Blue AKA "Harry" (Zero Mostel) and his team of con-artists.
  • A grubby gang of Mexican banditos ineptly lead by a father-son team (Akim Tamiroff and Larry Storch).
  • The violent and hair-triggered thug Slade (Claude Akins).
  • And, on the opposite side of the law, the Texas Ranger Ben Quick (Clint Walker) and his Secret Service liaison Fong (Mako).
  • Oh, and there's Pious's female accomplice Lyda Kebanov (Kim Novak), who takes an immediate shine to Mr. Quick, and devotes as much (if not more) effort to seducing him as she does to the robbery.

Unsurprisingly, an escalating and chaotic Gambit Pileup ensues.


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