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Moving Picture Company (MPC for short) is a British-based visual effects studio. Originally owned by British TV company ITV (via one of their predecessors, Carlton), they were bought out in 2002 by French conglomerate Thomson (which was later renamed to Technicolor (to match with the Technicolor brand they owned at that time) in 2010) and is currently owned by Technicolor Creative Studios. As of 2021, Streamland Media currently owns Technicolor's post-production businesses; with Technicolor itself focusing solely on VFX and animation services.

The company also has studios located in Los Angeles, Vancouver (which was shut down in December 2019), Toronto, New York City and Bangalore. With Technicolor having dedicated units in Bangalore for both Dreamworks Animation and Rockstar Games and having served as a shareholder for effects studio Digital Domain.

Don't confuse for the Master Control Program or Non-Player Character. See also The Mill and Mr. X, who are also part of the Technicolor brand.


VFX and Titles

All-CGI Cartoon and video game work, as Paprikaas Animation Studio, Technicolor, and Mikros Animation

Sound and Post-Production services:

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