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The canon reason the Truffade Z-Type costs less Online than it does in Story Mode
Is because so many people bought it during the Online period that only 10 were left and thus the price had to be raised from $950K to $10M.
  • But then how come Legendary Motorsports states that there are only 10 in existence, even during online mode?
    • R* simply forgot to change the description

Chris Formage really is a god, but...
He is a trickster god and the Epsilon Program is still a lie.

Michael and Trevor will go through Character Development.
  • Confirmed. In the end, depending on your ending, Michael will become more caring for his family and also aware of his actions to his friends, especially Trevor. In addition, Trevor also became more trusting on Michael and eventually forgave him.
SF and LV still exist.
It's just that the mayor of LS had a falling out with them and demolished the bridges, and the San Andreas in GTA V is just Los Santos Island.
  • Semi-confirmed, I guess? The San Andreas that appeared in GTA San Andreas might be different geographically than GTA V's San Andreas, since they belong in different universes. (GTA San Andreas belongs to the 3D Universe, while GTA V belongs to the HD Universe.)

The Merryweather private security team are some of Manhunt's Cerberus unit who survived Cash's rampage.

Trevor will perform a Face–Heel Turn or otherwise turn against the other protagonists.
And this will result in him being Killed Off for Real by Franklin or Michael. Or...
  • Likely, but I don't see him becoming a bad guy, but instead going up and down the Anti-Hero scale. Face–Heel Turn? Less likely. Heel–Face Revolving Door? Much more likely I think.
    • Jossed, but he came close more than once.

Michael will be the one to pull a Face–Heel Turn...
Only to get put down by Franklin "the son he always wanted".
  • Jossed. Kinda. There is an ending that has Micheal get killed by Franklin, but not for the reason stated.

Michael is a descendant of John Marston.
  • Nothing said about this but your online protagonist can certainly be.

Michael's wife or one of his children will be killed by the game's Big Bad.
Making it personal.
  • Jossed
    • Kind of. They aren't killed, but they come damn close, and the attack on them is what ultimately makes it personal for Michael.

There will be a Breaking Bad reference somewhere
One will be a bumbling foulmouthed stoner, and the other a fish out of water straight laced 50 year-old.And then Trevor summarily kills them.
  • Or the local Clucking Bells are fronts for drug distribution.
  • Jossed in the main game, although several online missions feature mobile meth-lab R Vs as objectives.

There will be more than one Big Bad, at least three of them.
And each will serve as an Evil Counterpart or Shadow Archetype to one of the three protagonists. Such as Michael's counterpart being a Blood Knight, Trevor's being the Token Good Teammate, and Franklin's counterpart being a Dirty Coward.

There will be a choice at the end...
Between which protagonist survives. At the end of the game, after the Big Bad has been defeated, it will be revealed that Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have all double crossed each other in some way. After this, the 3 have a Mexican Standoff. The player then selects their character one last time. The character the player picked then kills the other two, and gets their own ending.
  • Confirmed. Franklin has a choice to either kill Micheal, Trevor, or have a "deathwish" and kill neither. The best ending is the "deathwish" ending where nobody dies.

Something that went wrong while Michael and Trevor were working together will resurface into open conflict, and Franklin will have to decide which one of the two to side with at the end.
Michael is more Lawful (big "L", not little), not feeling content with retirement because he misses having an active task. For him, money was a means to happiness, one which turned out to be fleeting with his current domestic problems. Trevor is Chaotic, more live-for-now, do-what-you-want-consequences-be-damned. Money is a way to open possibilities with Trevor. Whatever happened between them in the past might stem from this (maybe a heist gone bad because Trevor was too unpredictable and Michael concluded it was too dangerous to live like that while wanting to start a family). Both meanwhile will try to take Franklin under their wing in some way, and by the end Franklin will have to decide whom to side with. Franklin may even Take a Third Option and turn against both of them to nab both of their shares of the spoils - the ultimate pursuit of the almighty dollar.

  • Kinda complicated, but the gist is there: Franklin is tasked with either killing Michael or Trevor. The Take a Third Option is for the three to gang up on the Big Bad Ensemble, and kill them instead.
    • So, semi-confirmed.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are all different personalities of the same person.
This will be used as the shocking reveal for why the player is able to switch between the three at will.
  • Jossed

The Grove Street Families still exist
There'll be some sort of sidequest or mission you can do for them that'll be one big Shout-Out to San Andreas.
  • Adding to this, the person to give you the mission may very well be CJ.
    • Rockstar has said no characters from the III-era games will appear.
      • Well, with Franklin's new trailer, it seems that he's wrapped up with a gang in Grove Street Green, while fighting gang-bangers in Ballas Purple - in my opinion, this is too much to be a coincidence. So even if the Johnson Brothers or other Grove Street OGs don't show up, they'll probably get a lot of Shout Outs and Continuity Nods in the game.
    • Confirmed. Franklin and Lamar are members of the GSF, though only loosely associated. The Ballas are also still around, though at least at the start of the game, the two gangs no longer have serious beef.
      • Semi-Confirmed: They're members of The Families, but a different branch - and Grove Street itself is Ballas turf.
    • Ultimately Jossed. The Grove Street Families did exist at one point in this continuity, and the Johnson family was still apparently the head of GSF, but they've long since moved on, and are to some degree, Shrouded in Myth, with neither Lamar nor Franklin being entirely clear on what happened to them.

There will be a female character DLC
  • At least semi-Confirmed: the Multiplayer trailer shows you definitely have female characters to select from.
    • Confirmed. You absolutely can create a female character in Online.

Michael is not his real name.
He's a former outlaw which was in Witness Protection right? His name isn't probably his true identity. He might even be a character from a past GTA.
  • Semi-Jossed: Michael's his real name, his LAST name was changed (Townley -> De Santa)

There will be a prequel about Michael.
Focusing on his life before going into the governments protection. This is somewhat supported as Word of God describes him as a protagonist who "won".
  • Confirmed. The prologue shows what happened.

Michael's wife is cheating on him.
There was a scene in Michael's trailer showing him chasing some guy out of his house with a woman in the background shouting "No, don't kill him!".
  • Confirmed. Once with her Tennis Instructor, twice with her "yoga" instructor, and the pool boy, ad a guy pretending to be Jesus; you can find him at the beach. There is more but I forget the rest.

Lamar will be the Big Bad for Franklin.
Just by the way that he talks and presents himself in the trailer.

Just as Michael and Jimmy are getting close... Michael's Big Bad will kill him.
  • Jossed: In the "Kill Mike" ending, Michael gets killed just after he turns his life around. In the others, not so much.

Franklin's dog, Chop, is gonna be seriously hurt or killed by the bad guys
This'll put him on one hell of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge that'll make Niko at the end of GTAIV seem calm in comparison.
  • Jossed.

Before becoming a bank robber, Michael was the head of the Bluth family
Driven insane by his family life, he leaves to live a life of crime instead. After being bored with that, he finds himself a brand new and equally insane family to live with, but now he wants the life of crime back. It's a vicious cycle.

There will be a Red Dead Redemption reference
Perhaps in a museum or newspaper you'll be able to read about John Marston. Or there will be an FIB agent named Ross.
  • There should an "Old West exhibit" with a picture of John's farm, while another exhibit has a framed newspaper mentioning a certain "Detective Phelps".
  • I always thought Red Dead takes place in the GTA universe, and Marston is a historical character like Jesse James. I think it would be pretty funny to have a movie poster advertising "John Marston: Zombie Hunter". Bonus points if Marston looks very different in the movie poster and is wielding an AK-47.
  • However, as evidenced by at least one side mission, the state of California exists in the universe of RDR, whereas in the GTA universe it's known as San Andreas. Any connection between the games will likely be in the form of Broad Strokes not unlike the continuity of the radio stations.
    • To be fair, Miami existed in GTA III before becoming Vice City. On the flip side, I'm fairly sure Texas is mentioned a few times across the GTA franchise where as in RDR it's "New Austin".
    • New York is also referred to as such in RDR, not as "Liberty City."
  • Confirmed. There is a neat little mural you can find.
    • In addition, when creating your multiplayer character its possible to choose "John Marston" as your father (using this option locks out your paternal grandparents in your heritage)

Roman Belic will appear
It's been confirmed that GTAV is set in the same universe as GTAIV. Perhaps Roman and his family will be on vacation. Niko will obviously be absent (as Rockstar probably wouldn't waste the money for a brief cameo), but we may at least get some additional closure about him.
  • If anything, it would be Niko Bellic (leaving the events of "Mr. and Mrs. Bellic" ambiguous), or Packie Mc Reary (since he is seen boarding a plane at the end of The Ballad of Gay Tony)
    • It's been confirmed that both Niko (15th image down) and Packie (21st question down) will not be returning.
    • Packie Mc Reary is in GTAV, but he's hidden- you have to do a side-mission to unlock him for heists.
    • Niko I can buy, but the way they straight-up said "Packie's not in it" without any prompting as to whether he'll specifically be in the game by the question seems like a Suspiciously Specific Denial. Even more so since they haven't stated any reason why he WOULDN'T be in the game (since he isn't one of the people who could live OR die based on Niko's actions)
    • Yeah, I agree with you about Packie. When I read the article, I also thought it was weird that they immediately stated that Packie wasn't in the game even though they weren't directly asked about just him. And as it turns out, they were lying and he really is in the game!
    • The game does make a few references to "an Eastern European guy" who shook things up in Liberty City before going quiet. Packie reckons Niko's dead, but he could have just as easily retired, which he was planning to do after settling things with his enemies.
    • Karen (AKA "Michelle") also shows up.
Niko has a Live Invader page so he's still alive and kicking in Liberty City but (probably) no longer living a life of crime. If you look very closely, Roman also appears on Niko's friends list which means the Revenge ending of GTAIV has to be the canonical one (if all of this is confirmed to be canon and not just an Easter Egg, that is).

There will be a trailer for "Exploder 2"
"Explode Harder"

Tracy and Jimmy will have missions centered around them
Tracy will wind up joining Epsilon, and Michael will need to bail her out of the cult. While Jimmy will continuously try to join with Michael and the gang on their heists, ultimately resulting in him realizing that a life of crime simply isn't worth the risk.
  • Or Jimmy ends up being The Load that nearly blows a mission or two. Hopefully he's not made into a scrappy cause of this.
  • Confirmed, both have missions centered around them, you save Jimmy from some guys stealing Michael's Yacht and humiliate Lazlow after he tries to force himself on Tracy while auditioning for Fame Or Shame. You can also get phone calls from them and Amanda for optional missions which you have the choice to accept or disregard

The "Michael" on Trevor's tattoo was another Michael
And the same man whose death led his falling out with the Michael in GTAV, who choose the name as a mark of respect for their lost friend.
  • Nope. Same guy.

The guy Michael chases out of his house is his accountant or lawyer
  • Presumably to make an Evil Lawyer Joke on top of infidelity?
    • Jossed: It's her "Tennis Instructor".

Trevor is the very concept of That One Kid given flesh
Neither Michael or Franklin seem to like him very much, but tolerate him for his flying skills, he's abrasive and smelly, and to top it off, his Collector's Edition bonus is a flame shirt.

There will be cameos or references to characters from other games done by Rockstar.

Guesses at organizations that will appear
  • The Cartel: They will be major antagonists, if not the Big Bad.
    • Simultaneously confirmed and Jossed at the same time. The Cartel appears, and they are set up as the big bad, but the end up being a Red Herring.
  • The Mafia: One character from the mob GTAIV in shows up and gets killed.
  • Yakuza: Just because I think that would be cool.
  • The Triads and the Tongs
    • A Triad appears as part of Trevor's storyline.

There'll be some form of digging at Saints Row and other recent sandbox games
They did it before with True Crime and Driver, so no surprise if there's some form of easter eggs about stuff like Saints Row.
  • Since Ride to Hell: Retribution was originally meant to be a Wide Open Sandbox, featured a Badass Biker that looks like he was ripped out of the Lost MC, and was universally panned by critics, expect a lot of cheap shots at that, especially with the Lost MC in the Blaine County region.
    • So far the closest thing I can see to a dig at Ride to Hell is Trevor slaughtering the Lost.
    • Well...There is a mission where a high-as-balls Micheal has to defend himself from aliens, wielding a minigun, as a purple mist surrounds him...

Speculation for DLC content
  • A playable female protagonist.
    • If there is a playable female, there will be a sidequest in which we're forced to go undercover at the Vanilla Unicorn as a stripper and complete a dancing minigame.
      • Hopefully, it'll be an assassination mission where the protagonist kill the Straw Misogynist target at the end, just for the sake of Rockstar not getting any more anti-feminist heat than they already have. Or at the very least have the girl be a HUGE Deadpan Snarker who is NOT enjoying herself at all.
  • A chapter involving a more direct conflict with Martin Madrazo, seeing as he's characterized like a usual GTA antagonist.
  • San Fierro and Las Venturas being added, with them being more accurately recaptured this time.
  • Revolvers
  • Some more elaboration on the Mexican gang that Trevor took down, like the O Neal brothers they return to get revenge on Trevor and potentially team up with Martin Madrazzo.
  • A supernatural themed story DLC, mabye a major plot point being Jolene Cranley-Evans.
    • Or an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse
      • Or a From Dusk Till Dawn plot; heist gone wrong, guys flee south of the boarder to loose the heat, stumble into some nasty's nest that may or may not be vampires.
    • It'll involve a plethora of supernatural creatures (Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves), with the characters hunting them because people will pay good money for proof of these things, and the final mission will involve with a Jade Mask that creates zombies, and it'll end with Trevor revealing that he was bitten, and then Michael and Franklin admit that's the case with them too.
    Trevor: I got bitten. Who cares?
    Michael: Funny story. I got bitten too.
    Franklin: Dammit, so did I.
    • Or a Fur Vs Fang story type story. I can see Trevor in a Dog Soldiers type mission with his friends, Trevor Phillips Interprises fighting off a pack of werewolves in a trailer park, and a mission where Michael has to save Tracy from being reqruited or killed by a coven of vampires that she fell for, haven't thought of a subplot for Franklin and Lamar though. The end will have the Power Trio going up against the Alpha's of several packs and a Volturi expy.
      • The Families are under the scope of an alien invasion, but Franklin is the only one available and competent enough to fight them back. The finale will be a xeno-were-vamp superfusion boss, just for the hell of it.
  • A heist of a Las Venturas mega-casino, like Ocean's Eleven. After all, what game can be built all around The Caper, and not have a heist set in a Las Vegas expy?
    • While we're at it, a Heist inspired by Die Hard. Both will, of course, come with Michael admitting that he Saw It In A Movie.
  • More weapons like a flamethrower, AA-12 or a harpoon gun.
  • More heist members like maybe Niko Bellic?
  • We already have one member of the Mcreary family, so it's fitting that we should see Gerry again, Packie hears that he's been transfered to the federal prison in Blaine County, so he and the gang decide to break him out.
  • More vehicles like Supercars and such.
  • More radio content; songs, talkshows, and comercials.
  • More properties- a major complaint with the game is how owning property doesn't get you any money. A DLC pack will not only fix that, but give you more to spend that money on.
  • A storyline involving Michael's stolen boat, which will be a macguffin on the level of the diamonds from GTA IV and the episodes.
  • Don Percival, the CEO of Merryweather will become the Big Bad of the next DLC as he tries to get revenge for all of their personal killed by the gang, after they confront him, they can choose to either kill him or expose all of his crimes against humanity on the world news leading to his arrest.
  • Carl Johnson, having achieved power on a level similar to Frank Lucas or Damon Pope. He'll represent the third option compared to Mike and Johnny K, regarding the GTA protagonist who's "won the game." I know they've said he's dead in the HD continuity, but they can always change their mind on that.
    • Why leave it at Carl ? I'd like the see the trio work for an aged Tommy Vercetti.
      • Hell, let's combine the two. Carl and Tommy have become business associates/rivals over the last twenty years and the trio will work for both of them, and ultimately be forced to make a sadistic choice on which one to kill for the other.
  • Going with one of the above guesses, a Battle: Los Angeles themed DLC. I can definitely see a mission involving Michael having to take his family to a safe zone, with this conversation ensuing.
    Tracy: What the hell- are those UFOs? Are you fucking kidding me?!
    Amanda: Calm down, honey! I'm sure the government will probably think of something.
    Michael: The government?! What are they going to do, have the president lead a squad of jet fighters against their mothership?!
    Amanda: Jimmy, wh- what have you been smoking?
    • And from the perspectives of the other characters, Trevor and his buddies at "Trevor Phillips Enterprises" would be fending them off in a B-Movie "Aliens invade the Trailer Park" theme, while Franklin and Lamar are forced into some Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with a crew of Ballas that have members eerily similar to another gang flying purple flags... and maybe a Take That, Scrappy! where Franklin's aunt gets abducted. And Michael working with David Nortan on keeping order in Los Santos. The trio will be given heist missions on raiding Military Labs, and mabye even the Mothership itself.
    • Also to be expected: actors from and fans of the TV shows (Impotent Rage, Republican Space Rangers, etc.) using the shtick from their shows to fight the aliens, the strangers and freaks who believed in aliens being less crazy than they seemed, and Cris Fromage and the Epsilon Program to be the major human antagonist, if not the Big Bad themselves. Another major antagonist will be Steve Haines, using his FIB influence to force Martial law and control the surviving population.
      • If anything, it'll be the U.L. Paper guy, as the IAA are better candidates for an antagonistic government force with Aliens involved. Also, there's the fact his "death" in the "Wrap Up" shootout is unconfirmed to be canon (and if it is, he can easily clone himself), whereas this ending (hopefully) takes place after Ending C, where Trevor kills Steve Haines.
    • And while we're at it, why not have Johnnny Klebitz brought Back from the Dead this time, in order to make a dig at how Saints Row touted around the fact they ressurected a character also named Johnny... Hell, they could use that as revenge for the #GAT_V debacle. #Johnny_GTA
      • The question is how could he come back ? its not like a alien abducted him when Trevor smashed his head in.
  • More freaks and strangers sidequests, for example one guy wants you to kill off a hate group disguising themselves as a church called the Eastboro Baptist Church, no points for guessing who they would be an Expy of.
  • A DLC dealing with the boy's romantic lives. Perhaps something as simple as the boys(sans Michael) being able to invite the girls from the Unicorn back to their place and those romances developing a little more(whether into actual friends with benefits or full blown gold digger status), or something more detailed, with Amanda and Michael continuing to work out their issues, Trevor and Mary-Ann finally getting together, and Franklin meeting a nice girl to share that big ass house with.
    • To expand more on this for the character: Michael becomes an agent and one of his clients is an Expy of Lindsay Lohan who is trying to turn her life around(either Poppy Mitchell or a rival to her), Michael wants to help her make a career comeback. Soon he becomes close to her after helping her deal with things like Paparazzi, her exploitive parents and backstabbing lawyers and corrupt judges and seriously he considers starting a relationship with her(due to him having another argument with Amanda over their unexciting sex life), only for her to talk him out of it, Amanda catches them together and assumes the worst, after being told the truth, she calms down and surprises Michael by asking the woman to join her with Michael in a threesome to spice up their sex lives.
    • Franklin is depressed over Taneesha to the point where he finally sleeps with Tonya and tries to start a relationship with her, but because of JB and Franklin not sharing her feelings it doesn't work out, soon by chance he runs into another woman who turns out to be an undercover cop trying to get info on the Grove Street families, she develops feelings for Franklin and debates on whether to bring in his gang or leave them alone, you get a multiple choice where you can either sell out the gang to her in exchange for immunity or convince her to leave the gang alone and stay with Franklin
    • Trevor starts dating Mary-Ann and while they have fun together, they're clearly not suited for a relationship with one another and are fuck-buddies at best. Then Travor gets attacked by the remnants of the Mexican gang he took out before, who are now teamed up with Madrazzo. Later on the gang betrays Madrazzo and leaves him for dead. Trevor gets worried about Patricia when she stops calling and goes to Martin who tells him she was taken by the leader of the other gang and with his dying breath tells Trevor to save her. Trevor then takes down the rest of the gang and has a showdown with their leader, who is like Trevor in terms of violent personality, and unlike Trevor has zero redeeming qualities, Trevor gives him the most brutal death of all and re-unites with Patricia, moving into Madrazzo's house.
  • More safehouses and maybe, newer clothes.
  • Missions where you play as Lamar.
  • A series of missions where you take down Kris and the entire Epsilon group once and for all.
  • A story where one character you were sure was dead turns out to have faked their own death Molly to be specific, turns out she used an elaborate Criss Angel-esque magic trick to fake her own death and she's really an undercover cop who was planning on exposing Weston, but had to fake her own death after he started getting suspicious. With him dead, she decides to go after Martin Madrazzo and the cartel, through chance she ends up running into Franklin whom she talks into being quiet about her "death", soon the two start dating and become close, after Franklin helps her take down the cartel, he has a choice of whether to continue seeing her or not
  • Karen turns out to have survived the shootout and is revealed to be a triple agent(pretending to be Michelle and also pretending to be Karen in order to infiltrate UNLP) and she only was doing the torture due to being in very deep cover. With the IAA under scrutiny following the shootout between them Merryweather and the FIB, she decides to get out and convinces the protagonists to help her take down Don Percival in exchange for getting the IAA off their backs.
  • A DLC chapter having Luis Lopez open up a new club of the Maisonette 9 franchise, giving both a new angle of a GTA protagonist "winning" the game (i.e., trying to stay legit as a nightclub owner), and giving closure to what happened after the events of The Ballad of Gay Tony (since we've confirmed details of Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and The Damned). May or may not end with a heist on a rival nightclub that Rocco was seen in "Mr. Richards", sadly absent a boss fight with the guido douchebag, but potentially rife with comedic lines over how he went down like a little bitch.
  • A DLC starring Johnny K, that starts with him waking up at the hospital after Trevor "killed" him.
  • A parallel story where you play as one of the heist crew members. Likely candidates would include Packie, Taliana, Eddie Toh, and Gustavo, since they're all legitimate badasses who do their parts exceptionally well. They would be having their own adventures in San Andreas, which would intersect with the main trio's when they get hired for the assorted heists. These missions could potentially let you experience their Offscreen Moments of Awesome, such as the time when Packie singlehandedly held off the military during the Paleto Score, or when Taliana secured an ambulance for the Bureau Raid.
  • A pack where you do police work as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor (who would lampshade how out of character it is).
  • A new episode of the Underbelly of Paradise hosted by Dave Norton.
  • A series of missions where you take down Martin Madrazzo once and for all. Before you can kill him, however, you need to get through his bodyguard: Your GTA Online character.
  • A DLC taking place in North Yankton shortly before the prologue, where you control Michael and Trevor, with Brad replacing Franklin as the third character, completing new missions together. The final mission would be a Nintendo Hard heist, specifically, the heist from the prologue, now retconned to be far more difficult and complex.

Grand Theft Auto is a world built on honesty and stupidity. But is it just honesty?
Facebook's called Life Invader. Politicians tell you they'll screw you over in their political ads. Ammu-nation is clearly run by right-wing gun enthusiasts. America's Got Talent/American Idol/The X Factor USA is called Fame or Shame. It's honest, upfront about what it is. And the people of GTA are stupid enough to buy it. But if life was like that, if everyone was upfront about everything like that, would people still buy into these things? Would people still use Facebook if it was called Life Invader? Would people still audition for talent shows if it was Fame or Shame? Would you still vote for a politician who admitted he was gonna screw you over? Is GTA a world of honesty, and the collective human race just that stupid? Or is it a Flanderisation of our stupidity? As Agent K said in Men in Black: "A person is smart. People are stupid."

Ashley will return in the next game or DLC.
  • GTA V netted over a billion dollars in one day. You bet there's going to be more of it. It was suggested there would be a female Player Character. And each game hints at or does away with what was shown previously (Tommy's gang are from Liberty, Ken and Kent Paul end up in San Andreas, the three storylines in GTA IV interconnect, the Ballas had fought back and taken over Grove Street, and Johnny is killed by Trevor. With Sons of Anarchy still riding high why wouldn't Ashley be in a future game. She has every reason in the world to be. And were it for GTA VI it would be a way to kill off Trevor, Michael and Franklin as revenge for killing Johnny.
    • That'd be quite a challenge for her, considering WEASEL news claims she dies of an overdose in a crack orgy after Johnny's death.
    • Really? Shit. Maybe Rockstar really hate the Sons, or Ride to Hell, or given the characters anyone who is mildly sympathetic. Still, with Weasel being an analogue of Fox news maybe they got it wrong, at least I hope they do.
      • That's ONLY if you actually kill her as Trevor after the cutscene with Johnny, otherwise she is not mentioned on the news
      • Um. No. If you don't kill her yourself, the news reports on it much later - sometime around the Armored Car Heist.
      • That's not to say a member of the Lost that wasn't seen in GTA V (or a relative of one of them members who died) wouldn't want to get revenge on Trevor (and only Trevor: Michael and Franklin haven't done anything against the Lost, and wouldn't be targeted by them unless they tried to defend Trevor).
    • That could well make an interesting DLC. Since whether or not you kill each other was part of the ending the idea of whether Michael and Franklin have to kill Trevor to get Ashley, or if not her then The Lost off their backs could be played with. If you want a little more detail, random attacks by tough bikers that get the police on your backs, attempts to get the crew arrested and punished by the gang in prison, and the player can call at any time to arrange a hit on Trevor. The idea would be to get Ashley or The Lost to leave them alone, or find a way to neutralize them so they can't be touched.

One of the next missions will involve the player killing Trevor.
Specifically, under order of Angus Martin the only Lost MC member not shown in GTA V. Needless to say, after Trevor's massacre of The Lost, poor Angus will effectively be the Last of His Kind, and will task the player with hunting down Trevor to avenge them all. Bonus points if either Angus of the player gives a crippling "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Trevor (especially if it's about his brutal murder of Johnny K.) shortly before putting him in the ground.
  • Semi-Jossed. One of the 'bad endings' involves killing Trevor.
    • This is going under the idea that the "Kill Trevor" ending is non-Canon. Assuming it is (or the next game has a mechanic of borrowing save data a la Mass Effect), the mission will change to finding how Trevor went down, or getting Revenge by Proxy on his associates in "Trevor Phillips Enterprises".

GTAV is the coma-induced Fantasy of Gob Bluth
Trevor is Gob, Michael is... Michael Bluth, and Franklin is... the puppet Franklin. Gob's mind wasn't creative enough to give them other names. It's his way of dealing with his own abandonment issues.

GTA VI will take place in the Rockstar verse equivalent of...
  • Houston, Texas. If there is one thing Rockstar loves, it's making fun of the right wing, especially hicks and rednecks. Houston's a port town with a lot of gang and drug activity(though a surprisingly low murder rate), with the possibility for a latino protagonist, a Cartel or oil baron Big Bad, and lots and lots of Red Dead Redemption shout outs.
    • As someone from Houstonnote , this trooper can confirm their is a lot of drug use, and the streets would be awful fun to race through. Though, considering Houston is a fairly liberal city in Texas, either their would be serious Flanderization going on, or they would possibly use Dallas or some equivalent.
    • Or maybe, featuring Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, all at once?
  • Chicago, Illinois. After GTA V's stay in Los Santos, Rockstar may want to get away from the boarder and head somewhere colder. Chicago's a city steeped in mob tradition with a lot of famous landmarks to create fictional equivalents of, along with the wonderful contradiction of having zero gunstores and one of the highest shooting rates in the country. If set in winter, the snow and wind could make for very interesting car chases.
  • London, England. The franchise version of the trope Something Completely Different, it will be the company's returning to its home roots via its country of origin.
    • Didn't realise Edinburgh was in England...
    • They're both in the UK, so yeah, doing London (the capital of the UK) is their country of Origin
      • Try telling that to a Scotsman. Granted, Scottish cities might not have the variety that most GTA cities need, but I highly doubt Rockstar considers London their country's capital.
  • Hawaii. The same tropical feel that Vice City is beloved for, with the additions of jungles, mountains and volcanos (just imagine a mission that ends with you throwing an enemy into an active volcano). And with the addition of diving and submarines to the series, they could go hog wild with all that ocean. Perhaps they could even work in a surfing minigame.
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Capital City being the fictionalized version of Washington DC
  • Las Venturas (the GTA universe equivalent of Las Vegas). It was first seen in GTA:SA, but has not yet been depicted in the HD era. The towering casinos and neon lights could look really amazing on a next-gen console, and it's also a good setting for a crime-themed game due to its "sin city" reputation. It would also be easy for Rockstar to fit gambling mini games into the title.
    • Also there could be Riverboat casinos and/or Indian casinos(which are quite common in Southern California) and you could get heist missions for both.
  • Vice City (the GTA universe equivalent of Miami). Obviously first seen in GTA:VC and likewise not depicted as of yet in the HD era. Miami would serve as the main city, while the open world parts would have equivalents to the Everglades, and potentially a stand-in for Havana, Cuba. Also, one of the carjacking victim quotes is "Screw this! I'm moving to Vice City!", which provides some Foreshadowing the way a quote from GTA:IV does: "God, I want to go back to San Andreas soooo bad!"
    • Alternatively, they could go the San Andreas route and expand VC into a "Vice State" with multiple cities and towns. God knows there's more than enough craziness in the rest of Florida to fill a GTA game. The obvious additions (besides Miami) are Orlando and Tampa; the former would be worth a visit just to see what Rockstar would do to Disney, while the latter could feature a new plot delving deeper into the Epsilon Program (Scientology's real-life "Spiritual HQ" is in Clearwater, just west of Tampa). [[Manhunt|Cottonmouth]] could be based on Tampa and St. Mickeysburg would be the name for Rockstar's own Orlando.
      • The boys at rockstar seem to consider what they tried with San Andreas an over ambitious failure, at least in terms of world building. Maybe the next gen consoles (the next GTA game will almost surely be the PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (we already got L.A. Noire being made) in the fiture) will give them the confidence to try again, but someho, I doubt it.
      • The over-ambition thing seems to stem more from trying to stick three very different cities (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles) into something coherent against a narrative that focused primarily on Los Angeles gang culture, which didn't quite work. A theoretical 'Vice State' based primarily on big Florida cities would probably work out a lot better, if the game manages to focus on Florida as whole. GTA V technically combined two regions (Blaine and Los Santos), and it worked fairly well because the narrative was about both those sides of California/San Andreas. Also, If they decide to bring back multiple protagonists, a three city narrative would probably be much easier to execute this time around.
    • I feel like this one is right. And, I have a sinking suspicion that GTA 7 will go to somewhere else like Seattle and GTA 8 will go to San Andreas. It'd be a straight up miracle if they actually went somewhere new.
  • A New Orleans-inspired city would be another interesting choice. New Orleans is a place that combines American, French, and African cultures to create a city unlike anywhere else on Earth. And you just know that Rockstar wouldn't be able to resist making a gameplay mechanic or minigame where you hold up beads to make girls flash their breasts at you during Mardi Gras.
  • A Philadelphia inspired City would be cool too.
  • A Seattle-inspired City would be great as well. We can even visit parts of Canada in some missions, as well as some forests and other things surrounded in that City.

Someone at Rockstar really, really, really hates Biker Gangs.
  • Aside from what happens between the Lost and Trevor, there's a mission with Franklin after he buys the cab company where he takes a guy to a showdown with the Lost; the entire ride is a discussion between the two about how pathetic bikers really are, about how they're cowards, wannabe tough guys, and about how stupid their wardrobe is.
    • That, or they think Ride to Hell: Retribution has poisoned the Badass Biker well for everyone, and is killing them off as Revenge by Proxy.
      • I think Ride To Hell was released too late into GTA V's production to really have that kind of affect. And really, The Lost and the Damned itself was a long take that to the Badass Biker, with it's downer ending and deconstruction of the outlaw lifestyle. GTA V isn't the start of Rockstar's crusade against badass bikers, just the final nail in the coffin.
      • That, or one of the developer's wives or girlfriends left him for a biker.

Trevor is secretly Deadpool
Trevor's a murderously insane Canadian who likes old or crazy women, hates clowns, will kill for the smallest reasons and can keep a huge arsenal of weapons in his pants, remind you of someone?
  • I'd like to say he's a distant relative to Wade Wilson - gives some room for a crossover, y'know?

Niko and/or Luis will be featured in future DLC.
A running trend, seen both in this series and notably in Red Dead Redemption, is that you can't truly escape your past and will be held accountable for it sooner or later. Like Johnny before them, they'd be brought back only to be Killed Off for Real.

In Niko's case, Packie could lure him to a trap in Los Santos after having discovered that he was responsible for the death of one of his brothers and also blame him for destroying his family (much more so if the Revenge ending is canon). Niko, never having fully gotten over the death of Roman/Kate, turned into a completely broken mess over the past five years and wouldn't bother trying to fight back.

  • Well, it's just my own favoritism speaking in that I like to think of Niko as the biggest badass in the franchise; even Johnny K seemed to think so. So with that in mind I'd prefer Niko be the force that the trio in this game can't escape.
  • Considering how much Niko is hinted at in the game (Lester's reference to him, his Life Invader page), I don't think they'd just throw away Niko so easily like they did with Johnny. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a single-player DLC expansion in the future that might be him getting back into the crime business, or maybe a pre-GTA V story which involves him teaming up with Luis and a third.
  • I assumed Niko ended up like Michael, with Lester saying "He went quiet" and Packie assumeing he's dead, my guess, Niko went into witness protection like Michael and settled down with a wife ( let's say Kate if the Deal ending is canon). My guess, Niko made a deal with the IAA contact or Karen, similar to Michael's deal with Dave. After the trouble between the trio and the IAA, Karen or whoever forces Niko out of retirement to retaliate. After a few encounters, Niko becomes their ally and a fourth playable character.

Breaking other people's electronic stuff indicates important moments in Michael's relationship to his family.
In the first instance, he smashes Jimmy's TV with a chair. This leads to him realizing he, against his wishes, hates his son, which he seems to be very sorry about, and he immediately tries to make up for it by being Superdad.In the next instance he throws a drug dealer's/porno producer's stereo into the ocean just to really hammer home the point, to the bad guys and to himself, that nobody messes with daddy's girl.Last, he smashes a laptop with Fabien's face, which marks a turning point for the better, as he gets his family back.

Before she abandoned him, Trevor's mom actually molested him.
Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but considering his concern over the word motherfucker and all of his mental issues, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what really, truly broke him. Especially some of his responses to it in the Rampage mission, specifically "It's not legally fucking if you do not penetrate!" from 3-maybe when he tried to tell an authority about it they said the exact same.
  • For some reason, I think it's more Trevor having an Oedipus Complex on top of the abandonment issues - or perhaps the "motherfucker" insult stemmed from people mocking him for being a Mama's Boy ("Ha! This guy loves his mommy so much, he might as well be fucking her!!!"). It doesn't exclude the possibility of Mrs. Phillips being an Abusive Mother, mind, but
I'd think she'd draw the line at molesting her own kid.
  • During the torture session, his line about waterboarding is that he'd be different if she waterboarded him more often. Considering the fact that he's very particular about the use of "motherfucker", it stands to reason he'd be particular with his choice of words there, too. She waterboarded him. I'd say that that's a line past molestation.

John Marston won in the end.
  • At the end of Red Dead Redemption, Jack Marston guns down Edgar Ross, avenging the death of his father, but seemingly dashing away his father's hopes for him to live a peaceful life. However, the player can find a book called Red Dead written by "J. Marston". Maybe Jack managed to avoid being implicated in Ross's death and went on to live a peaceful life anyway, fulfilling his father's wishes.
    • Well, John was apparently able to father someone born between 1973 and 1992.

Trevor killed his mother
  • She's clearly not a very unpleasant and belittling person when Trevor hallucinates about her, and a man with a Hair-Trigger Temper like Trevor probably would lash out at her at some point. Not to mention just how guilty he seems when he hallucinates her there.

Cris Formage is a demon.
Given the scamish nature of his cult and his apparent otherworldly nature in Online it seems to make sense.

The Rampage missions take place mostly in Trevor's head.

Sure, the guy's tough, but it's arguable if he's tough enough to take on literal armies with no body armor or backup, especially considering he reacts to injuries pretty realistically otherwise, such as when hit by a car. He was able to infiltrate a base and steal a helicopter, but that had at least as much to do with stealth, speed, good cover and Jeeps for quick transport as his own durability. And we know he's no stranger to vivid hallucinations.

So what really happened? The introductory cutscenes probably occurred as shown, but instead of mowing down waves of enemies, Trevor just fired the weapon he grabbed randomly, causing a decent amount of panic and destruction (and maybe killing the one or two people he was shown arguing with) before leaving.

DC Universe Online, New Guardians, and Atop the Fourth Wall are connected to the GTA universe.
The UFOs over LS are really scout ships for Brainiac. Years later, Brainiac will start his invasion of Earth and a future Lex Luthor will release Brainiac's stolen exobytes into Earth's atmophere. This also means that Trevor will gain superpowers from the exobytes—powers which grow stronger from cocaine. Trevor goes from being a meth addict to a coke addict and dons the supervillain alias... SNOWFLAME!!!

Carl Johnson will appear in upcoming DLC.
At New York Comic Con 2013, Shawn Fonteno (the voice of Franklin) was asked what his dream role would be for a video game voiceover role. He picked Carl "CJ" Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He went on to say that while he is disappointed that he didn't get the role, he is currently working on a mystery project with CJ's voice actor, Young Malay. When asked to elaborate further, Fonteno dodged the question and changed the subject. This has led some people to believe that CJ is going to appear in upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto V.

The Silence made an appearance in the game
What? Don't look at me like that! Some Aliens appear and then you have to kill them all on sight. What else does it sound like?
  • ...Um, pretty much any fictional work where "Some Aliens appear, and then you have to kill them all on sight". You're gonna have to be a little more specific to connect it to the DoctorWho aliens...
    • You forget The Silence as soon as you stop looking at them. If you don't remember seeing them in the game, that's just because you don't remember. Next time, keep a marker on hand.

Chris Formage in Online is a halucenation
  • Online takes place months before the main storyline, where he's still alive.

Carl Johnson stepped down from leading the GSF.
He had legitimate business interests in San Fiero, Vinewood, and Las Venturas to tend to. By the time the millennium rolled around, Kendl and Cesar may well have had one or more children, and left Los Santos to keep them safe. CJ followed them not long after, leaving the gang in the care of Sweet, who was always more passionate about it. Sweet died defending Grove Street from the Ballas, with CJ unable to arrive in time to save him. The subsequent destruction of half of the ghetto with his Hydra jet caused a severe police crackdown on the gangs, and the GSF were never able to muster a large enough force to re-take Grove Street due to splits back into the individual families that had previously been united under Sweet. However, they were saved from being wiped out completely due to the tendency of attacks on them to be finished by airstrikes.By the time of GTAIV, CJ had pretty much retired, mostly due to the necessity of having to keep his head down to avoid being marked as a terrorist.
  • I think i love you.

One of the DLC packs will feature a Rampage mission...
But it will be Michael who enacts it instead of Trevor.

Trevor will die in Grand Theft Auto VI, or whatever the next standalone game is called.
The Grand Theft Auto series is traditionally not very kind to drug dealers. They're always antagonists and they always meet a violent end. Even Johnny Klebitz and the rest of the Lost died ignominiously in GTAV. Assuming the ending where he dies isn't canon, then we can assume that Trevor too will eventually meet a tragic end. Furthermore, as badass as he is, the meth abuse will eventually catch up to him. So how will Trevor die? Someone will cut the dotted line on his neck.
  • Expanding further on this, Trevor will be killed by the most villainous of the protagonists in the next game. This will establish a Running Gag for the series; The most villainous protagonist in each game will be killed by the most villainous one in the next game.

The Lost MC didn't trash Trevor's trailer Ron did.
After venting out years of frustration from Trevor's abuse and threats he decides to blame the biker gang Trevor just pissed off recently for the vandalism. Plus he was there when Trevor arrived.

The crazy vet in Sandy Shores is Franklin's dad.
The man's name is "Clinton," he's about the right age, and it's never explicitly stated anywhere in the game that Franklin's father is dead, he's just not there. Conclusion: Franklin's father, suffering from long-term PTSD after his wartime experiences, had a complete mental breakdown after his wife OD'd and abandoned his family, eventually becoming a panhandler on the edge of the Alamo Sea.

There will be DLC featuring a casino heist.
Extracted audio files from the "Beach Bum" Grand Theft Auto Online features Lester, Madrazo, and other characters mentioning a casino that just opened in San Andreas. The casino itself can be found in Vinewood Park, with a sign that says "Opening soon!"
  • Confirmed: Indeed, casino heist DLC came out and it's freaking awesome!

There will be a "prison break" heist mission in upcoming single player DLC
Boilingbroke Penitentiary is seen and mentioned several times in the single player mode, but at no point do the players enter it. It's possible that future DLC will feature a heist mission where Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have to break somebody out of prison. Or, it's possible that one of the three protagonists will be arrested and imprisoned, and the other two will have to bust him out.
  • One likely possiblity is Gerry Mc Creary, Packie hears about him getting transfered to Boilingbroke and wants the gang to help him break out of prison and Franklin finally lets Lamar in on a heist for the first time. The heist will have a "subtle" and "obvious" option.
    • The former has Franklin and Lamar deliberately getting themselves sent to prison under false aliases so they can start a prison riot and help Gerry escape- meanwhile Michael and Trevor disguise themselves as riot guards and "injure" Lamar, Franklin, and Gerry enough that they need medical treatment, and your other crew members show up disguised as a medical crew in an ambulance to sneak them out.
    • The latter option has Michael using a tank to blow open the prison gate and Trevor using an attack chopper to destroy the guard towers while Gerry is in the exercise yard, then Lamar and Franklin fight their way through other prisoners to grab Gerry and escape using an armored car, and your other crew members show up driving an AT gunner(humvee with mounted machine gun) and keeping the riot guards back. Eventually Gerry and the others escape after Lester blows up a bridge(with explosives that were planted earlier) to prevent them from being followed.
  • Well, it is an Online heist mission now.

All the PC's in GTA Online are practically immortal...and know it.
Which is why they willing participate in death races and deathmatches.

After Trevor takes the rest of The Lost, another Biker gang will take there place
Either to expand territory or to gain a bigger reputation from taking out the guy (Trevor) who took out an entire chapter of bikers.
  • Most likely the Angels Of Death, considering they were still around at the end of "The Lost And The Damned", so naturally they would capitalize on an opportunity like that.

Trevor is related to Ramsay Bolton
He's a sadist who enjoys torturing people and keeps a cowed kidnapping victim as a sex pet. Remind you of anyone?

Cris Fromage just wants to be a god
We see Cris Fromage in Online, standing up in what appears to be the heavens. And the player can watch other people just as he does. But what is really happening is that he isn't in the heavens, he is in the clouds. He really wants to be a god of some sort and needs all the help he can get, so he secretly had someone build a machine that makes clouds solid enough for someone to stand on and he uses it to make himself more godlike. However, the machine costs a ridiculous amount of money because it either breaks easily and the parts are very expensive, or the fuel is also very expensive.

What we see from Cris is not really greed, he is just really desperate to feel special and be looked up to, and the way he found to do so just happens to necessitate large amounts of money to keep up. The fact that the Online player can also watch from the clouds is because he/she might always have been a faithful Epsilonist and thus Cris is thanking them the best way he can. So he saves them from death and has them secretly brought to him so that they wake up in the clouds already and he can keep the masquerade up for his own satisfaction.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin are really Timmy, Chester and AJ grown up
My guess is that after the series finale of the Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy Turner moved away from Dimmsdale, AJ toured the world, and Chester went on to become a robber after the death of his father. The three meet up again years later, with new names and having forgotten each other over the years.
  • Franklin is several decades younger than Michael and Trevor. It would make more sense for him to be AJ's son, illegitimate or otherwise.

The cops are actually aliens in disguise
Ron and Chef were right about the alien lizard people being among us. It would sure explain all the strange in-human things they can do when they're after you. Their impossibly large numbers are a result of alien cloning technology which would also explain why there aren't many different faces for the cops and why they can charge so recklessly at the player.

There will be a DLC that takes place in San Fierro.
San Fierro doesn't feel like a city that Rockstar would build a whole new game around with much meatier options like Vice City or Las Venturas still available. But it would still be kind of a bummer not to get to see the place re-rendered in HD. There's ample opportunity for Rockstar to skewer hipsters, hippies and yuppies alike this time. So maybe there will be a DLC mission involving the triads in Chinatown or a heist near the Golden Gate/Gant Bridge or something along those lines.

Lester is Zero.
We never learned Zero's real name, plus they do seem to have much in common.

There will be a future DLC that will serve as a sequel to The Bad Assassin.

There is a canon protagonist in GTA Online...

...and it's Claude Speed. After the events of Grand Theft Auto III, he made himself a LifeInvader account. He figured that since he was mute, he'd have to find a way to communicate to other people besides simply staring at them. He meets Lamar, flies to Los Santos, events of the game kick off.

Trevor is Dio Brando.

Stitches around the neck? Ability to manipulate the flow of time? Sounds just like the Dio of the third arc, Stardust Crusaders.

Tanisha's husband is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
According to her life invader page, he's a bit condescending towards her, correcting her social mannerisms. But, he is a surgeon who saves lives for a living, and according to Lamar, runs a charity to help sick children. All signs point towards him being a good man, just not a nice man.

All of the GTA 3 era protagonist still exist, but the events in their respected games were just movies, game, comics, etc. But when we finally meet the real them..

They will turn out to be a HUGE Deconstruction of their former incarnations. After all the emphasis on deconstructing in GTA V, what better way to continue this trend, than to deconstruct the events of the entire franchise. Like for example: Claude Speed could be shown as completely unlikable hit-man, who only cares about getting paid and has no loyalty to anyone and would shoot a woman he just saved, just so she would shut up. Or Tommy could be a ruthless crime boss, with no code of conduct what so ever. They can also deconstruct the end result of said life styles; Going from just an enforcer from Liberty City to the king pin of Vice City, has made Tommy one of the most wanted man in the country and a bigger target for the FIB, than Micheal and his gang could ever hope to be. Plus (Assuming his shot up body isn't already buried.), all his allies are either dead and he left them in San Andreas, or dead and cannibalized, so he has no friends to go to and if he's even alive still; at this point in the time line, he is a lonely old man, far out of his prime, and covered in past injuries.

Denise Clinton is the HD-era Denise Robinson

Think about it for a moment : we know the events of the 3D-era are no longer canon, but there are quite a few supporting characters who exist in both continuities. Among those is Denise Robinson, who was one of the possible (and most prominent) love interests of Carl "CJ" Johnson.

Now what do we know about Denise Clinton ? She's middle-aged, suggesting she was born at some point between the late 60's and the early 70's. She's not quite right in her head, albeit not to the point of insanity but she is an incredibly bitter woman and she seems to hate her nephew Franklin. Also, the Franklin Trailer suggested she was close to the Families...

Now let's compare that to Denise Robinson : we don't know for sure how old she was in San Andreas, but she was likely in her early 20's. As the game takes place in 1992, that means she would likely have been born betweeen 1965 and 1970 and, keeping with that, she would around 45 years old in 2013. She was an enthusiast gang-banger, close to the Grove Street Families and had a really sucky life before she met Carl : she's implied to be a prostitute and having had 3 children that she gave away.

Carl didn't exist in the HD continuity, but what about Denise ? What if she had married at some point a certain Mr. Clinton, keeping his last name even though they are no longer together ? What if her... *ahem*, "feminist" convictions were born out of spite for the life she had in her youth ? What if her disappointment in Franklin wishing to distance himself from the gang life was a result of her own ghetto pride ?

"Long John Teabag" is really just Lester using his Righteous Slaughter handle and a voice changer to preserve anonymity.

Not really the most "wild" of WMGs, as anyone who's played the business side of the Bikers DLC for more than a few minutes can probably catch the similarities right away. But, the real question is... why does LJT sound like Lester with a deeper voice?

  • Confirmed. LJT almost refers to himself as Lester at one point. To quote him: "Hey, it's Lest... ehm, JT!"

Cris Formage is not a god, but an angel.
He's working for the real god of GTA - Big Smoke.

Franklin's entire circle of friends is one big Shout-Out to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

First we have Franklin, who is obviously CJ, the sensible, intelligent, motivated protagonist who starts out boosting cars and works his way up to government work and major heists. Then we have Lamar, who is Sweet. Devoted to the Hood and the gang, but ultimately suffers from low aspirations and is far too trusting, getting the protagonist into a lot of trouble by accident. Tonya is Kendl, a character close to the protagonist who gets involved in a relationship they don't really agree with, stresses the importance of the Hood, and gives a lot of missions, but ultimately is of little importance to the story. 'D' is Ryder, a childhood friend of the protagonist who later turned to the Ballas because of money and is eventually killed early on. Stretch is Big Smoke, a high-ranking Families member who also turned to the Ballas and subtly tries to get the protagonist and his friend into trouble at every turn, and is one of the final antagonists to be killed. Devin Weston and Steve Haines are Tenpenny and Pulaski, respectively, the villains who constantly force him into doing 'special favors' for them then screw him over anyway because they can.

Trevor having "gone all Vinewood" in the post-single player timeline of Smuggler's Run probably means he got an acting career

Just like his actor. He's likely in the business not because he actually likes acting, but just to give Michael a hard time as a director. After all, if Trevor's not going on a psychotic rampage, he's probably trolling.

The reason the Online Protagonist never shows up in the main games is because...
The dude's busy. Smuggling drugs and weapons, maintaining a CEO or Biker Club front, their own heists and the like, they just have too much on their plate as is to help out in any real way.

Johnny K isn't dead, he was simply wasted.
As a GTA protagonist, Johnny has cosmic privelages, such as the ability to cheat death. He didn't die, he was wasted and respawned at the Sandy Shores Hospital, ready for revenge.
  • No, no, he respawned back in Liberty City.

The glyphs on Mount Chiliad are related to the recently-announced Doomsday Heist.
The loading screen blurb for the Doomsday Heist features two important details: A jetpack and a mention of "the depths of Mount Chiliad." Given that the cable station drawing depicts a network of rooms underneath the mountain (one of which contains a jetpack), it doesn't seem too far fetched to propose that the glyphs are related to the Heist in 'some' way.

LJT and Securoserv play both sides which is why freemode activities get broadcast to the session.
It's confirmed when it comes to Agent 14 and Ron, but when product get destroyed, it gets more scarce and thus in more high demand. In highly populated lobbies where, presumably, lots of cargo gets destroyed, you get a High Demand bonus on your sales. Alternatively, existing drug cartels/contraband dealers pay LJT/Securoserv to cripple the competition, and they can legitimately claim that every time a shipment gets destroyed because a psycho they leaked the intel to destroyed it, so they get paid either way, and the "High Demand Bonus" has nothing to do with demand and everything with incentivizing risk-taking.

The trigger-happy cops in the game is not a result of bad programming.
Rockster made the cops overreact to petty things on purpose to show the corruption in the law enforcement within the game. It's not bad programming, the cops are just crazy.

The Arena War show will be a colossal failure in-universe
As a case of Real Life Writes the Plot, the show will be considered a gigantic flop because almost everyone stops playing it a mere week after release in real life.

The Roswell UFO was reverse engineered to create the FIB UFO, and the Zancudo UFO is another country's reverse engineered UFO
The Zancudo UFO is being piloted by Aliens who are in the employ of the other country, hence why the UF Os both look like stereotypical Flying Saucers.

A future Online DLC will have the Protagonist killing Trevor Philips.
It's clear to everyone that Trevor is an unpredictable maniac who can't be trusted, lashing out even at his closest friends such as Ron, Franklin or Michael. In one DLC, Trevor will fuck someone over so bad that they decide to kill him by ordering the Protagonist to do so. Results could be various: The Someone could be fucked over recently, or it's a Best Served Cold situation. There are various characters who could do it:
  • Ron Jakowski. In Smuggler's Run, it's told that Trevor has "gone all Vinewood", being a guru and/or life style coach. Being abused all those years, and then betrayed will make Ron snap and order the Protagonist to kill off Trevor.
  • Whatever remains of The Lost MC. Speaks for itself.
  • The Madrazo Cartel. As shown in The Cayo Perico Heist, Trevor and Patricia had an affair after the events of V. With this information being now revealed, a Madrazo orders the Protagonist to kill Trevor.
  • Some new guy that Trevor fucked over off-screen.

Since Trevor isn't the playable character and thus run out of Plot Armor, the attempt to kill him will end succesfully.


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