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Drinking Game / Grand Theft Auto V

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Please drink responsibly.

All Versions

  • Take a shot whenever you commit a crime. You'll be wasted in no time for obvious reasons.
    • Take two shots whenever you see a civilian NPC commit a crime.
  • Every time a black character says "nigga," take an eye dropper and drip one drop into your mouth. You'll succumb to alcohol poisoning in no time.
    • Or every time someone says the F-word. AKA: committing sucide.
    • Or whenever someone says Kifflom.
    • Down a bottle when someone says the C-word. Say goodbye to brain cells when Trevor stomps Johnny K.'s head in.
    • Bonus: Only scripted dialogue counts.Tip 
  • Take a shot every time you switch characters.
    • Take a sip if you forget who you're playing as.
    • Take another if it gets you killed (I.E, driving through traffic thinking you're Franklin, only for you to realize you're Michael/Trevor, and proceed to plow through the windscreen).
    • Take a shot if the game automatically switches you to someone else.
    • Down the bottle if the game places the wrong character in the wrong situation. (I.E. Forcing Michael/Trevor to drive while Franklin shoots.)
  • Take a shot if an enemy vehicle rams you.
    • ...Do you enjoy alcohol poisoning?
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    • Take another if you're driving something they shouldn't even be able to catch up with.
    • One more if you go spinning out of control as a result.
  • Take a shot and scream if you get killed by gunfire while you were in a car.
  • When you switch to Trevor, take a shot if he's in an extremely silly situation.
    • Take an additional sip if he's either A. in his underwear or B. wearing a dress.
    • Take another sip if said event is him waking up drunk in a random place.
  • Take a shot every time you shoot down a chopper via any means.
  • Take a shot if you see at least four of the same kind of car.
    • Take another if it's one you can easily recognize (I.E, the Weeny Issi).
  • Chug the bottle in shame if you actually manage to get busted.
  • Take a drink to calm your nerves if you see a Rhino Tank coming for you.
  • Take a hearty, victorious swig if you manage to get out of a five star wanted level alive.
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  • Take a shot if a police chopper spawns right when you think you're in the clear.
  • Down the bottle and eat the cap when you get a wanted level even though there is nobody in the area.
  • Whenever you crash into another car, take a shot if one or more of its occupants die. Trust me, you'll be on the floor in no time.
  • Take a shot if the police dispatch says "In, uhhhh..."
  • Take a shot if an enemy you're certain you've killed is still alive and fighting.
  • Take a sip when an NPC suddenly becomes hostile for no reason.
    • Two more if they call the cops on you.
  • Take a shot every time Trevor rants about, refers to or imply Michael's betrayal.
  • Take a shot if you end up with too little money to do anything.
    • Take two if you don't have any properties as that character and no way to make more money.
      • Finish off the bottle if you burn through all your take from the final heist.
  • Take a shot if you stumble upon a huge part of the map or location in the game you didn't even know existed.
    • Take two if it was in a part of the map you already explored.
      • Finish the bottle if this happens after you fill in the entire map.
  • Take a shot whenever an NPC says something nasty.
    • Take another shot if they say something stupid.
  • Take a shot whenever you find a cougar.
    • Take another shot if you manage to kill it.
      • Take three shots if that cougar kills you.

Next Gen Only

PC Only

  • Take a sip for every mod you install.
    • Are you that fucked up?!
  • When recording in Director Mode, take a shot if a take goes bad. (I.E. you die.)

GTA Online

  • Take a shot if you run into a griefer. Take a sip every time he kills you.
    • Take a shot if you try to retaliate by blowing up his car.
      • Take a shot and Easy-Way-Out if you get put in the bad sport lobby as a result.
      • Down the bottle if the griefer is a PVPer using every dirty trick in the book to build up their positive K:D.
  • Take a shot when you steal the high priority vehicle.
    • Chug the bottle if someone manages to kill you as you're leaving the mod shop.
    • Drink until the bartender makes you stop if it gets destroyed JUST before you deliver it
    • Take a congratulatory shot if you managed to deliver the vehicle without running into trouble.
  • Take a shot every time you hear a kid's voice coming out of your speakers/headphones.
    • Take shots each time he cusses.
    • Chug in case he kills you once you drive past him.
    • Down the whole bottle if he cries and insults you with racist and homophobic slangs for killing him back.
      • Might as well say goodbye to my liver.
    • Take a drink every time he doesn't do anything mean, and/or is actually quite good at the game. (Incredibly common.)
      • And another if you or someone else antagonizes him, and/or calls him a "squealer" for fun anyways.
  • Take two shots when a menu user drops money on you.
    • Take three if they spawn objects on you, kick you from a vehicle, or kill you.
    • Down the bottle if they remove you from the session.
  • Take a shot each time someone blasts music from his mic.
    • Take a shot if it is hip hop.
    • Take a shot for any song not in English.
      • Take two shots if its anime music.
    • Take a shot if the sound is the in-game radio.
      • Take a bonus shot if you hear the in-game DJ's.
  • Take three shots if everyone else in your session spontaneously disappears.
    • Two more if it happens during a job.
      • Drink to forget if the job's objective was an aircraft and a teammate already collected it and got it into the air.
    • Take another if you join another session, only for it to be completely empty.
  • Heist-Related:
    • Take a shot everytime you're kicked from a lobby for being low/high-leveled.
    • Take a shot everytime someone picks the armoured kuruma.
    • Take a shot every time you fail a setup mission.
      • Take a sip every time you fail after the 5th.
    • Drink to forget if someone disconnects right when you're about to finish the heist.
    • Take a shot if someone complains about somebody else causing the mission to fail, but then they themselves fail it.
    • Take a shot if, after completing a heist mission, one of the players you were in the mission with tries to shoot you or the others.



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