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Drinking Game / Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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  • Take a shot everytime:
    • You complete a mission.
    • You pull off an Insane Stunt.
    • You go on a successful date with your girlfriend.
    • You win a game of pool.
    • You win a race.
    • You find a rare collectible.
    • You claim a piece of turf in a gang war.
    • You buy a new property.
    • You collect a new weapon.
    • You get a new haircut.
    • You manage to get a six-star wanted level.
    • You manage to save a rare car to your garage.
    • You get busted.
    • You get wasted.
  • Take two shots if:
    • You manage to shake a six-star wanted level.
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    • You unlock access to San Fierro and Las Venturas.
    • You manage to find all collectibles.
  • Down the bottle once you finish the game.

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