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Comedic Underwear Exposure

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Not even Kamen Riders are immune to this trope.

"I see London! I see France! I see [Insert Name Here]'s underpants!"
Traditional children's rhyme accompanying such an event


A Comedy Trope in which a character's underwear is exposed while other people are present, usually by accident, and much to their embarrassment. Generally involves Stock Underwear, especially Goofy Print Underwear. The primary use of this trope is comedy, catching a character in their most embarrassing state, though it can also double as Fanservice. Often this is the result of Defeat by Modesty.

Compare Marilyn Maneuver for a specific situation in which this happens. Compare Panty Shot, which usually shows viewers up a girl's skirt while it's still up, but can overlap with this trope when said skirt is blown or flipped upward.

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Alternative Title(s): Standing There In Underwear, I See London


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