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"Yes, well, legibility and correct punctuation might not be "street"... but that's how I roll, motherfucker."
Image by Phil Selby. Used with permission.
Dresden: You just used "obviate" and "ain't" in the same sentence.
Carmichael: I got me one o' them word-a-day calendars.

Language is linear. Use and context establish tone, with an expectation for its continuation. When one suddenly uses a register, dialect, or vocabulary at a significant distance from that previously employed, the effect is really freakin' weird.

There's a certain humor in playing with different levels of language use, and the common trick is to mix "sophisticated" language (such as Spock Speak, Antiquated Linguistics, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, Gratuitous Foreign Language, or extremely formal Received Pronunciation British) with "unsophisticated" language (such as the Cluster F-Bomb, Totally Radical, or Buffy Speak), with the necessary awkwardness on both sides. Common examples include:

  • A quote misattribution ("In the words of the great Oscar Wilde, STFU n00b").
  • Suggesting a "technical", "professional", or obscure foreign term, followed by slang or profanity ("Your engine is what we in the business describe as 'completely screwed'." "He's what Freud used to call 'spooky'." "As the French say, you, my friend, are le utter cock.") or following a lengthy formal or descriptive analysis.
  • Slang speech or vulgarity is quoted in an official capacity or environment ("Following the officer's formal warning, the accused threatened to 'pop a cap' in the officer's posterior").
  • Many varieties of Flowery Insults, especially when used in a diplomatic or government context.
  • Slang delivered innocuously in a formal speech, especially from someone upper-class.
  • An attempt at Jive Turkey slang couched in academic or formal terminology, often drifting into Totally Radical.
  • A normally formal character resorting to profanity due to intense circumstances (see: Precision F-Strike).

A subtrope of Bathos.

Compare Buffy Speak, Jive Turkey, Delusions of Eloquence, Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick, Technical Euphemism. Textbook Humor is often of this type. Not to be mistaken by name for Wicked Cultured. Precision F-Strike is a subtrope. With Due Respect is a common way of getting to this trope. See also Foreign Cuss Word.

Contrast with Expospeak Gag, where a slangy phrase is disguised in excessively formal language (although they can overlap if the speaker then "clarifies" what they were saying, probably while raising an eyebrow).

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  • There was a series of commercials for a classic-rock radio station which included unlikely people (a very old man, a nun, a school teacher) reading rock lyrics deadpan. Hilarious. This happens quite often. A local radio station had people reading out the lyrics of pop songs, sometimes ironic to the situation, other times just not what you expect. (i.e. An elderly gentleman saying, "With a rebel yell, she cried 'More! More! More!'")
  • T-Mobile had a commercial in which a couple calls up a librarian when they have a dispute about the lyrics to "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Cue librarian, in an absolutely deadpan voice, reciting, "Pour some sugar on me. I'm hot, sticky sweet."
  • A Canadian commercial for Nortel had, while the music for the song played in the background and was apparently not heard by the characters, a Nortel executive calling a press conference...and his speech being the lyrics of "Come Together". Mixing up the funkiest lines from every verse, even.
  • A Schick commercial pairs this with Totally Radical (and you can see it from there), where an old scientist is officially testing the razor to see if it really is "off the heezy".
  • The "Queen of England," in a hot sauce ad: "Frank's Red Hot. I put that shit on everything!" The brand frequently uses innocuous little old ladies as spokespersons for the tag line, but Her Royal Majesty is probably a crowning example.
  • Rock radio stations seem to get this a lot. The UK digital radio station Planet Rock has a charmer: "If music be the food of love.... stand by for a good rogering"
  • The Blaxploitation spoof I'm Gonna Git You Sucka had a TV ad playing it up like a Merchant-Ivory motion picture — an upper-class-British-accented narrator reads it as "I Am Going To Get You, Sucker".
  • Sprint has a series of 2013 ads where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell give dramatic readings of Facebook activity, text messaging, and the like — including a slang-filled conversation between two teenage girls. Totes magotes.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Part of what makes the anime version of Chiyo-Dad from Azumanga Daioh funny, which unfortunately doesn't translate very well, is that they have Norio Wakamoto saying bizarre lines in an over-the-top voice in antiquated, very polite Japanese.
  • Black Lagoon:
    • Sister Eda of the Church of Violence has a habit of quoting Scripture colourfully, especially prior to the Bloodstained Glass Windows shootout in the Greenback Jane arc when an unwanted visitor tries to get sanctuary in the church.
      Eda: What the hell's your problem?! Don't you know what Jesus said in Luke 11? "Don't trouble me. The door's locked" — got that, bitch?
    • Revy also discusses topics that fall under the Genius Bonus heading... in her usual Cluster F-Bomb manner of speaking.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Jiren, on the rare occasion he does speak, has been known to call his more persistent opponents "impudent bastards".
  • In the English dub of the 2001 Fruits Basket anime:
    Shigure: We have just witnessed what I like to call misdirected rage. I believe the technical term is "being an ass"...
  • In the first episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, we have the polite Student Council President acting as an interpreter between military man Sosuke and a street punk who speaks in heavy slang. Hits its peak when the President's translation of Sosuke's response starts with the phrase "Listen, bitch".
  • Chamber of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet gets a great line at the climax of the final battle, when, after a long, erudite conversation about the logic behind both his and his opponent's actions, he is given a "final warning" to shut down and surrender:
    Chamber: Response to final warning: Go to hell, tin can!
  • Hellsing gives us this Ironic Echo-laden gem, courtesy of Walter:
    "My name is Walter Dornez, butler to the Hellsing family and former master vampire hunter. I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god."
  • In The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Kereellis ticks off a loligoth. She invokes this trope. "Well, really! Ordinarily, we gothic lolitas strive to emulate the manners of a more refined age, but you can just go fuck yourself!"
  • In Nijyon Animation season 2, episode 1, many of the girls start acting like delinquents. Shizuku Osaka, however, still uses the same formal tone she normally uses mixed with Yankee phrases.
    Shizuka: Aaan?! I beg your pardon, who do you think you are, Kasumi-san?! I'm quite ready to fight whenever! Aaaan?!
    Kasumi: You're privilege is showing in the way you're talking, by the way.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt's English dub has a glorious version in the Anarchy Sisters' In the Name of the Moon speech:
    O, pitiful shadow lost in the darkness...
    O, evil spirit born of those drifting between heaven and earth...
    May the thunderous power from the garments of these holy, delicate maidens strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger, shattering your loathsome impurity and returning you from whence you came!
    Repent, Motherfucker!
  • In an instance that appears to owe more to Spice Up the Subtitles than comedy, one translation of YuYu Hakusho has Kuwabara call Kurama an "ostentatious bastard", basically equivalent to calling someone who uses long words a "sesquipedalian cocksucker".

  • Doug Stanhope has a routine in which an urban prostitute delivers an obscenity-laced tirade about how the current economic climate will force her to start doing anal to "stay competitive in the marketplace," and eventually turns into a rant against Keynesian economics.
    "The consumer gotta understand that the currency only have as much value as the consumer have faith in the currency. You gotta back that shit up with precious metal, fuckface! Fuck Kenesyian economic philosophy! That's what I'm sayin' to you, Angela. Fuck Keynes and his philosophy. Dig up that dead Jew, Milton Friedman. He's a Nobel Peace Prize winnin', motherfuckin' economic major. You dig up dat dead Jew. Axe Milton Friedman's dead Jew corpse what he think uh the current economic crisis and he will tell you, "You better strengfin up yo shit-pussy, baby! Cuz this whole economy is goin' down!"
  • Alan King, at Drew Carey's roast, goes through an alphabetic list of obscenities appropriate for televising the event, sparing only the 'C' word.
    Alan King: Can you tell me how to get to the New York Museum of Art, or should I just go fuck myself?
  • There is this little gem from Bill Cosby, as part of his routine on drugs, which is also one of the few times where he actually swears:
    "I once said to a guy, 'Tell me, what is it about cocaine that makes it so wonderful?' And he said, 'Well, it intensifies your personality.' And I said, 'Yes, but what if you're an asshole?'"
  • In one of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's concert films "Controlled Chaos", one of his puppets, Walter, speculates that Barack Obama might actually be part Irish and discusses what he would say if he ever met him:
    Walter: Hey, top of the morning to you there, dawg! How's your healthcare hanging, yo, yo? Hey, that last election was a bee-yotch!
  • Billy Connolly once recounted a conversation in which he was told that a mutual acquaintance had been informed by a doctor that "His heart's fucked". Billy proceeds to give his vision of the scenario, ending with the doctor telling his patient to "Fear not", as they shall "Amble into Glasgow, you and I, to the Royal Infirmary, where I believe that they have just taken possession of a "Defuckulator".
    • He did it again when explaining that smelling of piss is not an attractive feature, stating you'd never hear Tolstoy saying the following:
      I saw her first at Red Square, with the light glinting off her hair. I'd never forget it as I came closer. The delicate but definite smell of urine. It drew me like a magnet. Oh, Natasha, I love you, you big squirt of piss.
  • A Patton Oswalt bit on the desperation of people in liquor ads has him snapping into this once he realizes he just used the words "battered chapped pussy."
    Write it in the sky in gossamer teardrops: "Battered... Chapped... Pussy..." "Have you heard Oswalt's latest bon mot? It's all the rage in the salons."
  • Bill Bailey tells a pub gag in the style of Geoffrey Chaucer:
    Three fellowes wenten into a pubbe,
    And gleefullye their handes did rubbe,
    In expectatione of revelrie,
    For 'twas the houre known as happye.
    Greate botelles of wine did they quaffe,
    And hadde a reallye good laffe...
  • Dave Chappelle dipped into this when talking about Saddam Hussein being removed from Iraqi currency.
    "That is a very subtle, psychological, nuance of oppression to have a dictator on your money, and it's thoughtful to be able to take that motherfucker off for the goodwill of another person."
  • This is Lieutenant Rzhevsky's (a recurring character of Russian joke stories) preferred manner of speech. Made all the funnier by often being placed with classy characters from highbrow sources like War and Peace. A prototypical example would be something like this:
    Karlovich: "Monsieur Rzhevsky, how can I win the affections of a lovely lady? Fortune has not succoured me."
    Rzhevsky: "Easy. Cut out all that lovey-dovey poetic French 'mademoiselle moi cheri si vous plait' crap. Be direct; don't get up in her face with stupid verses."
    Karlovich: "But how, my good officer?"
    Rzhevsky: "Watch." (walks up to woman Karlovich was just talking with) "Excuse me, my lady, even though you're sexy now, you'd looked better without that dress on. If you're up for a good time, let's fuck." (gets slapped hard across the face and the lady huffs away.)
    Karlovich: "What good did that do? She slapped you like a rogue."
    Rzhevsky: "Yeah, some do that, but some fuck."
  • It's fairly common to start a rendition of The Aristocrats joke in a sophisticated manner. The punchline itself is sort of an example, with performers of unspeakable acts describing themselves as aristocrats (or in some versions of the joke, "sophisticates").
  • The always-deadpan Steven Wright rarely curses, but when he does...
    "When I was a kid, my parents would always follow up bad words by saying 'Pardon my French.' Well, recently, I was walking down the street, and this old lady comes up to me and asks, 'Do you speak French?' 'Certainly,' I said. 'Can you say something in French for me?' 'Fuck you, you fucking asshole.' I caught the teeth as they went flying out of her mouth."

    Comic Books 
  • Transmetropolitan features a lot of this, usually from the mouth of its Anti-Hero, Spider Jerusalem. An example:
    Spider: Watch it, or she'll defenestrate you. And you wouldn't want anything to happen to your fenestrates, would you?
  • Hellblazer:
    • In the comic "Regeneration," we get this little line in a flashback:
      Plague Doctor: By the order of His Majesty, Charles Stuart, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland in this Year of Our Lord 1665, I am authorised to assess the people of this household. Now open the fucking door.
    • John Constantine has moments of this. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the evilest bastard in this valley."
  • Oyuki-chan from Empowered does this all the time (which is why she's quite commonly referred to as "████ing Oyuki-chan"). The reason for this habit is not clear yet.
  • In The Invisibles, Papa Guedhé, aka, Jim Crow, delivers this powerful one-liner.
    Jim Crow: Don't you know? I'm Papa Gay-Day. I'm Baron Samedi, Baron Piquant, and Baron Cimitière. I am Death. And your ass is mine.
  • A majority of The Incredible Hercules's recaps were written in Ye Olde Butchered English. Since this is The Incredible Hercules, this means that recaps, more often than not, sound like this:
    Behold Hercules. He's... angry. His brother, Ares, didst shoot him up with hydra blood. Hydra blood doth do wonky things to Herc. So whilst Amadeus Cho (with pup in tow) attempts to steal yon ship of stone... Herc's beating the holy-living snot out of anyone he can find.
  • The British adult-humour comic Viz does this on occasion.
  • During the Fear Itself storyline, Thor (who, as an Asgardian, makes prevalent use of Antiquated Linguistics, remember) delivers one to the Hulk, who is possessed by one of the Serpent's hammers and has become Nul, Breaker of Worlds, while fighting him and The Thing, who was similarly transformed into Angrir, Breaker of Souls, and whom Thor had just taken down.
    And him I liked. But you? You were always a giant pain in the ass.
  • An ultimatum from Bruce Banner in House of M, where he took over Australia:
    To whom it may concern from the government of Australia. With the recent international unpleasantness behind us, I hope that you can all come to understand that it is in the best interests of both your own nations and the greater world community to cooperate with us in all business matters. Or Hulk will smash.
  • Jesse Custer, occasionally, in Preacher. "But enough Theology. I'm gettin' a hankerin' to knock some motherfucker's teeth out."
  • Fantastic Four:
    • In Fantastic Four: True Story, the villain Nightmare is attacking the concept of fiction, sending his demons into fictional realms to destroy the principal characters in famous literary works. At one point, the FF fight off a horde of demons who are attacking the Dashwood sisters. The Thing combines this trope with his customary Pre-Asskicking One-Liner (but getting his Jane Austen books confused), announcing, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!"
    • Another story involved the team witnessing alternate universe versions of themselves. In one, set in an Elizabethan milieu, Chamberlain Grimm announces, "Milady, 'tis the clobbering hour."
  • X-Men: Beast lives on this trope. Either he spouts poetry while beating the crap out of someone, or he'll attempt to have a civilized debate with a person and, once it's obvious the other person isn't really listening, follow up with low-brow insults or blowing a raspberry.
  • Batman: The Penguin can fall into this trope, often while taking time out from his pretentious rhetoric to crack a bird-related pun.
    Commissioner Gordon: What's your game, Penguin?
    Penguin: Badminton. I can do things with a birdie that would amuse you. WAUGH-WAUGH-WAUGH!
  • Fables: The wooden soldiers occasionally dip into this:
    "It is my fondest desire to bust a host of caps into multitudes of fleshy personages."
  • In the fourth (and final) issue of Tokyopop's Kat and Mouse, 2 major background characters (both male) use this trope to talk sense into a female classmate who starved herself to be a size 2. Here's their spiel after she claims she has a big butt.
    Ollie: Believe me; fashion magazines, clothes designers and actresses on TV do not spend nearly as much time staring at butts as your average teenage guy. I now turn you over to my colleague, Dr. Nicholas Tarkington III, professor of Butt-ology. Dr. Tarkington, inquiring minds want to know. What do you prefer in a butt?
    Nick: Well, Mr. Kim; I'm an advocate of what's called the "apple" shape which consists of a nice fullness and width on top, a pleasant amount of movement when walking and a good firm shape underneath. As epitomized by Miss Ruth here before her unfortunate brainwashing by the skinny brigade.
    (Ruth blushes and looks flattered.)
    Ollie: Dr. Tarkington, since you mention it, what is your view on skinny girls' butts?
    Nick: No tushie, no nookie.
  • In ODY-C, which retells The Odyssey In Space, the language switches without warning between poetic refined English and blunt language with lots of swearing.
    Narrator: Here is Poseidon's abandoned and hideous daughter: the Cyclops of Kylos! Here is that cannibal beast which dares walk as a woman and speak as if civilized. "Who the good fuck are these whores in my home?!?" doth the Cyclops of Kylos cry out.
  • Monstress:
    • Master Ren tends to speak quite eloquently, but the end of the first issue gives us this gem:
      Ren: To quote the poets... we're fucked.
    • The Dracul that Kippa encounters in Issue #22 also has a quite flowery way of speaking, but when Kippa suggests that it spend some time on the surface, it states bluntly that it wouldn't go up there "if my fucking life depended on it".
    • Ren does this again in Issue #29 while discussing their respective betrayals of Maika with Tuya:
    Ren: The Halfwolf may kill me, Tuya, but as the poets say, you're fucked.
  • In Scooby-Doo! Team-Up issue 99's story "Crisis of Infinite Scoobys!", several alternate universe versions of Batman and Scooby pop up thanks to Bat-Mite and Scooby-Mite. One of them is a mustachioed Victorian Scooby who speaks in a much more refined English than most others. When another vampire Scooby shows up wanting blood and Scooby Snacks, the Gotham by Gaslight Batman calmly states that it appears to be a "devil hound" like the Baskerville case. Victorian Scooby's response is:
    "Devil Hound", you say? In the face of such menace, there can be only one logical response....RONSTER!
  • The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Early in the comic, when the ship is wildly off course and one of the crew has been horribly merged with their drive system due to a malfunction, Brainstorm explains the situation to Rodimus as "He's sort of been - what's the technical term? - totally mashed into the generator itself."
  • Prodigy from Young Avengers is good at this, being "the smartest guy in the room" and a Deadpan Snarker: "From my acquired occultist knowledge, I can confirm Billy is in what I can only describe as 'deep crap.'"
  • In Rivers of London: Water Weed, Chelsea and Olympia go Full River Goddess to whammy a couple of drug runners, who find themselves responding in the same register, then drop back into being London teenagers once they've got the goods:
    Chelsea: Halt!
    Olympia: The spirits of the river command you!
    Chelsea: You do not have permission to conduct your business on our waters. Kneel before us, oh minions. What will you do to make amends? How will you appease us?
    Nick: We shall appease you. We shall pay you a tithe. [Throws them a packet of cannibis] Here.
    Olympia: Nice one!
    Both: Laters.
  • In the issue "Rock of Ages" of the Gargoyles comic continuation, the Stone of Destiny gives an epic, grandiose speech to four humans across time and space, declaring itself the Spirit of Destiny of which the Stone is a mere vessel, and thus the mortals' various attempts to protect or possess it were ultimately pointless. Following this, the Stone is left alone beside a simple wooden bowl—confirmed by Word of God to be the Holy Grail—and the two magical artifacts exchange greetings:
    Stone: Hey.
    Grail: Hey.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes:
    • Bill Watterson commented that he liked Calvin's ability to precisely articulate stupid ideas using smart language.
      Hobbes: Whatcha doin'?
      Calvin: Looking for frogs.
      Hobbes: How come?
      Calvin: I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.
      Hobbes: Ah, but of course.
      Calvin: My mandate also includes weird bugs.
    • Calvin's eloquent poem about a spider's web which abruptly ends in "Eew, look at that spider suck out that bug's juices!" But it does rhyme with "produces."
    • Another one when Moe attempts to demand money:
      Calvin: Your simian countenance suggests a heritage unusually rich in species diversity.
      Moe: What?
      Calvin: (hands over quarter) Here you go. (to reader) That was worth 25 cents.
    • The poem "A Nauseous Nocturne" does this throughout without breaking style somehow:
      Suddenly the monster knows I'm not alone!
      There's an animal in bed with me! An awful beast he did not see!
      The monster never would've come if he had known!
      The monster, in his consternation, demonstrates defenestration
      And runs and runs and runs and runs away.
  • Used in a Doonesbury comic (here.) when Calvin is set to enter a boxing match and asks Mike to suggest a pre-fight poem:
    Mike: Hmm... Let's see... how about this... "Full thirty times hath fared he well; through mischief's salt to spurn the bell; yet though his feign doth Zeus unnerve; I'll rip his head off."
    Calvin: Beautiful!
  • The Dog in Footrot Flats mixes Large Ham poetic language with New Zealand slang all the time. He's like a G-rated Hunter Thompson.
  • A lot of the narration in Krazy Kat.
    Again, within the konfines of Kokonino an act of arrant wickedness has been konsumated — in other words — to use a sapient "runyonic" komment — a Kat's kabeza has been kompletely "ka bammed".

    Fan Works 
  • The King Nobody Wanted: Tytos Clegane responds to Warryn Beesbury's demand of surrender by telling him, very politely and after a long and courteous preamble, to literally shove his surrender terms up his ass.
  • The opening paragraphs of John Biles' late-2008 My-HiME fic The Sword of the Lord start off sounding like a work by H. P. Lovecraft — until the Narrator (Nao) relaxes into her normal pattern of speech:
    In the dark corners of the world, things are breeding, ancient things, which ruled this world before man. There are things within only a few miles of some major cities that, if set free, would turn the blood of men to ice and fire, which would shatter the thin veneer which is all that holds mankind separate from its savage ancestors.

    Their power is rising, and the stars moving into place. Their prophecies speak of their inevitable victory, that the time comes when mankind shall be as the Great Old Ones, 'free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy'.

    I have felt it myself, the call of the darkness that seeps into your soul when it seems there is only pain and death in the world, the temptation to cast all rules aside and live only for your own pleasure, your own vengeance. Power without responsibility inevitably leads to the abuse of power, a spiral down into the darkness.

    That's why, these days, I kill these motherfuckers and take their stuff.
  • Child of the Storm has the narrator veer from Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness to blunt profanity for maximum effect.
    Then came the Dark Phoenix. Whereupon, to put it in the simplest terms possible, the Gods and Goddesses (and Devils, Demons and other assorted entities of that ilk) of Earth completely and utterly lost their shit.
  • Guys Being Dudes: As in canon, Blanche mostly communicates in Spock Speak. Unlike in canon, they are also capable of swearing, which stands out as a notable tonal shift.
    "This is squarely a personal issue so completely irrelevant to either side's administration. And while we are not related by blood, we consider Spark family, so it is our duty to ensure that any suitors are worthy of him and screen out possibly dangerous candidates, especially if they are openly evil and also total douchebags."
  • From Tiberium Wars: "Yea verily, though I charge through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am driving a house-sized mass of fuck you."
  • Nobody Dies one-ups the preceding example with "For though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil. Not now. For I AM 35,000 tons of FUCK YOU."
  • Aeon Natum Engel and Aeon Entelechy Evangelion are full of these. One of the milder examples from the former:
    Parapsychics were treated in a manner similar to that members of socially unacceptable subgroups had been in a less enlightened time, with the fear of the different and of the unknown. The metaphor was imperfect, due to the fact that gays, for example, lacked the ability to set people on fire with their mind.
  • In Asuka Quest, Lorenz Kihl insults Asuka's vocabulary during their fight, which results in a long, colorful, and creative rant about him.
Vocabulary? Vocabulary? Alright, you son of a syphilitic whore. Your mother probably abandoned you at both to suckle murder-pus from the teats of a cantankerous murder demon, who herself must have committed suicide for allowing such a foul being to besmirch her body. To compare you to the lowest, meanest bacterium living on this planet would be an insult to that bacterium: Had it a voice, it would call you a putrid, pitiable piece of putrescence and leave you to fester in a ditch. The ditch would reject you, for the ditch was dug out, by human hands, for a purpose, you useless sack of excrement. Kill yourself with a rock, and leave instructions for it to be cleansed of your taint. I would call you a failure, but you knew that already, didn't you? Your plans were shattered by a bunch of teenagers! And this is one last, pathetic grasp at godhood? You're going to fail. You want me to spell it out? You've got nothing left. The world hates you. You who would merge humanity into one: What power do you have against four billion voices? So go die in a fire, you stupid little fucker!
  • "When UK jolted awake in the middle of the night, it took a couple of seconds for the incessant hypnopompic hallucinatory meeping to fade from his ears." (Found here.)
  • Harry Potter:
    • The Shoebox Project, part 23:
      Sirius: Moony, I am getting the distinct impression that you are not hip to my jive. Are you or are you not hip to my jive?
      Remus: What in the name of all that is holy are you talking about?
    • A deliberate example can be found in chapter 4 of Susan Anthony's Harry Potter-Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover, If Wishes Were Thestrals, We'd All Run Screaming:
    • This is the first and only language of Thirty Hs.
      Dumblecop: Is it a sin, should a man feel like faggarting a sun or a thousand? Why should the suns heave through the void, if not to be skewer't bypon ourn fagpoles?
    • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry mingles ornate, highbrow language with overly excited childish babble during a visit to Hermione's parents, just to mess with them.
      "Gosh! This is a big house! I hope I don't get lost in here!"
      "Well met on this fairest of evenings, Miss Granger. I present to you my father, Professor Michael Verres-Evans, and my mother, Mrs. Petunia Evans-Verres."
      "Mum, Dad, this is Hermione! She's really smart!"
      "I'm afraid, Miss Granger, that you and I have been exiled to the labyrinthine recesses of the basement. Let us leave them to their adult conversations, which would no doubt soar far above our own childish intellects, and resume our ongoing discussion of the implications of Humean projectivism for Transfiguration."
  • From the Warhammer 40,000 fic ToyHammer:
  • My-HiME's Natsuki tends to use quite a bit of profanity when she's narrating in Windows of the Soul, often while talking philosophically about her and Shizuru's experiences and state of mind.
  • Hunting the Unicorn, in spite of the soul-crushing misery prevalent in its focus on Kurt and Blaine, has the Warblers master this.
    "Yeah, I vote in favor of fucking that. Blaine's just being stupid."
    "All in favor of repressing that statement with inexplicable kazoo music?"
    "According to what I learned in Psych, inexplicable crying means that something's been fucked over!"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In Whispers, Moonthistle and Silvermane are fond of this, mixing Antiquated Linguistics with innuendo and slang. On one occasion, one character even pairs it with a Precision F-Strike.
    • A Brief History of Equestria:
      • When the author (that is to say, Twilight) is describing how the different tribal leaders' various problems led to the failing of the Shouting Congress; the reasons given for Commander Hurricane and King Aurum (stubbornness/racism and figurehead status, respectfully) are quite detailed and well explained, but then we get to the reasons for Chancellor Puddinghead... "Puddinghead was mother-bucking insane."
      • When Hurricane demands that Trencher (his daughter's secret lover) be handed over to him for trial, Puddinghead responds with a formal letter that ends with a crude message and cruder drawing mocking the interracial couple.
    • In Romance and the Fate of Equestria, Princess Luna has a transition period as she adapts to modern language.
      Unsurprising, sister. 'Tis well-known that thou canst not see in the dark worth crap.
      Well met by moonlight, home-slice.
  • This happens a few times in My Inner Life, particularly in the sex scenes, where Jenna switches from using flowery prose to using words like "nut sack".
  • Jewel of Darkness: Midnight at one point is going on about how she's a much more refined and superior apprentice than the crude Terra, only to cut off with a curse when she sees the target of her mission is missing.
  • Total Drama:
    • In The Legend of Total Drama Island, the narrative tends to be flowery and faintly antiquated, to lend a "legendary" flavor; but the dialogue is modern teenspeak or middle-of-the-road colloquial English because that's how the characters speak in the source material.
    • Courtney and the Violin of Despair has an intentional example. The description of the school orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's fourth symphony includes the phrases "pretty much" and "work their butts off", in marked contrast to the story's usually florid narrative style.
    • Total Drama Returns has Gwen reciting this poem from her journal:
      Family passes on like flowers in a storm,
      Death is a burden, destroys all that is warm,
      The fire moves on with the strength of a single coal,
      Trent is a f**king tool he needs to die in a hole.
  • In Prison Island Break, Shadow the Hedgehog does this a lot. He's a serious character, his words come off as very mature, and his speech is grammatically correct. This clashes with the obscenities he spews, made even funnier when you imagine it being said out loud by one of his voice actors.
  • The Stargate SG-1 fic We're All Mad Here has this passage:
    Personal Therapy Progress Notes - Sgt. Ryan Nerucci - Session 3

    Session Objectives:
    Explore feelings of resistance towards disclosure about the subordination incident of October 6. Encourage seeking help from outside sources (comrades, unit commander, base chaplain, grandmother)

    Session Synopsis:
    Attempted to demonstrate the social supports mind-map building exercise. Exercise prevented when client initiated self-disclosure about childhood incidents and resisted redirection. When he mentioned his aunt as a possible source of support, he affected a show of extreme grief and began a long story from when he was three, about losing a tricycle he loved and his aunt's dog running away. Client attempted to apply psychodynamic principles to this incident, saying, "I think my Oedipus complex is for dogs." Eventually agreed he should call his grandmother on the weekend.

    Clinical Assessment:
    Client is fucking with me.
  • Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen has this query: "omg my sweet lady" he cried! "what has this frightful asshole been doing to thee?"
  • This line from The Wrong Reflection:
    "Theoretically it's impossible to have an accident with every air vehicle in the city fully computer-piloted, but if I had a credit for every time the phrase "theoretically impossible" was juxtaposed with some version of "oh, phekk", I could retire."
  • Cornelia li Britannia in 32 Pickup gives an impassioned speech of how her fighting as a Frontline General inspires the masses then ends it with "Also, I like to blow shit up."
  • The Last Spartan has this line, courtesy of N'tho when trying to distract the Thresher Maw that the team is fighting:
  • The general narrative of the Massive Multiplayer Crossover Crack Fic All Hell uses this trope, mixing Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe with modern-day swearing and similes such as "like a bad bitch coaxing her friends to plead her for the latest gossip".
  • CRME: Cinder Fall has a rather formal and poised way of speaking, but she also has occasional moments of profanity including two Precision F-Strikes.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fanfic Fox Rain Lila Rossi usually speaks in a polite and semi-formal pattern of speech, but whenever she speaks in Italian (or rather Romanesco, Rome's dialect) she becomes incredibly vulgar-in fact the first Italian phrase she speaks on-page translates literally as "Get in a whale's ass" (it's actually a very common way to say "good luck" in Italy). The author stated that he writes Lila as from Rome specifically to get this effect, as Rome's dialect is (in)famous in Italy for its vulgarity and he finds funny it coming out of a polite and sophisticated girl as Lila.
  • In Birthday Breakfast, a fanfic of The Loud House, the twins say:
    Lana: After you, prissy-pants.
    Lola: Why thank you, snot breath.
  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, Chloe Cerise states a line like this to the Erlking which also doubles as a Shout-Out to The Owl House (the story explains that Chloe likes the Pokémon equivalent, The Noctowl House)
    Chloe: Do not underestimate me, Erlking! For I am, Chloe of the Vermillion. A proud member of the Red Lotus Trio! Beat NOW EAT THIS, SUCKA!!!
  • In Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily, the prologue weaves a tale about Gladion and Lillie before it changes gears about what it thinks about quests.
    But here is the thing you must know about quests.
    They suck.
  • Played with in The Mountain and the Wolf. Wulfrik greatly enjoys vulgar humour and insults his opponents extremely crudely (and uses the word "fucking" as a verb deliberately), but only drops an actual f-bomb once, when Drogon burns his ship to cinders.
  • The narrator of At The Food Court remarks on the contrast of Ash calling Team Rocket "a bunch of evil bastards" when the rest of his dialogue is what a five-year-old would say. This is, of course, a Take That! at the Obligatory Swearing in the fanfic that inspired this one, since the line is taken verbatim.
  • Farce of the Three Kingdoms: "I, Sima Yi, Imperial Commander of the Flying Cavalry, Commander of the Forces of Xizhou and Xiliang, declare that Cao Rui sucks massive donkey balls!"
  • Galeem in Incorrect Smash Bros Quotes speaks with both Antiquated Linguistics and lots of swearing.
  • In the Godzilla MonsterVerse AU Hear, All Ye Who Wish To Listen, Rodan’s telepathic speech has the same elegant speech patterns as the rest of the Titans- except his is liberally dosed with various expletives.
    Rodan: All I fucking wanted was to sleep in peace, to be left alone. Just simple isolation with a damn lava bath away from fuck all. Is it too much to ask for just a few fucking eons of naptime? Entertain me a single, damn moment, and help me answer a simple question - Who in the FUCK woke me up?
  • Peace's Apprentice: Polite, respectful Nezu tells Aizawa to "get the hell out of my school" when firing him. Justified since it's an Ironic Echo.
  • sun's up, another day goes by: Aigis's exceedingly formal register is interspersed with vocabulary learnt from Junpei.
    Aigis: Proceeding to "fuck shit up", as they say.

    Films — Animated 
  • In Tangled, Flynn tries to charm Rapunzel into letting him go with this line, effortlessly switching between dramatic Antiquated Linguistics and a cheesy pick-up line:
    Flynn: I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say... Hi. How you doin'? The name's Flynn Rider. How's your day goin'?
  • In Zootopia, Judy's childhood bully Gideon Grey apologizes to her using highly technical language that contrasts strongly with the redneck dialect he normally uses. The implication behind this was that he has seen a therapist and is verbatim repeating something his therapist told him.
    Gideon: Hey, Judy, I-I'd just like to say I'm sorry about the way I-I behaved in my youth. I-I had a lot of self-doubt, and it manifested itself in the form of unchecked rage and aggression. [Beat] I was a major jerk.
  • In Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Alfred delivers a slang comment in his usual prim-and-proper tone:
    Bruce: The last thing Gotham needs is a vigilante running amok.
    Alfred: As they say on the streets, "I ain't touching that one."
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) has Rarity saying "I simply cannot even!"

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    Brother Maynard: And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that, with it, Thou mayst blow Thine enemies to tiny bits in Thy mercy."... "Once the number three, being the third number be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch toward thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."
    • The chant given by the monks who are hitting themselves with wooden boards is Ominous Latin Chanting for "Great Lord Jesus, give us a break."
      • "Dona eis requiem" is "grant them rest", actually; it's from the Funeral Mass. Still pretty funny.
    • Every other Monty Python film, too, for that matter, or indeed, almost everything that Monty Python ever produced contains at least one instance of this, to the point where's it's become not only expected of them but of British comedy in general.
    • And culminating in John Cleese's eulogy at Graham Chapman's funeral. And manly tears.
  • In Star Trek
    • In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Spock (still recovering from having his mind and body reunited) somewhat misunderstands Kirk's explanation of 20th-century profanity, leading to him making normally out-of-character statements such as "One damn minute, Admiral."
    • Star Trek: Generations, Data swears after getting an emotion chip installed.
    • Star Trek: First Contact:
      • Data, someone who is very formal most of the time, says in response to the possibility of mutiny charges for ignoring orders: "I believe I speak for everyone on the ship when I say: 'To hell with our orders'."
      • Drunken Deanna Troi on Zefram Cochrane: "If you're looking for my professional opinion, as ship's counsellor... he's nuts." Riker immediately Lampshades it.
    • Star Trek Beyond, Spock is severely injured and comments as McCoy attempts to cauterize his wounds by distracting him first on the theory it will hurt less:
      Spock: To use a parlance with which you would be familiar, Doctor, I have just confirmed that theory to be horse-shit.
  • Used in Batman Forever, where Dr. Chase Meridian, based on two of the riddles the Riddler left for Bruce Wayne, diagnoses Nygma as "A total whacko."
    Bruce: that a technical term?
    Meridian: "Subject suffers from acute obsession with possible homicidal tendencies." Does that work better for you?
    Bruce: So... what you're saying is, this guy's a total whacko.
  • In Snatch., Brick Top defines nemesis as "a righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt. Me." He also has a version of the first variant. "In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?"
  • The Terminator has this exchange:
    Sarah: So is Reese crazy?
    Dr. Silverman, a psychologist: In technical terminology...he's a loon.
  • Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: "I've got culture coming out of my ass." It's also a science pun. The line is carried over to the musical version.
  • Monsieur Gustave of The Grand Budapest Hotel is the very model of a prim and professional English host, and one would be hard-pressed to find a more diligent and reliable concierge anywhere. He can also drop the classiest Precision F-Strike you've ever heard in your life.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: "The internet is a communications tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another."
  • Practically all of Dogma. Many of the concepts in the film about organized religion and the nature of spirituality are worth serious consideration but filtered through 90's humor, a wild plot, and enough curse words to make a sailor wince.
  • The Pest: While on the run, Pest takes a dump in the jungle, and starts reciting the famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy.
    Pest: [grunting] Whether 'tis nobler in the mind [farts] to suffer the slings and arrows [farts] of outrageous fortune [farts]
  • The Bowery King, particularly from John Wick: Chapter 4, quoting Dante:
    Bowery King: I am the way into the city of woe. I am the way into eternal pain. I am the way to go among the lost. Before me there were no created things but those that last forever— AS! DO! I! Abandon all hope, you who are about to enter are now in the presence of the MOTHERFUCKING KING!
  • Michele's formula for the glue on Post-its from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Given Michele's character and unsophisticated language she uses throughout the rest of the film, the last thing we expect from her is a plausible, highly detailed answer. We later find out this was only her dream of what happened. At the real reunion they get humiliated for claiming to have invented Post-its:
    Michele: Actually, I invented a special kind of glue.
    Christie: Oh, really? Well, then I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving us a detailed account of exactly how you concocted this miracle glue, would you?
    Michele: No... Um—Well, ordinarily when you make glue, first you need to thermoset your resin... and then after it cools, you mix in a, um, epoxide. Which is really just a fancy-schmancy name for any simple oxygenated adhesive, right? Then I thought: maybe—just maybe—you could raise the viscosity by adding a complex glucose derivative during the emulsification process. And it turns out, I was right. [chuckles]
    Girl: Huh? I don't believe it! You must be the most successful person in our graduating class!
    Michele: Uh-huh... and you're not. Bye.
  • The Big Lebowski gives an inverted example: "Nihilists? Well, fuck me. I mean, say what you will of the tenets of National Socialism, but at least it's an ethos."
  • A dialogue from The Toxic Avenger Part II:
    Apocalypse Inc. Chairman: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be..." Shakespeare.
    Homeless Woman: "Fuck You". David Mamet.
  • In WarGames, the general in charge of NORAD delivers this opinion: "Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks." To which McKittrick responds, "I don't have to take that, you pig-eyed sack of shit!"
  • Hollywood, in general, is very fond of mixing Bible and bathos — especially Psalms 23:4. You know the one. Here's from Deep Blue Sea:
    Preacher: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life because I carry a big stick and I'm the meanest motherfucker in the valley!
  • Versions of the "walk through the valley of death" verse appear in many films about the American military, including Apocalypse Now, Casualties of War and Jarhead.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • An exchange in the first film:
      Elizabeth: Captain Barbossa, I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal.
      Barbossa: There are a lot of long words in there, Miss; we're naught but humble pirates. What is it that you want?
      Elizabeth: I want you to leave and never come back.
      Barbossa: I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request.
      Elizabeth: [confused stare]
      Barbossa: Means "no".
    • Jack Sparrow also loves this trope, mixing pirate slang like 'mate' 'onesies' and 'savvy' with vocabulary like 'miscreants' 'superfluous' and 'ecumenically.'
      Jack: Well, then, I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.
    • Pintel and Ragetti have their moments too, despite usually being pretty dumb.
    Tia Dalma: What vexes all men?
    Ragetti: The dichotomy of good and evil?
  • In Gone with the Wind, Rhett ends a seemingly polite statement with what was, at the time, a Precision F-Strike: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  • Kill Bill: O-Ren's inaugural speech to the Yakuza. For the right effect, picture Betty White saying the following:
    O-Ren: As your leader, I encourage you, from time to time and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced a particular plan of action I've decided is the wisest, tell me so! But allow me to convince you. And I promise you, right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo ... except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is—I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now... if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the fucking time!
  • In Mel Brooks' High Anxiety, a discussion on penis envy in a psychological conference is, due to one psychologist bringing his children, conducted using such technical terms as the peepee, balloons, and hoo-hoo.
  • Rush Hour: It degrades into this whenever Detective Carter tries to be official.
    Det. Carter: Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? We have just received a threat on the building. We ask if you please exit the building as soon as possible and please do not panic.
    Det. Carter: Din't you hear what I jus' said?! Get yo' shit an' get out the door!
  • Ghostbusters (1984): "Sir, what we have here is what we call a non-repeating phantasm, or a class-5 free roaming vapor. Real nasty one, too."
  • My Fair Lady, when Eliza visits the Ascot Racecourse and tries to have sophisticated conversation without having yet learnt what kind of vocabulary, grammar and topics are appropriate in the context.
    My aunt died of influenza — so they said. But it's my belief they done the old woman in.
    • When the excitement of the horse race peaks, she slips entirely, shocking most of the high-class folk present (and leaving Freddie Eynsford-Hill utterly smitten):
    Come'on, Dovah! Move your bloomin' arse!
  • The exchange from James and the Giant Peach:
    Grasshopper: This is an outrage! You are a disgrace to your Phylum, Order, Class, Genus, and Spe—
    Centipede: Say it in English!
    Grasshopper: YOU, sir, are an ASS!
  • This example from 50Cent's film Gun:
  • Most of the jokes from Your Highness involve the characters speaking in pseudo-English fantasy-speak peppered with modern swear words.
  • Ernest Scared Stupid has Old Lady Hackmore indulging in this upon her first appearance:
    "You will bring down the curse on us all! Woe unto you, O ye seed of Worrell! Get out of here and don't come back!"
  • Ron Pearlman's character Johner in Alien: Resurrection. "Don't push me, little Call. You hang with us for a while, you'll find out I am not the man with whom to fuck!"
  • Common in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, especially with Everett. "I'm the goddamn paterfamilias!"
  • In How the West Was Won: The Rivers, the settlers (including mountain man Linus Rawlings) triumph over a gang of Indian rustlers that nearly robbed them, or worse than merely robbed them. As the survivors burn the casualties in a massive funeral pyre, Zebulon and his party offer this humble prayer to the Most High:
    Zebulon Prescott: And now, let us pray: O Lord, we thank Thee for our salvation. We commit the souls of our dead to Thy gentle keepin'. We pray for a speedy recovery of our wounded. And now, another matter: O Lord, without consulting with Thee we have sent Thy way some souls whose evil ways passeth all understanding. We ask Thee humbly to receive them... whether You want 'em or not. Amen.
  • The Avengers:
  • Me, Myself & Irene: Charlie Baileygates's three "sons" are enormous black men, who swear like sailors... sometimes in German, and while discussing genius level physics problems.
    Shonte Jr.: Okay, so, you're sayin' I add up the atomic masses of the proton and the neutron, right, I see's that, but what do I do with the goddamn electron? Can I bring it over here?
    Jamaal: Enrico Fermi'd roll over in his motherfucking grave if he heard that stupid shit. I mean, he'd just turn over ass up in your face. He wouldn't give a fuck!
    Lee Harvey: Hey, Jamaal, man, just cut my man some slack, dog.
    Jamaal: Look here, man, I'm just tryin' to help him save face, all right? I mean, you know, he keep askin' questions like that, motherfuckers gonna think he's stupid!
  • Doc Brown from Back to the Future has a tendency to do this.
    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit."
  • From Shutter Island, we get this exchange:
    Chuck Aule: [Reads note] Who is 67? Fucked if I know.
    Dr. John Cawley: I have to say that's quite close to my clinical conclusion.
  • Pretty much every time the preacher speaks in Blazing Saddles. Hedley Lamarr can also delve into this, such as finishing a Purple Prose-laden spiel about how his mind is full of brilliant ideas by calling his chief henchman a shitkicker. Even the monosyllabic Dumb Muscle Mongo gets a moment of this with his surprisingly philosophical line "Mongo only pawn in game of life."
  • From the end of the first Wayne's World movie:
    Wayne: Well, that's all the time we have for our movie. We hope you found it entertaining, whimsical yet relevant, with a revisionist conceit that belied the film's emotional attachment to the subject matter.
    Garth: I just hope you didn't think it sucked.
  • An inverted example from Scary Movie 3:
    "How in the hell do you wake up dead? 'Cause you're alive when you go to sleep. You're telling me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive? You can't go to bed dead. That shit would be redundant!"
  • Training Day: Alonzo gets some of these.
    Alonzo: It behooves you not to dick around on this one.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past: The younger Xavier specifically fulfills the "A normally formal character resorting to profanity due to intense circumstances" example. This is the first movie where the otherwise polite and erudite Charles uses coarse language such as "fuck" and "shite."
  • X-Men: The Last Stand gives us this exchange during the big final battle:
    Wolverine: I thought you were a diplomat!
    Beast: As Churchill said, "There comes a time where all men must—" [stops to punch someone] Oh, you get the point! [roars and leaps at more mooks]
  • In Hollywood Shuffle, the sketch "Black Acting School" features a cartoonishly erudite black man demonstrating that he can teach black actors to play thugs and lowlifes, implying that these are the only roles available to black actors in Hollywood.
  • In Kingsman: The Secret Service, the language contains a nice contrast of Purple Prose, swears and street thug slang. The crowner, though, is Harry's exit from a Westboro Baptist Church-esque meeting, without ever losing his genteel manner.
    Harry: I'm a Catholic whore currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at the military abortion clinic. So hail Satan and you have a lovely day, madam.
  • Hairspray (2007) gives a variation, when Tracey is put in detention and Link wants an excuse to go with her.
    Teacher: What were the immortal words of Patrick Henry?
    Link: Kiss my ass.
  • Derek Jarman's 1988 film The Last of England has a narrator (played by Nigel Terry) who uses this:
    Narrator: [opening lines] Imprisoned memories prowl through the dark. ...Fuck it.
  • Withnail from Withnail and I, due to being Sir Swears-a-Lot and the Upper-Class Twit.
  • Mark Watney in The Martian, being both a highly intelligent botanist and a Sir Swears-a-Lot.
    "Faced with overwhelming odds, I'm left with only one option. I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this!"
    • In this video released before the movie, in which the Ares crew discuss their mission with a NASA psychiatrist, Beck gave this gem:
      "As a doctor, you're accustomed to high-stress environments, matters of life and death on a daily basis, but yeah, I'm very confident that we're gonna kick some Martian ass."
  • From The January Man:
    Vincent Alcoa (Danny Aiello): "You dilettante fuck!"
  • In the film Epic Movie, Peter is arguably this. He has a strong British accent and is rather shy throughout the film, especially towards his crush, a parody of Mystique. When she finally decides to hook up with him in bed, she asks what he'd like her to shapeshifter into during sex. *He's rather shy, But says some rather requests.
    • Peter: (very shy) ...big hooters? With...Silver dollar nipples?
    • Peter: (A bit awkward) And...a ghetto booty, like, like alot of junk in the trunk.
    • Peter: (Rather Serious) Badonkadonk. (Excited) AND A MONOBROW!
    • Peter: (Rather happy) And big flabby grandma arms!
    • Peter: (Demanding) BINGO WINGS! Like a fat blue Britney Spears!

  • The spoken segment in Pink Floyd's "Sheep" features a corrupted version of Psalm 23 that goes from formal to eerie to jarringly crass:
    "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me down to lie. Through pastures green He leadeth me the quiet waters by. With bright knives He releaseth my soul. He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places. He converteth me to lamb cutlets. For lo, He hath great power and great hunger. When cometh the day we lowly ones, through quiet reflection and great dedication, master the art of karate; lo, we shall rise up, and then we'll make the bugger's eyes water."
  • Colin Meloy of The Decemberists is fond of this.
    Oh ladies, pleasant and demure
    Sallow-cheeked and sure;
    I can see your undies
  • Canibus, after five minutes of intellectual references to literature, philosophy, poetry, and science on “Poet Laureate II,” says “it’s deep as fuck!”
  • The Capitol Steps do this with a single word in a faux-Shakespearean reenactment of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign: "Yo-eth!"
  • Cradle of Filth. They'll sing verses akin to Shakespearean poetry one minute, and start spewing profanities the next.
  • And then there's Nine Inch Nails with their ode to existential crisis in the form of loneliness, "Closer", whose chorus starts: "I wanna fuck you like an animal!" Charming.
  • This is arguably the amusing part of covers which drastically change the genre of the original song. There's something bizarre about hearing Alanis Morissette's My Humps with a soft piano backing, Jonathan Coulton's Baby Got Back on acoustic guitar, and everything by Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, who take songs like the aforementioned Closer by Nine Inch Nails and then play them with jazzy, lounge-style instrumentals.
    • For a specific example of Richard Cheese, it's hard to get more Sophisticated As Hell than a lounge Limp Bizkit medley of Nookie and Break Stuff in a lounge singer delivery:
      "Hope you know I pack a chainsaw. I'll skin your ass raw."
    • In a similar vein, Ben Folds' piano ballad cover of "Bitches Aint Shit"
    • And Dynamite Hack's acoustic cover of "Boyz-n-the-Hood"
    • Or for something a little more obscure, Emm Gryner's vaguely Tori Amos-esque piano-ballad versions of songs such as "Pour Some Sugar On Me."
    • For that matter, Tori Amos' cover of Slayer's "Raining Blood". Even Slayer were weirded out by it. (Also, her cover of Eminem's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde".)
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic's polka medleys — two- or four-line snippets from several songs redone in a polka style and duct-taped together — are another good example. As is his version of Bohemian Rhapsody (appropriately named "Bohemian Polka").
    • The Chaser's War On Everything once featured a "lounge version" of Cannibal Corpse's "Rancid Amputation." Hearing is believing.
    • Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives covered Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails, complete with a talkdown in the middle.
    • Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester cover modern pop songs in 1920s big band style.
    • The Gourds' bluegrass version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin 'n Juice", and in a similar vein, an album of bluegrass covers of Metallica, yclept Fade to Bluegrass.
    • This, combined with Lyrical Dissonance, is what makes up most of the humor in the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue game One Song To The Tune Of Another. The moody, low opening to Scarborough Fair, and the solemnly sung line "Everybody was kung fu fighting..." make for a jarring combination.
  • Pulled by Van der Graaf Generator in a very subtle way on "Still Life" from the album of the same name. Bear in mind that lead singer Peter Hammill sings with an RP accent (a holdover from his days as a Jesuit chorister) and that the band's lyrical modus operandi, being a Progressive Rock band, is stuck on Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and generally shies away from swearing, and so the word bolded out is unusual enough to make the listener do a double take:
    Living through the millions of years,
    a laugh as close as any tear
    Living, if you claim that all
    that entails is breathing, eating, defecating, screwing, drinking, spewing, sleeping,
    sinking ever down and down and ultimately passing away time...
    which no longer has any meaning!
  • Cole Porter fit this in quite nicely with his penchant for name-dropping. The verse of "Just One Of Those Things" attributes slangy break-up lines to legendary lovers, after inverting the trope by quoting Dorothy Parker (see above) as having said "fare thee well" to her boyfriend. In "Hey, Good Lookin'," the line "as Elizabeth Barrett Browning once said" immediately precedes the refrain (and Title Drop).
  • First Impression by Ice-T.
  • The Offspring's song "When You're In Prison" is in the style of a 1930's radio crooner (complete with crackles and static), and features lyrics such as:
    Oh don't be no one's bitch, be no one's bitch
    It's bad for you
    Oh don't be no one's bitch, be no one's bitch
    They won't help you make it through.
  • Tim Minchin's beat poem "Storm" does this with a Shakespeare quotation: "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, to throw perfume on the violet, is just fucking silly. Or something like that."
    • And in "The Pope Song", he inverts this, with a lyric that is mostly obscenity but occasionally bursts out with far more sophisticated language:
      I don't give a fuck if calling the pope a motherfucker
      Means you unthinkingly brand me an unthinking apostate.
      This has naught to do with other fucking godly motherfuckers
      I'm not interested right now in fucking scriptural debate.
  • Tom Lehrer, introducing the song "I Wanna Go Back to Dixie" on the live album Tom Lehrer Revisited:
    Lehrer: I find that if you take the various popular song forms to their logical extreme, you can arrive at almost anything from the ridiculous to the obscene, or, as they say in New York, sophisticated.
  • The Coup, "We Are The ones"
    "Now philosophically, you'd be opposed
    To inhaling coke via mouth or the nose
    But economically, I would propose
    That you go eat a dick as employment froze"
  • Garfunkel and Oates have "This Party Took a Turn For the Douche":
    Did my last keg stand like General Custer
    And I'm assessin' the damage like a claims adjuster
    I ain't your Daddy but I'll call you son
    Yeah I get metaphysical like fuckin' John Donne
  • The pseudoquote variant occurs in the opening lines of "If You Knew Susie", a song popularized by Eddie Cantor in 1925: "I have got a sweetie known as Susie/ In the words of Shakespeare, she's a wow!"
  • Poet Saul William's "Coded Language" (set to music by DJ Krust) is full of this — though in a far more subtle way:
    Whereas, breakbeats have been the missing link connecting the diaspora community to its drum-woven past.
    Whereas, the quantized drum has allowed the whirling mathematicians to calculate the ever-changing distance between rock and stardom.
    Whereas, the velocity of the spinning vinyl — cross-faded, spun backwards, and re-released at the same given moment of recorded history, yet at a different moment in time's continuum — has allowed history to catch up with the present.
    We do hereby declare reality unkempt by the changing standards of dialogue.
  • This trope is common in Nerdcore, naturally.
  • The title of PDQ Bach's "Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion".
    • Also: The Short-Tempered Clavier: Preludes and Fugues in all the major and minor keys (except for the really hard ones).
  • Outkast had a skit called "Good Day, Good Sir" that included this. One gentleman is listening to a string performance, and remarks, "Ah such sweet sound: The Fiddler on the Fucking Roof"
  • The Most Unwanted Song, among other things, features a rapping opera singer.
  • Graham Lewis of Wire has a strong middle-class Received Pronunciation accent. Especially in conversation, even his most casual use of a swear word has this effect. It is somewhat amusing.
    • Sort of like listening to self-motivation verbal exercises of the Ax-Crazy. No offense.
  • Michael Flanders, of Flanders and Swann fame:
    It has in fact been calculated that in this country alone, over 30% are sub-clinically neurotic. Or, as a psychiatrist would say, "stark staring bonkers."
  • Robert Christgau's tone shifts quickly in his reviews. While it is generally consistent within a review, he sometimes does exhibit this trope, as in his review of Iggy Pop's remaster of Raw Power: "Strict constructionists and lo-fi snobs charge indignantly that by remixing his own album Iggy has made a mockery of history and done irreparable damage to a priceless work of art. This is really stupid."
  • Brentalfloss's Good Example:
    He's a good example (He's a good example, bitch.)
    Teaches integral and critical decision making, sucka!
    He's a good example (He's a good example, bitch!)
    And he'd never say something like, "Fuck you, mothafucka!"
  • D'Mite's infamous Read A Book: Practical advice on education, hygiene, parenting, and economic success heavily interlaced with snarled profanity.
    Read a book, read a book, read a motherfuckin' book!
    Not a sports page, not a magazine
    But a book, nigga!
    A fuckin' book, nigga!
  • Eric Bogle's "Introduction Song":
    Well I wrote all the songs for tonight's extravaganza,
    So there's a touch of class in every line of every stanza.
    When I'm not writing songs, I hang around doing bugger all
  • This is the whole point of Falco's Rock Me, Amadeus!
  • Mozart wrote two canons whose titles can be loosely translated as "kiss my ass." Believe it or not, this is actually a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's drama Götz von Berlichingen.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven's the Signor Abate canon. The first two lines are a prayer in Italian from a sick man asking the Abbott for his benediction. The third line is in German, and means "If you won't, then to Hell with you."
  • Not a song, but the bandcamp page for Benjamin Briggs' sophomore album, four.Songs, uses the quote variant, attributing the blurb stating that "This is the single greatest thing I've ever heard" to Abraham Lincoln.
  • In Jethro Tull's A Passion Play the protagonist gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to God and God replies:
    Well-meaning fool
    Pick up thy bed and rise
    Up from your gloom, smiling
    Give me your hate
    And do as the loving heathen do.note 
  • Warren Zevon
    Eatin' fried chicken with his regicidal friends.
  • Long John Baldry's "(Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie on) The King of Rock and Roll" started with a brief exposition on a time he was arrested for disturbing the peace by busking on the street for pennies (notable for the humorous mispronunciation of "Boogie Woogie");
    "Police officer giving his evidence; 'I was proceeding in a southerly direction, milord, when I heard strange sounds coming from Wardour Place, milord. A sort of boo-jy woo-jy music was being played.'"
  • The bridge from "The Legend is True!" by The Aquabats! switches seamlessly from Flowery Elizabethan English to gratuitous Ebonics:
    In the stagecoach on the highway
    Will you be a-going my way? Forsooth!
    In the cottage on the green
    Through the castle of the queen, quite right!
    Lords and ladies clap and sing
    As raven clips his broken wing, indeed!
    So on a fortnight's journey's sting
    Ask yourself, do you like tings? (Me like t'ings!)
  • Chap-hop is made of this, blending modern urban American hip-hop with sophisticated British culture. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer has Straight Out Of Surrey, Lets Get This Over And Done With and Hermitage Shanks, among many others, and there are many others involved with the genre.
  • "Sweet As Whole" by Sara Bareilles has a lilting melody and is sung sweetly, if you're not paying attention you may not notice when the flowery lyrics shift gears and go blunt and vulgar. "But like most creatures down here on the ground / I'm composed of the elements moving around / And I grow and change and I shift and I switch / And it turns out I'm actually kind of a bitch / But that only happens when I get provoked / By some piece of shit asshole we all sadly know".
  • The tracks "'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore" and "Lazarus" from David Bowie's feature examples of this trope. 99% of the former's lyrics are spoken in a rather eloquent language, befitting the song's title, yet the opening line is "man, she punched me like a dude"; the latter song, meanwhile, is a bittersweet and melancholy reflection of Bowie's then-impending death... that drops the line "I was looking for yo' ass" out of nowhere. These instances add a couple of minor touches of narm in what is an otherwise moving introspective on Bowie's ultimately fatal battle with liver cancer.
  • "Jesus Is Coming" by the Bellamy Brothers:
    Well He walked on the water and He raised up the dead
    And we teach all the children that He died for our sin
    But something's gone wrong, this world's in a mess
    Jesus is coming, and boy is He pissed!
  • Miley Cyrus, "See You Again":
    The next time we hang out / I will redeem myself
  • The source of much of the humor from posh drill rapper Unknown P, since he raps about doing something posh in one bar, then beating up and killing his enemies (or "Opps" as he calls them) in the next. Perhaps best illustrated by this snippet from his appearance on "Fire In The Booth":
    "And I never have porridge at Nan's, because it's oh so lumpy, and if opps want to throw some hands, I just draw for the pumpy!"
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Sports Song" is a college fight song that uses flowery grandiloquence throughout to say, "We're great! You suck!"
  • "Polite Dance Song" by the bird and the bee has the singer making passes at someone in the most polite manner possible before making a note of how great the music is leading into the chorus.
    "I beg of you to get up and dance, it's such a crazy kick-ass beat!"

  • Expect this in The Scathing Atheist when one minute Noah is ranting about proper grammar usage and the next minute he's making oral sex jokes about Pat Robertson.
  • Hero Club: Jeremiah "The Gentleman" Finch from Adversary. He got his nickname because he enjoys using large words and long sentences, wearing fashionable clothes, and a good bourbon. He also swears often, especially when angry or insulting people he doesn't like.
    Jeremiah Finch: [Holding some unexpected guests to his home at gunpoint] Well, why don't y'all come inside, nice and copacetic-like with your hands held fast where I can gaze upon them so you may elucidate an old man over a drop of bourbon on the particulars of your visit, this auspicious fucking morn!

  • A great deal of the humor in Kakos Industries is derived from Corin Deeth III delivering almost everything he says with an eloquent, professional vocabulary, as to be expected from a business man-even if he is a Corrupt Corporate Executive. And while the show does involve a few classy events like masquerade balls and feasts, there's also talk of orgies and robot fights mere sentences after.
    Corin: We recently wrapped up the Festival of Fertility, where lonely Kakos Industries investors who would like to become mothers can come to make their dreams come true. Specially bred Strapping-Young-Men-of-Evil provided these ladies with the right kind of loving and tender caress, followed by deep and sensuous dicking.
  • The Brian & Jill Show has a recurring sketch in which Brian & Jill re-enact various celebrity arguments, complete with profanity, as Shakespearean actors.
  • Lucretia, director of the Bureau of Balance from The Adventure Zone is stern and professional to the point of being The Comically Serious. She's also an NPC, meaning she's played by Dungeon Master and Sir Swears-a-Lot, Griffin McElroy.
    Lucretia: (completely deadpan) Hot diggidy shit, that is a baller cookie.

  • Fesxis from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is an otherworldly creature that usually speaks in a formal manner, which makes it stick out when she quotes crass human idioms.
    "I believe this situation is known as a clusterfuck."

  • The protagonist in Wit, an English professor struggling with terminal cancer, notes that her vocabulary has "taken a turn for the Anglo-Saxon" after a violent spell of vomiting. "God, I'm going to barf my brains out... If I actually did barf my brains out, it would be a great loss to my discipline."
  • In Bob Carlton's musical adaptation, Return to the Forbidden Planet, the robot Ariel consults Miranda as to her attempts to win over the Captain by saying, "Ah, Mistress, that will never work, for in that dress you'll miss. He'll not be swayed by haute couture." "Honestly?" "No shit!"
  • In the stage musical version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, the first verse of Freddy's song "Great Big Stuff" runs:
    I thought I'd seen it all,
    I thought I knew the score.
    But coming here, I've found a world
    I'd never seen before.
    Now I know where I belong —
    A life of taste and class
    With culture and sophistication
    Pouring out my ass.
  • Eliza in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, and its musical adaptation My Fair Lady, after learning how to speak with perfectly correct English diction, still occasionally shifts into slang (Higgins has to explain her use of "done her in" as an example of "the new small talk") and profanity ("Walk! Not bloody likely" in the play, "Move your bloomin' arse!" in the musical).
  • The Chicago number "Class", in which Velma Kelly and Mama Morton lament the decline of modern morals, is this trope from start to finish.
    Whatever happened to, "Please, may I?"
    And "Yes, thank you?"
    And "How charming?"
    Now, every son of a bitch
    Is a snake in the grass
    Whatever happened to class?
  • The Reduced Shakespeare Company's The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) runs with this trope frequently. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy. So piss off!"
  • In Aristophanes' play The Birds, Iris the goddess of the rainbow summons bolts of lightning to strike down the blasphemers in properly grand poetic language. When nothing happens and she herself is shoo'd off by Pisthetaerus, she dissolves into tears and childishly expressed threats in nursery talk: "Just wait till my father hears about this: he'll stop your insults" (lines 1585-6); This makes the trope Older Than Feudalism.
  • LOLPERA describes itself as "an epik clash between low-brow humor and high art; a 'gesamtkunstwerk' that asks important questions about this our modern world: Can we find meaning in the meaningless? Will what we create ultimately destroy us? Can we really has Cheezburger?"
  • A couple of mobsters in Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate had a fair bit to say about classic works and their girl-attracting potential in "Brush Up Your Shakespeare:"
    Just declaim a few lines from "Othella"
    And they'll think you're a helluva fella.
    If your blonde won't respond when you flatter 'er
    Tell her what Tony told Cleopaterer,
    If she fights when her clothes you are mussing,
    What are clothes? "Much Ado About Nussing."
    • Not to mention
      If she says your behavior is heinous
      Kick her right in the Coriolanus
  • In The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Molly tries to become a lady and learns several foreign languages. Her resulting command of refined language is exemplified by this exchange:
    Broderick (Taking out pencil and paper): Tell me, Mrs. Brown, how do you find Denver after being away so long?
    Molly: Well one thing's for damn sure, mon cher, this time I ain't puttin' up with no Rocky Mountain rudeness...
    Broderick: May I quote you, Mrs. Brown?
    Molly (Emphatically) Yes! (She gestures to Prince, Princess, etc.) And another thing... talk about your sacred 36, get a load of my royal flush.
  • Occurs frequently in Hamilton by virtue of it being a hip-hop musical set in the late 1700s/early 1800s. For example, the song "Non-Stop" contains both the lines "Corruption's such an old song that we can sing along in harmony" and "Yo, who the eff is this?"
  • This seems to be a Lin-Manuel Miranda trademark. In the opening number and title song of In the Heights, Usnavi sings, "it's too darn hot, like my man Cole Porter said."

  • American History by Alan Brinkley describes a list of grievances passed by the first Continental Congress in a fashion that he could have taken from this page (pg. 122):
    [The First Continental Congress] addressed the king as "Most Gracious Sovereign," but also included a more extreme demand for the repeal of all the oppressive legislation passed since 1763.
  • From Ashcroft and Mermin's Solid State Physics:
    "Like human defects, those in crystals come in a seemingly endless variety, many dreary and depressing, and a few fascinating."

    Video Games 
  • In Ace Attorney Investigations, the usually sophisticated Miles Edgeworth informs an opponent that:
    Edgeworth: I believe the proper phrase here is, "you fail."
    • Edgey does this occasionally in the main series too, and since he's otherwise serious, it generally results in a funny moment. Most memorably: "What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood?!" That line can be heard here.
    • Lang has a moment of this. Usually, he shares his wisdom by quoting Lang Zi. And then we got this after he lost a battle of wits to Edgeworth:
      Lang: Lang Zi says... Just go already!
  • American McGee's Alice: Alice's Cheshire Cat sometimes does it.
    Cheshire Cat: "It's impolite to keep royalty waiting, but the price of good manners may be too high; This queen is a real BITCH!"
    Cheshire Cat: "You are properly fortified to kick some ass."
  • The title character of American McGee's Grimm is something like this. Grimm's voice-overs combine erudite sarcasm and Lampshade Hanging of tired fairy tales with a gleeful delight in bathroom humor and Bloody Hilarious Amusing Injuries inflicted on those who deserve it (and a few who don't).
  • One of the party member conversations in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal has Korgan trying to woo Mazzy with some of the poetry he's (supposedly) written in the past. Then he brings out this particular gem that he scratched into the wall of a latrine:
    Korgan:"I was here, alas I'm gone / I've left my name, to arouse thee on / Those who knew me, knew me well / Those who didn't, can ride my stinking dump, straight to hell!" Haha, masterstroke!
    • The Player Character can indulge in this if they chooses to.
      CHARNAME: Why do you use so many big words? Are you trying to make me feel stupid?
      Kiser Jhaeri: My utilization of complex locution is more a reflection of my own superincumbent mental acuity than an aspersion on your circumscribed lexicon.
      CHARNAME: Maybe your grandiose vocabulary is a pathetic compensation for an insufficiency in the nether regions of your anatomy. note 
  • Coffin Guy from the Baroque roguelike RPG often uses the words "please" and "goddammit" in the same sentence.
  • When informing Batman of the League of Assassins being on Miugami island in Batman: Arkham Knight, Alfred cites the exact police report: "Crazy-ass ninjas."
  • The titular character of Bayonetta is quite fond of this trope. Her English accent only adds to the fanciness.
    Bayonetta: If you get in my way, I will, how do the Americans put it? Oh yes. Bust a cap in yo' ass.
  • BioShock gives us this nugget:
    "Would you kindly get to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch?"
  • The credits of Bear & Breakfast has this in its Special Thanks as a Credits Gag:
    Our families, friends, and people that put up with our crap
  • Sir Hammerlock of Borderlands 2 is quite fond of this.
    Hammerlock: Only you can stop him. Because you are a badass, you see.
    • Dr. Zed tends towards this as well:
      Zed: After watching you waste those bandits with that E-Tech weapon, I have come to a medically sound conclusion: E-Tech is friggin' dope!
    • There's also Zer0, who occasionally peppers his Creepy Monotone haikus with swear words and dickish behavior.
      Zer0: Oh, what? Yeah, what, bitch? / Yeah, I just slapped you and stuff. / What you gonna do?
    • Mr. Torgue tends towards this whenever he tries to be official:
      Mr. Torgue: We here at the Torgue Corporation sincerely believe THIS IS F@#$ING AWESOME!
    • And then there is Face McShooty, who, normally, yells at you to SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE, but at one point he has a brief moment of sanity:
      Face McShooty: I NOTICE YOU DIDN'T SHOOT ME IN THE FACE YET! CURIOUS AS TO WHY! Maybe you are weighing the moral pros and cons, but let me assure you that OHMYGODJUSTSHOOTMEINTHEGODDAMNFACE!!!
  • Brütal Legend has this epic insult:
    Lars: The time has come for you to SHUT THE HELL UP, Lionwhite!
    • There's also the Headbangers' initial reaction to Eddie playing the Battle Cry solo for the first time:
      Headbanger #1: What is that sound?
      Headbanger #2: It's a devil screaming!
      Headbanger #3: It's an angel singing!
      Headbanger #2: It's the pounding of creation's hammer on the anvil of time...
      Headbanger #1: It's fucking awesome!
  • In a spoileriffic example from Catherine, the final boss has this Badass Boast for the hero before his level starts.
    I swear by the name of Dumuzid, the Shepherd, consort of Ishtar...your ass is mine, punk!
  • City of Heroes:
    • A certain mission includes a scene where a group of steampunk villains attempts to ally with a group of cyberpunk villains.
      "I assure you, my good man, Nemesis is most definitely 'down with the street'. Word up, my homey, as it were."
    • Also, a Circle of Thorns mage sums up his exile from Oranbega for not trusting the Circle's defenses: "I must use your vulgar modern vernacular to properly compound insult upon indignity and state: This blows."
  • In Crush Crush, when you reach "Girlfriend" level with Lustat the vampire girl, she tells you that she wanted to write a sonnet to express how much she loves you, but since sonnets aren't "all the rage" anymore, she decides to settle for saying "Damn! You are one fine mofo, yo!"
  • The Mad Mek on the space hulk in Dawn Of War II Retribution
    "Trespassahz! Invadahz! 'Ooliganz and ne'er-do-wellz! [...] Now... PISS OFF!
  • Deltarune: In both Chapter 1 and 2.
    Rouxls: Come, knaves! Prepareth for battle with...!
    [presents K. Round]
    Rouxls: Whatever this is!!!
    Queen: I Have No Time For Such Frivolities (And Would Kick Your Ass)
  • While sneaking around a base in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you can find an e-mail about a lack of office chairs. It continues like this:
    In the meantime, please refrain from using expensive lab equipment as a makeshift sitting apparatus. If you must insist on using a non-sanctioned sitting apparatus, please consider the tensile strength of materials present in the object in question in comparison to your own mass volumetric density.
    In other words, stop breaking shit with your fat asses.
    The Management
    • Another example has you asking a gang leader what he has observed about a paramilitary operation in his territory.
      DRB Gang Leader: Well that's the thing. These muthafuckas ain't consistent fo sho'
  • Disco Elysium has an alcoholic bum whose nickname is "Idiot Doom Spiral". He has a preppy, high class East Coast accent, and is quite eloquent despite being very drunk, but cannot help but mix belches, curses, and hiccups into his dialogue. Especially as he tells you about the eponymous idiot doom spiral that turned him from a tech billionare to a drunken vagrant.
  • Fallout:
    • In Fallout, when the Vault Dweller manages to sneak into the Thieves' Guild hideout, he's greeted by their well-spoken leader, Loxley. After some pleasant introductions...
      Loxley: Quite pleased to make your acquaintance, actually... for now. Let's get the other bit of politeness taken care of, shall we? What the bloody, bloody, bloody hell are you doing here?!
    • In Fallout 4, your robotic butler Codsworth is the only character in the game who can actually address your character with the name you give it. This means he can call you "Mister Boobies" or "Mister Fuckface" in his proper English butler voice.
  • Maechen, the resident Mr. Exposition in Final Fantasy X, is a little prone to this trope. Speaking with a very learned English accent, he says things such as "The water it sucks through its schnozz somehow supports its considerable size."
  • Maribelle from Fire Emblem: Awakening gets a couple of instances of this in her support conversations. The most notable one being her supports with her future son Brady, whom she outright lectures on proper diction. She's more upset that Brady used "who" instead of "whom" than she is over the rest of his language, leading to her producing the gem "Whom did you piss off?"
    • Maribelle's conversations with Robin feature her asking them for lessons on "commoner" language, which Robin notes sounds really weird coming from her. Meanwhile, her supports with Olivia feature Maribelle trying to encourage her to be more confident... by going out and spouting bad pick-up lines at random men with her.
  • Friday Night Funkin': In Week 6, Senpai uses flowery language to describe the rap battle between him an Boyfriend as a "serenade between gentlemen" and refers to Girlfriend as a "fair maiden". Once the second song comes around, however, he threatens to rip Boyfriend's nuts off right after Girlfriend finishes gargling his.
  • The Heretic manual does this, possibly by design but also jarringly, as it alternatingly and simultaneously tries to sound appropriate for a high fantasy setting ("They stood solemnly, surrounding seven candles, each flame tied irrevocably to the flow of Earth's breath") and to assure people this is a game for those who want to see blood and guts ("Watch 'em scream and burn — it's great!") Sometimes the styles blend together so that you can't draw a line between them, but it still sounds odd. "These hideous abominations of the dark world move bloody fast and possess deadly sharp blades for appendages."
  • I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream has this:
    "Human. Relinquish the Totem of Entropy. Do not relinquish it, and your ass is mine."
  • In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, Congruence normally speaks semi-formally and respectfully, but she has this to tell the protagonist if they ask her to make the payload to destroy the Array.
    "Greetings, <name>! I have some ideas on how to disable the alien array... or, as Security Chief Rhett put it: how to tear this AI freakshow a new asshole! (giggles) So evocative!"
  • In Jönssonligan: Jakten på Mjölner, Sickan's tendency toward interruting his own swears and using more formal or posh wording than his compatriots does not stop him from exclaiming "What is this shit?!" in an easy-to-miss voiceclip.
  • Quoth Kingdom of Loathing's King Ralph, when you defeat the naughty sorceress and free him from imprisonment: "Well done, adventurer! You laid the smack down on that skank with admirable derring-do and panache."
  • Kain from Legacy of Kain, voiced extremely well by the very British Simon Templeman, spends the whole series speaking in pseudo-Shakespearean dialogue. At the very end of Defiance, when presented with the Elder God in all its squiddy glory, he is so taken aback he can only blurt out, "What in the hell?"
  • Kingdom Hearts II has an odd example:
    Seifer: That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers!
  • In Marvel Heroes, Thor may deliver this gem upon smiting one of his foes:
    Thor: As they say on Midgard, there is yet more from whence that came.
  • Mass Effect:
    • One assignment in the first game has the reporter Khalisa al-Jilani asking Shepard probing questions, and one of the possible answers to her questions makes Shepard say "I have had enough of your snide insinuations" before punching her roughly in the face.
    • Khalisa is back in Mass Effect 2. This time you tell her "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions" and punch her again.
    • Mass Effect 3 goes three for three with "I've had enough of your tabloid journalism!" and another punch...which she dodges. which you can then counter with a headbutt.
    • Say what you will about him, but Udina does a nice job of borrowing Kevin Rudd's "political shitstorm" line in the second game if you picked Anderson over him for the council seat in the first.
    • Only when talking to Matriarch Aethyta can a person hear "anthropocentric" and "bag of dicks" in the same sentence.
    • Mordin Solus manages to make even the explicit part sophisticated. He doesn't just call his ex-boss an ass or a dick. He calls him a cloaca, which is the scientific term for an organ which (in many species of birds and amphibians, and apparently salarians) functions as both an ass and a dick. He then suggests that his ex-boss has a blockage up his cloaca. He then suggests that the blockage is the boss' cranium (head).
  • Used in Mega Man Star Force when the protagonist has enough of the class president trying to get him to come to school:
    Geo: You're always following me around, you... you SATELLITE!
    Luna: Wh-what do you mean by "satellite"?
    Geo: A satellite is a heavenly body that goes around and around, circling a planet! Your name, "Luna", means moon and the moon is the Earth's satellite. That's why it's the perfect name for you!
  • This commercial for Mercenaries 2, in which a gangsta-style song of vengeance is sung, show tune-style, with appropriate piano music. And there's a full, three-minute vversion of the song, which ups the ante with a gospel-style chorus.
  • Metal Wolf Chaos has otherwise fairly normal newscaster call the hero "meaner than Satan."
  • One sidequest in NieR: Automata involves watching a reenactment of Romeo and Juliet. It starts off innocuously with lines like "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" before descending into lines such as "Pisseth off!" and "I'll shall tear the shit out of thee!" No, really.
  • Outlast II has Marta, The Brute in the line of enemies, who talks like an absolutely insane preacher who drops a frequent Cluster F-Bomb after almost every sentence.
  • Serafen from Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has a way with flowering metaphors and linguistic turns of phrase, likely picked up from his scholarly Vailian mentor, but he's also a pirate who talks the part and swears as easily as he breaths.
    Unrefined? Begging your pardon, captain, but I be the high fucking model of the gentleman of fortune!
  • Saints Row: The Third does this in the Star Wars-esque text crawl during the intro.
    Conquest. The story of human history. Since time immemorial, great leaders have risen from humble beginnings to... do shit.
    A Saints movie is in development. Johnny Gat and Shaundi are pop-culture icons. And Pierce... Well, who gives a fuck about Pierce?
  • In The Secret World, in the Transylvania story mission "Mortal Sins", we learn the story of the Draculesti, a group of vampire hunters founded by Count Vlad Dracula (whose descendants are understandably miffed at how Bram Stoker depicted him) to defeat Mara, his wife who became a powerful vampire. The story ends with a prophecy concerning both Mara's return and Vlad's revival to fight her, which is written in Purple Prose until the final line is punctuated by a profane reference to Mara. (Anastasia, who's translating the passage, notes that she's "paraphrasing, of course.")
    Apa Vie, the light of the morning;
    Apa Moarta, the final forewarning.
    Joined at the tomb to bring the Dragon to life
    So that he may put an end to his bitch of a wife.
  • Sinbad in Sonic and the Secret Rings:
    "I am Sinbad of the Seven Seas! Adventurer of adventurers! ... Who the heck are you?"
  • Space Funeral: Right before you fight the Big Bad, she quotes Paradise Lost and then delivers a Precision F-Strike.
    MOON: Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.............. motherfuckerrrrrr!
  • Starcraft has one between Jim Raynor, a human, and Fenix, a Crystal Spires and Togas Proud Warrior Race Guy Protoss. Paraphrased:
    Fenix: Do not let the fact that I am 368 years older than you dull your impression of me, young Raynor. I can still — how do you Terrans say it? — 'Throw down with the best of them.'
    • Kerrigan also tends to keep a civil tone and appeal to other peoples sense of reason to come to an agreement that is acceptable to both sides. And then calmly explains why she is sending her swarms to slaughter them once she got what she wanted.
      Kerrigan: "You have to let me think for a minute... You know, Admiral, I think I'll just massacre your remaining troops now and watch you die in agony. How would that be?"
      DuGalle: "You vastly underestimate me, my dear."
      Kerrigan: "I don't think so, Admiral. You see, at this point, I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. And not all of your of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way."
  • Street Fighter:
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: In "8-Bit Is Enough", Strong Bad finds out that in order to get into the world of Peasant's Quest he has to look up an answer to the copy protection in the manual.
    Strong Bad: Manual? This game is like a billion years old, I don't have the manual!
    Copy Protector: Then thou art screwed.
  • In Suikoden V, Lucretia, being a noble, has a good line after breaking out of prison and being outside for the first time in years.
    Lucretia: Ahhh... It's been two years since I've breathed the air outside the slammer. Marvelous, isn't it? So refreshing!
  • Tales of the Abyss gives us Emperor Peony, who switches easily between somewhat stilted formal language (required of him as Emperor) and striking informality (his actual personality), sometimes more than once in the same conversation.
    Emperor Peony: "What do you think, Sesemann? Your dear apprentice, Jade, also says we can trust these guys regarding St. Binah."
    Sesemann: "Your Majesty, it's not polite to refer to them as 'these guys'."
  • Team Fortress 2
    • The Spy has a default attitude of a cold, collected professional, except for the goofy grin plastered on his face, and his Dominating taunts, which are what you would expect from a snorting, twelve year-old pun-thrower.
      (to Demoman) "Here's what I have that you don't: A functioning liver, depth perception, and a pulse!"
      (to Engineer) "Yippie-kye-ay, my dead, illiterate friend!"
      (to Engineer) "Did I throw a wrench into your plans?" [mocking laughter]
      (to Heavy) "What's the matter, fat got your tongue?" [laughs]
      (to Medic) [laughing] "Laughter really is the best medicine!" [laughs again, louder]
      (to Medic) "I'm looking at your x-ray, and I'm afraid you suck!"
      (to Pyro) "Burn in hell, you mumbling abomination!"
      (to Scout) "Well, off to visit your mother!"
      (to Scout) "Here lies Scout: He ran fast and died a virgin!"
      (to Scout) "May I borrow your earpiece? [falsetto voice] This is Scout! Rainbows make me cry! Over!"
      (to Scout) "Your deadly skill is jogging. Mine is murdering people."
      (to Sniper) "Boo! You repulsive bushman!"
      (to Sniper) [put-on Australian accent] "No worries, mate!" [laughs]
      (to Soldier) "At least you died for honour. And my amusement."
      (to Soldier) "Oh, Soldier, who will they ever find to replace you?... ANYONE!" [loud laugh]
      (to Soldier) "They can bury you in the Tomb of the Unskilled Soldier!"
    • The Engineer, in the "Meet the Engineer" video.
      Engineer: I solve practical problems. For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean Mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally-superfluous new behind? The answer: use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun.
  • The text in Thy Dungeonman combines Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe with modern slang, leading to phrases like "Thou art hilariously dumb" and "Ye totally has the plague".
  • Ancient Wu of True Crime: Streets of LA is a classic ancient wise mentor type, maybe a bit snarky but otherwise doesn't break from his serene detached mentor demeanour. However, in one optional scene, protagonist Nick Kang's failure to understand his cryptic guidance finally begins to tests Wu's patience.
    Ancient Wu: Where the metal birds flock near the ocean, you will find revenge...
    Nick Kang: What was that? Ancient Wu?
    Ancient Wu: The sixth edifice, at the landing place of the flying machines...
    Nick Kang: Wait, wait, I'm sorry, I don't quite follow.
    Ancient Wu: Santa Monica Airport, Hangar 6, asshole!

    Web Animation 

  • T-Rex From Dinosaur Comics does this a lot, such as describing literary or logical techniques in textbook levels of detail then describing them as "awesome". When discussing logic:
    T-Rex: For example, "T-Rex is a pretty sweet dude because he's always so friggin' awesome!" This is actually formally valid: If the premise is true and I'm friggin' awesome, then it follows that I'm a pretty sweet dude. However, I've provided no logical support for my "T-Rex is awesome" premise, but only made a conclusion (T-Rex = pretty sweet) which relies on the premise being true.
  • The authors of Holy Bibble do the same thing in The Rant occasionally. For example, Cannan explains Correlation does not imply causation using his skillz with teh ladiez here. The resulting effect is like if David Morgan-Marr had spent his formative years perusing internet forums.
  • This is the default method of speech for any installment of MS Paint Adventures; Problem Sleuth loved to intersperse its fluid and verbose narration with abrupt switches to badass one-liners. Homestuck then took this trope and refined it into something of a high art form.
    "And the Knight of Blood so embraced the Bard of Rage, and in each other's arms they were aquiver. And with righteous pap and blessed shoosh he did quell his brother's fury. For the Knight looked upon his Bard all acting up and completely losing his shit and he did resolve to calmeth his Juggalo ass right the fuck down. And so calmed down his juggalo ass was and would continueth to be for all time. And the Knight in totally settling a murderous clown's ludicrous shit down proper said, Let there be Moirallegiance: and it was so. And between moirails would flow bounteous mirth, and they did hug bumpeth plentifully, and honks of reconciliation echoed far and true into the darkness upon the face of the deep."
    • Homestuck also uses jarringly misattributed quotes, such as this one:
      "When the pimp's in the crib ma
      Drop it like it's hot
      Drop it like it's hot
      Drop it like it's hot..."
      -English Romantic poet, John Keats
    • In terms of individual characters, though, special mention must go to Dirk's auto-responder.
      TT: It seems you have asked about DS's chat client auto-responder. This is an application designed to simulate DS's otherwise inimitably rad typing style, tone, cadence, personality, and substance of retort while he is away from the computer. The algorithms are guaranteed to be 93% indistinguishable from DS's native neurological responses, based on some statistical analysis I basically just pulled out of my ass right now.
    • Dave, who likes to write raps, also does this very often.
      TG: i hope you appreciate how much gross spongy proboscis i had to fellate to get this game
    • Jake English uses this frequently, in the form of mixing early-twentieth century speech and ridiculous minced oaths with ordinary swearing.
      GT: Forgive my botherations. I know this is meant to be a spanking ripsnorter of a day for you and all.
      GT: But do you happen to know where the devilfucking dickens mr strider might be?
    • Jane is also fond of this, mixing in some of Jake's old-time language with Rose's love of long, redundant words.
    • Rose herself pulls this frequently, right through Homestuck and into the dubiously canon sequel Homestuck: Beyond Canon, where she, or at least one version of her, is a robot now because of The Homestuck Epilogues.
      ROSEBOT: I'd say it's more of an ontological, existential headache, but that already describes basically everything that's ever happened to us up until now.
      ROSEBOT: And also sounds as fake as shit.
  • Berserker from 8-Bit Theater. When not berserk, he wears a monocle and speaks with a posh British accent; when berserk, he is... considerably less eloquent.
  • In Something*Positive, Mike's therapist informs him "Mike, you are what we in the profession call "fucked up"."
  • This Super Stupor strip.
    Arch-Angela: Take thine critique and place it firmly up thine shitting place; for verily, yours is the glory of being adrift shit creek.
  • El Goonish Shive: Perhaps you are unfamiliar with my vernacular. "Piss off" implies that I wish for you to leave. And preferably injure yourself.
  • Penny Arcade has included gags like this a few times:
  • xkcd
    • These two early xkcd strips.
    • One of the ultimate usages of this trope is another xkcd strip.
    • A fourth xkcd strip utilizes this trope, though it may be a Precision F-Strike instead.
    • Comic 798 investigates the frequency with which the intensifiers "fucking" and "as shit" are paired with various adjectives. Things like "fucking piquant" are surprisingly common, although at the the time of the comic, nobody had used the phrase "fungible as shit".
    • xkcd strikes again. Actually twice more, if you read the rollover text.
  • Achewood uses this to an extremely refined form as the primary source of its humor.
  • Dominic Deegan gives us an instance where experimental "fire monkeys" are running around. It later turns out the monkeys were not only hamming up their actions, but speak in a very refined, charming fashion. Lookie here.
    • "Lo and beware this prophecy of doom ... Fire, destruction and death shall descend upon this village if YOU MORONS DON'T GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!"
    • Later on, Dominic and Luna come face to face with a dragon (an extremely rare creature in this world). The two are left awe-struck, and once it leaves they "reacted the way any pair of intellectuals would have."
      • Shortly thereafter, they visit Olde Tucklebruck Island and Luna tastes some of the native halflings' famous beer. After impressing the innkeeper with her connoisseurship and eloquent commentary on the beer, he lets her try his finest, most prized brew: "The Orion." Her response?
    • Special mention should go to the Wild Edge's slimes who seem brainless to those who can't speak their language, but...
      Slime 1: Fine meal this evening.
      Slime 2: Quite so.
  • Questionable Content includes a couple examples:
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has Molly, a furry bipedal creature who essentially sprang from an experimental genetic serum spilled into a jar of peanut butter. She has a super genius level IQ, yet is chronologically less than two years old — and has a tendency to ping-pong from sophisticated to simplistic in her speech... sometimes two or three times in a single sentence.
  • Though The Order of the Stick mixes characters with modern day speech patterns with High Fantasy tropes, it only rarely indulges in this.
    Miko: My master has ordered their execution for deeds they have committed against his interests. Soon, they shall taste the bitter fruits of their deeds.
    Weasel: Awesome.
  • Aetheria Epics inverts it with the black mage gang at Eastveil Academy:
    Max: "Go ahead, man."
    Vol: "Sure, bro. Ahem...'Twas not 3 midmornings ago that the momentous encounter took place that would forever change our most illustrious organization..."
  • Bob the Angry Flower's Rothgar saga, beginning here.
    Bob: In faith let us one final time review the plan!
    You Rothgar and your men will over there cower like cowards and the children of cowards. Here I wait with my laser ray. Grendel will enter and I'll, y'know...I'll zap him.
    • Later,
      Bob: Good your majesty, I wish not to be a dick about this but no fucking way.
  • Butler in PvP delivers a memorable one to Brent. After Robbie sends Butler to do his work at the magazine, the staff begin abusing the privileges, especially Brent. When Robbie eventually asks Butler to come back, Butler says he will as soon as he does one last thing. He promptly walks into Brent's office and says quite calmly, "You, good sir, may go to hell."
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: Kat's official sharpness classification for Coyote's Tooth? Really damn sharp.
  • Hark! A Vagrant: "So old. Old as balls."
  • From this SMBC Theater sketch:
    Dr Sands: We exist in different epistemological paradigms, fuckpants!
  • Girl Genius has one when Franz (the guardian lizard of Mechanicsberg) meets what appears to be a classical dragon. Franz tries using his Breath Weapon, to no effect.
    Dragon: Are you finished, peasant? Clearly, you are naught but a sideshow wonder, sprung from the blasphemies of some half-witted student of Outdated Academy!
    Franz: Wot? But... aren't we all?
    Dragon: Fire is not how true dragons duel.
    Franz: Oh, great. Let me guess, this is where you spout off a bunch of fancy riddles and stuff?
    Dragon: No. This is pretty much where I just beat you to death.
  • In Among the Chosen characters often go from highly technical mil-speak to vagina jokes and back in the same sentence.
  • From The Rant to this Skin Horse strip (a preview of the bonus strip "Great Moments with Baron Mistycorn"):
    Channing: I believe it was the Greek philosopher Aristotle who, in his Poetics, first stated the now-widespread truism of dramatic structure "Every good story should contain at least one friggin' unicorn." I am proud to report that the Volume 5 bonus comic cleaves closely to this Aristotelian ideal.
  • This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: "His use of common language in a poetic context is sublime, sugar-tits."
  • Gloomverse: Professor Purple.
    Purple: You know, I tried to play nice for Petunia's sake... But since you're so determined to receive a logical ass kicking I'll be more than happy to oblige.
  • Feminist Hulk's Twitter feed.
  • Happens a lot in Kill Six Billion Demons, but the best is probably this comment:
    There was a brief silence, as the Successor contemplated this profound truth — yea, that entity beyond understanding, scribe of YISUN, whose name and Word would lay waste to the seven-headed beast and hasten the downfall of all things.
    Of those assembled, the devils, imps both yet each once ebon, awaited the Successor's answer most seriously, for each knew the potential of the words of the divine in the mouths of men, being potent liars armed only with the rather inferior and garbled grammar of devils. The doctor-maiden, thrust into a foreign world, freed and shackled at once and ignorant wholly of the greater divinities beyond her former mistress, nevertheless felt a great trepidation, the Name itself resonating with a deep inner organ of fear and awe. And none knew the mind of the angel who spoke, for no flame but that kindled by the design of her skull was apparent. Even confronted with Royalty which transgressed the division between stillness and violence, she did not fear death or reincarnation.
    There came a deathly pause, during which the universe shifted a scant few microns closer to better hear the Successor's answer, upsetting the calendar-keepers of Throne and sparking a minor civil war. In the void, angelic consciousnesses craned towards the ship, Incubus reclined in the space between thoughts and readied a pencil to take notes, and Himself shifted in his iron cradle, so that a single mammoth ear might recognize the voice of the Successor as it replied.
    And yea, the Successor spoke thus: "Wait, like from Transformers?"
  • On one wintry day in Let's Speak English comic #108, Mary sees little bird tracks in the snow and is inspired to make a haiku:
    Behold, a small bird
    Left tiny tracks in the snow
    That is cute as fuck.
  • Awful Hospital delivers a sample of this at the end of the Parliament Meeting peripheral material:
    Wallflap: The Hospital.
    Drainflunk: SHIT.
  • The Oatmeal dabbles in this from time to time. Oats likes to alternate long words and elaborate, poetic descriptions with flowery, creative profanity.
    • From "I Have First-Hand Experience With An Undead Parrot"
      Grumpy implies a dissatisfied, surly exterior lined by a tender, endearing underbelly. But Grump was not tender. His name should have been Asshole. His name should have been Genghis-Nightmare-Shitting-Khan. His name should have been OH GOD NO.
  • Unsounded: Vampire's Flowery Elizabethan English reflects his three-century age and his limited exposure to the outside world. Most of that exposure is through soldiers, however, leading to moments like these.
    "...A cruel beldam, howbeit fain I am to indulge it. Ye statist cunts cannot understand how your tyranny harms the heart."
  • Concerned has this in one of Frohman's letters to Breen (in fact, the one that named the comic). A letter from the original game simply read "Dear Doctor Breen: Why has the Combine seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle? Sincerely, a concerned citizen." Concerned reveals that it was actually heavily edited to air, because the "unedited version" featured lines like "I got no angle in my dangle! You feel me?"
  • Schlock Mercenary: During a mission to Credomar, Schlock ends up in a fire-fight that doesn't exactly end well (mainly in that he kept missing his target). Massey, the company lawyer, is on hand to give Schlock a chewing out. While the actual dressing down is short, the lead up to it...
    Never before... not during law school, not during my six years in private practice, not even working as a Public Defender... Never have I been privileged to give a subordinate a "dressing down."
    Such a momentous occasion deserves a diatribe inspired by tragic Melpomene, or perhaps comedic Thalia, framed within the gifts of Polyhymnia's oratory and rhetoric.
    In that same Hellenic vein, I have mused upon the upbraiding to be administered, pondered the possible punishments...
    ...And found, to my lament this condign castigation must be meet for your particularly picayune patois.

    You idiot.

    Web Original 
  • 20020: In chapter 6, Nine's philosophical, eloquent reflections on the bowl game and what they find fascinating about it are capped off with a blunt statement that they also think it "sucks ass."
    Nine: We're all experience eternal lives, and the interminable nature of this game reminds us that for us, a long time is no time at all. Which, personally, is a reminder I've found very edifying.
    I also think it sucks ass.
  • This Cracked article lampshades the presence of inaccurate biblical "quotes" in a comic.
  • This E-Card which states "I do not spew profanities, I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady."
  • This Not Always Right story.
  • This discussion on
  • The Posh Mothershuckling Dangle Donger Hour, a Gag Dub of the cutscenes from Hotel Mario made using a text-to-speech program that puts in the mouths of Mario, Luigi, and the Princess dialogue that alternates between sesquipedalian, vulgar, and just plain weird.
  • This Dorkly bit of Final Fantasy has Warrior speaking in a very eloquent tone and manner while cursing like a sailor.
  • Drunk History, a series of videos in which inebriated history professors attempt to relate a historical anecdote they find profound or important, which is then enacted, according to the drunk lecture, by comedy actors. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The typical Pube Muppet Flash animation starts with Pube Muppet greeting a store clerk with "Hello, my good man. I am the Pube Muppet." He then lists numerous things he wishes to purchase and what he intends to do with them before storming off saying "What the fuck! What kind of piece of shit establishment is this?! Fuck off and let me be!" when the clerk says one of the things he wanted is something they don't have in stock.
  • This young gentleman respectfully express his displeasure with the certain peculiar aspects of the functionality of his mother's alarm clock.
  • Cleolinda Jones tends to use this trope, especially in her Varney the Vampire recaps, when she makes fun of the old-fashioned language used.
    And then all the servants quit. Sorry—the feelings of the domestics inasmuch as the domestics could afford to have feelings were inevitably altered towards the desirability of the wages paid thereunto by the appearance of A FUCKING VAMPIRE.
  • This CollegeHumor article.
    ''I believe it was Sigmund Freud who once said, "Sometimes horrific things just fall out of your mouth before you can muster up the strength to stop them. That's just the worst, man, for real."
  • When answering fan mail, Foamy usually replies with a Cluster F-Bomb rant, but ends with a polite greeting.
  • I bid thee my holy angel, to go forth and kick him in the teeth.
  • TheStrawhatNO! alternate seamlessly between diaper jokes and psychology jokes, cocaine jokes and DaVinci helicopter jokes, to the point that Thorn and Travis consider this trope to be their signature sense of humour.
    Thorn: "We're like the dynamic range of an orchestra: we go all the way up and all the way down."
    Travis: "We can somehow fit into one sentence 'Pavlov's conditioning, motherfucker', and it somehow works."
  • Thug Kitchen, bitches. It was a goddamn vegetarian recipe blog with a shitload of chain swearing. Call the cops, they don't give a fuck. (During the Social Justice Summer of 2020, they changed their name to Bad Manners and cut way back on the swearing, so apparently they give more of a fuck than previously stated)
  • Thug Notes is a fine example of this trope, where bibliophile Sparky Sweets offers an analysis of literary classics in a thug persona.
  • Dear Thomas Kidd: Bite Me, a Slacktivist blog post, does a variation that starts out with the blatant insult and then tones it down to "You Are Henceforth Cordially Invited to Bite Me", in order to be sarcastic about how much importance the group he's yelling at puts on "civility" even when behaving like tools.
  • SF Debris: the review of "The Defector" includes a quote from Shakespeare that has been edited to include the phrase "pimp hand".
  • The central aspect of the Reading Rainbowverse is characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic reading webcomics. So when Octavia begins reading, say, Jailbreak ...
  • The Onion editorial, "I Do So Adore the Adult Theatre," is built around this trope:
    "These so-called "critics" are sorely misinformed. If only they would let go of their conventional, preconceived notions of what "good theatre" is, they would see the beauty and timelessness of such tales as Cum-Crazed Slurp Sluts Vol. 14."
  • "Guy In Philosophy Class Needs To Shut The Fuck Up" has a great quote from the professor of the class:
    "Mr. Floen is a valuable contributor to our in-class discussions," Rosenthal said. "His tendency to question and challenge everything before him captures the very essence of philosophy itself." Rosenthal added: "Having said that, I do wish he would occasionally do me the valued service of shutting his damn cake hole."
  • Texts Between Gems: Time to amend your inductive reasoning, butthead.
  • As said above, Yahtzee has a tendency to do this. When asked whether he thinks video games contribute to violent activities in youth, the screen flashes, "No, and I consider your argument misinformed," but he says, "No, and go fuck yourselves, you ignorant scaremongering cockbags."
    • ... and later in the same video:
      To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: "No chance, you unreasonable dicks."
  • articles tend to be like this. For example, Five Superpowers Science Will Give Us In Our Lifetime but he says, describes future scientific breakthroughs with the glee of a child and the mind of an adult:
    A group of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute scientists working with nanolayers (molecular chains of carbon molecules with elements such as silicon, oxygen or sulfur) accidentally found that heating nanolayers of commercially available glue sandwiched between copper and silica, it created a bond that one researcher called "As strong as a motherfucker."
  • AV Club column "IMDBates" examines internet flamewars with the same detail and language one might use to document a trial. For instance "Reducing [the Joker] to such a base interpretation of "Omigod he's hawt!!!" robs him of his effectiveness, and reveals a shallow understanding of the film. Plus, all you ladies are sicko pervs."
  • Uncyclopedia
    • The wiki assigns appropriate quotations to Oscar Wilde. Well, for some definition of "appropriate".
    • A Wiki Vandal created the Fisher Price page with nothing but the four words "go eat shit fuckers". Through Wiki Magic, this has now become "Fisher Price: A Retrospective" a seriously-presented essay over 3500 words long, interpreting this comment with references anything from Taoism to aliens and environmentalism to oral sex and claiming that "It is considered by many art critics to be one of the greatest literary achievements of our time."
  • Three Minute Philosophy runs on this trope:
    Aristotle transformed the landscape of western thought with his revolutionary theories of philosophy and science, which was an amazing achievement although the bulk of his theories are already discovered to be nigh-incomprehensible bullshit.
  • An online skit has a freestyle rap translated in the Queen's English.
  • Winston Churchill attempting to tell FDR about the German Invasion of Poland in this World War II parody video.
  • The Joesph Ducreux / Archaic Rap meme uses this, in which the photo accompanies rap lyrics written in a more clinical manner (though it never actually does use a section of modern terms). The Bayeux Tapestry meme does it similarly, but not only on rap lyrics.
  • Every other definition on Urban Dictionary.
  • Juggalo News.
  • Alamos's guide to playing a druid in WoW is written in language that bears a strong resemblance to lolcat-speak. Once, when confronted by a heckler for his inability to write proper English, his response was several paragraphs of extremely sophisticated language defending his guide, which at the end reverted to his previous style:
    "While you may not be able to see the humor in the posts, realize that they are not the product of a trite or idle mind. Above all else, realize that Alamo is loves you and is want even some shiny paladins as can be friends with him, even if they is can makes him run slow now!"
  • While celebrity gossip blog Dlisted is already informal in tone, it has a category whose name, "What A Fucking Lady", invokes this trope and documents (among other things) many examples of celebrities' profane or otherwise un-ladylike language inserted into an otherwise innocuous interview for a respectable publication.
  • This parody of a physics lab report.
    "Abstract: The exponential dependence of resistivity on temperature in germanium is found to be a great big lie. My careful theoretical modeling and painstaking experimentation reveal 1) that my equipment is crap, as are all the available texts on the subject and 2) that this whole exercise was a complete waste of my time."
  • Wikipedia and related sites:
    • From their article on the "Online Disinhibitation Effect": In psychology, the online disinhibition effect, also known in popular culture as John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (GIFT), refers to the way people behave on the Internet with less restraint than in real-world situations.
    • The Wikipedia article for "fuck."
    • The Wikipedia page for Fucking, Austria is also quite hilarious because of this. Especially the quote from the mayor; "What is this big Fucking joke?"
    • The page on 16, considered the filthiest poem in any language, is hilarious because of this - especially the section patiently deconstructing the sexual puns in the poem.
      Likewise, parum pudicum refers to Catullus, and can mean "wanton" or "fellator". Thus, in explicit modern English, the pun suggests that "just because my verses are little and soft, doesn't mean that I'm the same, that I'm some hussy cock-sucker who can't get it up". This may be translated more delicately with the analogous English pun, "that I've gone all soft".
    • Wiktionary doesn't let Wikipedia have all the fun, either, as seen in definitions of phrases like this one.
    • In an article about Analytical Marxism: While the analytical Marxists dismissed "dialectically oriented" Marxism as "bullshit", others maintain that the distinctive character of Marxist philosophy is lost if it is understood "non-dialectically"..
    • An administrator once created a bunch of questionable redirects involving words like "boobies" and "tits". Some of them also featured more formal terms, which led to titles like "Segmental removal of the titties", "Absences of the boobies", "Hypoplastic tits" and "Supernumerary boobies". They have since been deleted.
  • This strip alone.
    Winston: Kindly remove your bloody hands from the duchess at once! You... confounded... vacuous... malodourous... NINCOMPOOP COWBOY!
  • The Disney Wiki used to have an official category for dim-witted characters called "Idiots".
  • This tumblr post about the Mona Lisa of Prado (an early copy of the Mona Lisa which has maintained its original color:
    Poster 2: Your response to a beautiful piece of artwork done by Leonardo Da Vinci himself is "SHES GOT EYEBROWS". Alright. All intelligent life has been lost.
    Poster 3: Yo Snooty McSnotwhine, the Mona Lisa's vanished eyebrows have been the subject of debate and analysis in the art expert community for hundreds of years, long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together.
  • In PBG Hardcore we see Dean drop some of this.
    McJones: Is it just me or are we a lot more hostile towards each other than we usually-
    Dean: Hey, fuck you McJones, I'm as- cordial as shit.
  • SCP Foundation: The "Doctors of the Church" canon phrases the canon summary as a religious text where a mass Keter outbreak has collapsed civilization and forced the senior Foundation staff to rebuild the Foundation as a religion with Dr. Bright as God/Jesus in order to restore order. Bright is not happy about this in the slightest.
    And they saw the Lord Bright approach them; and a great commotion arose through the crowd, for they thought Him dead. And the Lord spoke with a great voice, and He said; 'Shut the fuck up for ten seconds and I'll tell you.'
    • The arboreal glade where names are forbidden and inhabitants and features thereof cannot be referred to using any consistent designations, forcing the Foundation to use a variety of terms ranging from "the forest outside normative space" to "the fluffy one".
  • Dzwiedz 24 swears like a sailor, sometimes uses Antiquated Linguistics, Buffy Speak and drops obscure trivia. Sometimes all in the same sentence.
    "I do have a profound feeling of being in deep shit."
  • This meme uses the inaccurate quotation version to have Leo Tolstoy state that the three stories of great literature are "a man goes on a journey, a stranger comes to town, and Godzilla vs Megashark."
  • "Plains, Trains, and Plantains", an infamous allegedly real submitted essay that made the rounds around the internet, is rife with juvenile profanity, incoherent nonsense, formatting issues, and generally has nothing to do with the essay prompt, Oedipus Rex. However, the first and final paragraphs start off somewhat like an actual essay, before the author promptly ruins it.
    Actual opening lines: A man can only justify his actions if he regards his demeanor with deductive reasoning. This man was not Oedipus[,] mainly because he was a fucking douchebag [sic].
    Actual last lines: In the version which must have been the favorite of Sophocles' Athenian audience, Oedipus found sanctuary at Colonus, outside of Athens. The kindness he was shown at the end made the city itself blessed. Which is the gayest ending ever [sic]. The Greeks invented anal lube. This is my conclusion. The end.

    Web Video 
  • 5 Second Films: "Let's retire to my chambers where we can smoke cigars and have a civilized ''fucking'' discussion!"
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Krillin does this during the season 1 finale:
    Wow, such power from every living being on the planet. I can feel it all surging inside of me... every man, woman, and child. This is planet Earth's very essence! "...Boo-yah, mother-fu*ker!"
    • Gohan has occasionally displayed this trope when angry:
      Take that, you insufferable f*cking simpleton!
    • Cooler spends the entirety of his first movie being very regal and eloquent. Then he finally transforms and drops the immortal line "Imma plant me a dumbass tree!"
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged has a field day with Walter's existing tendency for this by making his comments of this style more mean-spirited than in the original.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged:
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged has Zigfried von Shroeder, in his exaggerated German glory. One example, when he's ready for his evil plan to kick off at noon:
    Zigfried: And now zat ze little hand and ze big hand are kissing each other on ze mouth with tongue, Operation F*ck Everything Up is about to begin!
  • Derek the Bard, professional librarian, often veers between educated literary analysis and history lessons and joking about Farscape.
  • The Nostalgia Critic gets an epic example in his review of Tom and Jerry: The Movie:
    Critic: My God. Tom and Jerry... are dead. Alas, poor Tom and Jerry. I knew them, viewing audience. Two fellows of infinite jest and of most excellent fancy. They had borne me on many hilarious antics a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it, whatever the hell that means. Here hung those lips that have been mangled I know not how oft. Where be your screams now? Your torn limbs, your shattered teeth, your set of bowling pins that were wont to set children and adults at a roar? Not one now, to mock your antics. Your skirt has fallen. Now, get you to Hollywood's chamber, and tell them, let them stop this douchebaggery that shocks and terrorises those with most excellent humour. And show them what made such great laughter so great. Make them laugh at that... shit fuckers.
  • The Critic's former colleague, Brows Held High host Kyle "Oancitizen" Kallgren, sometimes uses this trope to great effect. Given that his show is about reviewing arthouse films in a high-brow, highly analytical way, it is a baffling contrast to suddenly see him utter a Precision F-Strike, or even go into Cluster F-Bomb. Exhibit A:
    Kyle: This is a 2006 French outing by Jean-Claude Brisseau which explores the nature of sexualité... And MAN, does it piss me off!
  • Ultra Fast Pony's episode "Edgar Allen Poen" is a pastiche of "The Raven". The only jokes are the occasional, completely-out-of-place uses of informal language.
    That day, I remained observant, as our contest grew more fervent.
    Every task I had to finish, I was always beaten to.
    And whatever Twilight needed, all my efforts were impeded
    But defeat was not conceded. There was much more I could do.
    But Owloysius beat me to all the work I set to do.
    I called him gay. He said "Who."
  • This video from The Idea Channel, where the normally articulate host tries to compare and contrast the appeal behind Breaking Bad and Lost:
    "Breaking Bad is up there with Lost on the list of shows that encourage fan theory about what might happen next, the major difference being that in Breaking Bad, unlike Lost, there is actually a return on your thinking investments since stuff...actually...MEANS...things."
  • The True Facts About... series by Zefrank uses this a lot. The narrator is somewhere between a calm, David Attenborough-style narration and random asides on animal penises and animal intelligence (or lack thereof).
    "However, this lack of brainpower gives the koala a discrete evolutionary advantage in that it does not give a fuck." *cut to video of a koala stoically clinging to a branch, absolutely soaked from the rain*
  • Commentary! The Musical from Dr. Horrible, "Zack's Rap". After a normal, profanity-laden rap song, Zack Whedon devolves into artistic rambling:
    Not to mention my whole Moist storyline
    Where he gets caught selling blow at a rest stop and serves time
    And then he gets out and tries to get his shit together and teaches art to underprivileged kids at the local high school, but things take an interesting turn when an old gambling buddy comes to collect. See it's his former life coming back to haunt him. You can't outrun your past. See? Get it? That's the point, Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?!
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd can go from properly explaining the game to cursing like a mad man without effort. The most notable example in his re-revist to the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde on NES when he explains that the game is symbolic and represents mankind's struggle between good and evil... before concluding that the game just fucking sucks. Another variation of this trope concluded his review of Godzilla for the Game Boy: "The best way to sum this up is to recite a very famous quote from William Shakespeare: Fuck it." His Ghosts and Goblins review ends with him lampshading that he has no new material and has to rely on "the classics" which includes the "Precision F-Strike": "Oh, this game lures you in with its bouquet of [...] and then bends you over and fucks you in the ass!".
  • Epic Rap Battles of History often delves into this territory when the combatants are more on the sophisticated side. One example that comes to mind is Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child. The actress playing Child imitates her distinctive voice perfectly.
    "Oh I'm so glad you spent this time with me, now eat a dick! Bon appetit.
    • William Shakespeare stands out for including Antiquated Linguistics in his first verse along with more modern insults (in Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter, no less). This also extends to Romeo and Juliet.
      Shakespeare: I'll put a slug between your shoulder blades, then ask what light through yonder poser breaks?
      Romeo: My love, your face is beauty to behold, I will protect thine honor from these dustbowl dildos!
      Juliet: A moment's break from your gaze is an eternity past, so together we shall both put these bitches on blast!
  • Bennett the Sage:
    • Parodied in his now-discontinued Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, where he tried to be as sophisticated as possible while reading stuff like My Immortal.
    • Parodied in the review of Cyber City Oedo 808, which had an episode featuring two characters speaking formally—while threatening to shove the remains of a robot and a person respectively up the other's ass. Bennett's response? A hammy, faux-English accented, handkerchief-waving faux-classy threat of threatening to shove a sphere up someone's urethra.
  • Bernadette Banner often combines Antiquated Linguistics with modern slang, but her Take That! videos towards a mass produced rip off of her medieval dress and correcting cheap Halloween costumes for historical accuracy really take the cake.
    The ruff, which previously sat round the neck, could now be worn open, framing the edge of the bodice. An unlike our weird, slim, little fantasy princess shoulder puff sleeves on the costume OG Elizabethans required ultimate puff. The entire sleeve just one massive puff.
  • Jake and Amir has plenty of this, including the inexplicable recurring catchphrase "Oh sheesh, y'all, 'twas a dream!"
    Murph: Now you buy me and Amir that bronze elephant trunk wall sconce, and we call it Even Steven Seagal.
    Jake: Come on, you want one too?
    Murph: They're TASTEFUL as FUCK, bro! You got a problem?
  • Vagrant Holiday is an acerbic, potty-mouthed world traveller with extensive knowledge of world history and a knack for photography. He also purposely travels like a hobo.
  • Metal Spoken Word is a web video series where the host reads lyrics from Death Metal songs, most of which are about killing people and doing obscene things to the bodies, as if they were poems, while classical music plays.
  • The YouTube video "How to Write a Fugue" by Danny Pi.
    "'Oops I Did It Again' marks the end of Britney Spears's transition from her 'sweet Catholic ingenue' phase to her 'impetuous skanky youth' phase."
  • In this video from 1980, Osho explained the many different uses of the F-word.
  • The Letterkenny web short "The Skateboard Trick" is about Wayne, Daryl, and Squirrely Dan talking about the time a skateboarder hurt his ball sack after a trick went wrong and switch between crass terms and biological parts of the male genital system when they talk about what they would be worried about if they busted their balls doing a skate trick.

    Western Animation 
  • Castlevania (2017) has Death in Season 4:
    Death: Why is it that only human hands can reach into hell? Don't you think that's weirdly fucked up?
  • The Cleveland Show: After Loretta passes away, Cleveland learns that she left all of her fortune exclusively to her son, Cleveland Jr, and leaving Cleveland with nothing at all. The attorney says they have terminology to describe such a situation.
    Attorney: Mr. Brown, this is something that we in the funeral industry call a "dick move."
  • In the DuckTales (1987) episode "Ducks on the Lam", Duckworth telling the police in no uncertain terms to get off the McDuck property: "And so, in the words of the immortal Shakespeare: 'hit the road, Jack!'"
  • Transformers:
    • In Transformers: Animated, after the defeat of the Headmaster, who usually talks in Leet Speak, the usually scientific Professor Sumdac comments, "I believe the phrase is 'total 0wnage, n00b'."
    • Transformers: Generation 1 has Computron, after defeating the Decepticon Terrorcons, say "Estimated probability of Terrorcon victory over Computron: 4.1 percent. Scoot!" The Decepticons make a break for it, as do the other bad guys, the Quintessons.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the very first "Treehouse of Horror", the third segment is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, which pretty much uses the poem word for word, except for a brief deviation, since Bart plays the raven. "Quoth the raven, 'Eat my shorts!'"
      Lisa: Bart, stop it! He says, "Nevermore!" and that's all he'll ever say.
    • This exchange:
      Gangsta: Yo boy, this class is tight. You go from slopper to proper.
      Bart: Cool!
      Socialite: Welcome to my etiquette class, The Proper Young Man.
      Bart: But the black man said ...
      Socialite: Are you accusing my husband of misleading you? Good gracious, I should bust a cap in your ass.
    • The socialite woman's reaction to Homer pushing her aside to catch an elevator: "How dreadfully rude! I do hope someone stabs him in the eye."
    • And the aftermath of Lisa cheating in Shirley Temple Expy Little Vicky's class: "Why, I am ever so pissed!"
    • Then there's Lisa's description of Mr Burns as a "monopolistic, self-aggrandising... umm... stinky-pants!"
    • A tamer version shows up in a Treehouse of Horror episode. When Homer finds himself in a mysterious 3D realm (or as he says, "has anyone seen TRON?"), this happens:
      Homer's Brain: Oh glory of glories! Oh, heavenly testament to the eternal majesty of God's creation!
      Homer: (out loud) HOLY MACARONI!!!
    • In an episode where Homer and Marge have to choose between vacationing in Florida or attending an elderly relative's birthday:
      Homer: As the Bible says, "Screw that!"
    • When Bart and Lisa are confronted with the task of overloading the power grid in 'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky...
      Lisa: Now we merely push this switch to "overload". (she reaches then hesitates) ...Yet once we do, we'll be breaking the law. Can good truly come from civil disobedience? Gandhi thought so, but-
      Bart: Gandhi also said "less talk, more rock"! (throws the lever)
    • Number 1 of the Stonecutters, voiced by the great Patrick Stewart; happily indulges in this;
      Number One (solemnly): Tonight is our glorious ancient society's fifteen-and-hundredth anniversary, and in honor of this momentous occasion... (Beat, grinning from ear-to-ear) ...We're havin' ribs!
    • Unintentionally done by Sideshow Bob when he tries to mock construction workers' catcalls:
      Sideshow Bob: Oh, yeah, shake it, madam! Capital knockers!
    • In "Bart's Friend Falls In Love," Homer tries listening to a subliminal messaging tape to lose weight, unaware that he's been sent a vocabulary improvement tape instead, causing him to speak in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
      Marge: I don't know if that tape is working. You ate three desserts tonight!
      Homer: Forbearance is the watchword. That triumvirate of Twinkies merely overwhelmed my resolve!
    • "Lisa the Vegetarian," as Lisa and Homer give each other the Silent Treatment:
      Lisa: Bart, tell Dad I'll only pass the syrup if it won't be used on any meat product.
      Bart: (to Homer) You dunkin' your sausages in that syrup, homeboy?
  • Forced on Brain in an episode of Animaniacs. As "Noodle Noggin", he'd talk in the way he usually speaks... on a kids' show. So an established character on the show would bop him on the head mid-sentence and he'd switch over to speaking like Pinky. Apparently, the fake Show Within a Show made a Running Gag of this.
    • In an episode of his spinoff show, Brain becomes a stand-up comedian as part of his latest scheme. Unfortunately, his jokes tend to be highly obscure prompting a bunch of hecklers. Brain then proceeds to insult the hecklers in an incredibly erudite and Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness filled manner ("I find you REPUGNANT!"). The audience finds it hilarious and Brain becomes a hit.
    • The Warners are given to this kind of thing too, especially Yakko.
      Yakko: All is strange and vague.
      Dot: Are we dead?
      Yakko: Or is this Ohio?
    • The segments where Yakko reads Shakespeare and Dot translates it. Example:
      Yakko: (as Hamlet) And now how abhor'd in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it!
      Dot: I'm going to blow chunks!
  • From the Phineas and Ferb episode "Nerdy Dancin'":
    Phineas: So, brother of mine, what endeavor shall we engage in today?
    Jeremy walks up to Phineas and Ferb
    Phineas: Hey, Jeremy. What's the haps, big guy?
  • From the 1949 Droopy short "Outfoxed":
    Droopy: Hello, Mr. Fox. Now can I catch you?
    (Very) English Fox: Ah, as they say in America... (Brooklyn accent) Are you kiddin'?
    • This is followed up by a visual version of this trope, where the prospect of a steak dinner causes the fox to launch into a series of wild takes before returning to his usual deadpan expression.
    • Truth in Television: The most esteemed British actors, both then and now, tend to be quite familiar with the idioms of American speech.
  • One episode of Mission Hill had Kevin get in trouble for saying the word "douchebag" at school, and his brother Andy was called to discuss the situation. The prim and proper principal wouldn't say the word out loud so he instead wrote it on a piece of paper in very elegant, cursive handwriting. This just makes the brothers crack up laughing, with Andy apologetically explaining that he'd never seen the word written so nicely before.
  • Dexter's Laboratory had a series of back-up shorts called "The Justice Friends" where three superheroes (based on Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor) lived together as roommates. The one based on Thor was called "Val Hallen" and he spoke in an odd mixture of Ye Olde Butchered English and Totally Radical.
  • The Dapper Crackhead in The Boondocks. (Starts about a minute in.)
  • Gravity Falls: Old Man McGucket has a tendency to mix complex Techno Babble with hillbilly speak. A flashback shows he talked like this even before he went crazy.
    McGucket: Well, first I just hootenanied up a biomechanical brain-wave generator! Then I learned to operate a stick-shift with my beard.
  • Looney Tunes: In the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon "Weasel While You Work", after Leghorn plays a practical joke on the farm dog, the dog answers "There is but one course for me to follow... I'LL MOIDER DA BUM!"
  • In one episode of Futurama, Bender joins the Robot Mafia and finds himself ordered to take part in a heist that involves robbing the Planet Express ship of its cargo. To keep Fry and Leela from finding out that he's one of the robbers, Bender doesn't enter the room until they're blindfolded. He then switches a dial that makes him go from a "robot" voice to a "king" voice, essentially giving him an English accent while talking the same way.
    Bender (as Nibbler clings to his leg): I say, get the hell off me!
    Leela: That guy sounds familiar...
    • Bender is especially given to this whenever he gets in a Tyrant Takes the Helm situation, as in "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" when Fry lashes out against his behavior as "captain."
      Bender: Sir, you forget yourself! Shut up!
    • Fry isn't immune to this either, naturally.
      (after buying a Hippie Van:) "And in light of the fact that it's not a-rockin', I invite you to come a-knockin'."
      (on da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man":) "Note how the perspective lines draw the eye right to his dong."
      (abandoned by his friends at Oktoberfest) "Ach du freakin' Lieber!"
      "Leela, I'm no doctor, but I'm afraid you be exhibiting symptoms of illin'."
    • And Zapp Brannigan.
      "I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies."
    • Recovering from Phlebotinum-Induced Stupidity in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" causes Leela to invert the usual order of this gag by switching out of Hulk Speak midsentence.
      Leela: Me…feel…a bit better in cognitive faculties!
  • In Dan Vs., Dan himself is a passionate fan of Shakespeare and peppers his language with Latin phrases, but is still prone to violent stupidity and making up words, which he justifies by saying Shakespeare made up words as well.
  • When Kenny goes with Butters to Hawaii in the South Park episode "Going Native", he writes a letter eloquently describing the fine details of the locale and culture in sentimental fashion, even signing his name as "Kenneth". In the middle is the following paragraph: "I saw this hot chick in a bikini. She had really nice, big boobs." And the voiceover for all of this is an upper-class English accent.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Master Splinter has moments of this.
    Splinter: As the great sage Sakamoto once said, 'Read 'em and weep.' (...) If one cannot afford to pay, one should not play, suckers.
  • Occasionally appears on Adventure Time:
    • In "Go With Me", Finn and Marceline go to the couples' movie night, but quickly grow tired of the sappy romantic movie playing.
      Finn: Marceline, would you do me the honor of getting us the plop out of here?
    • Princess Bubblegum constantly shifts from high-fantasy-dialogue to Buffy Speak or hip-hop slang in the same sentence. For example, in "You Made Me!", where she tries to bribe the Notorious Pup Gang into living with the Earl of Lemongrab:
      Bubblegum: I grant you the big cash money wad! Now off with you, to Castle Lemongrab!
  • This was a big part of Gibbs's character in Titan Maximum. Most of the time, Gibbs came across as a smooth, sophisticated evil mastermind type-but was also very prone to shooting his foes the bird and doling out crass insults.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998):
    • In "Child Fearing", Buttercup caps off a verbose and loquacious summary of Napoleon Bonaparte's life by calling Mojo Jojo "stupid".
    • In "Makes Zen to Me", Buttercup takes up meditation as a form of anger management, but her master tries to encourage her to take up fighting again after he gets attacked by Mojo Jojo.
      Master: The water rushing down the mountainside washes away impurities and replenishes the land. You must be like water, grasshopper.
      Buttercup: What?
      Master: Kick his butt!!
  • Bojack Horseman, "Fish out of Water":
    Bojack: Hey, I stand by my critique of Sartre. His philosophical arguments helped tyrannical regimes justify overt cruelty. Also, the French smell and I hate them.
  • In Xiaolin Showdown, we have Omi's appalling attempts at slang and even Master Fung gets in on this trope;
    Omi: I mean no disrespect, Master, but I am soooo outta here!
    Master Fung: (Chuckles) That's another one of my thousand lessons.
    Dojo: Never bet against Fung!
    Master Fung: Up high!
  • An episode of Family Guy had Peter Griffin engage in a bit of this.
    Peter: [bursting through the door] WHERE ARE MY FLAPJACKS? (...) You will recall last night, e'er I drifted off into slumber with a nudie magazine betwixt my legs, I spake thusly: "Lois, tomorrow mornin' I want flapjacks!" It was a simple message, YET IT HAS GONE UNHEEDED!
  • Occurs in Tuca & Bertie episode "Yeast Week" when Tuca is treated for an an abdominal pain: "Okay, let me put this as sensitively as I can: you have an egg up in your cooch and you'd be a moron not to cut that shit out of your lady pipes."
  • From the Ed Eddn Eddy episode “One + One = Ed”:
    Jimmy: Fate has dealt a cruel hand. Darn it!
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks: In "Empathalogical Fallacies", T'Lyn starts to doubt her "Vulcanness," so Mariner goes on a rant about how Bendii syndrome is the most Vulcan thing ever, and Sarek was still "Vulcan as a motherf*cker." T'Lyn stands up and says calmly, "I suppose, by the transitive property, I too must be Vulcan as a motherf*cker."

  • This is one of many tropes that F.A.T.A.L. provides an example of how not to use. The "historically and mythologically accurate scholarship" is interspersed with vulgarity that would make a drunken frat-boy wince, with a note that this was added for humorous effect. "Experience an accumulation of gas in their rectum"note  indeed.
  • Humorist Lore Sjoberg, author of among other things The Book of Ratings, combines Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and formal diction (often more formal than his topic would seem to merit) with slang and profanity.
  • Badass of the Week runs off this trope.
  • This is actually used as a call-in contest by a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta. The announcer, in a complete monotone, gives a line from a popular song (but not a signature line, such as from the chorus) and the caller has 10 seconds to get the song. Because of the complete lack of context in rhythm and tone, it's actually damn hard.
  • Discussing the semantics of the phrase "Shut the fuck up": "The main syntactic problem is to determine whether the fuck is being used as a pleonastic (semantically empty) direct object of shut or as a pre-head modifier of the preposition phrase (PP) headed by up."
    • There are some other instances but mostly interfixing in English occurs in very specialized circumstances. Despite that, it follows rules. For instance, it always occurs on word boundaries, rather than morpheme boundaries. We all possess very clear intuitions regarding the validity of 'im-fucking-possible' and 'impossi-fucking-able'.
      • Of course, the is also research contradicting this principle, placing the general intuition as more related to prosody, or the pattern of emphasis, rather than word boundaries, exemplified by the acceptance of "abso-fucking-lutely" and the amusingly ludicrous "absolute-fucking-ly."
    • Furthermore, while our minds are able to recognise the point where the bound morpheme ends and the free morpheme begins (as evidenced in the above example, considering that most interfixes in English do tend to be of a similar nature) there are cases where a word may be one lexical morpheme where a few of the letters resemble a derivational morpheme (or may be mistaken for an allomorph of a derivational morpheme), leading people to either add an interfix at that juncture or to replace a portion of the word with the interfix. For example, I could take the word ridiculous and replace the letters dic with an interfix of cock, resulting in a new word — ricockulous — used like so: That's fucking ricockulous! Indeed, such a practice is quite ricockulous.
  • Crossword Solver has an article for You Guys Suck Dick. Definitions. 1. "Fuck You."
  • More common in scientific literature than many might think. For example: On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit
  • "As Voltaire said: Fuck off." is said in the Swedish Youtube video "Knappnytts Guide till OS-grenarna."
  • Margaret Cho:
    "They need to read the Scriptures; where it says in Matthew, chapter 4, verse 17, it says: 'Shut the fuck up.'"
  • Some articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica are this way. The page on psychedelic mushrooms refers to "a gradual escalation of losing your fucking mind."
  • This inevitably turns up when Media Watchdogs report on swearing on TV. Example: However, on this occasion, there were 115 examples of the most offensive language i.e. "fuck" and its derivatives, in the first 40 minutes of the programme.
  • In an episode of the radio show Hamish And Dougal, Tim Brooke-Taylor attempts to flirt with Mrs. Naughtie. Her response is "Och, you and your silver-tongued bullshit."
  • This little trio of quotations that make great use of the words "be" and "do".
    To do is to be. -Socrates
    To be is to do. -Sartre
    Do be do be do. -Sinatra
  • A common problem in badly-written erotica is for Purple Prose to attempt, unsuccessfully, to coexist with words like "fuck" and "balls": this never fails to demonstrate why this trope is listed under Comedy Tropes.
  • Stephen Fry once did advertisements for Twining's brand tea. In one ad, he is introducing his black associate Tyrone to the "soothing taste" of Twining's chai tea, while Tyrone introduces him to gangsta rap. Stephen then comments in a very Stephen Fry-like way.
  • Lo Zoo Di 105: All the friggin' time.
  • The A.V. Club said it best when it summed up the situation at AMC Theatres thus: "There's a lot of numbers and money involved, but the short explanation is, they're fucked."


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