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Special thanks is a a common phenomenon when people not directly involved making the film, video game etc. are listed. These are most often found at the end of Closing Credits.

People who get special thanks are usually:

  • Friends of the makers of the work
  • Family members of the makers of the work
    • And their production babies
  • Executives from the network
  • Experts who were consulted while doing the research
  • And especially you!

Friends and family members often get special thanks because the creators of the work genuinely want to acknowledge their contribution to project morale, practical advice... ...or because they cooked the staff a particularly memorable meal during production. Executives may receive special thanks because the creators felt it was necessary to their careers, because it's really the network's pet project or because the executives were helpful in securing funding for the creator's pet project. Experts often appreciate acknowledgement for their advice in the same way as an actor or makeup assistant appreciates acknowledgement of their roles.


Occasionally, special thanks may be given to random things, which might not even be people. At that point, it's safe to assume the creators are going for a Creative Closing Credits and are not being entirely serious.

Also see In Memoriam.



  • Koichi Mashimo gets thanked in the 26th episode of Arc the Lad.
  • Seiyu's Life! has an In-Universe example in Episode 9. Futaba read a submitted letter from Konno (using a pen name obviously), and thanked her during their radio show segment. The Earphones trio then proceeded in singing their thanks to all real-life voice actor managers for their work in their business.
    • The trio then sung their thanks to the entire animation industry in Episode 10.


  • Bicentennial Man: The producers include a "wish to thank" section in the credits to express their appreciation for many of the sites they used to film the setting, such as Oracle Corporation and Eldorado National Forest, as well as to the family of Ken Jones.
  • Fantasia 2000: "A special thank you to the entire Feature Animation family for their dedication, support and encouragement in the making of this film."
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  • Gravity: A few notable names on the Special Thanks roster were fellow directors, including James Cameron, David Fincher and Guillermo del Toro.
  • Shrek Forever After: "Heartfelt thanks to all the talented artists who worked on Shrek for the last decade!"
  • Superdome: "Grateful acknowledgement is given to the Louisiana Superdome and the HMC Management Corporation."
  • Mackintosh and T.J.: "A special thanks to the 6666 Ranch, and the people of Guthrie, Matador and Dickens, Texas, and the Texas Department of Public Safety."
  • Most Likely to Murder (2018) gives special thanks to a long list of people and organizations, and a very special thanks to the New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Television, and Broadcasting.
  • Metallica: Through the Never: "Metallica would like to thank our significant others, our children & our families. Thank you, THE METALLICA FAMILY OF FANS." Then there's a long list of people under "Special Thanks," and then "Special Thanks to the forgotten one, ANNA PANDORF."
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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League: there is a message in the end credits that thanks all the fans who campaigned to get it released.
  • The Air Up There: "Deep gratitude to the wonderful Samburu extras from Maralal, Kenya for their kindness, enthusiasm and hard work."
  • Whitewash has a long list of people and organizations, along with "A very special thank you to KIM NGUYEN for inspiring us with his crazy ideas" and "...and all the extras who played in the film."


Tabletop Games

Video Games


  • In the magazine F1 Racing, there has been a special thanks box on the editor's column page every month. Many of those featured in the box are press officers and senior team members who help the magazine get interviews but otherwise wouldn't be credited. Other thanks have gone to Kate Middleton, a local theatre, various artists... ...and Steve McQueen's watch. Occasionally, there is a "No Thanks" section at the end, which was most recently (as of August 2011) given to the office café oven.

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