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"Pfft you don't merely read 'Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff' you have to appreciate it like a fine wine."
Mustang, Penny Arcade forumite

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a webcomic which is pretty much the epitome of the Stylistic Suck trope in its medium. Originally spawned by Andrew Hussie from an exchange on the Penny Arcade forums in March 2009, it was some time thereafter integrated into Homestuck as a Show Within a Show, ostensibly written by Dave Strider. It stars the eponymous Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, as well as their Token Black Friend Geromy, as they get up to... well, plenty of things, none of which quite make sense.

You can also buy a hardcover SBaHJ book, co-designed by Hussie, KC Green, and John Keogh, collecting the first 44 comics. Although more comics have since been uploaded to the site, the book contains several exclusive features such as author notes from Dave, an "ACTIGITY ZONE", and physical objects such as a "paperclop" and a "pocket edition" poster. Notably, when it was first released, there was a limited time offer to pay 50 dollars to get it signed by Dave himself (compared to the mere 5 dollar price for Andrew's signature).

A second book, co-authored by Hussie, KC Green and infamous Twitter shitposter dril, has been announced via Kickstarter. While not even remotely as successful as the Hiveswap version, it has also been funded. It seems to be completely original, involving the titular characters in the "Quest for the Missing Spoon".

Now available read by Man on the Internet of Undertale the Musical fame in a fitting style.

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  • Aborted Arc: The Nancho Party, although Dave had already planned on doing so in advance.
  • Aerith and Bob: One guy is called Sweet Bro. The other is called Hella... Jeff.
  • Anachronic Order: The first and second comics on the website are in reverse order to their original postings on the Penny Arcade forums.
  • Art Evolution: Hella Jeff's appearance here. Actually, it's more like Art Devolution in this case. In addition, the comic's habit of saving in JPG and copying over parts from previous comics causes artifacts to gradually build up, meaning that each character pose gets worse the more it appears.
  • Author Appeal: An in-universe example: Dave clearly emphasises the rumps of characters in SBaHJ. Dave's Bro, whom Dave strives to emulate, appears to have an odd puppet-ass fetish.

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